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03-05-2007, 10:56 AM
Good Morning :coffee:

This is fresh start morning for me :dust:

Thanks for the b-day wishes everyone :)

BB~ I dont know how long you have been doing lc, but sometimes when you are stalled out, or loosing very slowly, changing up what you eat helps to move things along.

beach bum
03-05-2007, 02:43 PM
Good Morning Ladies:

Last night I had a low carb dinner a Reuben Casserole with pumpernickel chunks on top and this morning I down 1/2 pound. Don't figure!! So may be a little bread won't hurt low carb diets,if your careful and not eat too much.This morning I'm venturing out by having H/F cold cereal with peaches and see what happens tomorrow.

I Think I found my balance,have 30-35 carbs per day,even with the reg bread,I'm losing. Was I going to low on the grains?????????Going to the doctor this month for my blood test so I'm going to ask him. He was the one that told me if I want to maintain my weight I should stay on the South Beach,but if I want to loose I have to go on Atkins or low carbing. Low carbing was the answer.

Robin-Thanks for getting us started this week. I have been on low carbing since Aug of last year. Lost 13 lbs up to my 40th wedding anniversary cruise in Nov and gain it all back lost 8 when I got back home,then Christmas came around gained 5 at my DD and finally now I losing nicely 1/2 a week just by upping my carbs from 20/25 to 30/35 per day.

I'm writing my food journey for next week and going a little further,by add some more carbs back for several days,and see what happens.

Have a good one,

Hugs:) BB

03-05-2007, 03:32 PM
Hi ladies, I'm happy to say that my SD and her kids are gone now to live at my MIL's. Woohoo, Yippee. She isn't happy that me and DH ran her off, but she'll get over it.

I've been having tummy trouble, but know it's probably stress. Scale is back down another lb. to 142.

BB, I used to up my carbs with extra fruit without it stalling my weight. It was scary though, the first time I had a banana I was just sure I'd gain, but I didn't. I've been trying out some new low cal/low fat recipes and they are working good for me.

I've gotta go take all my stuff to my tax lady. Not something I look forward to for sure.

Candy In Alabama
03-06-2007, 09:47 AM
Morning everyone,
I had a minute this morning before going to work, thought i would pop in to say HI :wave: It seems all i have time for now is work and trying to get everything done at home. My weight is about the same always up and down 5lbs or so. Can't complain i guess could be worse..
I hope everyone is doing good...
Robin i see you had a Birthday...:bday2you:
Got to leave for work now.. got to open the store this morning..
Have a great day.. Maybe i can get back here more often...

beach bum
03-06-2007, 10:20 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

The wind is blowing 40 MPH and the temps are reading 12,with a wind chill factor of 10 below zero.Leo and I are housebound today.

What happened to our beautiful[45 degree] spring day that we had here on Saturday. The groundhog didn't see his shadow,so wheres SPRING????????

Lily-Hey Happy:) that your SD & her kids are gone,you're not responsible for other family members other then your own to worry about. That fantastic that the scale is back to 142.Hopefully I found my carb balance of 30-35 grams. I'm up today after a salty meal the other night,but I know that it will be down again tomorrow,so I'm not worried. Not going to get obsessed over that darn scale.

Candy-Have a great day at work.Post whenever you can.I can only imagine:chin: how hard it it to have to go out to work every day Luck:lucky: I'm retired and not accountable to any one or thing.

Have a great one

Hugs :) BB

03-06-2007, 11:57 AM
Good Morning

Candy~ nice to see you is your son doing?

BB~no spring here either...mind you this has been the sunniest winter in Buffalo since I moved here.

I had started knitting again last month, to keep myself from munching at night. Well last night I finished all the knitting and tonight I get to sew it all together :cb: Its been great....Im already thinking about what to knit next :lol:

Well, have a great day ladies.

03-06-2007, 01:55 PM
Hi Candy, good to see you posting again. Is your son doing OK now?

