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03-05-2007, 01:48 PM
Hello and :welcome2: to the Jaded Ladies site!

We are a group of ladies that come here for support :grouphug: and encouragement on our weight loss struggles,:woops: and we also find time for some chitchatting. :gossip: So please, won't you join us? New members are always welcome. :yes:

03-05-2007, 02:07 PM
Hey there everyone.Hope everyone is having a great day.I am feeling great today.I just finished45mins on the bike .i'm going to try and get another30mins in later.i just ordered a tae bo dvd.i can't wait to get it.Its a 2 dvd set with the complete get ripped series.over 6 hours of workouts.I am really looking forward to doing these workouts.:carrot:

03-05-2007, 03:24 PM
Amy- Oh my! Girl you are really going for it. 6 hrs worth of Tae Bo! Whhhooohooo I think you should be proud of yourself for already doing 45 min today and going for another 30! I am trying to just get my butt off my chair. I had a rough week last week and didn't quite make it to my goal- but I got over half way there! :bravo: n the 4 pounds GONE!!!

Jen- :welcome: so glad you are here

Mindee- is the level II ultrasound very detailed like the 3d kind? Just curious, heck when my kids were born they didn't even have the 3d kind- my youngest will be 14 in May and my oldest will be 16 in July- DANG IT!!!
Anyhow hope baby cooperates this time and you can know who you are expecting. Kinda hard to plan for when you don't know if you are having a boy or a girl. :-)

Had my bloodwork today and now we just wait. I have to work on Tues and Thurs this week, not sure what I am going to do on Wed. maybe I can come up with something fun? LOL doubtful... maybe it will be nice enough to go for a walk, haven't checked the forecast for the week yet. Anywho.,... have a good day ladies.

03-05-2007, 03:54 PM
Arghhhhh! I'm having a weird day today. Coming off of NEVER paying attention to the way I feel or what I eat. Today I'm stressed out and normally I would eat some chips or even go get myself a big ol' chocolate bar and i'd hide under a blanket and maybe sleep it off. But today i'm feeling it. I already had my meal replacement bar and then I had a WASA bread...and then I had a healthy choice fudgecicle. And then I sat down with a plate of baby carrots and some balsimic dressing. I'm not hungry enough for lunch (what is suppose to be a chicken salad) but I'm feeling anxious. And it's driving me crazy. Partially my kids and partially my husband home 'trying to get things DONE'. So finally he went out to get a for sale sign for our van. (something we've been wanting to sell for some time now) and I can breathe some. I have a lot to do but I have so much on my kids and my business stuff and then having my husband irratating me...arghhhh...hahaha

So, what is the key? Breathe and get through it...this too will pass? I don't know. I thought I was going to be this militant soldier throughout this entire process....


03-05-2007, 04:40 PM
Hello Ladies...

A big :welcome: to you JEN! Looking forward to getting to know you.

AMY...WTG on your loss this week! :bravo:

MARTI...did you amd James get out and look at houses or just drive-bys. We did a lot of drive-bys, lol. That's how we found the house we are buying. Actually, went online and saw some and then went out driving around. And yes, you are right...the housing prices are a lot different from here and there, a lot cheaper here. You definitely get more house for the money. But I know you and James will fine your perfect'll know it when you see it. And WTG on your loss this week. Hey, a loss is a loss and no matter how big or small, they all add up so :bravo: to you!

VANN...ditto what I said to Marti about your loss as well and :bravo: on your loss! I always say, the slower the better. I am definitely the turtle in losing weight. Seems for every step forward I take one or two back. But I am not getting discouraged. Have a safe trip., WTG on your loss as well. :bravo: You are doing great! I'm not really a journaling person. I've tried but just don't keep up with it like I should. But what I do do which is sort of like journaling is...I print out calendars off of AOL and I keep track of my exercise for the day. As well as how much water I drank, if I took my vitamins and my WI's and measurements. Then also, I keep track of my food and points on the WW handouts.

JUDY...I keep fat-free pudding and sugar-free jello around just for times like that. Also, the WW ice cream sandwiches which are only 2 points. Didn't help though this passed week...had a major binge and it showed, lol. I think you are the only person I know that has kept anything for so long. Even my friends didn't even keep their wedding dress! About when to WI...I weigh in only once a week and measure once a month. If I weighed any more than that it would drive me mad. But I think Tina?? said it just have to find what works best for you.

SUE...I didn't start any packing after all. We were waiting to get the contract back from the people buying this place. To tell ya the truth, I was starting to worry. But I heard from our realtor about an hour ago and she has it. :cp: So now we have 15 days to get packed :yikes: Plenty of time...I think this is going to go by really fast too! I am keeping my fingers crossed that you guys have a fast sell on your LV home. :crossed: I bet it does go fast...LV is a fast growing area for sure. You know, after living in CA over 1/2 my life and then living here in the midwest I don't think I could ever go back to all the traffic, pollution and noise of the big city.

JULES...well, I am glad to hear DH is doing better with each day. I bet he is bored out of his mind though.

JANE...thank you! :hug: We didn't go to the show after all. V decided he wanted to go see the new house and get some ideas and measurements for the windows to get an idea of what blinds will cost. He likes to plan ahead and is so organized...glad he is. I used to be but not so much anymore, not like I used to be. Glad you guys had fun at Katie's party. You know, I too love to hear the kids talk about the "old days" even though they are not so "old" lol. I love looking at pictures too. So...the tickets for Universal & DW don't expire I take it? I didn't know that and it comes in handy especially for when they are on sale. I know how you guys love going and have fun doing so! One day I will get back there Disneyland that is.

MINDEE...hopefully the curls do grow back. I know with DS#1 & 2 they both had curly hair when little. Jasons is still curly if he lets it get long and Joshs is wavy. Now DD...I let her hair grwo from the time she was born 'til pre-school when I decided to cut her curls off. Hers wasn't as curly as the boys and her curls never came back. My mom said the same about my hair. Anyway, hope you are feeling well today.

JODI...did your cousins wife find a group online? SHe might just have to do a search online and try a lot before finding one. There has to be lots online...I mean there's a group for just about anything else isn't there? I know when I lost our baby that's what I did and I found lots of babyloss groups...I made lots of friends as well and still frequent a few of them. I know she will find one that is very supportive. We didn't have a computer when DH#1 passed so I turned to books and let me tell ya...they really helped. It was nice to know that what I was feeling was normal for what I was going thru. If your cousins wife wants to talk I would love to chat with can give her my e-mail address...don't know how I could help except that I've been there, done that. Hoping all is well with you today!

HI to everyone else :wave: Hope I didn't miss anyone trying to play catch-up.

Today was WI for me and I am sad to say I am up a pound. Okay so not so sad because I totally expected it. IT seems like every time V and I go out for dinner it puts me in a tailspin that I can't get out of until WI day. Guess because I go back and look at the week and see how I messed up. Well, I didn't have to go back this time because I already knew it was a bad week for me. I need to do something to keep myself from getting in this mode...where I just don't want to exercise or follow the plan. Does anyone ever feel this way? If so what do you do? Too, it was a busy week and instead of planning, and taking the time to fix something it was just easier to eat out and I know I have to quit doing that. I have to! Anyway...I am not upset that I gained because as I said I knew I would. You can't eat out and eat junk and lose, duh, lol! Today is a new day though and I am back on track. I did my 2 mile WATP video and walked a little over a mile on the treadmill and my eating has been on plan so yay for me. This week will be a better week for me. Anywho...getting ready to go jump in the shower before WW meeting. We will eat out this evening but it will be Subway, nothing fatty or junk. Then the realtor is coming over so we can sign the paper and it is officially on! We are moving the 21st! :cp:

Okay, sorry for the very long post ladies...was just trying to catch up with everyone and I don't like to leave anyone out. Hopefully I didn't.

