Support Groups - Lo-Carb Support Club #8 TIME TO KICK BUTT!

11-06-2001, 08:20 PM
Let's Gooooooooo!

As your friendly Busdriver it has occured to me that the bus has been rather quiet and our riders have been a little less than motivated lately.

Time for some real KICK BUTT attitude!


Do you want it bad enough to do the next ten steps????

I here we go!

(Please do these and post your answers.)

1) Take a good long look in the mirror.
(I did. I see a "more recognizable" me than I did 40 pounds ago. I also see more disquisting fat that needs to get the heck off me before I puke!)

2) Take a good look at your menus.
(I did. I am proud that I have been staying on plan and limiting the peanuts and red meat.)

3) How is the exercise coming?
(Okay here. I could do more, but we all probably could. We are all at different levels of fitness. Do what you more-- NO LESS!)

4) Look around the kitchen.
(I have plenty of on plan foods on hand and have kept tempting foods out of the house!)

5) How is your attitude?
(It is easy to get down..but I tell you....I am a heck of alot more down the BIGGER I am. I need to make this program work for me..and so do YOU!)

6) Have you been making an attempt to log on?
(My computer has been horrible lately. I think we received some bad mail because it shuts down without a warning. But STILL...I get on here almost everyday and try to share and give support. WE NEED EACHOTHER!!! NOBODY understands the road we are traveling better than US! I need you guys! I need you more than you know! We are all in this together. Friends are there for friends! Let's fo it!!!

7) What set-backs have you had since committing to this plan?
(Whew.......Here's a no-brainer for me......09/11/01 for one! Hard to put life into perspective since that day. Daily life struggles and work struggles..but is OUR life and I don't want to live my life fat...NO MATTER WHAT!)

8) Are you happy?
(Yes, I am happy. I feel better and look better and I feel more like ME now than I did 40 pounds ago. I was lost under all that fat. I am digging myself out. It is alot of work, but I am worth it!)

9) Are you here for the long haul?
(YOU BET!!! I refuse to give up on ME or on any of YOU. I want to be my best self..and at 222 I am NOT my best self! I want to be comfortable in my body and in the WORLD! I want to wear a size 14 (or less) and I want to feel GREAT!!!

10) Will you recommit to this BUS TO GOAL today?
(Yes!!! Yes!!! YES!!!!!!!!!! When I started this thread awhile back, I referred to it as KICK BUTT. We need a little more BUTT KICKING around here! HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?????????? I want it for me and I want it for you!!!)


Take a few minutes to answer the questions...for YOUR sake...and for ALL OF US! The holidays are fast approaching. We need to get more serious so that the ROUGH ROAD AHEAD of Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas goodies do not get the best of us. We need to get more serious so that we are NOT the fattest at next year's New Year's Eve Party. We need to want it MORE! We would do ANYTHING to help another person in our situation. I have gone out of my way for family, friends and perfect strangers to make them happy. By God, I want this. I did not always put myself first.....but I shold hav never EVER put myself LAST!

Come on ladies! WE CAN DO IT!

My best to you all!

11-07-2001, 05:48 AM
Well Good Morning!!!!
My Goodness SUch Spirit and butt kicking! WOW!!
Well Lets see

1. I am smaller, however the fat is "hanging" in my gut, upper arms and inner thighs, I am trying to focus there with weight training

2. My menus are OP however, I need to watch or measure my portions. Dinner is teh worst and a couple of times I have eaten an OP food till I am uncomfortableOLD behaviors OP foods have calories

3 Exercise is good, at least 5 days a week varied between fat burning and weight training

4 Done
5 Attitude is OK had a bad spell in sept . regrouped and am doing OK
6 I am here everyday
7. Sept 11th, I am lucky as I have support of co workers and DH is doing the plan w/ me. I have had a couple of times when I cheated and then paid the price of it. Ice cream cones and I gave myself permission in August to go off plan. I also had a back problem that sidelined me exercise wise

8 Yes this woe has stablized my moods, I have more energy, PMS is almost non exsisatnt, Better sttitude, more self assured

9. Yes I beleive that I can weigh 140#( this is what I weighed when I graduated from high school. I did have times when I didn't believe that this was doable. And those were the times that I would go off plan or skip working out. Sept was a bad month for this and I realized that as I had acheived one goal I hadn't set the next one or really believed that I could acheive it. ANd if I don't belive in it how am I going to acheive it?

10. Oh I am there!!!Right up front!


AS Pam and I have discussed the most challenging thing that I have had to work on is the mental attitude. How I think and my belief system. It had to change for me to be successful and thsi is ongoing. I am now listening to Dr. Phil( from Oprah) Life strategies audio tape as I work out. I do try and regroup every once in awhile to keep focused. I reveiw lo carb woe and try new recipes. Mesureing has benn a god send as the scale is going down slowly. I aslo have to be committed to myself no matter what. I will make mistakes, some things may work and instaed of getting stuck there I need to try something else. I had aslo to learn truths about myslef. I used food for many things other than nutition this has meant that I had to learn( still learning) to cope w/ feelings and stress. ANd logging on here has been a mainstay!! no matter if I am OP or not. I need to listen and be listened to by others who probably understand what I am talkingabout.