BB, I am also happy to have SD and kids gone. Other news is she'll be going to jail. Her DH's job is filing federal charges against her for theft, so I imagine she won't be at my MIL's for long. He is filing for emergency custody of the kids. (she stold and cashed 4 of his mom's Social Security checks, stold over $4000.00 in federal money from her DH's work account, and stold and sold some of his guns that were issued by Dept. of Defense). So, big trouble that my DH (her dad) won't be able to get her out of. Also, Arvest Bank is after her for forgery of multiple checks on a closed account. My DH is very depressed after learning all this last night. But, it's out of his hands. The federal government is involved and I'm sure she'll be sitting in federal jail for at least a couple years. DH and I both think she must be on drugs or gambling addiction to have spent all this money with nothing to show for it and no one knowing about it. I didn't tell DH this, but those kids will be better off with their dad.

Robin, I never learned how to knit, but I do like quilting.

beach bum
03-06-2007, 04:39 PM
Hi Ladies:)

We have been having trouble with our :comp: computer. Its been crashing and we're getting weird e-mails from people that we don't know. So sometime tomorrow we 'll be off line until we can set up our new one.

Hugs :) BB

03-07-2007, 10:38 AM
Good Morning :coffee:

still hangin' in there.

BB, see you soon :)

Lily~ sounds like your sd is being forced to deal with everything she has done. She certainly has made a mess, I cant help but feel sorry for her. Hopefully this will force her to get some help with whatever is going on with her. Will you and dh still see the grandkids if sil gets custody?

03-07-2007, 11:14 AM
Robin, I know that her soon to be XH has said that we will still get to see the kids as much as we want. We only live 15 min's from him. His mom is going to help him with child care and such and so will we. (His mom isn't in great health and will be happy that DH and I are willing to share in watching the kids).

I'm a little disappointed that DH hasn't clued his mother in on what is fixing to go down. Since Samantha and kids are at his mom's house now, I think she has the right to know. DH doesn't want to worry her. But, if the police show up to take those kids at his mom's, it's gonna be a very tragic scene. Also, when they show up to arrest Samantha. His mother doesn't have a clue. Yesterday SD drove to our house in his mom's SUV. If she'd gotten stopped by police she would have been taken to jail and his mom's vehicle impounded. That is why I had the sense to refuse to let her drive my vehicle. It is certainly one big screwed-up mess. I am getting worried about my DH. He is having trouble sleeping from all this stress and I think he needs to take something for depression for a while. He is blaming himself for all his DD's screw-ups. Sad to say, but I blame him too. But, I think his mom, her mom, her grand-mother, his friend (that paid her rent for 2 months), her sister that sent her food, all of them are equally responsible. They kept giving her money behind her DH's back and enabled her to get herself in this mess. It's no one person's fault. Not one of them held her accountable to where her DH's money was going to and why she couldn't pay her bills or buy food like she should have been able to do. I still think she is in denial and is pregnant at this time.

I thank God that my kids haven't given me this type of problem. I'm sure she is addicted to gambling or using drugs. To top it all off she stole $65.00 from me and stole $200.00 from my son's wallet before she left here on Monday. My son is furious with her and I don't blame him. He only made $340.00 last week and she took $200.00 of it, that is pretty damn sorry. I had to make his motorcycle payment for him because if he made it, he wouldn't have gas and food money for the week.

Robin, I'm past the point of feeling sorry for her. I think we have all felt sorry for her for tooooooooooo long.

Happy news, I got my garden tilled up yesterday. Spent 2 hrs. outside in beautiful 70 degree weather pulling weeds and roots. It's gonna take me all month to get it totally cleared.

03-07-2007, 12:01 PM
I understand Lily, as much as I dislike my dil, and wont help her....I feel sorry for her. I guess in my own way kwim? I wont help, and I dont offer anything anymore....but its not my lot in life, its hers....and she isnt making the most of it. Its too bad.

Ok come on now Lily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are having record lows here in buffalo and you tilled your garden!?!?!?!?!?!?! AND you had 70 degree weather :snooty: oh I am not happy about that!!! My daffies had irises are still poked thru the dirt from early january. Poor confused things. I was looking at them yesterday, thinking....I cant wait to get in there. Check out this link, I love this plant holder my wheels turning. Gonna drag dh out to the greenhouses soon! :lol: alright so I'll live vicariously thru you til its warm enough to get into my gardens. :D

I need to get busy........I'll check back later.