Take care ladies and I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday! :hug:

03-05-2007, 09:08 PM
Cristina--DH is definitely hating not being able to use the right thumb--puts a damper on almost everything. Sorry about the weigh in. One of the girls in my WW class said that she went out to eat just once a week. She used all her extra points for the week on that night and kept below or right at her daily limit the rest of the week. Weigh in day is Friday morning for our group and her night out was Saturday--don't know if that would make a difference or not. Being sick and not going to my meeting gave me a small gain too, but I am back on target again.

Tina--I have had the most weird and stressful day at work--one of my callers was an elderly gentleman who told e a dirty joke--I used to have an ederly guy when I worked at a convenience store that picked me out all the employees to tell dirty limericks too. It embarrassed his poor wife so bad. Chips call me when I am stressed--I can't keep any in the house!! St John's Wort helps me calm down sometimes. The doctor put me on a pill for anxiety but I don't have any motivation for exercise when I take it and I seem to gain when I am on it. I don't need any help with that.

Judy--WTG on the bike and with the exercise!!

Jodi--hope the blood work gives you some answers..will be thinking of you.

Have a great nite everyone--I have to go pick up my son from his class at the local tech school. GF was suppossed to tonite but she's home sick. He was so sweet he made her soup and was taking care of her from the time he got home til he left for class.l

03-05-2007, 11:22 PM
Just a quick note to say hello. :wave: I am absolutely exhausted! I didn't get nearly enough sleep last night, then ran around town most of the day. Tomorrow will be fun, though - lunch out with "the gang". That's what we call ourselves, lol.

A side note to Cristina - the Universal tickets don't expire until 6 days after the first use, so we bought those while the price is still so low. But we aren't buying the Dis tix until we get there, since they do expire, unless you pay extra for them not to. I'd love to visit Disneyland in CA some day!

To all the others, have a good evening and I'll check in sometime tomorrow.

:hug: <--- for all of you.

03-06-2007, 01:32 AM
hello ladies!!!

I remember seeing some personals on the last thread, but my mind is drawing a blank on them at this time.

Jane~ When are you planning on going to Universal? I went there back in 1999 with my parents and younger siblings.

4amy~ wtg on the 4lbs! you will hit your marks in no time. actually, I don't know how detailed the level II is. I haven't had one before. I am only having this one because when I went for my BIG ultrasound, they couldn't get clear enough pictures of the heart, kidneys, four chambers of the heart, the top lip, and the cord insertion into the placenta. I would love to have the 4d one, that is the one where you can see what the baby will look like AND you can see the baby moving around. The 3d is the same as the 4d but without the movement part. I hope the baby cooperates as well. We already have the bedding so, we are good either way. My mom gave me pink crib bedding after my sister died in November. And we still have the baby looney tunes bedding from the boys. so either way we are good.

Tina~ sounds like you are having a rough day. I know you have the strength and courage to make it through all the hardships. this too shall pass, as they say.

Cristina~ Yup, I am feeling well today. Brandon actually slept in his own bed until 5am on Monday. Then came into our room and fell asleep until 9am, so I am just thankfully that he wasn't up and ready for the day. I loved the curls on both boys. Brandon's hair gets what we call the "grandpa munster" curl. My dad's hair gets the grandpa munster curls when his hair needs a hair cut, so Brandon's hair does the same thing.

Jules~ what a gentlemen you have their! how are you feeling?

03-06-2007, 01:53 AM
Evening ladies- Quickie here. I managed to walk Sun. (I might have reported that?) DH and I walked 35 minutes today. My food is still out of control...but we will be home next week and I can get serious. I went through magazines today that I had collected, cut out recipes, diet tips and some exercises. I am going to make a notebook when I get home. I am also going to either journal or calendar my progress. DH made a remark today that hurt my feelings and made me realize that I HAVE to do this. Even though I know he will lose faster and with less exercise. Grrrrr. MEN!

Mom got sick tonight when we went to the casino and we rushed back home. She has been vomiting and cramping terribly. She is finally asleep, so I am going to hit the prepared if she needs me in the night.

Bye for now.....

03-06-2007, 02:48 AM
Evening ladies--

I just got done w/my power walking. I feel energized and ready to go......until I lay my head down on that pillow!! Once thing I noticed when I started walking.....I fall asleep a lot faster.

Anyway...I got my walk in and I ate all is good this part of the world!:D I even journalled my food and exercise. How good is that??

Amy--A friend at work just got some Tae Bo workout DVD's....or maybe it was Boot Camp?? I don't remember, but she's looking forward to trying them out. I told her to review them for me and if she likes them, I may try them.

Jodi--I'm anxious to have my blood drawn friday. It'll be interesting to see if I can get fit in. We have over 400 workers.....and I'm not sure how many plan on getting tested. Ought to be interesting.

Tina--I'm sorry you had such a stressful day. Days like that just wind me up. Which is why I choose to do my walks at night...after work. It seems to calm me. Maybe you can do that?? Even if for only 10mins....just to help put your mind at ease? Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

Cristina--We found houses online and then drove around to take a look at them. One house that I was interested in but had no photo.....well heck, there was a reason for hasn't even been built yet!! :lol: We want to go to a couple open houses next time.

Jules--You've raised yourself a good boy!! Taking care of his GF while sick shows you what a kind man he's become.

Jane--Hello! :wave: Go get some sleep....catch up w/us later.

Mindee--Do you have a feeling of what your carrying? Does it feel like a girl?? Should we all think pink? I never was able to tell or have a feel of what I was having. With Jhanai...I thought I was having another boy.....and out came this adorable little girl!!

Sue--Awww...I'm sorry DH made a remark that upset you. Did he realize that he did? I hope your mom starts to feeling better soon. So many illnesses going around lately.

Hello to everyone else out there!! :wave:
Marykate, Tammy, Vann, Jen, Sassy, Michelle....heck I know there are more of you out there...just can't remember all the names!! But hello and stop by soon to check in.

Well I need to clean up and get to bed. I want to get up early and do my YBB workout. Soon I should be able to hop onto my bike and bike a couple miles before work....looking forward to that!! Hope this weather cooperates long enough for that.


03-06-2007, 12:37 PM
Hello everyone! Doing a flyby as I have GOT to get my butt to work- lol

Marti- Surely all 400 people won't want thier bloodwork done. How many hours are they going to do it? Maybe it won't be a big deal getting in, they will prob have several people drawing blood and it doesn't take long if they can actually find the veins. Yesterday I showed the girl the little scab where the other one had gotten blood last week. I have had bad experiences with blood draws. Anyhow, she went into that spot and I barely felt a thing. Either they are better than they used to be or my skin is tougher- lol Last week was the first time I didn't have to lay down or pass out when getting my blood done! That says a lot.

Well I need to get going. Have some errands to run and going to just do one of my stores instead of a bunch cause I didn't feel well when I went to get up this morning and I went back to bed. C-yall later.

03-06-2007, 01:24 PM
Good Morning ladies!

Did do my YBB this morning...trying to catch up on my laundry and I plan on quickly vacuuming the bedroom. (Nice having wood floors everywhere else!)

Plan is to eat sensibly (<--I'm I spelling that wrong????) and to power walk as soon as I get home tonight...worry about dinner afterwards. Which I think will be a veggie burger.

Jodi--I'm sure only a hand full of employee's will take advantage of the event Friday. It's in the morning and it's only for 2hrs! So I have plans to get up and going bright and early so I can get in.

Ok ladies....I hope you have a great Tuesday. I'm already looking forward to the weekend, wishing that this sunshine would last all the way through....but the forecast calls for dark icky clouds and rain.
It's off to work I go here in an hour......time to vacuum!!