Well I have run out of time

Thanks Dana great topic

Pam I sure hope you are on the mend .

SUE, Lee, Terri, Boo, MBB where the heck are you?

The bus is quiet

11-07-2001, 07:31 AM
I tried to post yesterday, but we had a power surge and my message was obviously lost. Might be just as well as it was a loonngg message!!! LOL

1) Take a good long look in the mirror. I still am disgusted at my appearance in the mirror. Logically, I know that I have lost weight...emotionally, I can't see it. I'm still wearing a fat suit no matter how you cut it. This is what keeps me going and staying OP. However, I KNOW that I have lost weight.

2) Take a good look at your menus. Still OP.

3) How is the exercise coming? I do what I can when I am able.

4) Look around the kitchen. My house is a low carb house. Don't come for dinner expecting those nasty carb filler type meals.

5) How is your attitude? I'm feeling better and stronger. Maybe a little frustrated that my weight has plateaued; however, NOTHING is going to stop me from reaching goal!!!

6) Have you been making an attempt to log on? I get lost sometimes when I plan to post. I write half of what I want to say, and then just give up...if it sounds dumb to me, I'm sure it will to you!!! LOL

7) What set-backs have you had since committing to this plan? Very few other than my inability to have the foods handy when I went out of town for my brothers funeral, eating red meat, and the unavoidable...taking pain meds occasionally.

8) Are you happy? I'm normally a happy person. This has been a rough couple of months for me, but I'm hanging in here.

9) Are you here for the long haul? I remember my hubby asking me this when we were together for a few months. I'm normally a devoted person...devoted to others...this time, I am totally devoted to ME!!! I'm looking to weigh between 165 and 170...NOTHING is impossible. I think I might also be shooting to get into a size 12. Now that I am older, I'm not sure that goal is attainable, but I am going to try.

10) Will you recommit to this BUS TO GOAL today? I'm in...always committed!!!!

I'm really working on increasing my calories, and trying to not eat the red meat. Hubby had steaks ready when I returned from a day at the courts for jury duty (I got into it with the defense lawyer when he challenged me as though I was a stupid blonde. He "excused" me very loudly!!!). Being that nothing else was available, and I hadn't eaten all day, I made myself eat the steak and had garlic broccoli with it. I hope this doesn't affect my weight loss for least I believe that I won't gain.

We ALL CAN DO THIS!!! We are so fortunate to have one another. It's hard to lose this fat suit alone. I'm more fortunate, as I also have my hubby OP with me (and the support of my neighbor who has lost over 50 pounds our way).

Thanks everyone for being there for me. I can't tell you often enough how much I appreciate you all!!!


PS...Pam, hang in there. I feel for you!!! One day at a time, my friend!!!

11-07-2001, 01:56 PM
WELL, OK, you asked for it:::: first I want to tell ya about seeing my ex over the weekend....IT WAS GREAT!!!:devil: I bit the bullett and said I would meet him...I tried on about 5 different outfits, finally settled on my "I feel confident " one, then went off to see him....boy does he look great.....should have brought a bib to catch the drool if ya know what I mean hehehe!!!! anyways, he made me feel real good about myself and I got to visit with his mom and dad and just had a real enjoyable evening, actually one of the best nights of my was great.....He will be back in May and I plan on looking better than ever.....anywhoo, back to basics here:

Look in the mirror--- well, there is potential, needs some work....

2. menus need some work...too many birthdays in Oct and mine is tomorrow the 8th, and we are going out, then sunday, my father in law is taking us out.....then I should be able to stick to plan after that, actually I stick to plan while eating dinner out its the cake and icecream that follows......

3. DOES HOUSEWORK COUNT???? MY new goal for Nov is to get my butt moving......

4. I have LC food on hand, actually pretty well stocked, just havent used it lately, need to get more focused on meal plans

5. Getting better, I had bum month last month, but went to doctor yesterday for yearly, and man did they do everything,,even too blood to check for hormone level because of some changes in menstrual cycle anyway, felt good to go over my list with my doctor cuz Ive been having strange pains, symptoms whatever so he checked everything out, plus got go ahead for dr. atkins woe from him.

6. making more attempts...hard to always do with kids schedule and competing for computer time with them....I finally had to set time frames for everyone to get their comp time.....but sometimes its 10 pm and then I think why even write cuz you folks have already been on for the day....will do better especially cuz it really helps me to come here and stay OP

7. too many---hubby probs(but we are working on it), from now on terri gets terri time, kids, work, etc...but realized that even when I go off program due to these, that if I stayed OP, I still have to dealwith them and cant let food interfere ....