03-07-2007, 12:23 PM
Robin, I'll think of you while I'm out digging in my garden today. My daffodils are starting to bloom. I love your pic's of your flower gardening. That is so neat. I've only been planting for a few years now and am not too great at it as my plants often die. This yr. I am going to plant around my well house, and plant hedges and a food garden. I do enjoy being outside and working in the ground. My DD helps some, but mostly she just pilfers in the dirt and chats with me while I work.

03-07-2007, 12:47 PM
no no no, thats not my garden....just a link I found for the really cool planter :lol: My garden looks nothing like that :lol:

03-07-2007, 02:03 PM
Good mornin' :wave:

I'v made it my goal to post on here more so I hope you don't mind me joining you.

Daffodils blooming? Makes me want to cry as mine are still under 2 feet of snow.

Those tilted pots are so cool! I love flower gardening but i'v still got a few monthes at least befor I need to start thinking about that.

:hug: hugs for Lilly . dealing with your dil must be very hard on your whole fammily.

My second goal for this month is to increase my exercize to 30-45 min 5 days a week.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!

beach bum
03-07-2007, 02:10 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Just lost a long post, our computer is going.The new computer is coming on Friday,so I hope this one will last until then.

Its very cold up here in Cape Cod the temps are 6 degree at [8am]. and I had a hair cut appointment this morning at 10 AM.Happy its short again,where I can manage it with hassels.

Lily & Robin_wish I could start getting my garden ready. It too cold for that, I will start a herb garden this year along with my tomato plants.Thats all the room I have in 2 large wine barrels that I have on the deck.

Did you see this article about the Atkins diet??,,wbnews_bbpwrs7k,00.html?dst=rss%7Cwb

Hugs :) BB

03-07-2007, 02:43 PM
Well, I've got a headache and hate to say it but wouldn't be able to catch up on chat this late in the game. So I'll say (Happy late Birthday Robin) hello to all :) Still working on eating LC. Hit and miss--mostly hitting. Need to work on drinking water and exercising. Scale is the same (though I'm sure not what ticker says). Next week I'm getting my belly button pierced. Looked at it and thought "huh, at least now they can find it" :lol3: I'm going to work on getting here every day :)

PS. Niece's son is doing well. And my DD is over her strep & tonsillitis (she's almost done w/meds so we'll see how long that lasts)....but now we have to work on seeing about getting her wisdom teeth out!! Poor kid!!

03-08-2007, 02:03 AM
Robin, I thought you had done all that beautiful gardening and I was jealous. LOL.

I spent 2 1/2 hrs. out in the garden today. The potatoes need to be planted by March 24th and I've still got a lot of work to do. My arms and shoulders are sore already. I actually got a little sunburn today on face and arms , it was 73 degrees. Just beautiful for working outside. Now if I could just get my cat to quit digging in my garden and thinking it's a huge litter box. LOL.

It feels so good to have my home back to normal. (well, almost normal, I did re-inherit my little lab runt that I'd given to my grandson because my MIL won't allow dogs and that is where this grandson and my SD are now staying. ) But very fair trade-off of 1 cute little puppy for SD and 2 kids don't you think LOL.

Brenda, I'm glad your family is all doing better. Sorry to hear your DD has to get her wisdom teeth out. My DD is getting braces in May, I hope she tolerates this OK, she is actually looking forward to it.

beach bum
03-08-2007, 10:49 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

The computer is going down today and won't be up until the weekend. UPS send is a e-mail that its going to be delivered today,and its going to take Leo time to set the new one up again.

Went to the doctor and had my blood tested.will get the results early next week,as my doctor is going away for a couple of days.

Have a great day and Hopefully I'll start posting again over the weekend.

Hugs:) BB

03-08-2007, 01:44 PM
BB, hope your computer is back up soon. We look forward to hearing from you this weekend.

It is another perfect day outside, so I'm going to go work in my garden.

Me and DD are having a girls night out for dinner and movie tonite. DH will be gone to play in a golf tournament.

Hope everyone has a great day.

03-08-2007, 04:53 PM
Lily, no......Ive spent the last 3 yrs trying to get my gardens even looking half way decent. When I moved in here the gardens had been left to fend for themselves for well over 8 yrs. My front garden finally looks pretty. This will be my year to make it "mine" Im am so jealouse!!! Sunshine, and sunburn!!!! Im sooooooooooo ready for summer!!

