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03-19-2007, 09:32 PM
Hello and :welcome: to the Jaded Ladies site!

We are a group of ladies that come here for support and encouragement on our weight loss struggles, and we also find time for some chitchatting. So please, won't you join us? New members are always welcome. :yes:

03-19-2007, 09:38 PM
Tina--I remember when I was a teenager...a long time ago....laying on the bed with a hanger to pull up the zipper...I still do the shimmy shimmy shake over the thighs and hips, but my tummy isn't flat anymore for the zipper to skim over!!! I am an all or nothing too--if I don't drink my water I don't lose and some days when I am realy stressed and busy I don't get enough calories in--my poor system doesn't know what to do!!

Cristina--at least you are headed in the right direction!!

Jodi--you are an hourglass like me, though I don't know what the book says. How was the Just My Size Yoga DVD--I love Ebay!!

Moi Moi--Welcome!!

Karin--just stick with it and try not to get too frustrated. We all slip from time to time.

Marti--yay for your loss!!

4Amy--yay for the minus 3 pounds!!

Mindee--Two of dd's friends are pregnant (well one just had a boy and the other is her old roomate & is due in September), our really good friends are due in May with a boy, my niece is having a boy in April, three coworkers are pregnant, one with a boy in May, another a boy in July & a third due in August, my old boss is going to be a first time grandparent with a baby girl in July and another coworker's son and his wife are having twins in September.

Jane--Chicago sounds fun!! How's the shoulder??

Sassy--still thinking of the two of you and your family!!

Sue--the only thing you have to worry about when planting in the woods is the sun and shade and the spots you thought were sunny but become shady when the leaves are fully back on the limbs!!

Tammy--I would much rather have snow than ice!! The last time we went to DC was about 5 years ago on his bday which coincides with the cherry blossoms!! The kids go to DC101's Chili cookoff almost every year and DD and gf went on a day trip last summer.

Hope everyone else is fine!!

Had to take dd to the ER this morning--turns out she has a kidney stone and a very bad kidney infection. Haven't heard from her yet this evening, but I am sure she is still sleeping.

03-19-2007, 09:46 PM
Jules-I love Ebay too. Last summer for ds bday I got him a red sax. When he took it to band everyone wanted to know where he got it cause the place that services the school doesn't have colors. He told them Ebay, my mom buys EVERYTHING on Ebay- lol

I like the dvd- nice to see a plus size girl doing it. Much better than a 100 lb woman telling me to get into contortionist positions- lol

03-19-2007, 09:51 PM
Hi ladies,

Jules - how's DD doing? Y'ouch! A kidney stone and a kidney infection together has to feel so very bad!

Mindee - it's great that you and your sisters swap baby clothes. Mary and Gina did for the girls, and Gina has a sister with boy clothes, so it's working out.

Vann - I missed you while you were gone. Sometimes it's hard to post when we're feeling not-so-great, but I'm glad you lurked anyway, and are back.

Tina - nothing like trying on clothes for a big smack of reality! But see, you're losing, so way to go!

Tammy - I was all set to watch Brothers and Sisters, then it was a rerun! Phooey!

MoiMoi - :welcome2: to you!

Sue - warmer weather is on the way by the end of the week. Just when I'll be going to Chicago where it's supposed to be cold and rainy, lol.

Cristina - hey, you still lost! A little bit counts! I'm thinking of you this week while you have so much to do. Just think, before long it will be all over. PM me with your new addy when you feel like it, ok?

Marti, Amy, Karin and Jodi - way to go to all of you for your losses!!!

I got a lot of paperwork done today. Later, I felt like I was coming down with something, but feel ok now. My shoulder is pain-free!!

Katie is on her way over, and I'll be glad to visit with her. I see her only about once or twice a week, so it will be good to catch up.

Have a good one!

03-19-2007, 11:50 PM
Good evening- Mom and I finally got out to our new Wal Mart and it is huge. We had a regular store, but this is a super center. I bought a few groceries....
Did laundry and changed beds today. Cooked dinner and cleaned the kitchen. Doesn't sound like
DH and I walked in the drizzle/chill. I got in 35 minutes...then did some exercises.
So...actually starting my plan today. (after 4 days of warming up to it) Not doing badly at all. I am almost anxious for next Mon. weigh
I wonder how many days I will be able to keep that attitude?

I have 2 lunches out this with my "bestest" friend and one with DD and Mom. Hope I can make good choices...I mean I WILL make good choices.

03-20-2007, 01:02 AM
hello ladies.....I see we are all doing well today!

Jane~ It just so happened that since I got pregnant with Brandon back in July of 2003, until now, at one point in time, all five of my parent's oldest girls were all pregnant at the same time. Brandon, and my sister's son Nicholas, are three months and four days apart, so we shared clothes there. That same sister, and the one that just had the boy in January, had two girls within two months of each other, so they shared clothes there. so, it has been a blessing to have four older sisters.....especially when we all seem to be pregnant at the same time. BUT, when I get my tubes tied, that will be the end of the road for all of us. The older four already have their tubes tied, so I am the last to join the bandwagon.

WTG to all of those that have lost weight this week! I am dreading the scale at my doctor's visit on Wednesday. BUT, so far I have only gained 10 pounds as of my appointment two weeks ago. What I weighed when I got pregnant, or even before I got pregnant is beyond me, I never wanted to jump on a scale.

03-20-2007, 11:02 AM
...A bit of catching up...

Tammy- Thanks for the pointers and crib notes.

Moi Moi - WELCOME!

4Amy- I love Tae Bo! somehow I lost the dvds eight months ago when we moved. You are cruisin' on your loosin'!