8. Im always a happy person, I love to have fun but last month I was unhappy for a while due to hubby probs,, decided to try to change that for ME, not him, and he actually wanted to discuss things and make it work....I was shocked but must have been my new Im back to being happy with that, I am always happy with everything else in my life....

9. Im here for the long haul, however long that may be...I guess you will have to put up with me for a long time:lol:

10 I am committed....Im getting organized and ready to commit to this woe because I know how good I feel when Im on it and with each other, we WILL DO IT!!!!

Sorry this is so long, Ive had a lot of things going on in my life, yet everything has worked out great, in every aspect, and now I can focus on ME,(Im not trying to sound selfish) I find that when I get time for me and get focused on LC eating, things run more smoothly at home also......

Everyone take care.. I will chat with ya later......

Oh by the way,,,,The GO GREEN, (being Im a Michigan State fan), is really making me happy this week cuz we beat University of MIchigan, our biggest rivals...WHAT A GAME!!!! I made a few wagers and am having fun collecting $$$,, now I can purchase some Atkins vitamens and try them out.....hehehe

11-07-2001, 04:43 PM
I love the responses so far and I am proud that yo have taken the time to do them! Where is everyone else???

I gotta make this quick because they electric company is turning off all power around here from 4:00 - ? to do some work! Can you believe it???/

Anyway...I am heading out for a walk because it is gorgeous here in Pittsburgh today!

Keep on posting all!

11-07-2001, 11:16 PM
I am here i have been poping in quickly to make sure that every one has been. i usually have tons to say but not the time so i have been not posting my mistake i need to step up and al=tleast say that i am here and going strong.

so here goes

1) Take a good long look in the mirror.
Oh i still see huge amounts of fat. the funny things is that in my mind i had not gotten as big as i had so i see realy no difference from 60 ls ago isn't that strange but it is my denial that i was fat. but on the bright side i do see my cheekbones and i see more definition. the only time i can see them is if i have a pict of the old me which i carry around with me to remind me. hopefully i can learn how to scan and post it without making it HUGE!!!

2) Take a good look at your menus.
I habe been staying OP for this week since last week. even with the inlaws here all weekend i stayed OP!!! (which was why i was not here)

3) How is the exercise coming?
I have uped my caloric burn to 600 cal daily which is about 45+ on the precor or about 1 hour running on the treadmill. (I am desprate now to get rid of the fat!!!) i may start to do Ozziw 3 times a week just because i am getting frusterated at not seeing the poundage come off!!! i will be getting a fat test soon so that will be a big help at figuring where i am at. but i still jiggle and i do not like it.

4) Look around the kitchen.
maay foods here and a 12 pack of tuna!!! i do have off plan foods but those are for the kids and i have been staying away!!!

5) How is your attitude?
I feel like the queen of the worl right now. i know that i can do it i just need to see that jiggle go!!!

6) Have you been making an attempt to log on?
I have been peeking but not doing much on the responce time i have been busy and have had limited time to respond but i have to make this a priority!!!

7) What set-backs have you had since committing to this plan?
Too many to count but i would rather think of the success than the setbacks. i have been thinking a lot lately. this is a woe and if we have days that are off then we must get back on the right tract. if we are speeding on the hiway do we say oh well and continue to drive that fast for the rest of the trip? NO we slow to a better pace and continue with that. i need to take that into my life and WOE. i also need to know that this is a woe not a diet if i think of it as a diet then i am setting my self up to fail. I am making lifestyle changes, and there will be times that eating off plan is going to happen i can not look at that as failure but a small glitch. do you throw your car away if it has a flat?? no you fix it then continue. and that is what i have to take into consideration in my diet fix it then continue, and if i have a time that eating OP is not possible then be prepared and get back op immedealtly so i can stay heading to my goal!!!

8) Are you happy?
Estatic!!! I have found my nitch and i feel so much better about myself!!!

9) Are you here for the long haul?
YES i am the most comfortable with my body than i have been in a long time and i feel good. i am not about to lose that!!!

10) Will you recommit to this BUS TO GOAL today?
Are you kidding??? of course!!!

I just want to repeat some thing i had read today.

in short it says to stay focused on our goal but pay attention to how we get there. Do not make excuses to not do the things you need to say healthy. So we stay focused on our goal one meal at a time.

11-07-2001, 11:20 PM
This will be my second time typing baby came along and deleted my last message! This is a great message, I needed some time to reflect on what I was doing.

1. Well I took a good look in the mirror today and was not happy with what I saw. It was actually kind of depressing and a little overwhelming.

2. Menus are doing great! My boyfriend is very supportive and the food he cooks for me are OP. Monday we went to a Chinese buffet and I totally blew it. Maybe this is why I'm feeling a little down. Hopefully the pounds I gained from that binge will come off easily.

