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03-19-2007, 12:35 AM
G'day all,

I now of course cannot remember too much of what was said on the previous thread:(:dizzy::?:

Welcome home to Slavika, it will be a bit of adjusting again to settle in at home after being away for so long.

Gloria not much longer now, you are right it did not seem that long ago that we started planning this trip.
Of course I will be bringing my camera and our laptop. I believe there are a lot of 'hotspots' in the USA where we can connect to the internet with our wireless connection, I hope that is true.
We will be emailing and we also hope to talk and see our children and grandchildren in Australia whilst we are away. We have an inbuild camera in our new laptop and we are installing a camera at David and Peta's house, our daughter already has a camera.
We are getting to the stage of getting rather impatient to be on our way.

I have finished most of the work that i needed to get done before leaving.
As some of you know, I use two monitors (best thing I ever did) and yesterday I made a couple of new screensavers. I have attached a photo of them, how lovely to turn on the computer and have these 3 faces greet me! :love:

I will email everyone to let you know what dates we hope to be in your area, give or take a day and I hope that our dates will not clash with anything important you have on on those dates and we are able to catch up for a meal or a drink or both;):D

I checked the weather of the various places we will be going, I think we are going at the right time with not too much hot weather.

I must fly, talk to you all later.....


03-20-2007, 12:36 PM
Only until the 26th and then by the 27th and my show will be over. We had a big scare last night, as all the sound went out. we had to call a specialist and he finally figured out what was wrong so now we will once again have microphones for our show. I hope it goes well. We still have a few glitches that I hope will get worked out before Monday night.

We are going to put red white and blue fringe around the edges of the stage, and I had to put some velcro on it in readiness. boy what a job, and I had furry help as Smokey thought it was very interesting.

Our Microwave died on Sat. a.m. and so we went out and got another one as the repair man said it would cost as much to fix it as to get a new one. Now we are waiting for the installer to call and set a time. It is amazing how much I depended on the micro to do so many little tasks. I am having to think the way I did before we had one, and I don't really like it. I am spoiled, I guess. Have to use more pots and pans, and the teakettle. (poor me )

Cool again today. I'll be glad when we get more seasonal weather, but I know I shouldn't complain as you northern gals are shoveling out from a storm.

That is all from here for now.


03-20-2007, 06:56 PM
Guys, yesterday I had a wonderful long post and hit something. You know the sad story--it disappeared, darn it! Can't remember what it was about, but I am sure it was witty and interesting.

Maria, looking so forward to getting your itinerary. I think I still have your tentative one, but am sure it has changed much.

Gloria, how interesting that St. Pat's Day is such a big holiday there. I can't remember anything even being said about it, but it was on a Saturday.

I am not sure I told you all about Raleigh's funeral. It was kind of sweet. My little boys, Austin (5) and Jackson (3) were there when Leon was burying him. It was kind of special because they asked such sweet questions. I still felt over the weekend that he was on the couch or that I saw a glimps of him in the hallway. Don't think I want to go through that again for a long, long time, if ever.

Well, darn it , it is cool here again. We have one beautiful spring day and the next is too cool to be outside much.

Kerri, what is this about your being so tired and having too much to do? I wonder if some of that isn't the time change. Ever since that day I have had to drag myself out of bed. I usually just get up with no trouble, but wow, it has been hard because it is so darned dark in the morning. So, how many grandpets do you have right now?

My son and his wife left their little boys with her mother for 6 days while they go to Jamaica. I don't think I could do it. I told them to really appreciate that lady. That is a long time.

Slavika, where are you? Getting back to Canada time?

Anne, I know it will be a relief when your show is over, but it is probably like childbirth--you will forget all this and be ready to do it again.

03-20-2007, 07:32 PM
G'day all,

Glenda our itiniarary has not changed all that much but I will certainly email everyone the VERY final one.
I uploaded the latest version of Google Earth (http://earth.download.googlepages.com/) and we had a look how we will get from LA airport to our hotel. I found it allright but boy all those freeways look a bit daunting:dizzy: I have attached a little map that I copied from Google Earth.
It is going to be fun after a 14 hour flight, to pick up our car AND drive on the right hand side of the road AND negotiate these freeways AND find our hotel!!!!