Talk to you all later!

03-06-2007, 01:40 PM
Good morning. A sunny LV day going on out there. I walked the dog for Mom this morning and it was a little cool, but felt good. Mom is feeling some better this morning, but a little shaky. We are going to get some boxes and pack a few items today.
One week till going home.....
Have a good day everyone!

03-06-2007, 01:44 PM
P.S. I have a question, or request. Just because I am curious about the different ways we eat. Would you share what ONE day of meals for your eating program would be. Just what being OP on your eating choice would be.
I am going to try to follow Dr. Oz for a few weeks...but am thinking about a few other options.

03-06-2007, 02:21 PM
Good day ladies.I feel so great today i just finished a walk out in the sun for an hour.I strapped on my pedometer and i 'm going to keep it on all day and try and make it to the 10,000 steps.I have a lot of going around the house today,seems i have a lot of laundry and cleaning to do.i'll check back in later,have a great day everyone!!Keep Moving:carrot:

03-06-2007, 02:35 PM
Hello ladies...

I have been so happy I wasn't able to sleep last night...I think I am finally realizing that we are going to be moving soon, very soon, lol! Having an inspection Friday-already! So, I brought in boxes to get started on the packing. Glad V taped a bunch up for me, really saves on time. Going to do my closet today and some other things in the bedroom and then do Josh's room. Tomorrow I will tackle some in the kitchen and who knows what else. Our plan is to put everything in the garage for now to get it out of the way. Ugh, I wish I could wiggle my nose like Samantha on Bewtiched and it all be done, lol! guys will love going to the open houses. DD and I did that a couple of weeks ago and DH and I do that a lot sometimes. Mainly to get ideas for decorating and because I enjoy looking at the new homes. You know, about exercising and sleeping...I definitely fall asleep faster and stay asleep most of the night when I of the benefits of exercising.

SUE...I hope your mom is okay and not catching anything. Hugs to her :hug: I'm sorry DH said something that upset you too, hugs to you too! :hug: And yeah, MEN! UGH! Lol They make me sick how they lose weight so much faster than us. V has stayed on plan but doesn't exercise and has lost so much already and me...ugh, I am a slug, sooooo slow. Oh well, I figure I will get there one day. A typical menu for me when OP is: Breakfast 1 cup of cereal/oatmeal,1 cup of 2% milk, a banana and water Lunch: these tuna snack pack things (on a tuna kick for some reason lately) 1 cup of raw carrots, and an apple sometimes I will have one of the WW frozen dinners in place of the tuna, and water. Have a snack of some sort usually a 2-3 pt. snack at about 3:30 4'ish it differs from a WW ice cream sandwich to a WW snack cake, cheese & wheat thins, popcorn whatever I am in the mood for and water. Dinner varies as well sometimes I have a chicken salad with a cup of carrots on the side, or a cup of brown rice, boneless, skinless, baked chicken breast, 1 cup of green beans and more water. I think dinner is the one I struggle with the most because I like to have my menu's planned but hate to figure out the points for everything. My WW cookbooks are packed and in storage or I would use them. Hope that helps.

JULES...hope all goes well with DH at the doctors today. And I agree, DS is a sweetie and I bet his GF really appreciated him taking care of her. Glad you are back on target. V and I were talking last night about eating out...he too was off track by eating out but he did lose a 1/2 pound, men! Lol It makes me think of this commercial where the wife and hubby go on a diet together and the lady was a little chunky still and everything that they or she cut out the hubby got soooooo skinny. It's cartoonish and I can't remember what it is a commercial for but I thought that is so true. Women work their butts off to lose and it's so hard and men don't even try and lose. Of course I don't know how I ended up with the fat gene in the family. Oh day at a time. Hope you have a better day today!

MINDEE...that is a perfect description of the boys hair if they let it get long...Grandpa Munster, lol. Of course they get it from their dad, that and all of them have such thick pretty hair. They boys hair is black and DD is always saying "I should have had black hair" lol! Hers is dark brown but in pictures it looks black, or close to it. Glad that Brandon is sleeping better so that you can get your sleep. That baby will be here before you know it. And..what Marti you get a feel of whether it is a boy or girl? I figured I would have three boys because the way it is in my family my sisters had 3 boys, the other had 2. My brothers had all girls so I figured I would have three boys but...I did carry DD really high and the pregnancy was different from the boys so that should have been an indicator there that it wasn't a boy, lol. She was feisty too, and still is, lol.

JANE...hope you get some rest today. Have a good day with the gang! I see about the tickets. Instead of going to Disneyland I should plan a trip to DW since Universal is right there as well, or so I heard. They should have done that in CA instead of DL being in Orange County and Universal on the other side. Is Sea World around Universal and DW? That's another place I would like to go again some day-loved Sea World in San Diego.

Okay, Hi to everyone else :wave:

I need to get going. It is supposed to be 70 today and I am taking advantage of it by going to the park to walk. It's supposed to drop back to the 50's tomorrow. I've got to do Josh's banking online as well and look up a couple of other things so...better get going.

Take care ladies and I hope everyone has a terrific Tuesday!:hug:

03-06-2007, 02:38 PM
HI AMY :wave:

You snuck in there while I was writing that novel. I try to keep it short for the most part but I tend to ramble sometimes, lol.

WTG on the walking! :carrot: I am getting ready to head to the park in about 30 minutes or so. It is such a beautiful day today! :sunny:

Have a good day!

03-06-2007, 06:49 PM
Well my day went in a least I know why I was feeling so weird. I was getting sick. It came on me hard and I couldn't hold anything down. Not even water. I was up pretty much all night. Cold sweats and chills. Today i'm just sweaty. I've been sleeping on the couch all day long. Good news is tho my hubby is buying me a new car at the auction tomarrow. ;)

I let you know if we get it. Oh and I lost weight....haha...that's what happens when you throw your guts up...(sorry for the visual) :P


03-06-2007, 08:11 PM
Hello Ladies!!

Hope everyone is doing well. My trip went pretty well...even got home a little earlier today. I got a call from my DS at 6 am...he is still sick so I left early. There is no place like home.. I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz :)

Wish I could say I ate better, but I really blew it...I am glad it was only for one day!

Judy--Thank for Sharing and for being a part of our group! :hug:

Marti- I think I celebrated that .6 pounds a bit too much, but the scales will tell the story I am sure.

Tina- My goal is to loose slowly and hope to keep it off forever. (yep-I'm dreaming) ;) So sorry to hear you are sick. I hope you feel better soon !!

Jane--Wow what a planner you are!! AND how exciting..Univeral and Disney. I guess as my crew gets a bit older I will do the same thing. Well..maybe not both, but it would be nice!! I misssed the convention because I was the urgent care with my DS...sick again:( BUT he is on the mend..back to school tomorrow.

Jules- I fully expect to stay flat or to gain a bit..I really ate bad yesterday. It is so hard when I am traveling and entertaining. But I think the key is to not give up... Oh--I hope you are feeling better!!

Mindee-- I hope you are taking care of yourself. I know it is hard with the kids sometimes. They wear you down so much!! Take Care

Amy--:carrot: That is the happy dance for your weigh loss!! Congratulations!! You definitley motivate us!!

Jen--:welcome3: I quit smoking 11 years ago and although it was tough- It was the greatest thing I ever did for myself and my family. Keep coming back for support and if you gain a pound or two...just know that you WILL loose it- once your body stops craving the nicotine.

Jodi-- I hope all you blood test come back OK..I will be thinking about you!

Christina- don't beat yourself up about 1 pound. Your'e being honest, accountable, and giving back to others....Keep sharing ansd showing up--That is so important to you and to US!! Thanks for being here!!