Tina - congrats on the new car & the weight loss. Watcha on? May I ask the name of book and Dr.?

Sue - The program you and Tina are talking about has struck a chord with me. I've just realised in the past couple weeks that breakfast cereal seriously triggers a sugar craving in me for the rest of the day.

Mindee - YaY for Baby GIRL. Having no brothers or sons, I'm partial! My DD turns 16 on Friday. (Am I allowed to ground her so she doesn't leave the house for college? I'm going to fall apart when that happens.)

Marti - I'm glad your bloodwork came back good. On hiking smoke-free...I didn't think it would be a breeze because I'm puffing like a draft horse trudging through mud on the elliptical...but I did think it would be easier than it's tuning out. Haven't really been hiking in four years, so I guess now my muscles atrophied, too. I'm determined tho!

Karin - I'm right there with ya on the frustration. On one hand I'm telling myself, all the habits aren't going to change overnight. On the other hand I have bouts of being so disgusted with my lack of willpower and feeling/looking like a stuffed sausage. Ugh

I'm doing really good with exercise over several days...
2 -15 min indoor walks with DD (with wrist weights)
bought a bike for DH, went toodling around town for an hour
2 dog walks and 2 miles on the elliptical
but I'm having major bouts of indulgence in the lotsacrap4food department...
I'm too ashamed to mention it all.
I'm still not smoking & I'm scared to weigh myself.
On the rest-of-my-life front...
DH started a new job today - thank the gods, the last one ended on Valentines Day.
I start tommorrow at McD's. Don't worry, fast food doesn't trip my trigger. I'm looking forward to the fast pace. I used to loose some weight when I started a new job. Crossing fingers this time, too.

Hello to everybody! Jodi, Sassy, Jules, Jane, Vann..... :goodvibes
Have a great day!

03-20-2007, 11:03 AM
Ohhhhh...retaining fluid ... I ate a bunch of beef tri tip that was marinated last night. It was good but ohhhh...and also I hadn't drank water before 6pm so I drank all 8 glasses from 6 to 8. Arghhhh! So today I hope to get my food more schedualed. And stay away from the salty stuff. :)

I also need to get motivated to start exercising. I have a bad foot that gets sore if I walk for tooo long. I used to enjoy walking alot. But now it's not as good for me. So I plan on using my bike more. Maybe walk and I just need to 'do it'....:)

Is everyone else relying heavily on exercise or more focus on diet?


03-20-2007, 11:08 AM
Jen, we posted at the same time...

"The miricle of Bio-identical Hormones (A revolutionary approach to permanent weight loss , PMS, Menopause, Sexual Health, Breast Cancer, Attention Deficit Disorder, and more..."
Dr. Michael E. Platt, M.D.

It's a good book...he presents different case studies on people. It's not boring to read.

I'm on the Diet Center Diet. My mom used to own it and I used to be a counselor...I gotta go be back soon...

03-20-2007, 11:42 AM
Thanks Tina! I'm looking at Dr. Platt's website now.

03-20-2007, 11:45 AM
ohhhh...he has a website? haha....didn't know that...haha!

03-20-2007, 11:49 AM
Hey cool. I found it too! :) It looks like some interesting stuff there. Yes, my mom wants me to be tested by him. She had gone to a seminar thing where he was speaking and that's how she learned about him. She has a house in Palm Desert. Anyway....that's good.


03-20-2007, 11:59 AM
Now I'm researching Probiotics! On his lifestyle pg...Cravings for sweets & carbs yup... more than a cup of coffee a day....OMG I drink almost a pot.
Enlightening stuff :book2:

03-20-2007, 12:18 PM

Too many to catch up on, so I'll do a little chatting for this morning.

Back to my normal work schedule. And here I was getting used to working 9-5:30!! :D

I have a three day weekend coming....taking Monday off. My 3rd Anniversary is this Saturday and I have Jhanai so extra days off is always good.

Not a whole lot going on here. I'm eating good and I'm walking again. Last week was just an OFF week. This week will be better.

Ok...dogs are wanting some attention, so I better skidaddle.

Have a great Tuesday.

03-20-2007, 03:09 PM

Okay...I haven't had a chance to catch up on all the other posts and now all these! Lol

I will be back in a few minutes to catch up. I've got the new owners coming over again. Had to leave once this morning and really didn't want to get out in the rain. They wanted to come over and get some measurements so she can go buy a new fridge. She couldn't fine one wherever she went and wants to come back really quick in a few minutes but this time they said we didn't really have to leave. I didn't have to leave earlier and didn't want to but I had a couple of things to get done and it was the perfect time to do so.

I ordered a new comforter from Penney's and it has been sitting at the store for about a week. Last night bought a new shower curtain for our bath but didn't get a liner and picked up one of those, and a bedskirt too. The comforter came with the shams but not the skirt. Arnold's voice...I'll be back!

03-20-2007, 05:08 PM
I'mmmmm baaack...:)

Geez, what a ditz the new owner is. She measured three times and before heading out the door measured again! But she seems nice enough and I think they will fit right in with the neighborhood. A young couple with a little girl that looked to be about 3'ish. We never really felt part of the neighborhood because we are a little older and don't have small kids. Seems all the younger neighbors get together and don't bother with us old people. Which is us, and the two neighbors on the right of us, Wanda a 83 year old sweet lady and then a little bit younger single lady who has a DD in college and one in middle school. Wonder if it is just because we are on a cul-de-sac? Anyway...they will fit in and there is a little girl down the street that is about 4 so she will have someone to play with.