3. Exercise is going great! I've been riding the exercise bike for at least 20 minutes for the past 4 days.

4. Attitude is spirits aren't as high as they were at first. I just realized how long and hard losing this weight will be. I'm discouraged about the times when I did not stay on plan. I worry about being able to lose this weight and keep it off.

5. I love to get on and read the messages! My computer is acting up and sometimes it wont even let me log on.

6. My setbacks are that I love food...I love good food and I love eating good food. Food is one of my passions and it is hard for me to pass up food that I really like. But I'm trying to keep in mind what I'll get for passing it up.

7. I'm generally a happy person! I'm feeling a little down today about this weight loss. It is such a slow process and it is so hard to change.

8. I see that I messed up on the questions! But yes, I'm in for the long haul!!!! I do want this terribly bad! I'll stick it out and keep working on it even on the days where I slip and think that I want to quit. I cannot be happy at this weight. Today I will recommit to the bus!!! We can do it ladies. Some days it may seem impossible, but in a year from now we all can look more like ourselves. LETS shed these fat suits and be comfortable in our bodies. :lol:

11-07-2001, 11:27 PM
I was just wondering what you all think of the movie Shallow Hal that is coming out of Friday???? I think it looks pretty funny and would like to see it. Maybe I'll wait until next week when the theatre won't be so packed. :lol:

11-08-2001, 06:52 AM
Good Morning ALL,
What great responces to Dana'a initial post. I am doing well and we are going to swim at the school after work. One thing about changing jobs is I will miss the "free gym" I haven't decided what to do yet about that. I am pretty good about working out at home but do not have the weight machine here.

Dana, To get the smilie on your signature. Before you go to profile copy a smilie that you want(I had to copy it when I was posting a reply). Then go to profile or where ever you can change your signature and paste it where you want. There may be other ways to do this but thiw was the way I figured it out.

Well Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away. I am going to my sister's for the meal. What are everyone's plans? How are you going to ward off all the potos, pies, rolls sweet potos etc etc. I am fearful and will discuss teh menu w/ DS and see what substitutes I can bring. I was feeling pretty sad yesterday As I notified everyone that I was resigning. I was suprised at how tearful I was. And am . Change even for the good is hard.

Well I have to shave my legs you probably didn't need to know that LOL but I am glad I remembered to do that before I got to teh pool!!

11-08-2001, 08:46 AM
I only have a moment to post, but will try to post again later.

Pat, I'm not worried about turkey day...I will be eating ONLY turkey (to my hearts content), salad and veggies. The only way to stay OP is to STAY OP. We ALL CAN DO THIS!!! The other foods don't matter. They can only sabotage our wonderful efforts that we have put toward making a better life and a better YOU!!!

We need to get into the right frame of mind before turkey day!!!

Good thin I type really friend will be here in a moment to go out to b'fast.

Love and strength to you all,


11-08-2001, 02:12 PM
I feel very cnfident about entering into the holidays My MIL was here this weekend and saw how i was eating and did not push the wrong choices and realizes that it is not the thing for me. as we are celebrating a birthday i will have one dish of icecream only one scoop though, and the family respects that. my problem iw that i will be going to my parents for 4 days after that and that will be the challnge. they know how i eat but to feed my family of 5 (that is going) and my 2 brothers, and probably my sister and her 4-6 prople ths will be filled with carbage so i must bring tons of Protein bars and stay committed, i will bring my carb solution drink too. but that was what precluded my fall last time and i am aware of that so i am beter prepared!!!

11-08-2001, 02:16 PM
Melody where are you??? i just read your post on the weigh in thread. TOM will do it to you every time. try to take some chromium that does really well at helping with the cravings especially near TOM (my turn is comming soon) I will keep you in my thoughts as you are doing 2 job. that is tough. hang in there we are all here with the duct tape to strap you in. the holidays are coming so get aboard before you are sucked in to the carb ****!!! (Oh am i allowed to say that?)

11-08-2001, 08:29 PM
Hello My Buddies!

Happy Birthday to our tornadoteri!

Took my walk with Hubby today! It feels wonderful to be able to keep up with him! 40 pounds ago when we walked I always felt like a Chines woman keeping 4 paces behind! (But not on purpose!) Now I keep up just fine and he tells me how proud he is!