BB~I love new computers.......its the switch over thats a pain in the butt. :lol:

Brenda~ your poor dd...lots of well wishes sending her way.

Today I went for coffee and a shoe shopping trip with my dil (the one I like) We had a great time!! Im looking forward to going again. Its kinda cool since Im her mother in law, but not really........its not really my son she married. Makes things a bit easier for both of us I think.

Not much else new.....have a nice evening ladies

03-09-2007, 01:29 AM
Robin, I worked 3 more hrs. in my garden today. I need about 5 more hrs. of work to be able to plant the potatoes. My arms are truly sunburned. Once the potatoes are planted, I'll concentrate more on weeding the rest of the garden. I am going to have DH to retill the rest of the garden. He didn't till it deep enough which is creating a lot of extra work for me in pulling up grass and roots. I have literally been doing most everything by hand with a little pick and shovel and raking dead grass from the top. I don't know what else to do. My back, neck, arms and shoulders are sore and I know I've been getting a work out with all the bending.

We learned tonite that DD is going to surrender the kids to her DH tomorrow. It is a sad situation, but I know they will be better off. At least he is a responsible person and will take care of them and has us and his mother to help as needed. My own 14 yr. old DD has been very stressed over all this.

I took my DD out to dinner tonite and to a movie and let her get some new jeans and shirt at the mall. We had a nice time. She picked a scary movie and it embarassed her that I screamed at the scary parts. But, I warned her beforehand that I'm a screamer, lol. The only bad thing was she ordered butter on the popcorn and it made me sick at my stomach. I only eat popcorn usually without butter.

beach bum
03-09-2007, 11:23 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

I'm up again,on our new computer, we have a little glitches in it but thats understandable,that we have to work out.

I can't believe how fast the typing is compared to the old one wh had.

Lily-I wish I could have warmwer weather then we're having.Hopefully next week will be nicer,so I can finally go outside and walk long the beach.

Robin-I couldn't believe that the switcher over was very easy. DH ddin't have any problem as the new computer is all set up.We just had to hook up the security and other was the search engine.

Hugs :) BB

03-09-2007, 11:36 AM
Great BB!! I love new computers....lots of cool new bells and whistles.

Busy day here......I'll check in later today. Have a good one.

03-09-2007, 12:25 PM
BB, glad to see you got your new computer up and running.

It is raining now and forecasted rain all weekend, so I have a few days off from the gardening. I need to do major house cleaning, but don't really feel like it. My kidneys are hurting and I am having some problems with very dark yellow urine and my skin is a little jaundiced. This is all part of my liver disease and it seems to be getting worse. I don't see my hepatologist again til April, but if this continues, I'll call his office and have them get me in sooner. I have been taking some ibuprofen now for 3 days for increased pain over my liver and kidney area.

03-09-2007, 06:21 PM
Are you sure, Lily, that part of you pain might be from your gardening? Gardening always does that to me. It seems now that I am chronically ill that I sometimes link pain to illness. Lately I got all worried after I strained my back putting massive logs (around 50lb) on the woodstove. It didn't even dawn on me that that was causing my back and leg pain until 2 days after I did it. No more big logs for me. I had my blood tested today and my calcium was normal and my creatinine is the lowest it's been for 2 yr., actually in the normal range.

03-09-2007, 09:25 PM
carol, I know the soreness in my back , neck, shoulders and arms is from the gardening. I'd only be kidding myself if I thought the dark mustard colored urine and the jaundice of my skin wasn't due to my liver.

Ladies I have had a tremendously stressful day today and I did turn to food more than I should have. I went with SD today to give over custody of the kids. It was VERY hard, but I know that in the long run, they will be better off. The reason I went with her is I thought they would probably arrest her and take her on to jail at the same time and I would need to drive my MIL's car back home to her. They haven't arrested her yet, but I don't know what the hold-up is.

03-09-2007, 10:30 PM
Lily: Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I hope you start to feel better soon. Word of advice, have DD take some ibuprofen or something before getting her braces on.....and make sure she eats BEFORE she goes as she won't feel like it after. The excitement will last only as long as it takes for them to put them on...once they're on, she'll lose the excitement (due to pain). I wish her luck!

Robin: Glad you had fun shopping. You'll have that garden whipped into shape in no time :)

Carol: Glad the tests came back good (at least, sounded like it?)