Sue--Hope your Mom is better...there are some pretty nasty viruses around. AND...OP for me is VERY Simple. I am counting Calories and almost everyday I have: Coffee with Cream (50) Yogurt (60). for Lunch - Lean Cusine (300) fruit for snack (80). Dinner varies, but usually grilled meat and salad--very little bread (400). and I always save 200-300 calories for low fat cheese-its and a lowfat sweet snack. I know I would loose more weight if I left off the after dinner snacks, but I have tried and I overeat--so I have stocked my house with lots of lowfat snacks and so far I am loosing..SLOWLY, but I am still here and still I will celebrate that for today!!

I am to watch IDOL..have a great evening to all and hello to anyone I missed!! Did I mention that I am so HAPPY to be home :)

:hug: to all!!

03-06-2007, 10:55 PM
I had such a fun day!

We gals had a hilarious lunch! The owner of the restaurant knows us well, and had the forethought to place us in a back corner this time, lol. Then, although one of the gals had to get back to work, we other 3 browsed and shopped downtown. There are a couple new craft shops that have opened, so it was fun to poke around in them. I bought a gorgeous basket of silk dogwood blooms to put on the top of my piano in the guest room.

Tomorrow I'm planning to stay home and get the laundry done. Makenzie is coming to be "Grandma's girl" after preschool. I'm not sure what we'll be doing, but I'm sure it will be fun. The little sweetheart is still torn up about losing her doggy, so the diversion will be good for her. The weather is supposed to really warm up here in southern Indiana, so a big WOOHOO for that! Maybe I'll get to play outside. :carrot:

Take care, and I promise I'll do individuals soon. :hug:

03-06-2007, 11:08 PM
Jane, It sounds like you have the life! ;) Wow! I know that going out with my girls is the best! What happened to Makenzie's doggie?

Vann, they do say if you lose it slower you are more likely to keep it off. I'm kinda impatient tho. My goal is to keep it off by weighing myself frequently after I lose it. I know I'm determined this time. I feel like I did the last time I lost about 50 pounds. I lost myself tho and i'm just trying to find me again. ;) I'm feeling much better. Had to stick to a liquid diet today tho. I couldn't eat solid foods so I had slim fast. It was soothing. ;) And Diet 7up.
Christina, good luck on the moving. Sounds like you are organized. When we moved last time I couldn't believe all of the STUFF we had aquired....I said I'd never move again.

Well, I"m going to relax some more and try to get feeling better. I think I'm getting a car tomarrow. A Lincoln Navigator. But you never could go for more than I want to spend. Fingers Crossed.


03-07-2007, 02:01 AM
hello ladies! well, we are getting bombarded with snow yet again. ok, maybe not bombarded, but a couple of inches anyways. we didn't win the lotto either....bummer. hopefully no one wins it so it goes up higher. it was at $370 million for Tuesday nights drawing. If nobody wins it, then the next drawing will be on Friday night.

Marti~ I have always said that this pregnancy reminds me of Brandon's but it does have some difference to it. I told Tommy that I wasn't sure if it was because I got pregnant in the same month, just ten days later, and I am due around the same time, just ten days later. I have had some things that have been different which is what has made me think that there might be a girl in there. Since I have started showing, every one says that I am carrying high. And if we go by the heart rate, the heart has been 140 and higher, which if you go by the old wives tale, that signals a girl.

Cristina~ Like I mentioned to Marti, I have had a feeling for a girl since the beginning but when I got the ultrasound when I was in the hospital and thought that I might have caught a glimpse of a penis I have been unsure since then. Tommy thinks that if we are following in his parents footsteps then this one will be a girl because they had two sons, then a daughter and then Tommy. Now, if we were to follow in my parents footsteps, then this one will be a boy, since my parents had five girls.

hello to all you wonderful ladies! how are you all doing?

03-07-2007, 11:53 AM
:hug: Thanks all for the warm welcomes. It's neat to see a few of you from Indiana also.
I'm battling cig cravings pretty well. Someone had mentioned St. John's Wort earlier for anxiety...I'd just like to chime in that it does take the edge off a nic fit, too. Other than that, I'm cold turkey.
Going out with my folks today, though...and they both smoke :eek: (somebody light a candle for me!)
Did 1.67 mi. on the elliptical and had a very healthy dinner last night: perch fillet, zucchini, portabello all on the GF grill. I added up the calories. Less than 300. Does that sound right? And then, of course, I blew it by inhaling ice cream w/ peanut butter at 7:30. Really gotta find a sub. for that.
Y'all have a good day :trampo:
- Jen

03-07-2007, 12:07 PM
Good Morning Ladies--

Computer is acting really SLOW today so I'm going to type fast and get off of here.

Sue--Hmmm....Ok here is a day for me:

B: Oatmeal/english muffin/coffee
L: Turkey sandwhich
D: Chicken/veggie/squash
S: Stringcheese/boiled egg
Probably not the greated menu for the day but it's pretty much what I have. Dinner is some kind of lean meat w/lots of veggies. Try to do fresh veggies. I eat a snack before lunch and before dinner. My lunches are usually left overs from dinner. I LOVE my WW cookbooks. They tend to help w/my meal planning.

Amy--Good for you for strapping on the pedometer and recording your steps!! I should do that again. I used to wear one everyday...not sure what made me stop!

Cristina--It's getting closer to getting serious! :D We discussed our budget and if we can get by if we bought a house.....we're thinking we'll have to cut corners at first but we'll settle right in. Hopefully by summer we'll find a place!!

Tina--Sorry you're feeling so bad! Get plent of rest and take it easy. You'll have to tell us what kind of car your DH got.

Vann--I'm trying to lose slowly too (toooooo slowly) and WILL be forever!! We gotta think positive right!

Jane--Your DGD are SO lucky to have you as a grandma! I have wonderful memories of being w/my grandma and they are ones to cherish forever.....your DGD's will be the same when they get older. Have a wonderful day with them!

Mindee--Is today the ultrasound day?? You'll have to tell us what you hear/see! Now is there a reason why you're having a StageII ultrasound?? I've never even heard of a stage II ultrasound.....been too long since I've had a baby!

Jen--I feel for ya on the cigarette. You can only do what you can do. I've quit and started many times. I'm at the "quitting" stage of life once again. So lets do this together and beat the habit once and for all. (I'm cold turkey too---maybe that's my problem!)

Good morning to the rest of ya. :wave:

Ok...need to get this morning started. Breakfast is calling me......I'm having what I just mentioned above to Sue....doesn't that sound good??? :D

03-07-2007, 12:46 PM
Good Morning Ladies!

Sorry that I have been MIA this past week....

Welcome to Judy, Jenn and Amy...looking forward to getting to know you. I'm sorta a newbie here too.

Amy--Congrats on your 4 lbs weight loss. I wish I had your motivation for exercise. Keep up the good work.

Cristina--Good luck with the packing and moving. I know that it can get a little overwhelming but I'm sure it will all come together well. I can't believe that you are doing it all in only 2 weeks. I think I started packing 2 months before my last move--Hope all goes well with your house sale. How is your Mom doing?

Sue--Hope all goes well with selling your house. How is your Mom feeling?

Marti--So you are house hunting also??? There really is a real estate frenzy going on on this board. As for me, I am finally staying put until retirement. We got into our house 4 years ago right in the middle of the housing craziness in our area. Our house has gone up about 300 thousand in the past 4 years. I'm going to sit on this equity for a while now. I hope you find the house of your dreams soon. It really is a lot of fun!!

Jodi--When will you get your blood work results?

Tina--Hope you are feeling better. Car shopping, huh?

