Weight Loss Support - Upping Calories and Iron Suppliments

03-06-2007, 01:03 PM
hi everyone, I am upping my calories like everyone suggested. I was at 1200-1350 for a while and just not losing weight. So I am upping it to 1500-1600. Today will be about 1525 when I am done. My question is how long should I really give it before dropping back down to 1200 or lower? I was thinking a week. And if I see anything even 1/2 lb, I will stick with it.

Also I am on mega doses of iron for my anemia until at least the 16th when I go back in to see if it helps, 1300 grams a day! Which they give you warnings on 150 grams that it can cause things like constipation :o, need I say more? It isn't bad but it isn't normal either. Could that be why I haven't seen a loss?

I weigh everything and go by the grams to make sure everything is accurate. I don't even use fitdays standards on the calories but take it from the actual packaging to be sure it is as accurate as possible. So I know its not underestimate of calories. My theory is that I just am way more sedentary than the sedentary calorie allowance. Which from webmd is 1961, fitday gives me more when I put in seated work at 2337 and volumetrics formula says 2263. So that is really confusing to me but since I have yet to lose on 1330 average calories that would mean my maintenance is 1330 and that just doesnt seem right. I know I am not hypothroid a I had that checked more than 3 times, thankfully my doctor humored with me and let me get them done!

I know I am bugging you all about this but I am just so frustrated and I don't want to give up and resign myself to this weight forever!


03-06-2007, 02:04 PM
If you have major bowel *blockage* you'll have a harder time seeing the scale move.....fiber and water and you may need a stool softner....what did your doctor say?

03-06-2007, 03:49 PM
eat green salad... LOL I swear I have the worst doctors in the world! I dont think I am anything major LOL (ok I should have just left that all out, I take it back everyone!) Shouldnt I still lose? It seems to me that you can only hold onto so much LOL and I am not bloated or anything like that...ok I am stoping! Thats all folks, love ya, love your show, goodnight.