BB: How are you liking the new computer? Does it have the new Vista on it? New computers are fun...and scary at the same time.

Well, I broke down and ate fried junk tonight. AND last night. UGH! I'm feeling SO bloated I could scream. Why on earth do I do this? Last night it was because I wasn't paying attention and battered ALL the fish before frying it and didn't save any to bread with LC stuff. I was too hungry after that to try and find something else. Tonight it was just plain stupidness. I've GOT to get back on track. I've GOT to give up soda (and energy drinks). I've GOT to drink water--and lots of it! I've GOT to exercise. Lots of "I've GOT to".....let's see if I can get 'er done!!!

03-09-2007, 10:52 PM
Brenda, I also feel like my eating has been a little out of control since yesterday. I had a treat meal last night with my DD and buttered popcorn. Today, I was stressed out and had mexican food with chips and cheese. I know I've went over on my calories 2 days in a row now. I have Got to gain some control. Bad thing is, I don't feel well enough to exercise. I'm hurting and walking isn't helping any. I feel fat, bloated, stressed, guilty and anything else imaginable. I'm hoping that tomorrow will be a whole lot better. I am upping the water intake for now and hope it helps some. I simply can't continue to let this family stress sabotage the ground that I've gained in my struggle against being obese.

03-09-2007, 11:19 PM
guess I wasnt the only one eating what I shouldnt have today :(

We got our new stove this, did it stink when I first started it up and let it run for about an hour. Had to break down and open up some windows to clear the air!

03-10-2007, 09:37 AM
Robin, I freely admit that I'm struggling right now. I feel out of control and sad about this. This AM I'm trying to get it right again. So far, my breakfast was on plan and I hope I can keep it up today. I'm just taking it one day at a time for now. My DD has 2 of her little friends over, so I am reminding myself that this is no excuse to eat off-plan. I have to stop letting stress get the upper hand with me.

beach bum
03-10-2007, 09:55 AM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Still having glitches on this new computer.3 Fat Chicks won't let me in,I have to sign in consently. UGHHH!!! I really geting frustrated.

Did bad last night after having a filling dinner I munched on 2 slice of raisin bread with lemon curd[[[SUGAR]]].This hasn't happened to me before,as I never crave sugar like I do salt[sodium]. Have find a OP snack that I could have in the evening when I get hungry just around 9 PM.

Soory for whinning as I was so good losing 1/2 lb a day having 30-38 carbs per day and than I blow it in one day.

Lily-Yikes!! I had no idea that you had liver & kidney problems. Are you drinking enough water to flush out the
kidneys. I had kidney stones years back and the doctor told me drinking cranberry juice & water is the key. About the liver I don't have a clue. Hope your feeling :getwell: better soon.I hate :devil: housework even if I have nothing better to do being retired. DUSTING is the worst for me.

Brenda-I love:love: the new :comp:computer,We have a 20" screen and its so easy to type as the keys on the key board are helping me pick up speed.Gee!! Brenda you and I are rocking in the same boat. I have no idea why I I had that stupid sand last night. I guess I did something like you. I should have something more filling at last night supper instead of Fish & veggies. Sending [[[good vibes]]] to keep away from bad snacking. Wow!! Friday Night there must have been a :devil: :devil: evil snack ferry:devil: :devil: around to temp You, Lily Robin & me.

Robin-Thanks for the welcome
:welcome2: back. I hope that I don't have any problems signing in when trying to post this afternoon.

Have a great morning

Hugs :) BB

03-10-2007, 10:04 AM
BB, when we set up our new computer back in October, I had the same problem. I had to re-log in every time I went to 3FC's. I hated it and lost some of the posts I had typed. But, it eventually straightened itself out.

I didn't know you were unaware of my liver problems. I'm on the liver transplant list now. I have a genetic liver disease, my mom died of liver failure. I don't drink or use drugs. My liver disease is what prompted me to get real and lose the wt. so I'd be eligible for a transplant. I sure hope it's a long time before I have to get it done, but I think the time is edging closer. I'm really not sure. Some days I feel good, some days I feel terrible. As for the kidneys, with advanced liver disease, the kidney's usually start to shut down. There are 4 stages of liver disease, with stage 4 being when transplant is imminent or you will die. I am currently stage 3 according to my liver biopsy.