Jane--I've never been to Disney. My sister took my kids to Disneyland and Disney World both when she lived in CA and in Orlando. I guess I'll save my visit till I can take some grandkids. But gotta marry off my kids first. My son says that he is getting married fall of 08' and my daugther announced that she expects to get engaged sometime this year. I just hope I don't have weddings back to back.

Mindee--I'm getting your snow right now. We are expecting about 4" but then the temps are going to be in the 40-50's the rest of the week so it will all melt. Just makes a crappy day for today.

Hello to all that I missed, Jules, Michele, Vann. Finally a day off with nothing planned!!! It's snowing like crazy out and I was supposed to take my mother out for two doc appts but she is afraid of falling in the snow and I rescheduled the appts. Woo-Hoo!!!

We have been so busy planning for the countertop change in my kitchen. We went to the home and garden show last Saturday and then searching for sinks and faucets on Sunday. I've spent hours on the net looking for ideas. This is only supposed to be countertops for heavens sake!!! How did I ever manage to remodel an entire kitchen in my old house?? We have an appt with a contractor on Friday eve and hope that he works out because I hate to go back to the drawing board and find another.

Ladies did I go to a PARTY last night!!! Hope I don't offend anyone here but it was an ADULT TOY PARTY :o called Slumber Parties!!! I nurse that I work with was invited by a pediatrician that she used to work with and was too timid to go by herself so she invites "bold, always up for anything, " me!! We had a blast!! The party was very tastefully done. There were about 20 women, several pediatricians (I did know one doc from when she was a resident at my hospital) most didn't know each other or they brought a friend. I've never seen so many women from different backgrounds be so open about their sex lives. Of course my dh knew where I was going and winked at me, as I was leaving the house, saying that I could spend as much as I wanted!!! Guess who booked a party???? ;) Yup, you bet!! Now I gotta figure out who would be up to attending. What a way to meet your neighbors!! There are still those that I don't know in the neighborhood. Then again, we are sending a proposal to the board of directors in the neighborhood about getting permission to change our front door (yes, I live in one of those community associations that have to ask if they can go to the mailbox in their bathrobe without worrying that they will be fined) so maybe I'll wait till I get the approval on the front door before I send out invites to the party. We have lots of "Stepford Wives" in this neighborhood and it would fun to see who shows up!

Hope you all have a wonderful day. My dance night will probably be cancelled tonight due to the snow. :( Guess I'll head to the basement and get on the treadmill or elliptical to make up for the exercise that I'll miss dancing tonight.

03-07-2007, 12:59 PM
Thanks Marti ~ I'm feeling much better. I really didn't have the flu but had flu like symtoms from a blood infection in my foot that I get due to a condition I've had in my left foot. So it's not as complicated as it sounds but it happens. I'm just glad to be feeling better today.

Well the auction is today and we're bidding on a Lincoln Navigator. If they don't go over our top'll be ours! I'm worried it will tho because it's 'loaded'. ;) Has DVD/Navigation/Hot and Cold seats/and it seats 8! But don't want to get my hopes up too high!

Jen ~ Hi and welcome here! I'm pretty new myself. I think it's great you're giving up smoking. Sounds like you're doing it all with changing your diet and giving that up....very brave of you!

Well everyone else ~ I hope you are all doing well! I am .5 away for losing my first 10 pounds. Only 6 more sets of 10 to go! Not so bad If I think of it in those terms. :)

Have a great day!


03-07-2007, 01:00 PM
Hello all you beautiful ladies!

Judy, Jen and Amy - I'd like you to fill out a bio if/when you're ready, ok?

Sue - when I'm OP, here's what I eat:
Breakfast - 1 complex carb and 1 protein and 2 cups of coffee
Lunch - salad greens (not iceburg!) with 1 T. nuts, 1 T. dried cranberries, 2 oz. cooked turkey or chicken, mandarin orange slices, and all sorts of "free" veggies such as tomato, cucumber, with 2 T. olive oil and vinegar dressing.
Snack - fruit smoothie made with plain ff yogurt, a little Splenda, and frozen peaches, raspberries, or whatever fruit is left in the freezer, lol.
15 minutes before dinner - 2 T walnuts.
Dinner - some type of salad, (but not mayo-based ones), 4 oz. protein, lots of "free" veggies, (green beans are my best friend, lol) 1 complex carb, such as wild rice or couscous. One fresh fruit.
Snack - 1 oz. cereal and 1/2 cup milk helps me sleep.
Yes, I eat all day long to keep my blood sugar level. I also take a multi-vitamin and drink 6-8 cups of water daily.

Judy - I don't think it matters how often you get weighed but if the fluxuations upset you, I'd slack off. No matter how often you weigh, maybe you should count it only once, making it the same day each week. Like you, I have a whole range of clothing sizes in my closet.

Marti - aww, thanks for your kind words about me being a good grandma. I know you will be a good one when your day comes. Sometimes my heart feels like it will truly burst with love for the little stinkers. Like you, exercise helps me sleep. YAY for you giving up the ciggies again!!!!

Jen - a big Welcome to you! As someone who quit smoking over 10 years ago, my advice is to try to stay away from smokers. I know you can't stay away from your parents, lol, but if you can avoid all other smokers until you're no longer tempted, that will help. Since so few people smoke anymore, that should help.

Amy - a big Welcome to you, too. Hope you get your Tae Bo dvd soon. Good luck with the walking today.

Jodi - hope you find something fun to do today. Down here in southern Indiana, the weather is gorgeous! Sunny and almost 60 degrees. Boo-Ya!!!

Tina - I'm thinking that if you add some protein to your diet, that might help you feel better. Here's hoping you get your car today. About the dog, Sadie was about 6 months old, had just been spayd, and got hit a week ago Sunday. My DGDs are still mourning her. So am I. She used to come in my doggie door several times a day to tell me hello and look for a handout.

Cristina - oh my gosh, the 21st will be here before you know it! If you go to the liquor store, they can give you some really neat sectioned boxes that bottles of whiskey comes in. I think we've already talked about that before, but oh well, lol.

Jules - aww, your son is for sure a keeper! What a sweetie! How's DHs thumb? Any permanent damage, you think?

Mindee - we aren't going to Universal until this time next year. But the tickets are 7 days for $85.95 right now, so Neal and I bought them for everyone in the family as part of their Christmas. Hope you're feeling well.

Vann - yep, I'm a planner and an organizer, lol. Btw, I'm glad you're home, too. How's your son feeling today? Hope he's much better.

Hello to anyone else reading this. :wave:

Well, as I said yesterday, I'm spending the afternoon with Makenzie. The weather is so pretty and so I'm planning to play outside.


03-07-2007, 02:16 PM
Hi everyone,first i want to thank everyone for the warm welcome.This is a great place with a great bunch of supportive and motivating people.Thanks guys.
I stayed inside today and done 10 miles on the bike and some upper body toneing with the weights.
Have a great moving day everyone!!:carrot: :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: :carrot:

03-07-2007, 02:58 PM
Hello ladies... didn't offend me! I love those parties and have been to several over the years. One even had a stripper :o I'm not really into the stripper thing but it is fun to watch ladies go crazy and give their money away, lol!

VANN...aaaahhh, poor baby, I hope your son gets to feeling better soon.

TINA...hope youa re feeling better and you get the car today!

MARTI...yeah, in the beginning it will be a shocker sort of until you get used to the mortgage. But I think once you get used to it and the fast that it is 'your' house everything is smooth sailing from there. I am excited for you guys already!

JANE...glad you ladies had a ball! Have fun today and thanks for the reminder of the boxes...we are taking some papers to the bank later and I may have V stop by a liquor store and see if they have some boxes. Will save on paper and bubble wrap, even though we get it free, lol.

MINDEE...oh I hope you have a little girl this time. Thinking pink for you!