Ann you are having your share of fun and games :eek: I guess it is better to find out the glitches now than on the night!

It is my birthday today and I am looking after Poppy this morning whilst Matilda goes to kindergym. Afterwards we will have lunch at dil, should be nice.

Glenda your son's in laws are VERY good to be looking after the grandchildren for 6 days, wow!

Hello to everyone else, hope you are all well.


03-20-2007, 08:14 PM
MARIA; :bday2you:

I don't envy you driving in LA...we never have but, you know, somehow you will manage and it won't be as bad as you anticipate. I always find that I will anticipate things with dread and then when I am actually doing them ....it isn't so bad at all!

Ann: Getting all your glitches out now should insure a glitche free performance. 'Break a leg'.

Glenda: That sounds like a soothing funeral you had for Raleigh...children are so concerned about things like that. You will be seeing Raleigh around for a while and after we lost the last dog at 13 yrs we agreed....never more.

Went into Boston very early today for an errand and suddenly needed the use of a ladies room....nearest was the Hyatt Regency Hotel...the stores weren't open yet. Well we couldn't just avail ourselves of their facilities without taking advantage of the breakfast at the restaurant. What a very upscale place....the buffet was $24 per person....didn't have that but did have a small breakfast and coffee. Lovely! Sometimes the nicest things just happen.

Slavika: Welcome back....hope all is well!


03-20-2007, 10:07 PM
:gift: :hb: Happy Birthday Maria...... :woo: :balloons:

Gotta run and will check in tomorrow.....

03-20-2007, 10:27 PM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIA .. hope you are having a wonderful birthday. :bday2you:

Not much new with me. I enjoyed Dancing With The Stars last night and felt quite bad for Billy Ray Cyrus. Hope he gets a chance to improve.
Tonight we watched Nova and the Megafloods from the Glaciers in Canada/Montana. Nova is always entertaining.

We saw our DD and the grandchildren today. We went shopping with them and then they came back home with us for lunch and a fun afternoon.

When we went to California, we flew to LA and took a shuttle bus to our hotel at Disneyland. After spending a few days at Disneyland, we rented a car and saw the rest of LA before going south to San Diego and Mexico. Then we drove back north along the Pacific Coast Highway to San Francisco and few home from there. At that time, the traffic was horrible and the freeways were enough to give this small city gal a heart attack. We always get lost whenever we travel, but I guess that is the fun of it. Good luck Maria :lol: We were a lot younger when we made that trip, not sure I could handle it now.

Hello Slavika.. WHERE ARE YOU?? We are anxiously awaiting your post... :comp: we have missed you..:hug:

03-22-2007, 03:13 PM
Hi Everybody :wave: I haven't had a chance to read any of the posts yet so I have a lot of catching up to do. I didn't read any of them when I was in Maui. It will be exciting to to just sit down and read....like a book. :D I had a nice time and all the people that David and I had met during the years were very sweet to me but I still missed my David so much. It was great fun when my family arrived but the condo sure seemed quiet when they left. I bought a huge bag of real rose petals, all colours and when my family arrived along with a couple of good friends we had a little gathering at the ocean to say "aloha" to David as the Hawaiians do when a loved one dies.. We threw the rose petals into the ocean, saying, "aloha and that we loved him and missed him so much". We had waded into ocean so that "our spirits and our love would mingle with the ocean and with David's spirit", as is the custom of the Hawaiians. my sweet granddaughter was very sad but we had just barely finished and a big wave just swamped us. I said, "David you did that on purpose just so we would know that you were there with us, and we all laughed and it became a much happier gathering. The trip home was very long and I was so tired. I got home Sunday evening and on Tuesday night my friend that I see every Wednesday, her husband had a stroke and my heart is aching for her and him too, and the long road to recovery that they are facing.

