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03-13-2007, 06:25 PM
I need to shock my body so it will actually start losing pounds again. I've tried eating every which way and it's still made no impact. I can't possibly mix another thing up!

Problem is that because I'm on RED because I easily exercise an hour most days. Because of this COD won't let me do TO because of the reduced calories. I don't mind that I've lost 20 inches to 15 pounds. I just want that ratio to be a little bit smaller. :club:

I know someone out there knows a way to shock my body without doing the TO? Any suggestions?

03-13-2007, 07:16 PM
The only suggestions I have are from when I started slowing down and losing. I try to have my starch at morning and lunch.. none in the evening. Also it has been suggested to have your fruit consumed by afternoon. I use two in a smoothie so my breakfast is most often liquid. Then for a snack I'll have a half english muffin, graham cracker or something small. For lunch do a small sandwich or use your starch then. I use my fats most often by adding seeds to a salad and most dinners are a protein, 2-3 vegs. Also if you are doing Lites try having one as a bar and the other later in the day in liquid form, their soup or hot chocolate.
TO is the biggest kick in the but you can find success without doing it as well.
Hope this helps and enjoy every second of those inches and pounds lost!

03-14-2007, 12:57 AM
You might also try not working out for a couple days and doing a TO at the same time..

Just remember that you probably won't see immediate results.. I've found that it usually takes a couple days for a TO to have its full effect.. Also, keep your starches and proteins fairly light (no beef) for the couple of days after TO...

Changing your exercise routine might shake some things up too..

03-14-2007, 02:40 AM
Hey Megan - I work out quite a bit as I see from many of your posts that you do too. I was doing great (not rapid weight loss but losing steadily) until about late November (I started LAWL in July). My COD has tried everything under the sun to get me losing but I keep gaining and losing the same pound and have basically done that since late November early December (can you say frustrating!)
After my initial Fast Forward, I did TO one time and actually gained weight. My COD told me that TO was NOT for me because my body thought I was starving because I was still working out about 1.5 hours a day even on TO. My COD suggested that when I needed to, I should only do FF. I actually look forward to doing FF every month or six weeks because I get to eat beef and have some real butter during those times.
You may want to ask your COD about doing FF instead of TO.
I just did one on Monday and Tuesday and as Dan mentioned, it sometimes takes a few days to show on the scale.
Maybe with your work outs, you'll have more success in doing a FF from time to time. Just a thought!