Okay, sorry ladies for cutting this short. V woke up this morning feeling bad, shaky, had chills, dry heaves etc. so didn't go into work. But he layed down for a few hours and is now feeling better so we are going to bring some stuff up from the basement and run the papers over to the lender. We found this woman a while back when we were going to sell last year and it didn't work out and she has stuck with us since, and she knows he stuff so we are very thankful for that and her. Anyway, also going to try and fit in a walk today or at least do my 2 mile WATP video...have do do something in between all this other crap. Anyway...

Hi to everyone I missed, sorry time is short. I do hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL Wednesday! Take care and lots of hugs :hug: :hug: :hug:

03-07-2007, 04:54 PM
Ahhhh we lost the car...back to the preauction next tuesday. I went out for lunch today with my dh and had a lot of salmon! I do feel better Jane thanks for that. You're right protein perks you right up! I wasnt' sure my tummy could tollerate it but it did!

Christina I'm sure a little exercise would be a great thing to do to get your mind off of everything else that is going on. I love to take our dogs out for a walk with my dh. It's refreshing...ahhhh

Good job Amy on the 10 mile bike ride! I need to get back on mine today...

Tammy I think we were posting at about the same time earlier...thanks on the get well wishing and yep my hubby is really bummed about not getting the bid on that car....he's kicking himself because it went for about 1000 more than he told the guy to go. So, I said there'll be others...:)

I'm feeling great today girls...well a lot better than yesterday and the day before...except my dd little dog won't stop barking for some reason...psh...Magic is a little teacup yorkie and he likes to hear himself bark right now....arggggh....

Talk to you all later!


03-07-2007, 05:14 PM
Tammy- test results will be on Fri morning. I can't believe you went to that party. I have had a chance to go to one and then I just couldn't make myself go- haha. I freak out going into the store, but dh told me he isn't going for me anymore- haha - that I have to grow up- lmbo

Jane- It's 30*- eeek... I had to work all day so nothing fun here.

03-07-2007, 06:19 PM
Jane - I filled out the bio. And you'll be happy to know that I wasn't suffering around my parents smoking at all. This I going MUCH better than the other half-million times I've tried to quit.

Marti - :woohoo: :high: Have you tried any nic patches/gum? Dr. put me on Wellbutrin several months ago, I only lasted 3 days. Pfft, bad reaction to that, or one of the four other meds she put me on. I've stockpiled suckers (51 cal for 2) Ice Breakers & Trident gum, & one special pen that's tasty for biting. :^: It's taken me a year to cut back from approx 2 packs a day, to one pack, just outside or in the kitchen, to quitting...and it only took 2 decades to figure it out.

Tina - Thanks for the "brave" remark. It sounds good on paper - HA! Seriously, 15 years ago I quit for a few months and gained more than 20 lbs.,so I knew I had to replace the bad habit with something good right away. It's tough to workout with injured lungs too.
- Jen

03-07-2007, 09:56 PM
Tammy - I am so sorry I missed your post! I guess I was scrolling through too quick. I've been to one of those parties before, too, and it was fun. I bought someflavored body oil that Neal remembers fondly, lol. About Disney, it is sooooo much fun! I can barely wait to go back next year. I've been 8 times, and only once so far to Universal Studios. US has changed a lot since we were there last, so that should be a blast, too.

Amy - a big YAY on the exercise!

Cristina - glad V is feeling better. Neal and I like to stay with loyal people, too. Like our banker, etc. Good luck with the boxes. You're lucky you get free bubble wrap!

Jen - thanks for the bio! I used the patch when I stopped smoking, but didn't wear it overnight since the pack said it might cause nightmares. I'm very proud of your progress so far!

Jodi - the weather turned cooler here again, but is supposed to warm back up.

Makenzie and I had fun outside today until we got too cold. She just went home a little while ago, and now I'm just killing time until Lost comes on.

I ordered some shoes from Penny's and got 30% off the order. WooHoo! I do love a sale. :carrot: Of course, Penny's has a sale everyday now, lol. Anyway, I got 3 pairs - some Nike Airs, a pair of leather navy pumps for church, and some brown leather Eastland sandals. And yes, I NEEDED them, hahaha.

See ya later,

03-08-2007, 01:08 AM
Jen~ I am not sure if I welcomed you or not, so welcome! Good luck with kicking the habit.

Marti~ Nope, today was not ultrasound day. Today was doctor's appointment day. And for clarifications sake, Tommy answered the "will we or won't we find out the gender?" He said to me tonight after dinner, "well, we will just have to go clothes shopping after we find out." I am having the stage/level II ultrasound because the ultrasound tech couldn't get a clear picture (for the doctor to see) of the heart, the four chambers of the heart, cord insertion into the placenta, both kidneys, and the upper lip.

Tammy~ Are you sure that you don't live in Michigan? That is exactly how our weather is suppose to be for the upcoming week.

Tina~ How did the auction go? What are you planning on doing if things don't pan out? That sounds like a great SUV.

Jane~ That is a great deal on those tickets!

Amy~ You are doing great girl! Keep up the great work!!! You are getting me motivated to loose this baby weight and I still have some time before I can.

Cristina~ Thanks for thinking pink! Please do continue thinking pink until next Thursday!

03-08-2007, 03:25 AM
Sounds like everyone has been busy again....Exhausting just reading of all the activities here. :)
We went to breakfast this a.m. then came home and packed about 8 boxes. DH and I took a 35 minute walk much later then went to dinner. Haha... Actually have no food in the house and since we are leaving Tues. we are trying to run everything yum.

Jen- Good job on the smoking (or not smoking)..along with the weight loss. I quit smoking 13 years ago so know it is no picnic. At the same time I also was giving up caffeine and quit working. I did have extra incentive to quit, due to some medical considerations....such as the Dr. telling me I would have toes amputated if my circulation didn't improve. Yep, when they start talking about loping off body parts the cigarettes don't look so attractive. (pardon my sense of humor...) By all means keep up the good work!!

Mindee- Hope the Dr. appt. went well. I am thinking PINK.

Tammy- I had to laugh about the party. I went to one years ago. It was fun, and was my sorority, so we all knew each other. (Not college sorority) Then there is a store near us which I have gone to a few times for "gag" type gifts for parties. But being fair complected I blush very easily, and I got teased about that. By the way, Mom is all better, thanks for asking.

Tina- Sorry you missed the car. My SIL has a Navigator and it is reaaalllly nice. Maybe you will have better luck next time. Glad you are feeling better. I wish I liked salmon, but I am not a seafood eater. That hurts on the diet too...I get tired of chicken. I can take tuna in small amounts, but that's about it.

Amy- 10 miles on a bike...yikes, I would be unable to walk. lol.... That is great. And congrats on your loss.

Jane- Sounds like fun with the DGD. I sure hope the weather stays nice. I am so looking forward to landscaping. We are putting one area of mainly a rock garden. It is around the well and I want large rocks with greenery growing around and between. Don't know if we can pull that off or not. The rest will be green. DD has 3 redbud trees for me also. Then I am thinking hostas under some of the big trees. It seems like a popular thing to do. I have such a black thumb...wish me luck.

Marti- Oh what fun to be house hunting. Open houses are one of my favorite things also. Like Cristina, I just love to see how they are decorated.

Cristina- Oh, I hope DH is feeling better. Did you pack any boxes? We did a few, but I don't have near as much stuff here as at the "regular" house. Thank goodness DS has decided he wants most of our things. I even offered him the wall decor. He said "hmmm, sounds like our place will look like being at Mom's." LOL. I told him thank goodness it is all traditional stuff.....nothing too dated.

Jodi, Vann, Jules, Judy, Katiecat...and hey, Sassy-- Hi to you all.