MARIA, soon you will be travelling out here, I am looking forward to seeing both you and Alan. Since I didn't lose any weight and in fact gained some while on holiday I am hoping that the tan I have is still around when you get here because I think it looks like a bit of camouflage......ok, not really. ;) :D I'll talk to you all soon. :hug:

03-22-2007, 09:45 PM
G'day all,

Lovely to 'see' you Slavika all your photos were great, I personally loved the one with the rose petals.
I bet it was quiet after the family left again.
Sorry to hear about your friend's husband having a stroke:(

This morning we received word that we are now been allocated a pontiac g6.
We don't have Pontiacs but of course had heard of them. The website shows it is a nice racy sort of car!
Ideal to tackle the bowls of spaghetti you call freeways!;):D

We have checked all the hotel accommodations and that is all fine still, the only change is the car rental but I think we can 'slum' it in the Pontiac.:)

Alan has set up the camera on ds' computer and this morning we tried it out, Matilda thought it was very funny me sitting in my pj's at home talking to her via the computer. Got teddy to have a word, she thought it was hilarious!

We are getting very impatient now and cannot wait to get going....any weather is fine providing it is not HOT.
We are so sick of the hot weather and are waiting for rain and a cool change.

Have a great day all,


03-24-2007, 03:17 PM
Hi Everyone

Happy birthday to you Maria :hb: :balloons: Hope you have a very special day.

Had a big rehearsal this a.m. and things went fairly weel - enough so I said they didn't have to practice tomorroa p.m. but the Monday a.m. will tell the sotry. Of course if they are true to form, By the performance they will be on their best behavior. I sure hope so.

Welcome back Slavika; I am happy to hear about the meaning of the rose petal ceremony. I was a bit confused about that. It is a lovely custom. and you are right you do have a real tropical tan. Hang on to it as long as you can.

I will report on Monday night after the festivities, how things went. Till then - Have a good weekend. Ann

Karen L
03-24-2007, 04:21 PM
Just stopping by to wish Maria a Happy Birthday. :hat: :grouphug: :congrat: :bday2you: :woo: :gift: :hb: I have booked marked your blog page so I can keep tabs on you and Alan during your trip. I sure you will have a great time. As for driving in LA just try to keep your wits about you . My son said they are all crazy on the the roads everywhere in California.

Slavika welcome back great pictures thank. Also thanks for explaining the rose petals.

Have to run talk to you all soon.

03-24-2007, 09:49 PM
Good evening to you all....:gossip:

My Daughter and her family are back and I am off pet duty...:yay: :yay:

Maria, You will have a great time I am sure....It is such a wonderful place....

Glenda, That is very possible, the time change can be a shock to the system..:yawn: :coffee: I do LOVE day light savings and wish we were here all the time...I am with ya with the little boys, I was having a melt down over pets for a week, can you picture me with 2 kids for a week,,,I think NOT.. :rollpin:

Ann, I love my Microwave and hope it never leaves me..I bought it in 1984 and it is so small and has very small power etc..But I love it...I dial..# of minutes and that's it..like the old cake timer turn the dial and that's it...:cheese:

03-25-2007, 01:00 PM
Hi Kerri, I'm pleased to meet you. You must have joined this great group of gals when I was away. :) MARIA, I see you had or are having a birthday. Happy Birthday to you. :cheer: :bday2you: The Hawaiians actually throw lei's into the ocean but now you have to cut the string that holds them together so that sea critters don't get tangled up.......hence the use of rose petals. Talk to you all later. :)

03-25-2007, 08:23 PM
G'day all,

Thank you all for the birthday wishes....another year gone!

We ended daylight saving this weekend, nice the extra hour. I am not all that sure about daylight saving, I think I like it but I definitely don't like adjusting to the change again.:(

At long last we are having some cooler weather, at least at night it is nice and cool, still quite warm during the days.

I am having a RUTHLESS clean up and I have already filled 3 garbage bags! Our cases are ready in the spare room and we are putting everything on the spare bed of things we want to take.
I am happy with my blogspot, it certainly will be a good way to keep everyone up to date of where we are and what we are doing.

Alan will organise for our trip money to go into our account today. Not a good thing to see such a large amount being transferred in one hit!:(:shrug:

No other news from down under...cannot wait to get going now!


