General chatter - new not sure where to put this.. help please

03-15-2007, 11:00 PM
I am sorry if i am not posting this in the right place but i just need some suggestions...
I have been on a diet since last year and have went from 280 to 215 yes i have hit the plateaus in between and know all about them but ughhh can anyone suggest how to get off them i cant get those dang scales to move past 215 its like they locked in and not moving!!! This is when I wanna throw the towel in and say forgetttt it!!!.. I am just at a bad point all together.. I have went from a size 30/32 pants and now i can wear some 18/20 mainly 22's butttttt those are rare most 22s fall off me 18/20 well **** i look like i have been melted and poured into the dang pants a few times.. so ugh its frustrating.. this is when being fat is better seems like..
so pleaseeee any suggestions how to get off the plateua!!!

Denise :D :?:

Is that really me
03-15-2007, 11:32 PM
D, what plan have you been following so far that's been working?

I know that changing up the exercise helps alot. Varying it, doing different things, trying weights if you've mainly be doing cardio/aerobic stuff, doing intervals w/the cardio stuff really jumps your metabolism around. Also the same for eating. Your body acclimates and adjusts and just gets used to the same old thing all the time. Sometimes it stinks how well the body adapts! It knows what to expect and what is expected from it. :p Zig-zagging your calories keeps your body in a constant "guessing" state which translate into burning more calories. If you consistently eat say 1500 calories a day, try eating 1700 for a day or two then 1400 for a day, then 1600 for a day then 1300, etc. You get the idea. Also, eating every 3 hrs or so a combined good protein w/good carbs and fat will keep your blood sugar stable and the eating so frequently keeps your metabolism constantly working. You're constanly "stoking the fire" so to speak.

I'm sure others will be on w/suggestions too. Good luck and keep on posting. Oh, and reading through posts on here I've learned lots of info and tips.


03-16-2007, 09:23 PM
Thanks for replying.. I have mainly cut my sugar, potatoes, rice, white flour and pasta.. i see a nutrionist once a month.. i do a airwalker everynight for 30-40 minutes.. i guess i could change up my exercise and see what happens.. ya know how you just get burned out on things...

03-16-2007, 09:53 PM
Hello I can certainly relate to where you are right now. I am kinda in the same boat. But I have started zigzagging my calories and it has really helped. I have lost 3lbs since I started it and I had been stuck at 224 for about 2 months. Hopefully you find something that works for you!

03-16-2007, 10:45 PM
It may be that you need to vary your exercise, but you may also need to reduce your calories a bit. All during my weight loss, I've had to reduce the amount of calories. At first, I just started similarly, by switching to whole grains and lean meats, eating more veggies, etc. But as I reached a certain point, I'd plateau, then I'd have to start watching my calories and reduce them some. Then very near goal before the pregnancy, I had to cut the calories down even more to break another plateau.