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11-04-2001, 06:01 AM
My husband and I both have more than 100lbs to lose each. For me this is a moment of NOW OR NEVER ( as my tag would imply), I feel the time has come to break free from the chains that the weight has imposed on us, but in particular me. I'm looking for help and guidance from you guys who I know are motivated and successful. I'm looking forward to hearing your tips on how to get started as this could be the hardest part for me. Incidentally, this is not our first try at this, we have failed more times than I care to mention, but it's NOW OR NEVER time. Thanks in advance for the support I know is available here.;)

11-04-2001, 08:27 AM
hUge Welcome to a great and wonderful spot here!!!

THere is alot if information and support here, all you have to do is stop by. I too have started and stopped a 100 times. And what I found works for me is eat less move more and be very patient. This works!!

Good Luck to you and DH

11-04-2001, 08:56 AM

I'm sort of a newbie too, and I gotta tell ya- the gals here are great!

It's terrific that you and hubby are going to do it together. Support is to important to losing weight.

Once again, welcome!


11-04-2001, 12:02 PM
Nowornever, hubby (Greg) and I are both on the Atkins (low carbohydrate) program and have lost over 100 pounds between us. It's been a wonderful journey being that he and I have been able to support one another and have been able to share our losses. Also, in doing this with Greg (On, and I just remembered out neighbor too who lost 55 pounds), we have been able to come up with new recipes.

Hubbys high blood pressure and diabetes are now both within normal ranges. This program has been a Godsend for both of us. I wish you and your hubby success on whichever program you decide to follow.

Michelle, I also wish you success on your journey. I think this is an exciting time because of all the new changes in my life.


11-05-2001, 10:36 AM
Good morning and Welcome!!! I absolutly love your name, your right, it's now or never, and no time is as perfect as now. It's a long long hard road, but it IS possible. You need to keep telling yourself that. It IS possible and you CAN do it. One day at a time. That's all we can do.
I believe that this whole journey, we all learn so much about ourselves. There is not just one way to lose weight and get healthy for everyone. Different things work for different people. You have to experiment and learn to see what will work for you, what you can live with. Because this is a life time change.

One thing I will sugest is WATER. Water is your new best friends, and you need to drink as much as you can stand. Soon you'll be addicted to it, and soda and juices will se to be too sweet for you. Give it some time, and you'll be craving water. Not only does it aid the losses, but it helps your skin, muscles, nails, hair and even headaches. Most of the time when we think were hungry, were just really thirsty.

And another thing is...come here as often as possible. I've made alot of friends here, who have
been my angels through out so many changes in my life. Sure, weightloss is what brought us together, but so much more keeps us together. So, come here anytime you want and vent, scream, cry, lugh, dance..anything you want about anything you want. if you like most of us, emotions and stress will trigger binges or us to to give up on our programs. So, having a place to turn to, helps tremendously.

Again..welcome. And I am wishing you the all the best along your journey to the new you. You will get there, and we will all be right there rooting you on.

11-05-2001, 10:37 AM
Paula..Congrats to you and hubby for doing so wonderful. Your hard work and determintation has really paid off. WOOHOO!!

11-05-2001, 12:58 PM
Welcome!! You have come to the right place!!! The ladies here are soooo inspirational. The posts really help me stay on track or get back on track, whatever the case may be!!

11-08-2001, 04:45 PM
What a thoughtful bunch you are. Thank you so much for the welcomes. David and I are ready for our weigh in tomorrow so I'll let you know how we get along. I hope it has been a successful week for you all
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