03-28-2007, 07:05 PM
Where is everyone:(:cry:


03-29-2007, 04:36 PM
Hi Everyone; Well the show is over and I am fairly well rested. It went very well. Everyone in the chorus did well and the audience enjoyed it a lot. I was pleased, as the singers came through loud and clear. Much better than at rehearsal.

I've been having a vacation from cooking. Went out Tues. night, Wed. nite, and tonight we have the Toodleoo Party for all the snowbirds that will soon be going north. Last i heard there were 203 people coming. Each table plans their own menu and then the committee orders chicken pieces and corn bread, also coffee and tea. Then there is dancing afterward. A big night.

We have a Strawberry festival on Sat. eve, and then here we are at Palm Sunday already. And Easter will be upon us.
How time flies. Then things will be calm for a while until April 21 when we will be having a dinner theater- type show. We do the meal and group of people come in to do the show. We did it last year, and it was very successful. Hope it will be again.

Maria: We have just gone on Daylight Savings time. I don't really like the hour change spring and fall. It takes at least a week to adjust. Of course when you get here on your trip you are going to adjusting to time changes all across the country, unless you just stick to one, and plan accordingly. (Because there is 3 hours difference between the West and East coasts.) I know some people do that, but it is hard with restaurants, etc I'm sure you are getting very excited as the days draw closer. I'm looking forward to your Blog reports as it will be nice to monitor your progress.

Hi to everyone. You all must be very busy, since you haven't been here in a while. See y'all later. Ann

03-29-2007, 06:56 PM
G'day all,

Nice to see you Ann and to hear all went well with the show. I am not surprised though, from what I can remember all your shows have been successful.
You are right, Easter will be upon us before we know it and the Wednesday after Easter we are off:carrot:

I cannot believe how much work keeps coming in:dizzy:, I am going to be hard pressed to get it all done before we go.

The time is going to be difficult to adjust to. We also have a time difference of 3 1/2 hours between Western Australia and the Eastern States.
We always set the clock to whatever the local time is, much easier for shopping etc.
The large time difference between America and Australia is part of the reason I set up my blog, so our children will always know where we are and what we are doing.

Talking about time differences, we will arrive 4 hours earlier than we leave Australia!!!
We leave Sydney at 13:25 April 11, and arrive at LAX on the same day, April 11, at 09:45. :dizzy:

I'll be off and have breakfast and then start tackling all this work!

Hope everyone is well, I guess everyone is busy and that is the reason the posts have been few for a while.


03-31-2007, 09:58 PM
Maria, That does sound confusing...But you will have a wonderful time...

Ann, I love this daylight...I have yet to go to the Strawberry festival and I have lived here 29 years.....go figure....

Slavika, happy to meet you...

I hope everyone else here is well and happy and getting thinner...:carrot:

I am so happy to have gotten finished with tax stuff etc....Maybe I can get back to some normality...

04-02-2007, 05:47 PM
All, I have been on a vacation of sorts last week. I don't think I told you I would be gone. I went to OKC, visited my children and my best friend and stayed the night with my sister. Then Leon and I took the Heartland Flyer to Ft. Worth, stayed the night and came back on that train the next day. It was lots of fun. I told you we had had a drought for a year, but while we were gone, we got a year's worth of rain in 3 days. So, we came back to everything nice and green. Hubby thinks "next time" we go we will spend long time. Funny, because I wasn't sure I would get him there for a whole day. We did have a good time.

Maria, before I left I also cleaned my closet. How can anyone accumulate so much junk? I gave to our Hospice resale store 3 huge garbage bags full. The closet didn't seem that much cleaned out either. Go figure!

Slavika, your ceremony sounded just lovely. I didn't get any pictures, did I? I am so glad you had a good time and felt a connection with David at the same time. We all missed you so much. You are a lively board member.

Maria, did you send me an updated itinerary of your trip? We are getting excited too. Now, Oklahoma isn't quite as brown as it was.

Ann, no surprise at all that your show was a success. You worry every time and somehow they always come through. And you deserve the eating out part. You are the one who sent the beautiful pictures of America, aren't you? I just envy Maria with her chance to see some of these.