I have read your posts over and over and feel more than ever that we have such a "sisterhood" here! It is so funny how much we all want the same things, have the same struggles, cry the same tears and laugh the same laughs. It is soooo good to share and I am grateful to you all for sharing. If anyone hasn't done so yet, please take a moment to log on and chime in! New bus riders are always welcome here!
Tomorrow is WEIGH IN DAY, so you can be sure I get the thread started as soon as I leave here! Remember, it's not just what Mr. Scale has to is what Miss new slacks, Ms "not so popping" blouse button, Mrs. Good Attitude, Master "Saw some bones", etc. that are important! Make sure you check in there to remain ACCOUNTABLE, share and get inspired!

fralick......hope you had fun at the pool! (Yep.....shaving the legs was a good idea! LOL) I am planning on PIGGING OUT on Thanksgiving..turkey, turkey and MORE turkey! I also plan on some celery with cheese! I would love to have a total of 50 off for Christmas, so I will not let my mom's best stuffing in the world or cherry pie stop me! DEATH TO THOSE WHO EAT ONE SLICE OF EACH KIND OF PIE AT DINNER! LOL!

nasus........I am sooooo proud of you already planning for the visit! I have an "ultra thin" sister-in-law who has made comments to me about my weight. IT KILLS ME!!! I watch her scarf down food the past 20 years and wonder, "Where is the justice????" Any hoooooooo....... "I don't care.....I don't care...I take my bars and I DON'T SHARE!!" LOL!! have got to look in that mirror and give yourself more credit! I do the same thing here- I look at how far I still need to go instead of how far I have come. I see the FAT and I see the stretch marks.......but I also need to appreciate the "waist" and the "KNEES" that I see now! You are always soooo positive and supportive! You need an "attagirl"...So here is one for ya! have not been riding the "bus" very long...but you are SOOOOOOOOOO on the right road already! We WILL all shed these fat suits! (I love food too....but you gotta love the food that is ON PLAN and consider the other stuff POISON!!!!" That's what I try to do!) Keep posting! We need to hear from ya more!

tornadoteri...glad things went well with the old boyfriend. (Glad you went!!) I remember giving you "heck" a long time ago about putting yourself FIRST more often. I am givng you HECK again!!! We need BOTH OF YOUR BUTT CHECKS firmly planted in a seat on this bus!!! Do you hear me??????? Get on plan...get exercising and get to goal! (Okay, lecture over!!!) Happy Birtday!

Well.......I took a break partway thru this BOOK I wrote and ate a yummy dinner! (Cuke salad and hot wings!!!) I have eatten so much chicken this week that I am about to sprout wings! I am off to make the WEIGH IN THREAD for Friday! I hope you all take a moment to post there!

I wish you all the ALWAYS!

Dana (Hopeful and Apppreciative of you ALL)

11-09-2001, 05:27 AM
Good Friday Morning

How are we all doing?

I am still OP. ANd went swimming yesterday!!! AHHHHHHH!!!
Gosh I love to swim! I usually wait for someone to go with me ( to anything new)the first time, to show me the ropes like where things are etc. Well yesteerday teh person that was going to do this ended up not so I went any way. I hadn't worked out in the am so if I didn't go I wouldn't have gotten any exercise in. I started to make excuses and then stopped myself! And just went. DID many laps lost count. The water was so warm!

Well It's weigh in day. I peaked earlier in the week and saw aloss!! so we'll see this morning.

I was aslo thinking on the way home from the pool, About things I would like to do this spring. One thing I would like to do is in-line roller skate. ANd you know I believ it will happen. I read an artlcle in this month's Oprah about a woman who at the age of 42 or 47 took up snow boarding, My first thought was she's going to get hurt. Then Ithought you know when people are in shape they are less likely to get hurt. Any way who cares how old she is. SHe's doing what she wants.

I am sarting to shed clothes that didn't fit before the loss. Yippee. DH says I look like I am wearing bags. I still shy away from things that I think cling, OLD FAT SUIT THINKING!!!


Dana, Did my instructions about smilies makje sense to you? Great input on the holidays ( from everyone) PLANNING!!!! what a concept.

Hey Sue How is it going!! Youreally sound confidently on track

Terri I am glad that visist worked out for you!!!

Lee you early bird. How is teh book writing going?

Pam How is your back we miss you!!!!
B00 How are you?

MBB- How is it in Alaska today? What a cool place to live

Gosh I hope I didn't miss anyone

Have agreat day

11-09-2001, 02:02 PM
I'm so sorry, I meant to post earlier, but got wrapped up in packing. Hubby and I are going on a mini-vacation and won't be back until sunday night (possibly monday). No loss again this week. Take care all...OP is the ONLY way to go.


11-09-2001, 08:25 PM

How is everyone???? Thanks for the birthday wishes......I really had a great birthday,,,went out for dinner with hubby and kids, ate LC and hubby ate my piece of pecan pie they gave me for my birthday.....Im planning on staying OP but come thanksgiving, thats my fav....Im having about 20 people over to my house(thank god for flylady haha) and I plan on having a little bit of everything, but this year I am gonna send all leftovers OUT THE DOOR, that way I can get right back OP next day....and not be eating all the leftovers all weekend long....I never have tough time during hopefully I will ring in the New Year a few pounds lighter......

I will start doing the weigh in thing next Fri....

Everyone have a great weekend....and gulp that H2O!!!!!