JANE...what fun...a mother/daughter trip. I know you guys will have a fabulous time! Be safe. Glad your shoulder is pain free and hope you enjoyed your visit with Katie. How is she doing by the way?

JULES...sorry to hear about DD. My sister had quite a few kidney infections and they were very painful so I can only imagine what DD is going thru. Hope the doc gave her something to ease the pain. I've heard kidney stones are very painful. Hugs to her :hug: :hug:

TINA...too funny, lol! I don't think I would put on any jeans that had to go on that way, lol! I put my jeans on a couple of months ago and they were a little snug, had them on for about 5 mns. and said heck with this, lol. Now they are a little loose and feel great! WTG on the 2.5 lbs. gone! You are doing great! :woohoo: :carrot: About what I focus on exercise or diet? I focus on both when doing it. Right now both have taken a back seat to this moving crap. But once we get moved the treadmill is going back up and I can get back in the groove of exercising. I actually do miss it. And I have been doing WW just half-a$$ed. It's hard to think about that when there are so many other things I have to do right now.

KARIN...WTG on the pound gone! Try not to be bummed that it was a pound because all those pounds eventually add up. wasn't a gain so you must have been doing something right even if you didn't think you followed the induction program. Don't be so hard on yourself. :hug: :carrot:

4AMY...:woohoo: on the 3 lb loss! That is GREAT!

SUE...WTG on your walking. :bravo:

:welcome: MOIMOI! Glad to have you here and looking forward to getting to know you! are you liking the DVD? I know what you mean about a skinny girl exercising. That's what I like about Richard Simmons...there are people of all sizes, and it's fun! Keeping my fingers crossed that you get a new job! :crossed:

SASSY...Hope you are over your feeling bad. There has definitely been something going on here too. Hugs to you and yours! :hug:

VANN...I think Wild Hogs would be okay for an 11/12 year old. I guess it depends on how mature he is. Have a safe trip to Georgia! :hug: WTG on the pound lost! :carrot:

TAMMY...I would love to see before and after pictures of your kitchen! Bet it is going to be beautiful! I love the silestone, it's so pretty. And I bet you won't regret the cast iron sink...I love them! Ha! When I went to see Wild Hogs it was an early show and about 1 1/2 hours befoer I normally eat lunch so my popcorn and diet coke were my lunch too!

MINDEE...hey, whadda ya mean no headbands? Lol Not even one for a picture? :( I think those are soooo cute! They didn't have them when DD was born but I did use a lot of barretts, lol! It's so much more fun shopping for little girls. they have such cute clothes! I always find myself looking at them when I go to Penney's because I usually walk down that aisle where they are to get out into the mall. I did your baby pool! So...what do I get when I win? Lol :D

MARTI...glad you got to see the house. What did James think when you told him about it? Did you take pictures so he could see it? Hey, with it needing to be updated at least you guys will get the house you want because you would do it to your taste. Plus you get the satisfaction and pride of all the hard work you put into which makes it that much more special. WTG on the loss! :carrot: Getting closer to your goal there missy!

Okay, did I get everyone? If not HI :wave: to you!

I better get going. I have so much to do today and not enough time I swear. I still need to write down a few things for the new owners. While she was here she saw the stair rail going down to the basement and asked if we had any touch up paint as she was looking at the spot where it goes. I told her the rail goes there. She said of course, the rail. But we had lots of things hanging so there's lots of holes. I told her there is some extra paint in the basement. Apparently she has no intention of painting for a while which is kind of nice to know that someone actually likes what I did to the house, lol. Anyway...lots to do ladies and I am afraid I won't be back on to chat for a few days. Maybe Sat or Sunday, if not Monday the latest. Tomorrow we have 9 a.m. closing on this house and then 11 a.m. closing on the new house then off to u-haul to get a truck and start in. Wouldn't you know it, it decided to rain this week. Supposed to rain thru Sunday, great.

Take care ladies and I will be chatting with ya soon! :hug:

03-20-2007, 05:32 PM
Hey everyone! What is it they say another day another dollar at working glad the day is almost over. Well yesterday was my first day of trying to get back to a healthier lifestyle. I think I even suprised myself by getting out of the house yesterday evening and actually going for a walk. I was only out for 20 minutes, but I guess that was a start. I was so proud of my walk that I almost didn't snack.......almost. Today hasn't been too bad, but hopefully I won't find some excuse not to walk a little this evening. :carrot: Wish me luck! Hope you guys are having a good day!;)

03-20-2007, 06:25 PM
... for all the encouragement! You all are the best. :D I did get right back on target and even walked today. Of course, my other half lost a total of 3 lbs even though he cheated as badly as I did... so typical! ;)

Welcome to MoiMoi! And hello to everyone else... hope you all are having a great week! :dancer:

03-20-2007, 06:44 PM
UGH. We went over our friends yesterday and they had just gotten over being bad sick. I was careful and didn't touch anything there and barely even moved from where I was sitting. As soon as I came home I washed my hands really good, but I still got it I think. :(

I took some tylenol pm's lastnight because DH said I was warm and I was very achy, still am. I haven't eaten since yesterday afternoon and really don't want too, but DH ordered me some egg drop soup, so I will try that, but I'm scared to even eat that.

I'm going to take some Dayquil and lay down on the futon and watch tv.


03-20-2007, 09:28 PM
Sassy--sorry you are still feeling bad...

Karin--it does seem easier for the guys though DH is not losing as fast as he used to!!

MoiMoi-Getting into the habit of exercise is more important than the time or distance at this point.

Cristina-Well dd is miserable--they only gave her Motrin 800 and it's not helping with the pain--hopefully the antibiotic will clear up the infection quick. I told her if she is still in pain tomorrow we will go to the doctors.Good luck with the move!!