Kerri, aren't you relaxing now that your petsitting is over? I had my grandkids for about a day during my vacation and just needed a nap. I don't understand how my son and his wife do it.

04-02-2007, 06:01 PM
Glenda: It is no mistake that God gives children to the young. They can handle it. And we can just spoil the grandkids:D: Ann

04-02-2007, 10:35 PM
G'day all,

So that is where you were Glenda, I wondered where your were.You are so right Ann about the young and children.
Everytime I look after my grand daughters, I ask myself what is it with these women who desperately want a child in their mid to late fifties and tell lies to get their way. I love them dearly but boy it is nice to see them go home and have a rest!

I will resend our itinerary to everyone though there have not been many changes.

I woke up with a really bad throat a couple of days ago, I am starting to feel better and should be fine by the time we go in 8 DAYS time!!!!

The weather looks like it will be perfect for Easter. We are visiting some friends but will be spending most of the time, tidying and doing last minute things before we leave.


04-05-2007, 06:57 PM
G'day all,

Just dropping by to wish you all a fantastic Easter:grouphug::easter3:

We will be doing very little other than get more organised for our trip. I will try and keep off the chocolate easter eggs.
My intentions of getting to the US all svelte have not quite worked ;):( but no point in making things worse and scoffing down a heap of easter eggs!

We are in for some magnificent Easter weather, lovely sunny days and cool nights.

I have had my 'holiday' haircut which is supposed to last me till our return, I should have done it myself and used a 'number 2' all over, that is about how short it is :eek:
DH says it looks OK but he never says anything different so he is not much of a gauge!!

4 days to go!!!!


04-08-2007, 09:52 PM
Good evening to you all....:hug:
I sure hope all of you that celebrate Easter had a wonderful day..I did and boy did I eat BAD....:p

Maria, Glad you are having great weather..We have had cool nights here..Very unusual for us in April..Count down time...to go....Have a wonderful time..;)

I have not been around due to the fact that my system was down for 3 days and I am trying to catch up on work..WOW did I get behind..A person can NOT make money without a phone and a PC...wow was I bumbed..I did lose some money...

04-09-2007, 05:03 PM
Kerri: I guess that is the big problem with our total dependence on equipment now, instead of our own brains. I have seen check-out people total lost is the computers are down. No way can they figure anything.

Maria:BON VOYAGE Have a wonderful trip and will certainly keep posted on your travels on your blog. I am excited for you and Alan. Keep safe and have a great trip.

Hi everyone. We are surely haveing a cold snap again. Unusual for this time of year, as Kerri said. We were supposed to have an Easter Sunrise Service out doors by the pool, but is was too cold, so had to move it inside.

we had a lovely Easter dinner at home. I cooked a boneless leg of lamb, and it was delicious. I tried a new way of garnishing it and the seasoning was just right. YUM! And now we can have left-overs today.

Well for those of you that are followiing Dancing with the Stars- who is your pick for going off next? Ivoste for the big tall gangling basketball player. It must be very difficult to dance with such a short partner, or maybe the other way around, with such a very tall partner. He may be a good backetball player, but he is really having a hard time on the dance floor. That is my prediction.

See y'all later. Ann

04-11-2007, 06:02 PM
Last night I had waited all week to see the results of the dancing show. Well, then just guess! We had some thunderstorms. I was so very aggravated as our local weatherman pre-empted the whole show to show us where it was "raining" and "hailing". Please! As if in Oklahoma during springtime it does anything else. So, we gave up and watched a video. My sister called and said that the show was just on later. Did you agree with Leeza Gibbons? I feel the same way about Clyde. He just has a big fan base, but he is horrible. The Cheers guys really isn't that bad, but he isn't there for long, I am sure.

Has it warmed up there yet? Here it is 64 degrees which I will take anytime. Our Easter was just that stereotypical Easter with little kids in their new clothes and winter coats.

Hope Maria got off fine. We should see her in two weeks or so.