Thanks for the menus gals. It reinforced my thoughts about the daily plans I have been writing out for when we get home. Just about everything I was planning was in one or the other of your days too....For my 1st day I had: Breakfast, Cheerios, skim milk, 1/2 banana. Lunch: fruit salad using the other 1/2 banana with mandarin oranges or melon, smoked turkey with salad greens and tomatoes wrapped in a tortilla. Dinner: Grilled chicken w/ onions and mushrooms (on the GF grill.) Some sort of veggies. Snack: string cheese and low fat crackers. I drink Crystal Light or de-caf coffee. I haven't figured calories, but I wll and I will also add an apple or nuts if I need something else. DH will just have larger portions of the same meal. (He is a bread nut, so will add a slice of toast for breakfast and a slice of bread for dinner.) AND we plan to walk, walk, walk and do yard work for exercise.
Hopefully we can have the same type breakfast daily by just changing to oatmeal some days., and varying the fruit.
Thanks again for your input.

03-08-2007, 02:34 PM
hi another great workout in, exercise bike- 35 mins
toneing exercises with weights-30mins
now i feel great and will go cook up a healthy dinner.Have a great day everyone.:carrot: :carrot:

03-08-2007, 04:44 PM
Hello ladies, and a Happy Thursday to you!

SUE...I did get some things packed, about 7 boxes...not as much as I would have liked to but it's a start. I need to get more done to get the boxes I brought in out of here before tomorrow's inspection. They are doing one tomorrow evening and one of the buyers will be here so...gotta get the house cleaned. Hey, that's great that DS is taking your stuff. I don't have anyone to give anything to so thought I would give it to Habitat for Humanity. Normally go with the Goodwill but thought I would go somewhere else this time.

JANE...yepper's, V can get all the boxes and bubble wrap he wants from work. One of the guys wives' works in another department and he tells her to save it for us. I did go to a wine store yesterday and got 4 boxes. Not sure how many of those that I will need but the guy was real nice and said he had plenty if we need more.

AMY...WTG on your work out! WOW, I am impressed and tired from reading all that you did! Good job! :carrot:

TINA...aahh, sorry you didn't get the car. I've been meaning to go to some auctions around here but never have, never seems to be the right time. Glad you are feeling better.

JEN...congrat's on quitting smoking. I've never smoked so don't know how hard it is to stop but I have been trying to get my youngest son to stop. Thought when they went up to an outrageous amount for a pack that would make him stop, nope. That and the fact that he can't smoke in my house. He doesn't mind having to go outside I guess. Oh well, it's his life.

Hi MINDEE, MARTI, JODI, JULES, MICHELLE, TAMMY, SASSY, VANN, JUDY and anyone I may have missed :wave:

Well, I am pooped! I have been waking up early (about 3:30'ish) the last two or three mornings and not being able to go back to sleep right away so overslept, ugh. Once I was up had to run to the bank, post office, pay Josh's truck payment, and go to Wally World. Then home to put everything away, get the trash from that and picking up the doggy poop and get it out in the trash for trash pick-up today. And I just wanted to sit down and relax. I know my work has yet to begin though. Really going to get in there and get some serious packing done this weekend. We have less than two weeks before we move and I honestly don't think it has sunk in. :yikes: Anyway, I did get in my 50 minutes of exercise yesterdy even with everything else I did. Today, don't think it is going to happen. I may get a mile in but not sure. Anyway...

Take care ladies and have a GREAT day!

03-08-2007, 05:18 PM
I'm not upset about the car really. I have a nice car but I wanted a bigger one so I could haul more kids around in it. Ya know ~ teenagers take up more space. haha!

I did get my first 10 pounds off...happy happy joy joy! Now i'm working on the second set of 10. I am eating good since recovering from my flu thing. I had a great big chicken salad today with lite dressing on the side. And I lightly dipped my stuff in it and barely used any of much better! Normally when i'd eat at that restraunt I would have a big ol' chicken burger or cheese burger with the steak fries dipped in ranch....yum...i didn't miss them much.

Well, gotta go for now....Have a beautiful day today and sorry I didn't have the time to address everyone individually!


03-08-2007, 07:45 PM
Tina- Girl you are really kickin butt. haha It looks like you have found something that really works for you.

Cristina- Sounds like you have been real busy. :-) Did you get some serious packing done?

Amy- looks like you are doing great with your exercise and weight loss. You are an imspiration

Sue- Hello to you. :-) I meant to answer you yesterday about the menus, just been real busy. Anyhow, I eat oatmeal for breakfast. I fix it with water, not milk. When I started eating it in January (I hardly ever had eaten breakfast) I fixed it with butter cause that is how my mom always fixed it for me. So I then cut down on the butter til I don't put any in it at all.
For lunch I will have either a Weight Watcher small meal or Healthy Choice. I went to the HC ones when I couldn't find the WW ones on sale anymore (beginning of the yr they were pretty inexpensive). Anyhow, found that they have more variety than the WW ones and are the same amt of points. They are actually alot better anyhow- haha.
For dinner I cook from scratch most nights. I try to eat smaller portions and just eat whatever I have fixed the family. I try to serve a salad with our meal and don't put my dressing directly on my salad. I have found that by dipping my fork I use a lot less dressing (cutting those calories) and have found that the lettuce is actually very good without all the junk on it.
Hope that helps you some.

Jane- supposed to be really warm starting tomorrow- yeah. I am so glad that spring is almost here. I am planning on going to the park and walking tomorrow after I get done from the dr. That is if she doesn't tell me something really bad or something. I got an adaptor for my cell phone so I can use regular headphones to use my mp3 player in it and plan on trying that out.

Hello to Vann, Mindee, Jen, Marti and anyone else I might have missed.

I worked yesterday and today. I will be off for a few days and even though I only work a couple days a week, I sure do look forward to the days off. I am so blessed to be able to only work a little bit and to have found the type of work I do. :-) I have a wonderful hubby. I will try and check back later. Have a good night girls

03-08-2007, 09:49 PM
Hi chickas!

It's almost time for Grey's, but I wanted to say hello. I got my hair colored today, and it looks so much better! Amazing what something like that can do for a gal's morale, right?

Have a good one, and I'll chat at ya tomorrow. :hug:

03-09-2007, 12:44 AM
hello ladies!

just popping in to see how you are all doing. nothing really new on this end....just getting Thumper (as Tommy calls the baby) to calm down. He saw the baby kick me after dinner and he goes "does that hurt?" I said "not that time, but sometimes they do."

03-09-2007, 01:35 AM
Jane- Grey's is a re-run...:( American Idol had a couple shockers.... Some nights tv is just plain BAD.

Walked briskly tonight with DH for 30 minutes and then for 30 minutes with Mom and her dog...not so briskly. LOL I didn't eat too poorly today either. No salty snacks in the house. :)

I packed a few more boxes and put lots of things away in the house. Have a showing in the morning already. YAY! We will just take a nice long walk while they are at the house. The realtor said to just give them 15 or 20 minutes. At home they asked for an hour every time. Strange...

Nothing else going on with us. I will do individuals next good ladies.

03-09-2007, 02:34 AM
Evening Ladies--

This will be just a quick hello....I'm ready for bed. I need to get up early so I can get in line to have my blood drawn. Plus...I'm just plain tired.

Went to watch my DD's band program. Two weeks from now will be her choir program. She's such a cutie!

Ok....I'm off to bed. I will try to do some individuals later this weekend. Jhanai is coming over so I will have limited computer time. (We want to do some crafting this weekend!)

