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10-31-2001, 04:32 PM
Hello all,
I've done the low-carb diet before and was very successful, but when I was pregnant with my last child I gained it all back. Today is day 3 for me and I have lost a whopping 9 pounds!! I know it is probably water, but it is still 9 pounds less of me to carry around! I am hoping that the weight will still keep coming off even if it isn't as rapid. I need to get back to making my baby's costume, but needed a reality check on how important candy is. Good luck to everyone who is struggling all the temptation out there. Eating that candy certainly is not worth the good feeling we'll have when we are lighter!!!
starting as of monday 240/231 (today)/ 150

10-31-2001, 09:52 PM

MamaBigButt! Welcome back to the lo-carb life where success is yours for the taking! On this Misc Thread is a group of us called Lo Carb Club. We check in daily. Right now we are on #7. Please check out our past threads to get familiar with us. (They are numbered) Also, we do a weekly weigh in here on Fridays.

You are MOST WELCOME to join us!!! We are all on a BUS headed to GOAL! We are at various stages of getting there. Some are just beginning and others have lost a good bit already. We are all about giving support/sharing our thoughts etc. Most of all WE ARE ALL SERIOUS about ridding ourselves of these fat suits ...not just chit chat. I mean, we reeeeeealy want to be our best selves.

Please check us out! I will be watching for you! I have personally been following Atkins/Low Carb since June 15. I have taken off 39 so far.

Please join us so we can all get to goal together!

My name is Dana (ALWAYS HOPEFUL!!!)

11-01-2001, 06:18 AM
HI Mama BB-
Do I know you from 100# club?

I have been lo carb since mid July and have lost weight not sure how much the most successfully since then I have PCOS. Good luck on your woe. PLEASE JOIN US OVER AT LO CARB SUPPORT NUMBERED THREAD> We would love to have you join us. We aslo post misc threads too and just add lo carb somewhere in teh title.

ANy way good luck and welcome!!

11-01-2001, 12:19 PM
HI MBB i did have a good laugh over your name. what a hoot!!! :lol: Welcome and jump on the bus. we love new faces and it sounds like you have done this before so you know the ropes. you will be droping the fat suit in no time. Welcome!!!

11-01-2001, 08:47 PM
Hello Everyone,

THank you for the welcome. I meant to post a thread in the low-carb support thread, but I must of made a mistake! HOpefully this one will go in the right place.

yes, I did join the 100 + club awhile back, but didn't post again becuase I was having trouble staying on the low cal diet! But I am doing much better on the low-carb. I am feeling so much better!

I didn't eat ANY Halloween candy yet!!!!! I am so proud of myself. We went and bought an exercise bicycle today and I cant wait to get started.

:lol: I am just so excited to be losing again. It sounds like you all are doing great. Good luck today and I will post again soon!