Went to the gym tonite..I am trying to get myself in the habit of going at least 3 X a week. Gotta go--hubby's calling!!

03-20-2007, 10:28 PM
Just a quick one to say hello to everyone! Today was hectic, and tomorrow will be worse! I'm trying to get things done before I take off Thursday. One good thing, though. My friend Marquita is bringing sandwiches and coming to visit tomorrow. I've lived here almost a year and this is her 1st visit! :dizzy: I have no clue how THAT happened!

Take care and I'll be back when I can. :hug:

03-20-2007, 11:57 PM
Have fun in Chicago Jane. I hope it isn't rainy.
Stop and take a nice deep breath Cristina. Moving, ugh! :)
Sassy I hope you don't get the flu. Think positive!
I hope you can get in the gym habit Jules. I am trying so hard to get into some good habits.
MoiMoi..any exercise is better than no exercise. A twenty minute walk is good! Welcome to you.
Karin- Good job on the walk and the pound lost. Nice to see you here!

I had a slow down today...We finally got to eat at Cracker Barrel after over 3 months of not being near one. I ate one biscuit over what I had planned...grrr. But came home and walked briskly for 30 minutes. About did myself in by going too fast. I doubt I un-did any damage, but maybe slowed it some. Ha. Tomorrow is lunch with DD and Mom. I looked up the menu on line and decided on a small salad and soup. (unless their soup of the day is nothing I like) Then for dinner I will have grilled chicken and veggies. Will hope to get in a walk if it doesn't rain. The weather is getting warmer....yay!

Nothing exciting going on...just going to shop for bar stools and some baskets for the shelves in the utility. Too many little things with no home on the shelves. (storage) Also have to buy a three step stool as my 2 step one isn't tall enough for these cabinets..and I want to organize things.
DH wouldn't weigh, but I bet he will lose faster than I other gals already know how that goes. Men!

BY the way, the cabbage was very good Sunday and the house didn't smell too badly. I had a cinnamon vanilla candle going all day and again Mon. Today when I walked in it smelled like a new house still. (not a new cabbage house...)

03-21-2007, 02:58 AM
just a quick post on here before heading to bed. nothing new on this end.....just awaiting my doctor's appointment tomorrow!

Cristina~ The prize you get........well, it could be a Brandon or a Logan. LOL

They argue over whose boyfriend is Rachael Ray's. Brandon used to argue with Tommy about it, now Tommy gave in and said Brandon could have her, and now Logan has taken over. It is so funny when they do this!

hello to all the ladies on here!! I will be back when I can get on here a little longer to do some personals!

03-21-2007, 11:00 AM
A flyby from me......

I need to get to work early again today. Jhanai has her choir program that I'm going to tonight.......

I've just been on the go, go, go!!

I will try to catch individually as soon as I can.

Before I go: A BIG welcome :welcome2: to Moimoi!!!!!

Talk to you all later!

FED up
03-21-2007, 11:00 AM
Hello Ladies!

~I sure have missed coming here! Last week I worked most of the week, and this week is spring break for my kids, so I've been keeping active, and doing stuff outside of the house with them. My new lifestyle, you know......It used to be all I wanted to do was stay home, in the house..and maybe get dressed!

Jules ~ Sorry to hear about your daughter-:( -kidney stones can be very painful. I hope she's feeling better soon.

Jane ~ How is your shoulder? I used a lot of Tiger Balm patches and refused to let it stop me from doing Curves or bowling. Then one day I noticed it wasn't hurting anymore! Isn't it funny how that happens? We notice the pain, but don't notice when it stops, and we just suddenly realize "hey, it's not hurting!" :)

Sue ~ Wishing you the best with your new plan!

Tina ~ Thanks for sharing the book and dr info! I'm going to check that out.

Well, my WI was on the 19th. During my first month at Curves, I only lost 11 pounds. :( That seemed like not enough for me, but it turns out that I'm the biggest loser this month at my location--so far. My daughter's WI is on April 1st and they'll probably be big losers--being kids and

03-21-2007, 12:26 PM
Hey Girls ~ i've been kinda stuck these past couple days although I'm eating good. The ONLY thing I can see that should be holding me back is I could be retaining from too much salty stuff. I had a marinated steak 2 days ago that tasted salty but I love salty stuff so it was too good. And then yesterday had salt on my sirloin burger and on my salmon. But I really thought I'd be down know last night I felt it and this morning I felt slimmer...but I know all you that don't agree with my weighing every's's just the investigator in me trying to figure out how I can tweek things today to be sure I go down tomarrow. I plan on lots of water and less salt. :)

Judy ~ yes check out that website. I think it's pretty interesting. ;) Good JOB being the BIG loser at Curves! :) I need to get into some sort of exercise program. I like to work out at home tho. So I might try to start doing my TaeBoe tapes again. I have a DVD and some VHS tapes for TaeBo. It's a difficult workout but I could start with 10 minutes of it and work my way on up to 45/60 minutes...some day down the line here. So now that I said that...I better I better you bet.

Marti ~ you ARE a busy one! I bet you're burning lotsa calories running here and there. Hope you're doing good!

Mindee~ Have a good DRs appointment today! :) How are you feeling? Do you have that spree of extra energy yet...ya know the 'nesting syndrom'? :) I remember shoveling the barn before my oldest was born...haha! (But I don't remember having that kind of energy on the others...maybe too tired from running around after the others)

Sue ~ you're making me crave that Cracker Barrel. I remember eating a lot of FRIED foods there. And they were gooooood. ;P yum! And the little shops in the front had really unique things. We bought a big ol' checker board set. It's like a rug. And they let the customers play checkers while they waited for their food! haha...the things ya remember.

