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03-21-2007, 11:26 PM
I don't even know if any of the regulars will check this thread. We've all but let our seasonal plan posts die. Still, can't let the season go by without acknowledging it and checking in at least.

I am focusing on fine tuning balance in my life. Focusing more inward, committing myself to spend time on the things that are really important to me - and that doesn't mean the fun things that are important - but the things that aren't so easy. Of course health is right up there at the top. Sometimes it seems that other things suffer in order to do the time consuming work of cooking and exercising though. A balance that serves the creative and work related goals is what I am striving for.

I have been gardening the last two days. I am on Spring Break and I am quite excited about my raised beds. I am going to try growing a few vegetables which I have never done before.

I hope everyone is well and will check in.

03-22-2007, 07:59 AM
Hi everyone,
I've been MIA, just haven't felt like posting. Still walking, we're up to 3 miles now and I've gained 3 lbs. and I don't believe I've changed my eating habits all that much. I'm getting to the point where I just don't care anymore, well, not as much. I feel that I'm at least out there exercising.

Enjoy your spring break, ledom and good luck with your vegetable garden.

Hey LaDean, hope you're doing well.

03-22-2007, 11:46 AM
Alice - sounds like your walking is going great. I bet it is something you are enjoying as well.

I know what you mean about posting. I still check in here everyday and read and post a little but I think I have said everything I have to say many times on here. At any rate, I am in a lull now but I know it won't last. I will get excited about losing again.

I know you ladies that post here will be sympathetic about my dear kitty Tweeg. I lost her a couple weeks ago. She was 19! Such a good girl. I am down to 2 cats now. It actually feels like the right number.

03-22-2007, 01:10 PM
ledom, I am so sorry to learn about your cat, Tweeg. I know how hard it is losing a pet who is a part of your family and you have my deepest sympathy. :hug: You had her a very long time. How did your other cats react? I bet they were confused for a while.

I do check in everyday like you do, ledom, but I usually will not post. Like you, I feel that I've said it all and my heart really isn't in it anymore. I too am in a lull where I feel I can't count another calorie, point, or carb. I hope it will pass. Right now I am trying to eat healthier by not eating highly processed foods. Whenever I see HFCS or trans fats on the food label, I immediately put the item back on the shelf.

I really do enjoy walking with a partner. We gab the whole time and the time just flies by. We are getting to know each other and it's amazing how much we have in common with our likes and dislikes. We keep each other going because there are mornings when neither one of us feels like walking, but we do.

Again, I am so sorry about Tweeg.

03-23-2007, 01:53 AM
Hi, i was checking and posting and thought well no one is. there all busy. so i quit. haha glad we have a new title now. i am still doing my thing. scale is going down.. and i did curves one week and fun. but now feet are sore so taking a rest. just been walking. tonite i plan to ride ex bike and all. but its my psorasis bothering me. my brother is in bad health and so stress makes it act up. but is better. then got my results back and not a border line debetic anymore its a true debetic... so i should have been serious with it last report. not on any medication still do it on on. well my brother just loss part of a foot and before that some toes with debetic. so i got scared and no sugar for 2 days now. got to get my act together and i am. know what you mean everything in a blahhhh . i get there to. but if your walking aleka that is great. we need to exercise. so i am proud of you. sometimes we need to take a break from our eating. worrrying to much is not helpful either. glad you have a friend to walk with and all.
Ledom.....Oh so very SORRY about your kitty. i know its so sad and i feel so dearly for you. i got beau a older dog is 10 now. and hubby said what are you going to do when hes gone. i said not thinking about it. just thankful i have him. well girls i am getting sleepy and so going for now. You 2 have a good day tomorrow now. we can just do our thing. but coming in and sharing is good. we do not have to be working on wt all the time. just to share is fun. so keep coming in and i will. LaDean

03-23-2007, 02:10 AM
Hi everyone....I am new here. Not sure anyone can help me with my weight though. It seems I have lost my body weight at least five times in this life and it keeps coming back. I have tried almost anything to get thin...and I do mean everything....I did some time in the hospital while on Diet Center a few years back. I nearly starved to death on that one!! Had to have gall bladder surgery because of that too. Since I have paid hypnotists & counselors...bought and read huge numbers of books...excercised myself nearly to death...gone completely vegetarian...even gone vegan....all of it worked for a while. I am 48 years old now and I just can't get motivated to do it again. It's been five years since I lost and regained that same 100 pounds! I try and it works for a few weeks and I get to feeling like a million....then the cake draws me and there it goes again.....I have a problem with cake and pasta.
Thanks for reading. Suggestions are welcomed. Scold me if you wish. I am open to anything at this point.


03-23-2007, 07:58 AM
LaDean, I am so sorry to learn about your health problems. I hope you can turn everything around with diet and exercise. I've been on meds for cholesterol for quite a few years. Yesterday I got the results back from my bloodwork for cholesterol & triglycerides. They both went up a bit and the Dr. wanted to increase my meds. But, I refused to do it because the increase in my cholesterol and triglycerides wasn't that significant. I decided that I had to come out of my lull and do something. So, I've decided that I'm going to start Sugar Busters. I do have to grocery shop today and I can get the things I need. I don't have diabetes, but my Dad became a Type 2 diabetic in his late 70's/early 80's. So, the risk is there. How is Beau doing? I don't know if you remember me posting about Lacee's skin condition. It's a lot better now. I scramble her an egg every other day and cook it in a little butter. Plus she has Omega oil and antihistamine meds she takes everyday. Her coat has a nice shine to it now.