04-11-2007, 08:05 PM
I have to agree with you both, tall Clyde has to go! I don't think his heart is in it anyway. When they were doing the pre-dance interviews, he thought he was working hard enough and didn't get to his practice in time. I think Billy Ray Cyrus is trying and so is John the Cheers guy, but they aren't that great either. I thought it was too bad Leeza left, maybe she could have relaxed a bit. Love the show anyway. That jive two weeks ago made me want to dance again. I am putting a wiggle into my aerobic classes :lol: :belly:
It is a sunny 45F here today and everyone is walking around commenting on what a wonderful day it is... :lol: .. goes to show you what we get used to.
Maria must be in LA already. I hope those spaghetti freeways don't give them a lot of trouble. Their GPS will come in handy.
I have been keeping busy. My DD had Easter Sunday dinner and the whole family came over. Last night DH and I baby sat our little darlings. We couldn't keep the dog's water dish on the floor, MC wanted to drink out of it :lol: We bought Happy Feet for the kids and we watched it with them, what a good movie it is. Has anyone else seen it? Cute movie with a good message.
Tonight I am going to watch Lost again, still trying to make heads or tails out of that series. They gave it a good name, anyone who follows it is totally LOST!
Talk to you later.. bye bye

04-12-2007, 01:39 PM
G'day all,

As some of you would have read on my blog, we are in LA:carrot::carrot::carrot:

The spaghetti freeways are not as bad as we thought but the driving on the right side is not good, Alan has already strayed once to the left until he saw a car coming :^:

I wrote my blog this morning so won't repeat myself here, just waiting whilst Alan is in the bathroom, (why do men take forever:dizzy:) and thought I would check the board.

Off to town and do a bit of celebrity spotting;);), get a cell phone and whatever else is there to see.
Off to St. Diego tomorrow.

By the way GPS is a God sent:)


Karen L
04-12-2007, 08:58 PM
Maria Welcome to the US. Sounds as if all is going well. I will keep track of you through your Blog.

I've been staying busy with something gong on every day of the week. I had to give up one of my craft days so i could join in the water aerobics. what fun we have been having. Today I first did the walk aerobics in the club house and the a 1/2 hour later went to the water one. I was tired when i got home but loved every minute in the water.

My son called the other day the one who was in Iraq with his wife. Well both are doing well and are expecting their first child together. They are very excited.

I do show up hear a couple times a week to read but don't have much to say so just read.

Am going to go watch survivor. See you later

04-13-2007, 02:14 PM
Hi Everybody: I thought it was about time I showed my face. Seems that you are all doing well. My friend's husband that had the stroke has not made much progress, but I guess it will take a long time. It would be so great if he would regain his speech and could swallow but the therapist was not to sure he talk again. Well Maria/Alan are in the US now, what a great journey they are on. It will be an adventure they will never forget. My dishwasher was slowly dying and it's 15 yrs old and not worth the money to repair it. I bought a new one on Wednesday, nothing fancy, just that it has the higher tub in the inside. Easter was wonderful and I had my family over. It's another one of those "first's" that I managed to get through. I am not doing too well in the weight loss department. I start off the day pretty good, but in the evening I am "looking" for things to nibble on. YIKES. Yesterday was actually a lovely sunny day and not too cold, but today I think we will get rain. The rain would help to get rid of the last of snow. My lawn is showing now and that sure is not attractive. Once the warm weather comes it will turn green and the weeds will be popping up too. I phoned yesterday to a weed company to come out 4 times during the season to keep the weeds under control and will also have the lawn service people cutting my grass again this year. Next month on the 8th it will be a month since my David died. I can't believe that much time has passed. I seem to manage to get all the things done with the house etc on my own so that's good. I don't have much more to share with you my friends, but I will post more often. Bye for now. :)

04-13-2007, 03:58 PM
Karen, I always know when you are busy because we don't see you much. When you do two aerobic classes, do you get exhausted? One day two weeks ago, I say I broke my rear, but really I just overdid it and had a real achy pain in the rear. I won't do that again. If I walk around the lake(3.3 miles) 2 times in a row, I am so exhausted I can't move the next day. Anyway, sounds like Florida was a good move for you.

Slavika, I remember when my dad died, my mother was so proud of herself for getting everything do they used to share. I am sure it can seem pretty daunting sometimes, but sounds like you are doing well. Yes, I have really missed you, but I am sure your friend has truly needed your support. How bad for them that his speech hasn't returned! Does he write everything down?