MoiMoi ~ HI!!!!! I need to exercise too! Maybe we can get on each other! I will attempt to do AT LEAST 10 minutes of TaeBo...and i'll let you know how I did tomarrow. I haven't been able to get into the exercise yet either. I want to get to the point that I LOVE it. I also have a bike I can ride (the stationary kind) excuses.

Sassy ~ I hope you are feeling BETTER today! I hope you had a good sleep and you're ready to take it on today...:hug:

Jules ~ I told Moi Moi this but I'm in need of exercise. I'm going to try to do this exercise habit thing....i'll start TODAY..k?

Karin ~ I hate it that men tend to lose faster and easier than us women...and to top it off they aren't as self conscious about the way they look! Mine doesn't care! He'll eat whatever whenever...kinda like I was doing before I started my program..hahaha;)

Christina ~ my treadmill has been in the garage since Christmas ~ I made room for the Christmas decorations and then somehow I filled the room back up with furniture and the treadmill is in the garage still. But I just noticed one little corner where I could put might make my room look a bit cluttery...but at least I might have the motivation to get on it...might? WILL. haha!

Vann ~ you're going to Georgia I read? Have a nice time! :)

Ok everyone...I weighed on the good scale and I'm only up ONE pound. Which I know can be a multitude of things. I'm going to have a really good day today and see if I can get to a new low tomarrow. I'm also going to attempt the exercise...and see how I feel. And if it makes me feel good I'll write that down as a reminder...:carrot: Today it's bookwork for me. And I must say that it's a beautiful sunny day today after a rainy one yesterday...Gotta love the sun!


03-21-2007, 10:26 PM
Hey all,

Thanks for all the well wishes, whatever I got, its no fun.......:p I just hope I feel better by tomorrow so I don't have to work feeling like crud. lol.

It was REALLY warm here today, 75 degrees!!!!!!!! :yikes: Too bad I was too ill to go outside and enjoy it! Well at least DH got out, even though it was too a meeting at work, he went to Costco and what not afterwards to look about. So he got out at least.

He wanted to go out to a nice dinner but I am too ill. I can count on one hand the things I've eaten the last few days. lol. What a way to lose weight, eh? (JUST KIDDING!) lol.

Well I hope you all are well and please take care!

:wave: to everybody! :D

03-21-2007, 10:39 PM
Hi ladies,

Sue - yes, it's supposed to be raining off and on in Chicago, but we can deal with that. I doubt the biscuit did any long term damage, lol, as long as you got right back on track.

Mindee - won't be long now before your little girl is born. Did you tell us the name you've picked out?

Jen - I know what you mean about missing the kids when they first leave home. They become so grown up! The "baby" of our family, Katie, is 20 now. Last year she did an internship at Walt Disney World for 4 months, and was so different when she came back home! Much more confident, and self-reliant. I missed her like crazy cakes, though, while she was gone. She has her own apartment now, but at least she isn't in Florida.

Tina - I'm thinking that if you weighed only once a week, you wouldn't get so stressed at the unavoidable day-to-day flucuations on the scale. Just a thought. :)

Marti - I had an off week, too, and this week isn't much better so far. Happy Anniversary to you and James! Hard to believe it's been 3 years since we were all planning your wedding with you.

Cristina - I hope the closing went well, and bet you can hardly believe it's all happened so fast! Tell me about your new comforter, ok? Katie? Well, she's stressed. She now has a car payment, and her insurance went up, so her budget is stretched, and she's freaking. Once school is out for the summer, she's going full time at the preschool, so that will help a lot. Clint doesn't like his job, so he's thinking of looking in Evansville for work. That means they'll be moving down there, probably.

MoiMoi - how's the walking going?

Karin - yay for you getting back on track.

Sassy - yikes, I hope you didn't get sick. Dr. Oz says we don't have to worry about germs so much if we eat the right things to boost our immune system. I never really thought about it like that before, but it makes sense. Did you ever read his book?

Judy - hey, there you are! My shoulder quit hurting, too, and like you, I don't know why. Whatever it was, I hope I never get it again, though!

Hi to Vann, Tammy, and anyone else reading this. :wave:

Gina went to the doctor again today, and he scheduled Jackson's birth for May 2nd, at 8:30 AM, unless she goes into labor early. :carrot: I can barely wait to meet him!!

I had fun with my friend today. The weather was gorgeous, so we sat on the porch awhile, then got out my scrapbooks. She's a scrapbooker, too, and we're making plan to scrap together soon.

Gotta run.... :hug:

03-21-2007, 10:44 PM
Sassy - you posted while I was writing my novel, tee hee. I hope you're much better by tomorrow. :hug: Take care, ok?

03-21-2007, 10:52 PM
Hey Jane.

You posted while I posted. lol.

I haven't read Dr. Oz's book yet, I've been tempted several times to buy it and read it, but I never do. I guess I should get it already and READ IT! I think food probably has a big impact on why I keep getting sick. I think Dr. Oz hit the nail on the head there. I know I don't eat the fruits and veggies I should be eating and I think that definately has made a big difference on me, a bad difference. :p

Once I get to feeling better and can actually EAT, I need to start addressing that because I'm very tired of feeling like crud, that is for sure!

Glad you had fun with your friend and May is a good month for a baby. :) My mommy was born in that month. lol. ;)


03-21-2007, 11:02 PM
Sassy - I feel worse, too, when I eat off-plan, and why we do that to ourselves is a big mystery. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Ladies - I forgot to say buh-bye for now! I'll check in Sunday. Behave while I'm gone, and don't have any wild kegger parties or anything, lol. :p

03-21-2007, 11:14 PM
I hope it's ok to join in here? I'm another Jane lol, I joined the forum last week and have been completely absorbed every since, I just wanted to say Hello and I hope to get to know everyone soon, Have a Great Nite All:)

03-21-2007, 11:46 PM
Hello Pink Jane....:) Nice to have you here. Our resident Jane is off to Chicago, I am sure she will greet you when she returns, and be glad to have another Jane onboard.

Sounds like everyone is quite busy. I had a normal day to lunch with DD and Mom. The soup was corn beef stew...and didn't suit my taste, so I had a veggie melt. I had one stuffed mushroom, spinach stuffed, so I doubted I would like it, but wow! it was good. I had a green salad for dinner and a bowl of melon. Sure haven't felt hungry today, that being a good thing. Got a walk in with DH for 30 minutes. I keep wondering when I am going to have the energy to walk longer....soon I hope. May need to get out the bicycle.
I did manage to get some housework done also. Since we just moved in here in Sept. I am still re-arranging closets and cabinets. You know, when you move in you put things away then as you go on you realize it would be handier to have things moved. Sooooo...I am trying to just re-organize a little. Up and down the step stool might have been a good exercise as I did it many, many times. The cabinets are so tall in the kitchen and the utility. BUT>>I LOVE MY HOUSE! I can't believe how all of our planning came through for us and we have this house I love. :)
Hope I don't feel hungry tomorrow......and I am wishing the same for all JL's.
27 years ago today I was in the hospital with a newborn son!

03-22-2007, 02:05 AM
Hello everyone! How are you all doing?

Well, I went for my 34 week appointment on Wednesday. Every thing is going great! I gained two pounds since my last appointment, two weeks ago. For an overall gain of 12 pounds so far, so we are doing good in that department! I am happy to report that I got rid of the UTI that seemed to want to linger forever.

I got into the room and got the typical blood pressure, temperature, and the whole shebang done. My blood pressure was great, as was my temperature. The nurse checked on her heartbeat and it was a strong 144 beats per minute! Then the waiting began. Finally the intern or whatever you want to call him came in. He looked over the stats that the nurse took, and asked me the typical questions. Then it came time to measure my belly. He couldn’t find the top of my uterus, but then he managed to find it. Asked if I had any questions, and told me that the resident doctor would be in to talk to me. I mentioned to him that she had been high, and then after walking around the Autorama on the 11th, that she dropped and I had been feeling some pressure right after. I still get some pressure here and there but it is usually because I am sitting funny, so once I move and get comfortable again, the pressure goes away.

The doctor comes in and chats for a little bit. Then tells me that when he measured my fundal height, he got me measuring big, so she just wanted to check herself. I laid back down and sure enough, I am measuring big. I am measuring 37cm, so I would say that I am measuring just a little big! When I was in there for my 32 week check up, the doctor I saw, told me I was measuring 33cm and that I was doing great. So, that is a good size jump from 33 to 37 within two weeks time. Then she said “well, we will send you for an ultrasound to see why. Oh wait, didn’t you just have an ultrasound?” I said “yeah, last Thursday and they didn’t mention anything to me about measuring big.” She said “well, in that case, I want to see you back here next week at which time we will do your GBS, Group B Strep test.” So, I am now on weekly visits. When I came out of the exam room and was going to schedule my next appointment, one of the other nurses was on the phone with the hospital where I had the level II ultrasound done at. Long story short, they tried telling the nurse that I never went for the ultrasound and that they never got a referral to do the ultrasound. I told the nurse that I most certainly went and that I had pictures from it in my purse.

She finally got the people at the other hospital to actually do some work for once, and they faxed over the results to my doctor’s office. The doctor that I saw, got the results and then came out and told me that every thing was going great. She even showed me the report and said that every thing is right on track with little girl. In fact, she even moved my due date up a day, so now I am due on April 30th with this little girl. When I was walking out of the exam room, the doctor turned and looked at me and said “you know where the hospital is and how to get there if you start to have contractions, right?” I said “yeah I do” and left it at that.

I am also going to do a baby girl name poll to get an idea of what you all think. So, I will send the link right along with this novel of a story. One of the kids’ godmothers said that she would watch the boys for us while we are in the hospital having little girl. So, Tommy told his mom what is going on and she told me to call her and then Tommy if I get contractions while he is at work. Then she called back a little later and said that since his sister works closer to us, to call her first and she would come over here. Then call my MIL and she would head over to watch the boys while my SIL takes me to the hospital, and then call Tommy so that he can meet us at the hospital. Which means, I have to get the “hospital suitcase” as Tommy calls it, which I think is at my in-law’s house, and bring it here so I can pack it and have it ready.

Here is the link for the baby name poll, so click it and go vote!

MoiMoi~ I forgot to send you a big welcome when I was on here last. So, welcome and I can’t wait to get to know you!

Judy~ Great job on the weight loss!

Tina~ I am feeling good. Right now, I am having some back pain, which I am hoping is not going to lead to back labor….which means an extra special early arrival. She still has time to cook….so I am about to actually attempt to get Brandon back to sleep. I think he is getting a cold because he has been coughing since we got home from my dr’s appointment. I have noticed, at least on Wednesday, that I had more energy then I have in the past. So, maybe I am hitting that “nesting part” of pregnancy. I am not sure if I could go for shoveling a barn at this time, but I am sure I might be able to try.

Sassy~ I hope you feel better soon! 75 degrees??? Wow! The highest it got here on Wednesday was 50 something, and it was rainy.

Jane~ I didn’t tell the “official” name, but I did start a name poll if you guys want to click the link above and cast your vote. I would love and value any and all feedback!

Pink Jane~ Hello and welcome to the group! I hope to get to know you better!

03-22-2007, 03:37 AM
Poppin' in quickly once again.

Going to bed w/a really bad headache. Just too much for me.

Want to say Hello and Welcome to our new Jane! :wave:

Ok sorry I'm not on here much lately....but I'll try my best this weekend. It's Anniversary weekend and the start of Spring it may just be quick hello's for awhile.

Need to get to bed.

Hugs to you all!!

03-22-2007, 11:15 AM
Hi Pink Jane!

Having a pretty good day. Had been feeling guilty about decisions in the past, such as moving where we are because I had wanted my kids to go to this school district and then finding out that they are really crappy when you have a smart kid. But when we moved we didn't know our son was a darn near genius.
So my son started high school this yr and he has been bored to death. I contacted the guidance counselor and complained, he went to the counselor and complained and she said things would change- NEXT YEAR. Since he was in 2nd grade and identified as gifted they have always told us wait until such and such grade, things will change and they never do. So at this point I decided I was going to go in and kick butt and take names!
So after months of waiting, today was FINALLY our meeting with the counselor. I asked my son what he wanted to see happen as far as classes and that was going to happen or I was taking him out of the school system. Well I never had to get that far. I had prayed and prayed over it and tried to leave it in God's hands though cause I really didn't want to resort to being a b*&ch, but I was tired of the run around.

So anyhow, it went really well. The lady was really nice and she actually remembered that my son had come to her before about the classes. They set up the scheduling for the rest of high school (tenative of course) and it is going to turn out at this point (if they don't add some classes she is hoping to add) he will graduate high school with 9 college credits, have all of his English requirements completed for high school AND college!!! She said 12 credits is a whole semester of college. Found out also that he has a 4.0!

So anyhow, I know this means nothing to anyone else but me... but it has made for a good day so far. I am happy and I left the school thanking God for taking care of it!

Have a good one girls-

03-22-2007, 11:19 AM

I went to your name poll and I had to laugh cause I would love to have another baby and name her
Alexis Grace

and those were the 2 middle names you chose. I ended up voting Morgan Grace though out of what you have listed.

03-22-2007, 12:27 PM
Mindee ~ I think your poll might be unbalanced because you have 1 Marrissa name and 2 Morgan names so if more people like Morgan the votes are going to split between the middle names. Do you know what i'm saying? I love the name Morgan. I went with Morgan Alexis but I also like Morgan Grace. ;) I'm glad you are feeling great!!! Boy it's getting so close. Or should I say....girl it's getting so close..hahaha!

Jodie~ it's great you got the school thing all organized. I have a brainiac kid too but he doesn't like to do his homework so only his test scores show his power. It's frustrating but he's getting better at getting things in. He like the 'extracurricular' activities too much. Hmmmm....he has a girlfriend and he likes his football and friends. But he could be getting straight A's if he worked to his potential. Don't get me started....arghhhhh!

Welcome Pink Jane! :) This is a FUN place with tons of support! You'll love it here!

Sue ~ it's great you're getting your walks in with everything else going on in your life! ;) I really need to. I didn't get the exercise in yesterday. It was a day for drama. Psh....Let's just say I didn't even get to eat dinner. But today is a NEW day. That goodness.

Marti ~ you take care of yourself! I hope you're feeling better here soon!

GIRLS ~ I really had a doooozy of a day yesterday. If ya all had highschool teenagers you might've had moments like mine. This one has to do with boyfriends that my DD recently broke up with taking the wrong girl to the prom....and then sitting around the pool and sneakin' in a little bubbly without permission of course and you can use your imagination...but I didn't get my dinner in and I got a bit stressed out. But I'm back on track today. Feelin' good....yeah...I really wanted to exercise yesterday....didn't. So perhaps today is the day to start that. OK...well I just remembered...I have a pedicure schedualed for FIRST. Never have had one. So today...tanning...pedicure...pick up my son for his sports physical...and then bookwork to the max. ;)


03-22-2007, 12:55 PM
Good Morning All:)

It's a Beautiful day in the neighborhood, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and it's in the 40's...needs to be about 40 degrees more but I'll take it over the highs of 8 we had for so long LOL...Thank You All for the Welcomes, I am really enjoying reading the boards everyday, really keeps me motivated!!

Sue - Are you in Vegas? I moved there in 1977, met my husband and we got married there in 1980, we moved back to California in 1986 but we really loved Vegas, both of our kids were born at St Rose de Lima in Henderson

Mindee - Sounds like you and baby are doing really well

Marti - I hope your headache eases up and you get some good sleep

Jodi - Sounds like things are coming together for your son at school, my daughter was the same way, she graduated with a 4.0+ plus her freshman college credits and a free ride to Iowa State, one of the reasons we ended up in Iowa, better schools, California public schools were awful. I think she has decided to make a career out of being a student though LOL

Have a Great Day Ladies


03-22-2007, 01:00 PM
Hi Tina:)

Thank You for the Welcome, I hope you have a better day, enjoy that pedicure, and yes I do love it already LOL


03-22-2007, 09:48 PM
PinkSands Jane- lol about your daughter becoming a career student. I think my son will be that way also, he hates any kind of school breaks, he loves it that much. And he told me tonight that having a semester out of the way when he starts won't matter really cause he is planning on 8 yrs of college! He is going to get some kind of master's.
Indiana schools leave much to be desired. We are hoping for a full ride somewhere. There is one full ride given each year from our county, some foundation. There are only about 90 kids in his freshman class. It is totally done on academics, so our luck some kid that could actually afford it will get the scholarship- grrr

That is great about your daughter being able to get a free ride!!!

It sounds

03-22-2007, 10:43 PM
Evening all...Rainy and chilly here AGAIN. I still got in a slow walk with Baby (short legs, 5 lb. pom) and then a longer, faster walk alone. Ate okay today even though I went out with a friend. I didn't start the You on a Diet way of eating, and I didn't totally get rid of sugar..yet. I am back to smaller portions and no snacking at night. Lots of fruit and veggies. ...Using Lifesteps as a guide again. 1500 calories. *fingers crossed*

DH just has to have his bread and won't go totally whole wheat. I cook for him and then try to eat even better myself. He will lose, but will I???? :)

Oh well, it is going to rain a bit the rest of the week but be warmer. We will walk between the raindrops. Tomorrow I do ironing...ugh!!

Have a good one ladies.

03-22-2007, 10:50 PM
Pink Jane- We are in Indiana. Have a winter place in Vegas, but just put it up for sale. After 5 years we are just burned out..too much hassel driving and too many people. Still love the casinos and will go for short trips.

Jodi- remind me again where you are in IN. My DS went to Purdue for one year (computer engineering program).....he was/is very bright also. Just didn't apply it when he should have. He hated college and ended up moving West..where after a couple years he decided to go to school and is now in his last year of law school. I wish he had loved school like your son, he could have by-passed the "drop out" years and been done sooner. :) But, some kids have to learn it for themselves, so thankfully, he did!

Mindee- I will go vote...I already did the other poll. :)

03-23-2007, 01:24 AM
Evening Ladies--

Just a pop in to say hello and how ya doin'? :D My time on the computer will be short for the next few days so I will only be able to pop in and out quickly. But I do promise to slow down soon and catch up with each of you.

Wanted to ask our new Jane....since we have two Jane' you have a nickname we could call you so we don't get the two of you confused? Is pinkJane ok or do you have another that you would prefer.
I have to say I just adore that pink little advatar of yours! It's so cute!!

Big hugs to you all. :hug: Just think....tomorrow is Friday and then it's the weekend!! Hurray! And I get an extra day....yippee!!

Gotta go walk.

Chat w/you soon.

03-23-2007, 01:31 AM
Hello everyone! How are you all doing?

Well, we have come to an agreement. We are going to see how the voting is going over the weekend, and then on Sunday we are going to reveal her name. So, go get to voting and we shall see what the final answer will be!

Jodi~ That is great about how your meeting went! Your son is one smart kid if he will graduate with almost a full semesters worth of college classes! Thanks for voting on the name poll.

Tina~ I know what you mean. We just couldn’t agree on another middle name to fit with Marissa, so that is why that is off balance. I agree that it is getting very close….and I can’t wait! I don’t know if I am more excited about her being here or getting my tubes tied….or heck even both! How was your first pedicure? I have never had one done either. Mine is more so because I only have my two big toes that would be worth painting. (my other toes are short and stumpy, so that means not that much of a nail on them to pant!)

PinkSands Jane~ Thanks for the comments. I agree with you on the temperature needing to be a little warmer! It was about 50ish I think today. But it is suppose to get warmer over the weekend and into next week.

Sue~ Thanks for casting your vote!

03-23-2007, 03:32 AM
Sassy - I feel worse, too, when I eat off-plan, and why we do that to ourselves is a big mystery. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Ladies - I forgot to say buh-bye for now! I'll check in Sunday. Behave while I'm gone, and don't have any wild kegger parties or anything, lol. :p

Thanks Today, er um yesterday/this morning I feel a lot better, I ate 1/2 a turkey sandwich for lunch which was pretty good.

AW man, no WILD KEGGER PARTIES????? :devil:

Have a Good One!


03-23-2007, 03:46 AM
Hey Jules -- here is your Good Morning Post you've been missing! lol.

Morning All.

Well today, well I guess yesterday/this morning is the 1st day I feel better. :carrot: Not running no marathons -- yet, but I feel better! ;)

Its been a rainy dreary day/night/morning/whatever. lol. But still pretty warm, it was still in the 60's today and still is about 60 now. I think its supposed to be warm all weekend, but rain, which is fine for me, I'll be here working hard! lol.

:welcome2: Pink Jane!

FIL called saying that a friend of his is selling his house for a good price, but its kinda far out and I'm not sure if we are going to buy anything at the moment until we know more about FIL's condition, but who knows. :shrug:

My cat is not doing so good. :( He's 10 and losing weight and just lathargic (SP?) so we have an appt. for Tues. I hope its nothing serious, our cats have not been fed the pet food that has been recalled either, I did check. If you would like to check, here is the site: Pet Food Recall (

Anyways guess that is about it for me.

Take care all!


03-23-2007, 09:12 AM
Sassy--thanks for my morning post--glad you are back and feeling better!!

Mindee--DD has always said that if she has a DD her name will be Alexis. I actually picked Morgan Grace. I wanted a girl so bad when I was alone and pregnant with my son I only had girls names picked out..Destiny Eileen, Bethany Dawne or Danielle Nicole, none of which my husband liked when we had our DD.

Marti--weekends are always good!!

Sue--good luck with your new program.

Jodi-we moved during DS's freshman year, but it all worked out


Tina--I went through the high school years and they do get a little crazy, but boy do you miss them when they go!!

Hi to everyone else--hope you have a great day--DD is feeling better finally--I told her to make sure she takes all the antibiotic!!

03-23-2007, 11:19 AM
Very close to 50....I'll start a new one now before I head out for the day....

See ya at 242. :D