11-09-2001, 08:47 PM
Hi all you all sound so wonderfully enthusiastic. Ihad a good day ready to jump in preparing for the busiess. i am doing a lot of new working, and am recieving very positive responces. especially from the low carbers that i know. so that is good. i have been trying to contact the friend who had tried to runa support group for low carb to see if i can get her info for the past members. but i may just have to round up my own numbers. it would be nice though to have a head start.well that is it here i am starting to get a head ach i was running all day so i think i will try to rest for a while. hope all has a great weekend and

have a great time off lee.

happy birthday (late) for you terri

MMBB hoe to hae you pop in soon, you too BOO

Pam we are thinking of you.

Pat the clothes thing is great when they hang. wait till you feel like wearing a tight top!!! :D

Dana soon you will be passing Hubby!!!:s:

11-09-2001, 09:43 PM
Hello My Friends!
Just a "quickie" here as I am getting to bed early tonight! (I have an early day tomorrow!) I will try to get the smilies on my signature! Congrats to everyone who managed to have a NICE DANCE with Mr. Scale. Sometimes he is friendly......and sometimes he is a big "poppy head" no matter HOW HARD WE TRY!!! Hmmmmm.....he seems to be much nicer to us when we are ON PLAN!!!!!!!!! FUNNY HOW THAT WORKS!!!!!!! I guess we MUST be cooperative with him if we want those numbers to go DOWN!!! Oh I say each is NOT just the numbers!!! It is the WHOLE package! We must MUST remember that!

I will check in tomorrow!

Be Good and Have a GREEEEEEAT Weekend!
Dana :D :D :D :D (42 gone!)

11-10-2001, 07:28 AM
Good Morning all

I hope all of you are facing a 3 day weekend!! They are so nice.
Sounds like everyone is doing well!!! B00 and Pam check in when you can!

I am still OP and very excited about my newest milestone/goal anything in the 220"s. AM hoping to see that in DEC.

Spent 40 mins on the treadmill yesterday morning, I am averaging 5 w/o's a week now whioch is awesome for me. It took a long time to get that organized in my life as well as to overcome the menatl excuses I would put in my way. I have had a couple of injury set backs but all in all I think that is pretty good. The stretching routine I have added seems to have helped!

Hope you all have a great weekend!
Don't Forget tomorrow is Veteran's Day!

11-10-2001, 11:15 AM
Hi all tons of things to do too here. I am OP and will be all weekend but i must remember to take in more protein i had my BF% done and i have lost LBM :( and some fat too:)

So I must go and work

Pat isn't is so wnderful to know that you are exercising that much!!! (today i am taking it off)

11-10-2001, 03:34 PM
Hi fellow weight warriors

My hubby is typing for me as I am bedbound. It looks like I have blown out another disk. I was warned this could happen and I don't know what I did, but obviously it's going to take awhile before I'm back to regular postings. I miss you all a lot and I will read what I can when I can. Hubby is making sure I'm OP so no worries there. Ya'll take care and I will write again as soon as possible.

Lee - Let's not fight with the lawyers LOL

Pat - I read your postings. I am really proud of you. You're making the changes you need to make. I know it's a process but you're doing wonderful.

Take care all

God Bless

11-10-2001, 10:13 PM
Hello My Friends!!!

A BUSY Saturday today!!! Spent the day with my mom, gramma and sister! (How nice!) The weather in Pittsbuurgh was GORGEOUS so I took a 2 1/2 mile walk in the park. Had the track almost all to myself! Could not believe others were not out soaking op the nice weather!!!

Went to church tonight with a social afterwards. (Lots of goodies on the table, but I held a glass of diet pop...and another couple's baby to keep my hands busy so as not to EAT!) Goofy food day today with allthe running. Scrambled eggs for breakfast, fish for lunch, chicken soup for dinner (broth, chicken and parsley) and PEANUTS for a snack! (I may develop a TRUNK!!!)

Anyway....had a few minutes before beddie by so I thought I would check in!

gbo....soooooo nice to see you posting via hubby! I hope you are on the mend! Glad to hear you are on plan! My thoughts and prayers are with you and I have my fingers crossed for a full and speedy recovery!

nasus....hey busy lady! Nice to see you checking in! My best to you buddy!

fralick......I have not done the smilies yet because I canot figure out how to get back into my original signature. If you....or anyone can help.....I would appreciate it! I am proud of the amount of exercise you are getting in! I know that you have to MAKE the time to do it...and you are obviously committed. I salute you!!!

Hello to the rest of you bus riders........and JUMP ON to those of you who are lurking but have not jumped on board! We are a great bunch of girls SERIOUS about getting to goal the low carb way! JOIN US!

I'll check in tomorrow!

Dana (Hopeful and Peanutful!)
:D :D :D :D :) :) (42 gone forever!)

11-11-2001, 08:01 AM
Good Sunday Morning

How is everyone?

I went swimmimg yesterday morning for 30 mins!! It was so quiet there only 2 other swimmers. Boy I feel it this morning too!

I want to share something that was quite frustarting at the time but a good thing. I had a luch date w/ former co- workers yesterday. Planned what I was going to wear so planned my morning w/ this in mind went to put in on and it was too big, I had nothing casual to replace and ended having to wait and dry something that wasn't too big. Well it thru my whole planned day off. :dizzy: . later I thoiught it was pretty cool. I also put on a size 20 coat and size 1X clothes yesterday and they all FIT!!!! This is down from a size 24/26/28 and 3X I was wearing in JUNe . SO this does work!! It just takes time :( .
Well Enough about meLOL

Pam you poor baby!!! Thank DH for helping you out on the computer!! This is awful, have you been to the MD? You take care!! Let us know hoe you are!

Dana, Sounds liek you had a great tiem. I PM'd you about the smilie thing> You are doing awesoem!! Peanuts and all

Sue Thanks for checking in. Yes the exercise is great I got i 6 days last week. I am rewarding myself w/ today off! When you bought tose suppoty for your running were they GEL?

Hope everyone else is great weekends are so quiet on the bus

Hey you lurkers JOIN US!!!

11-11-2001, 05:25 PM
We have had the most wonderful weekend!!! We had a surprise dinner party for my mother in law at the Moose Lodge. I didn't like the idea of the place, but soon found out it was the second largest in the was also very nice, and the food was excellent. Was my mother in law surprised??? You bet she was... surprised and delighted!!! As she says...the best gift one can give her is a weekend with her sons and daughters in law.

We spent the weekend a a truly lovely resort. We all had 2 bedroom furnished condo's with everything in them except for food and booze. Last night we had a barbeque and again, the party was held in my condo...the others are too stuffy to have the fun in their places. As long as the family is together, who cares where we gather??? Anyway, I was delighted to have everyone there...everyone had a great time and no one wanted the party to end!

Today, we left earlier than the rest. After going fishing this morning with my husband, I was done in...can you believe that I was standing in the surf fishing??? I want you all to know that I have been more active this weekend than I have been in the last 3 years. Yesterday, I walked about a half mile (I couldn't find the darned truck!!!)!!!

I'm home, I'm tired and achy, but it was all well worth it!!! Greg and I really needed this mini vacation.

As I said earlier. I didn't lose any weight this week, but I also didn't gain any. Enough said?

Dana, congrats on the weight loss.

Pammie Pie...Please take care of yourself. As always, my thoughts and prayers are with you!!!

Pat, isn't it just

11-11-2001, 09:17 PM
Lee it sounds like a wonderful weekend!!! I am glad that you had a good time. is't it wonderful to be able to be active???

Pat the insoles are not gel but a foam typw but i would try anything gel is suposed to be good for the cushioning!!!

Pam i figured you would check in soon. I was worried that you would be off program but thrilled that you are doing fine!!! With the eating. i feel so sorry for you and your back, by heart goes out to you!!! make sure that hubby keps you OP. I would love to hear that you are just shrinking in that bed!!!

So hubby how is things gong??? Pam looking good????

Dana i am just thinking how wonerfully committed youare!!! it is wonderful!!! You ar going to get to goal so fast.

I just though that i would give you girls a chuckel. i just last night had my nails done for the first time. I got stuck in my car and could not undo the seatbelt!!! i was there for almost 10 min trying to undo it!!!

I filed them down this morning so i could type!!! and get out of the car.

11-12-2001, 06:46 AM
Good Morning All,

Still OP again the water could have been better. AM working on Thanksgiving menu. Spoke to DS to get an idea on her menu and I will fill in w/ a salad and a lo carb dessert. I have this recipe for pretzal salad a jello dessert and I think I can pull it off and make it w/ lo carb substitutions. I probably should try it first before I bring it LOL. I bought some splenda yesterday. And looked them up at there web site to see how to use it. Have today off YIPPEE and Only 4 work days left in my prison term LOL and I am released. They are taking me out to dinner this THURS.

Lee That sounds like a wonderful place and time you had this weekend. We are shivering up here. SO teh thought of being outside in teh water sounds marvolous! Being fit ( or fitter than I was) sure does make life better. Actually able to participate in activities instead of being on teh sidelines.

Sue I will check those things out. Oh My Gosh I have always wanted nails( I have none they always break). Thank god you didn't have to pee anywahere!! But what a nice treat for yourself!! Did you get out by yourself or did someone help you??

Hello everyone else Dana, B00, Mary, Pam Terri

Pam get well!!!!

11-12-2001, 09:29 AM
I think now that I will finish my post (rather than editing it)...

Pat, what I wanted to say to you was isn't it just wonderful to see those scales moving more than we thought they might. How wonderful for you that you lost 3 pounds!!! YAHOO

It's been weeks since the scale has moved for me as well, but my turn will come.

Mary, if you go off program for 2 days a week, it's more likely that you will either show a gain, or not lose any weight. I'm delighted for you that you lost 2 pounds, but doesn't it make you wonder how much more you might have lost had you not had those binges or off program times? I believe that going off program totally defeats the purpose of this lifestlye of eating...we haven't reached our goal yet, and once we do, we have to learn to maintain...remember this isn't just a "diet" (I hate that word!!! LOL)

As for dining with friends and worrying about telling them you are on a diet...just eat low can pass up the "illegal" foods and not make a big deal of it. My friends and family know that I am on the Atkins plan. They make dinner their way, and know that hubby and I will only eat what is allowed on our program.

Sue, you've been one busy gal. I've been reading your posts...good practice for your business!!!

I've had my nails done for the last 10 years (at least). If you're not used to having long nails, you need to start with the sport length. I often have to have my nails shortened. They get caught in between the keys while I'm typing. Getting my hair and nails done is one thing I would never give up...I really need the "feel good" I get when I have them done.

A very belated Happy Birthday to you Terri...sorry I missed you. I am so delighted you had a great birthday!!!

Time for me to get all take care of yourselves, and hang in there. I am so proud of all of you!!!


11-13-2001, 12:00 PM
I just wanted to chime in a little and thank you gals for being faithful to this thread. I am a "lurker" who has been really inspired by it all. Actually, I've been "low-carbing" for about three weeks now, lost 15 lbs. I've done this before. I had surgery a year ago, (stomach stapled) and lost 100 lbs, but these last 20 have been COMPLETE WORK. Anyway, I still have about 60 #s to go and here I am doing Atkins AGAIN. I had planned to have a "splurge day" on Thanksgiving and eat "whatever I wanted" BUT just reading today I have resolved I WILL NOT DO IT! I'm going to make some major deviled eggs, eat celery & cheese (as someone mentioned) and oink down on turkey. Maybe I'll make me a big ol turkey & cheese salad. :) Honestly, it's settled...I'm ON PLAN til' Christmas...then who knows what? :) I will also make a low carb pie & take to my family's for Thanksgiving. Boy I'm getting all charged Anyway...just wanted to thank you for the inspiration. You gals are great!!

11-13-2001, 03:34 PM
My fellow weight warriors...I am in a lot of pain but I needed to let you know I have been through this before it is nothing new to me. My legs are worse almost than the back. I fear I may have to go to calories as I am mostly bed bound. My darlins I can barely move at all. Still I am well versed in how to cope with this but aanother surgery added to my list is not what I had in mind!
I will check in when I can and you know how much you all mean to me. I dearly love you all.
Lee honey, I am at my pain level which is considerable but with the veg I am restored in some ways. I know you understand!
Pat and Sue I will see the Doctor this Saturday but I know this situtation only to well!!!!! It is too too familiar.
Thank you Dana for your e-mail and sweet words I have saved your address so I can write you. (when I can)
LOve you all

11-13-2001, 09:59 PM
HI ALL!!!!!

Hope everyone is doing well??? I have just a few minutes here so Ive been catching up on the reading and thought I would post a quick HI:wave:

Im working most of this week, except for Wed, hubby is treating me with a day at HUGE outlet mall, (hes on vacation this week) was his suggestion we spend a day and go shopping(go figure, maybe Im on to something huh???:smug: ) ANYWHOO, we are spending the day together, then going to basketball game at MSU in the evening...should be fun......

Hope everyone has a great week!!!!!

Oh and hello to LovinLife:) THANKS FOR DROPPING IN ON US, WE LOVE COMPANY......

11-13-2001, 10:49 PM
Hi all!

thanks lovin life for the wonderful note. it sure is good to know that others have been feeling the love and energy that we have. you are welcome to join us any time you feel like it. the bus is big and dana has plenty of duct tape ready for the holidays!! You sure sound like you have had a time of it. so please join us any time!! (the more the better:) ) and share your success and not so great successes! :lol:

Terri I would love to join you on your trip to the mall, are you coming znywhere near upstate NY? :lol: don't i wish i wonder what wondeful things you have done. it must be how skinny you are agtting!!!

PAM hold on there girl. we know that you ae going through a tough time and hang in there. if you need to hold off on the PLAN the hold it for a while we willstill be here for you and giv you **** for any wrong foods that you eat. I would love to come give yo a hand, and do your typing for you!!! I d not think my DH would like it.but for now just hang in there and take your pain meds.

Mary i have't see you in a while where are you??? did you get to see shallow hal??? yes it does sound good. I saw monsters inc with the boys it was good and they loved it!!! hang in there girl. you had a great start!!! check in just to letus know that you are still with us!!

B00 you too!!! i haven't seen you in a long time check in.

Pat did you get those isoles?? they should be a great help. i still preferr the elliptical machine. the gym has new elliptical that really burns calories!!!

Dana I am riding your back!!! did I go swimming?

Lee hang in there. I can not wait till i read yor book.

11-14-2001, 05:48 AM
Off to start the next thread