Karla, :welcome3: I have been when where you are. I've lost and gained the same 20-30 lbs. I love pasta too and now I eat whole-wheat pasta. Some whole-wheat pastas are better than others. I had lost my motivation too until something snapped me out of it. I've read some books that say that if you keep telling yourself you can eat, say cake and pasta anytime you want, you won't overeat them when you do have them. I did that one time with ice cream. I can sit down and eat almost a whole pint, so one time I was in the mindset that I can have it anytime I wanted to, and I was satisfied with just 2 spoonfuls. You have to eat it slowly and savor every mouthful. The books also say that when you tell yourself you can never eat something again, that's when you overeat. Unfortunately, I am unable to get into that mindset now.

ledom, how are you doing?

Enjoy your day everyone!

03-23-2007, 10:57 AM
Morning, it is great to see everyone and Karla - so good to have you! Welcome! Boy, I would wager that at least half of all the 3fatchick posters have the same story to tell. Losing and gaining our body weight many times over. Your post really speaks to me because I feel I am on the verge of sabatoging all my hard work. I have gotten down to within shouting distance of my goal and have been losing my grip. No time like the present to turn this around.

I am not offering advice at all but I will say that the total opposite of what works so well for Alice is my undoing. I seem to do better if I never have the first taste. From your description Alice, it is in the mindset where the success of what you describe works.

Anyway, the whole title of this seasons where you are, originates. It's not what you weighed 6 months or 3 years ago. It is where and what you are doing today. It just doesn't do too much good to get complacent if you've lost weight, or to beat yourself up if you have gained. You have today to work with and that is where your head should be. According to ME anyway! Please believe, this is my self talk I am spewing out here.

LaDean, sounds like things are kind of rough right now. But what better reason to get in shape than for your health. I was teasing DD yesterday how diet and exercise is the cure recommended for everything - including hot flashes which has become a problem for me. I finally did a google search and not eating or excersizing 3 hrs. before going to bed and avoiding caffiene are recommended.

LaDean, seriously though, so sorry you and your brother are dealing with these health issues. Please take care of yourself.

So. I am heading out for an 8 mile hike on a new trail this a.m. It is a bit of a stretch for me. I am considering it a jump start to get my exercise back in the groove.

03-23-2007, 07:42 PM
Welcome Karla,,, yes we all have been there. but i am learning more now to put the past behind its gone. like ledom said we got to start n ow and think NOW and move forward. you and all of us can do it. I pray alot. I also do a bible study everyday with my losing. it helps me. I am really praying now with all my health and all. but thanks for being here gals. it does help. and yes only ME can do this and i will. seeing it in family helps to. Aleka yes better watch it now. i was never a debetic till the last 2 years. so as we get older never know what will pop up. ha ha i am not on medication for high chol or trig's but dr. would like for me to be. my choice. its in family alot of it.. so i am going to do this myself.. 2nd day now and doing so good and feeling good. have rode ex bike today, walked beau and my situps on my thing i have to do them. then more tonite. Oh aleka beau is fine. just over wt. ha ha but got him working on it to. ha Oh yes i remember lacee and her skin problems. glad all is better. that is good idea the egg thing. beau was having spots on him but i was giving him a vitamin that was for skin. so quit it and none. so guess an allergic reaction to that. oh like summer here for now. and i love it. can hardly wait till garden time. oh Ledom your hiking sounds so fun. wish i was closer to go with you.. puffffff puffff. ha ha i would love to hike. well girls got to run. but hey we can have fun sharing here and helping one another in our ways. Yes Ledom when it comes to health it makes us think twice. thanks gals for caring. yes my brother is not doing good. he only has one kidney and called him today and its not working right. oh myyyy do not know how lucky we are just having our eating to worry about. LaDean

03-26-2007, 11:37 AM
Hope that all of you had a great weekend. The weather is beautiful here in sunny FL. There is a wonderful breeze and we've had all the doors and windows open. The only downside is the fact we need rain desperately.

LaDean, I'm so sorry that your brother is having health problems. I will keep the both of you in my prayers. Glad that Beau is doing fine. I think Lacee has gained some weight now that I've started giving her eggs plus the fact she's not walking anymore.

ledom, how is the garden coming along?

Karla, how did you do over the weekend?

Enjoy your day everyone!

03-27-2007, 10:17 PM
Hi, thanks aleka, doing better and getting use to this eating plan. ha feel better. i go in for one of those what ever checks for heart next wed. so never had one. so glad there doing one. brother is better. so prayers are being ans. thanks so much. glad lacee is doing better to. yes beau is heavy. ha but we have cut down so he plays more and all. rain here glad its nice there. had few sunny days. have a good weekend to all. LaDean

04-03-2007, 08:53 PM
Hi, just lonesome old me. ha ha where is everyone miss you all. I was down 2 lbs this week. so happy here. 2 weeks now losses. so its getting to take effect my new plan. i sure hope i get to losing more. need to. have a good day to all. LaDean

04-04-2007, 12:25 PM
Hi, LaDean. It's been a realyyyyyyy long time since I posted here. I'll be 58 this Sat. I have lost about 10lb this year and wonder if I can keep going. I was walking about 5 mi. for 2 weeks and then the weather got bad again. It will be better again in a week or 2. I've been thinking of getting an eliptical but haven't yet. I still post mostly on the intuitive eating thread. There is a gal here who has lost about 115 lb in 7mo and last week lost another 4lb. I read her post sometimes but really can't imagine doing that.

04-04-2007, 12:35 PM
Hi carol, hey good to see you. i have seen you post there and gone in there some. yes that is a great loss. but for me its not managable. ha ha glad shes doing good. i lose so slow. use to do it fast and all. OH Have a Happy birthday now. i was 65 in february... my health i can do it. so going to do it with out meds and all. that is my way. ha ha oh your doing good girl. you will stick to it i know. seems if we get a boost then down we go. good luck and have a great day. LaDean