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03-10-2007, 02:27 AM
DH and I are TTC our second child.(it's been over 2 years) I believe it is my weight that is holding me back. Over the weekend I had a revelation about why I am over weight and (along with WW) am planning to alter not just my food choices but the way I look at food. (I think I am a compulsive eater)

I have a good healthy sense of humour and am looking for some ladies that would like to join me in my adventure. This is my second time with WW, and I have about 120 lbs to lose all together (but I will be honest and say that I really can't say how much over 100 lbs I would like to lose since i don't remember ever being that small)

I chose WW since i know I can stick with it through a pregnancy since it doesn't restrict a food group. I lost 20 pounds on Low Carb since January, but a few weeks ago I couldn't take it anymore LOL and realised it isn't for me. I have gained back 5 of those pounds but am feeling good about dropping them.

I am interested in some buddies for my big goals, but I am losing weight in 10% increments as my smaller goals (I only need to do this 7 times until I get to goal. I think it will make it a little less mind boggling) and would love some company!

(this almost feels like a personal add: married fat girlie seeks others to lose pounds with) LOL

03-11-2007, 04:39 PM
oops. I didn't mean I ONLY wanted people TTC to have a BG with. I had taken a peek at the other board, but thought I might get more support here with people that are actually doing the same program as I am.

Thank you for your response! :)