I thought I had made a favorite of Maria's blog, but I must not have. I have to go back and see if I can find it. Sounds like they are having fun. Driving on the wrong side of the road would be hard work, wouldn't it?

04-13-2007, 05:10 PM
Not much news from this part of Florida. Had my last bible Study for this year and will start up again in Sept. Everyone is so busy now it is hard to get together.

My DH is now going to exercise 3 times a week. It is a plus for him. I am so glad. I had talked to him about it before, but you know men can't take advice from their wives. Then his brother,(who has had a stroke) talked to him about how much the exercises helped him and gave him strength, and lo and behold when we got home, he signed up. He gets tired yet, but I can see a difference in his walking. That's good.

Slavika: It is good to hear from you, and you should be very proud of yourself for all you have accomplished in such a short time. How quickly this year has passed.

Karen: You do sound busy. I will now finally start going to the pool. The snowbirds are leaving, all the springbreak kids and Easter vacationers have left, so things will not be so crowded, and it is getting warmer. Did you have a bad thunderstorm Wed. nite. It sure was noisy and windy here. But we did and still do need the rain.

Trudy: How much fun to keep the kids out of the dog water and the dog food. Little ones are so busy. I'm sure you and Slavika are looking forward to Maria and Alans visit. I feel a bit jealous, but ce la vie(probably not spelled correctly- I've forgotten my French)

With Dancing with the Stars I was disappointed that Clyde didn't go, but being an athletic hero, he probably has a really big fan base. Billy Ray and John are working hard and I hope the fans will keep them on. I don't think there is quite the quality of talent this year as in past years.

I started with Lost, and couldn't make sense of it so went to something else. As the season of reruns approaches we'll have to view more DVDs. I have taken to reading more too.

I'm also trying to get ruthless with cleaning out closets and other spost that seem to be receptacles for collecting junk.

I had a wierd thing happen the other a.m. I was awakened
about 6:00a.m. with the sound of a telephone ringing faintly.At first I thought I was dreaming, but then heard it again. I checked all out telephones, the computer was off completely, and still the ringing. I found out later that my DH had heard it at 5:30 and thought my alarm had gone off. So I turned on the computer and tried any sort of adjustments I could think of, but still the ringing(double ring) about every 5 to 7 minutes. In desperation I contacted on-line help and finally talked to a tech. She said that it had to be on our telephone line and made an appointment for the service people to come. By the time they arrived, of course, the ringing had stopped- about 2:30p.m. The telephone guy changed something outside, and he brought the DSL tech with him. And of course no ringing. So they finally left, and said if it should happen again, to call immediately for someone to come out. But it hasn't happened again. I told them that maybe we needed Ghostbusters. I felt very foolish, since it sounds like such an impossible story. But we both did hear it, so we haven't gone completely gaga. I'm just glad it hasn't happened anymore. Have any of you ever heard of something like this happening.? Very disconcerting.

That is my big happening for the week.

Have a great weekend everyone! Ann

04-13-2007, 05:14 PM
P.S. i am thinking about joining WW online. Have any of you ever done that, and did you have a good experience? It is cheaper than going to the meetings, especially with gas prices as they are. I'd appreciate some input. Ann

04-13-2007, 08:51 PM
Hi to you all, Trying to catch up on posts...I am just so behind....

Ann, I love the on-line web site...It comes free with my weekly meetings...9.60 a week gives us all...meetings and full web site..I am with you , I also was disappointed with Dancing with the stars...Have not heard any ringing on my PC...My problem was NO PC........:dunno:

Will check back in the morning and try to catch up with the rest of the posts......;)

Karen L
04-13-2007, 10:26 PM
Ann do you mean the e-tools ? Those I love. With this new thing that Kerri talked about you still get meetings. Too bad you can't just get a group of gals together and start your own group. That's what I have done here. We are all members or were members and have our books and we just meet and talk about how it is going. exchange recipes and just have some friendly chat. We do have a weigh in . There is a scale in the cabana where we meet. I have decided to keep it going all summer because some of the people who come are having some good success. Some times we have 8 people so it is not a big group. But we are very suportive of each other and that is what counts. I do try to have some sort of a meeting planned but don't always use it because other conversation pop up.

Glenda yes I do get tired. But then once I have showered I'm good for the day. I am going to be cutting back so that I will be doing just one or the other every day as soon as my friend is back and will be taking back the water aerobics.

Sally good to see you on the board. Sounds like you have your life somewhat under control. A new dishwasher good for you! I don't have one here I missed it for a while but now I just use a lot of paper. DH's idea and I went for it!

I'm tired so am going to go to bed didn't sleep much at all last night. DH is sick with a cold and has taken to his bed where he has been all day except for meals. He is sleeping in the guest room so hopfully I won't catch it. Sprout is confused. poor puppy dog.


04-14-2007, 11:36 AM
Karen: I wasn't referring to the E-tools. I was referring to the On-line membership where you sign up for 3 months- and pay a fee. It has nothing to do with Lifetime membership. It would be around $68 for 3 months, the closest I have figured it. I have not thought about the e-tools. Is there a charge for that, if I go to a meeting once a month? Right now, to be perfectly honest, I don't want to spend the money, since we have major dentist bills to clear up. So I know I need to get back on track and am trying to figure out the best way for the least cost, to do it.

Hope you don't catch the cold. They have been miserable this year, and the cough hangs on forever.

'See' you all later. Ann

Karen L
04-14-2007, 08:51 PM
The e-tools is going to cost you. Right now like Kerri said it's around $39.00 a month when it comes with the meetings. The e- tools is somewhere around $14.00 a month. Then you have access to the whole WW web site. The recipe builder, and all the WW recipes on line, journal, The restaurant companion on line. I'm not sure what the WW on Line is all about. Good luck with whatever you decide.

04-15-2007, 10:57 AM
Hi All,
It has been forever since I was here. I have a hard time with this site-my stupid old computer. I am hoping this goes through. I love reading Maria's blog. I bet she could turn it into a book or magazine article. It is fun seeing things through her eyes and seeing places I have never been to. My nephew lives in LA but is not there now.
We have put my inlaws in an assisted living type place. My fil had some heart problems in Jan and he is my mil's caretaker. Not sure how they like it but it is nice to know that they are a button call away if they need help. They are 90. There is lots to do there-better than sitting in a dark house and fighting all the time. My dh has 2 sisters-one in Penn and the other is moving to Oregon in June so we will be the ones here to help them. Now if she would just wear her hearing aids and he would get some.
Sally you rose ceremony was lovely. Such a nice remembrance and it was nice that your family was there to do it with you. How is the Prince doing? Still into rap? I miss his emails. LOL I am going to try putting vinegar on some weeds in my yard and see if that works.
Glenda you sound like Billy Ray on Dancing with the Stars. He said he had an achey breaky butt. It is interesting to see who gets the boot each week. I would imagine that Joey or Ian will win. Clyde might glide on the basketball court but not the dance floor. But keep on walking-do as I say and not as I do. LOL I have to start again.
Karen you do aerobics? That is great. I wish there was a place around her other than Jazzercise. I trip over my feet. I bet you are happy that you were in Fla this past winter instead of Minn. I have friends who have kids there and they were telling me how cold it was.
Ann you should never worry about your shows. They always turn out to be a big success. I would love to see one sometime,
I wish spring really would come and stay. We had a tease a few weeks ago but the rain and snow flurries returned. So weird.
Our grandson turned 2 on Easter. One kid does not need any more toys. It is hard to figure out what to get him. He likes golf and balls.
I think school only has about 30 some days till the end of the year. This year went fast. They are starting a kindergarten next year-it will be interesting when they come to the cafeteria. The little ones are so quiet and shy sometimes it is hard to hear what they want.
Maria stay safe driving and have fun. This part of the country is really boring compared to the west coast. Can't wait to meet you.

04-17-2007, 04:48 PM
Guys, I don't know how to make another page. I think we are missing our Aussie page-maker.

04-18-2007, 03:44 PM
on to the next thread all!!!!!