Hugs to all! :hug:

03-09-2007, 09:41 AM
Sue in the final minutes of American Idol last night I was screaming at the tv like I imagine football fans do. LOL
I was sooo mad! Not so much by who was going but who was staying.:mad:

I had already sworn off watching the actual competition until it gets down to a smaller group. My daughter said if that guy stays I am not watching this show anymore. I think I might have lost my AI buddy. Of course last season when they sent Chris Daughtry home I said I would never watch again and here I am - lol

I think that they keep voting that guy on cause he puts people in mind of Michael Jackson when Michael Jackson was good, like back in the early-mid 80's. I don't think this one is good, but he makes you think of M.J.

Anyhow, that's all for now. Still in the 30*'s (8:40am) but they claim it will be 58* today. I hope so, I want to go for a walk.

Have a good day!
Oh and Marti- did you get in for the tests?

03-09-2007, 10:23 AM
Good morning ladies,

Just a quick fly a full day ahead with running my mom around with errands and then have an appt with a contractor at 5:30 to discuss kitchen countertops. I just had to coment on AI last night...Jodi, I totally agree with you. We were all screaming at the TV when they voted off Sundance and we were left with MJ. What are people thinking!!! Then again, we never vote. My dd does when they get narrowed down to the top 6 or so. Who is voting for this guy?? You know the network knew they had an upset and saved that final vote for the end of the show. If they had showed it earlier in the show, we would have all turned the tubes off!

Have a wonderful day ladies!! Sue, good luck on your first showing!

03-09-2007, 12:09 PM
Tammy and Jodie ~ I too watched as they voted off sundance and kept the 'hair'. haha! Poor kid really he just isn't good and I think he knows it and is as equally surprised that he keeps coming back. People need to vote on the talent so they can find another Carrie Underwood (meaning someone with talent) But there's some good ones in there that I really like so ~'ll work out. I really don't want hear the hair sing again makes me uncomfortable to see someone so out of the rest of the groups league singing. But now they're stuck with the kid.

Marti ~ sounds like you have some great plans for the weekend ~ crafting sounds fun! Whatcha going to be making? I haven't done much stuff like that for a long time. I used to make everyone something for Christmas. I'd do different types of stuff but it's been awhile.

Christina ~ the last time we moved we had to do it all in 4 days. This included painting everything first (in the new house) my hubby covered everything with white paint first so it'd be clean to move into. But that might be partially why I hated moving....had such a little time to do it in.
Have fun packing up everything.. would be nice to start fresh!

Sue ~ good job on the eating right and walking! I will probably walk our dogs today with my hubby. It's something i've liked to do lately.

Jane ~ I know that I always feel better when I get my hair done....

Everyone else...psh...just had a 'moment' with my daughter and trying not to let it get to me. I think the hardest thing for me has been my daughters not wanting to be like me and to think that I don't do anything....and at times like that I feel so ugly and unwanted. It's so freakin' hard. It's the root of my depression. We had a little started over her telling me to clean out the fridge. And ended with I know when I'm your age i'll be doing a lot more than (what you do) ....basically...and me saying sorry I don't live up to your expectations and her saying uh huh! Wow....might as well stick a freakin' stake in my heart.

I gotta go for now...i'll talk to eveyone later.


03-09-2007, 03:17 PM
Just a quick note. Went to the dr. She said all my numbers are really good- my cholesteral is a little high, but not enough to take meds. She told me how I can raise my good number and lower my bad and we will check again in a yr. What I don't understand is that my cholesteral went from 232 to 212 (fasting both times) in 5 days. She didn't get that either.

Anyhow, after talking to her, she put me on Wellbutrin. 150 mg for 2 wks and then up to 300 mg. She said that this should alliviate my symptoms and she wasn't worried about the constipation. She said I had some anxiety too- I thought well duh I could have told you that if you would have asked. It's supposed to help that also. I have to go back in 4 wks to see how I feel with the meds and then she will write a refillable prescription if it's working. She said that my husband will probably notice a difference before I do. :-)

03-09-2007, 03:18 PM
Hi all: I just wanted to introduce myself as a newbie to the forum and someone who is just starting... yet again. ;) The "jaded ladies" forum seemed right for the bazillionith time at trying to get and keep the weight off...

Tina: I'm sorry that you fought with your daughter. When you're young, you think life is easy and you're invincible. All you have to do is set your mind to whatever and it's yours, right? :D Ahh... to be young and so right about everything!

Some of us that have tried this weight loss thing a time or two know better... every decade that passes, with every failed diet, it gets harder and harder. But you are trying, and for that you should be very proud!! :carrot:

Mothers and daughters are the most complicated relationships, don't you all think?

Anyway, enough of me spouting off. Just wanted to say hello and hope to talk to you all soon!


03-09-2007, 03:21 PM
Hi Karin :welcome:
I am so glad you are here.

03-09-2007, 05:11 PM
Thanks for that and welcome here! ;) I know we are the most complicated ever ~ my son thinks our fights are so stupid...and they ARE. haha! It gets better because I get a call from the school today and she and her girlfriend left school to go to lunch (it's a closed campus) and this was her third strike and she's out...suspended until Monday morning when I meet with the DEAN. Stress enough?


03-09-2007, 06:18 PM
Yikes... you are under stress! Well, good luck over the weekend with your daughter and on Monday with the Dean. :eek: Just breathe deeply....

Everyone: thanks for the warm welcome! :wave:

03-09-2007, 08:20 PM
Hello Ladies!!

I won't be on long as I have what Griffin had..he is much better..I am really wore out!

Jane-Hope you enjoyed your McKenzie day:-) AND the beautiful weather...

Tina- I know you will find yourself..your determination is infections!

Jen-I can relate to the evening sweet fix. I haven't found a cure, but I have found some acceptable substitutions..I love the 100 calorie packs of the hostess cakes and the lorna doone cookies. I also do the 60 calorie puddings which are pretty good. AND I love the slim bear ice cream problem is portion control:-) I could eat 5 of them...

Marti--Thank goodness we have each other to help stay positive..I rely on you guys so much!! Thanks!

Tammy--Your party sounds interesting...I am having a jewelry party tomorrow and I am envisioning the looks if was a "toy" party (LOL)

Jane--Griffin is much better..amazing how this stuff travels through families..I am finally up and moving around..

Mindee--Can't wait to hear what you are having!!!

Christina- Hope V is better soon..there is some ugly viruses out there...take good care of him :-)


Hello to everyone else...Sue, Mary Kate, Sassy,

I am off to bed..I am so tired..AND I missed who is gone on IDOL..will somebody fill me in...

Thanks and hugs to you all!!

03-09-2007, 11:32 PM
Just dropping in with a quick Hi :wave:

I don't like posting at the end of the thread so will do individuals tomorrow sometime, in between packing, lol.

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

Almost forgot...:welcome: Karin! Glad to have ya here and look forward to getting to know you!

03-10-2007, 01:07 AM
just making this a quick post since I am sure Marti or Jane is going to close this one up on us.

Karin~ welcome to the group!

Jodi~ That is great to hear how your appointment went. I have been secretly an AI fan since last year with Chris Daughtry. I was so mad when they kicked him off instead of Katherine. I agree......they shouldn't of kicked off Sundance last night! You could tell by Simon's reaction that he didn't agree with the voting either. But I kind of figured that Sundance would either get kicked off or he would leave because I heard a family member of his died in a house fire in the past couple of days.

nothing much going on this weekend. Tommy has to work on Saturday, and figures that he might as well just bite the bullet and work the weekends up until I have the baby that way he can get some time off without getting hassled for it. so, me and the boys will be hanging around the house and then who knows. I know we have some errands that Tommy needs to run and that he wants to go to Autorama, but I think Autorama will be on Sunday.

03-10-2007, 01:21 AM
Evening Ladies!!

This thread is past it's let's head on over to 239.

See ya there! :wave: