Pizza and Pasta - Spag Bol - my style!

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07-24-2000, 09:07 PM
A lower fat, but very tasty spag bol


1 carrot
1 onion
1 stick of celery
pack of low fat mince beef (around 450g)
125ml skimmed milk
small bottle of wine (the sort that is around a glass and 1/2)
dash of oil
tin of tomatoes

to cook:
chop up carrot, onion and celery (feel free to add more or less of these, i LOVE carrot so i add in a great big one!) and fry in the oil (or water/oil spray).
When the onion has coloured slightly add mince and cook until it loses the pink.
Add milk and turn up the heat.
When all the milk has been absorbed add the tomatoes and the wine.
Cook for 1.5 hours (or until you think it's ready!)
[add garlic and herbs if you like]
Add this to some freshly cooked wholewheat pasta and serve.
Sprinkle some parmesan on the top if desired.
Eat hot!

The house will smell wonderful too!