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Is that really me
03-22-2007, 10:45 PM
Not sure if this is the forum to post this question in. How much water is too much to drink in a day? I've been making a conscious effort to consume more water this past week. I've been drinking 72 oz to maybe 100 oz everyday. I'm not having a problem drinking it; I'm having a problem w/my stomach hurting from drinking so much! Is that completely weird? Also, I thought the more I drank the less thirsty I'd be. I find that the more I drink, the more I want (not in an abnormal way; just a "want a drink of water" way).

Thanks for any thoughts. Think I'll browse around the Food Forum for awhile!


03-22-2007, 10:58 PM
I crave water, even though I drink over 100 oz a day. You are not alone! Once your body knows what it feels like to be hydrated, you crave water. I loooove drinking water.

If you space your water out evenly throughout the day, that should help your stomach issues. And as your body adjusts to the water consumption, that should help as well.

Keep it up. You're doing great things for your body. Your skin will glow!!