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03-05-2007, 03:35 PM
I have not dropped a single pound since 2 weeks before christmas. I try to stay on plan and for the most part I do, except when it comes to weekends:?: . But even then I don not go way overboard, but I do generally have 1 meal that is totally off wack.

Since Christmas I have been bouncing from 219 up to 225 then back down again. Because of the lack of loss I now have a lack of willpower and can't seem to make myself exercise anymore. I give myself the "talk" everyday, telling myself that if I would just get back to the exercising I would probably start loosing again, but I am really discouraged right now because 3 weeks ago when I was exercising I was still not loosing.

I know most times when people ask for help they don't give enough info so as for my plan, I count calories, fat grams and carbs. I try to keep the calories around 1500, fat grams around 40 and carbs 138 or less. The carbs I consume are for the most part the good ones from veggies and whole grains however I do love my potatoes and try to fit one in every couple of days.

Anyone got any ideas on a way to jump start myself back into the loosing?

03-05-2007, 03:54 PM
I too have been "stuck" for over two weeks! I asked the same questions as you did, and i too hope for someone to give me the answer!! I am on low fat/ low cal 1200 cal a day, but I am on daily Prednisone, which is the :devil: !!!! So, hang in their girl!! I saw on your ticker that you have already lost alot of weight...WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!
Hugs, Teresa

03-05-2007, 04:04 PM
Robbin, I'm going to put my 'counselor' hat on now...haha...and i'm feeling like cheating today so maybe giving someone else advise will help me. You're not going to like this tho. When I was counseling people at THE DIET CENTER back in the '80's, we had to tell people that if you are eating right all week but slacking on the weekends ~ you were 'maintaining'. That's pretty much what people do when they are on maintenance. If you cheated all week long you would be gaining...but you are staying the same. So to be honest it's going to take some control and some good planning. I've only been on program for a little less than 2 weeks. But for example ~ I went to the movies yesterday and instead of eating popcorn as I normally would I had
brought some apple slices and a crystal light drink. ;) So you just have to adjust. Try having a perfect week and see what the scales do...and if they go down that'll be motivation to do it again!

That's only my advise...it might be bad. But it's all I got! haha!


03-05-2007, 06:02 PM
Hey there! Don't give up! You can do it!

RRVMMM, if I go off plan for one day and go above what I'm supposed to be eating, it stalls my weight loss. It may be like what onmyown is describing--you're maintaining. Some people can have a "day off" every week, but not me.

Also, I assume you're counting up all the calories on the days you are going off of your plan--right? Because one needs to know.

Another thought is that if you're not exercising, 1500 calories may be too many.

These are just some ideas to give you some starting points, things to try!

Keep going!

03-05-2007, 06:12 PM
I agree, if you're cheating on your calories on weekends, you're probably eating more than you think you are, OR simply taking in enough at the end of the week to balance out. I stalled for 4-6 weeks, I upped my calories from 1400 to 1600-1800 range. 2 days a week I have 1800 days, then the rest of the week I have 1600 days. Some days, especially after the 1800 days, I can barely get 1300-1400 calories in. So, on say Tuesdays and Fridays I eat 1800 calories, then Saturday and Wednesday I eat 1300-1400 and Sunday, and Monday, Thursday I eat around 1600. It keeps my body guessing but it doesnt allow it to stall anymore. Good luck!

03-05-2007, 06:25 PM
I think exercise i a biggie. I know i don't really loose unless i'm working out. I know its hard to get motivated to do it...but it really does matter. As for the other comments made, i sort of in aggrement with the above post....calorie intake may be too high if there is no exercise. Also if you aren't journaling or weighing...you may be taking in more than you think. Hang in there and good luck. Hope this helped.

03-05-2007, 06:54 PM
Just to throw my two cents in, and I don't know how everyone else feels about it, but by going "off" on weekends, it seems to me it would interrupt the momentum.... I kind of think that if we're learning to eat differently now (and Man, I sure need to!) then all we're doing is sabotaging ourselves by having days off. Everything I've read or heard talks about lifestyle change. I don't think you can do that only part time? Could be wrong, and maybe I'm trying to be too rigid here, but I sure do want to get this weight off, you know? I'm intrigued by the way you're adjusting calories up and down on different days, though, Angi. I'd sure like to get my body guessing some. It might even drop a few pounds without meaning to ;)

Take care all - and keep up the good work! Wow! These weight loss results are amazing!


03-05-2007, 09:59 PM
Robbin -- Until this past week, I hadn't lost any weight since November. Here are some thoughts.

1) you're maintaining a huge weight loss! That's awesome and something to keep in mind!

2) like the others said, you've figured out how to maintain. You said you "try" to keep your calories at 1500 but go off plan on weekends. If on Sat and Sun you are eating an extra, 500 calories, say, thats the same as adding a couple hundred to each of those 1500 calorie days. Again, you're maintaining. To lose, you need to eat a little less. I know for me when I can consistently cut 100-200 calories a day, often that's what it takes to loss, what 1/4-1/2 pound a week!

3) exercise really is important. I am not drawn to it and don't love it, but I do it. I tell myself it's like paying the bills -- I have to do it. Also, I'm doing weight training, and I think another part of why I haven't shown a loss on the scale is because I've lost fat and added muscle -- it explains why I've gone down a size despite not losing weight.

4) back to the maintenance "break" == I didn't actively choose to take a maintenance break, but I found myself sabotaging my weight loss efforts, and it was a mental relief to tell myself it was okay to maintain. I'm not saying you should be thinking about maintaining, but just noting there are lots of ways to make this LONG LONG journey!!!!

Good luck!!!! :D

03-06-2007, 10:46 AM
Thanks everyone for your encouraging words. I know I have to quit going off plan on the weekends, I just have to figure out how. Weekends are so hard for me???????????

I also know I have to get my rear in gear and exercise, period, no ifs and's or but's. I have to do it.

I really want to get to onderland, everyone keep your fingers crossed that I will get past the maintaining and start loosing again.

03-06-2007, 11:17 AM
Robbin --

I find that planning really helps. The problems with weekends and unstructured time for me is that it is unstructured and unplanned!

Plus, when I'm busier, I tend to not eat as mindlessly.

So, when I plan, I do better.