I know my problem with food yesterday was I was stressed out and feeling some pity and felt like I deserved that dang mexican food. Which of course, is the wrong way to think. I deserve to be healthy and keep the wt. off, not make a pig of myself.

03-10-2007, 12:01 PM
Brenda, I know what you mean about making supper. My dh loves fried fish. And I hate making separate food for myself. I can't have calcium so when I make food with cheese I can't eat it. I just don't like making a whole separate dish so I just eat leftovers and feel sorry for myself. ha! I do eat pizza once in awhile but I'm trying really hard not to do that.

03-10-2007, 02:02 PM
Good mornin'
BB, Did you get the new windows vista? Do you like it? When we got our new computor in november we could have got the free upgrade to vista but didn't.
We did get norton 360. and it won't let me access my paypal acount, so I have to Partly disable it Just to Use paypal. New software is always a pain.

I didn't do so good last night either. I never make seperate meals for DH sometimes I make him an extra like a potatoe or rice otherwise he eats what I eat. So DH has been wanting me to make him chili for awhile so I made it for dinner. I only had 3/4 of a cup w/chese. so of course I was hungry again right away and ate some of my husbands peanuts, BBQ flavor which has wheat in it. ( I have celiacs) I have my own "safe" peanuts to snack on but they where in the cuboard and his where on the coffee table so I ate some of his. SO STUPID!

beach bum
03-10-2007, 04:17 PM
Hi Ladies:)

I'm finally back. DH went back and put me into the computer and now I can get into my message boards. He had me in as a quest, can you imagine!! If I didn't complain I would be having all this loging in problems all the time.

Lily-Oh my Goodness. I didn't know,your poor thing and here I'm complaining about stupid stuff like entering my message boards and you have this terrible disease. Shame on me!!
I can only guess the stress you were under going to court with your SD. Now thats this over please take care of yourself.

Puncezilla-Yes we got a vista Dell computer,and I can't believe all the features it has. I have to learn about this one all over again. Our old computer[5yrs] crashed on us several times & we decided to buy a new one before it really went down. Found it on it on the Dell web site. Hopefully this will last longer than the old one did.

Hugs :) BB

03-10-2007, 06:09 PM
BB, don't feel bad for me. I feel so much better now than before losing the weight and my health is improved in many ways.

My stress level has been through the roof with the SD situation. I know my DH is blaming himself. It also seems like the whole family is now blaming Me for not wanting them all living with us. But, I can handle it. I just need to remember that I'm not at fault and that I can't let it get the better of me. I may be selfish but I know that I'm not well and that I need to keep my stress down. So for once, I'm looking out for me and Screw the rest of them.

It really is a horrible situatiion to see a mother lose custody of their kids, no matter what the reason. I feel really bad about the whole deal and I have definitely had some sleepless nights lately.

03-11-2007, 12:06 PM
Lily, Im glad you are taking care of yourself.

My dd's march break has started, so her and I will be spending alot of time together :D Im looking forward to lunches, shopping, and movies on the couch all week!!

BB, we have all dells now. I really like them!! We are hoping these ones last longer than the last as well. It just seems we have so many programs, and expect the pc to do so really starts to chug after about 3 yrs :lol: 5yrs would be nice this time!

Im off to get some reading done before my dd comes home....then its busy busy busy (I love it)

Have a great day ladies.

03-11-2007, 01:10 PM
My DD has spring break March 19th to 23rd. We are going camping with a boat in tow to our favorite crappie/bass lake. I'm letting DD bring one friend along so she won't be bored. It should be a lot of fun and I defintiely need a vacation right now.

I'm trying to pull myself together and get my eating and exercise back on track after pretty much 3 days of cheats and a 2 lb. gain. I haven't exercised except for all the gardening in about a week. So, I'm back to my cardio routine pronto and have now dropped my calories from 1600 down to 1400 to see if I can move the scale back down.

Hope everyone has a great day. I'm heading for my 2nd cup of coffee.

03-11-2007, 03:52 PM
Hi all.
Robbin & lillybell, It sounds like you are going to have a great spring break with your DD's.

Our new computor is a Dell also. it is awesome! I cant believe we put up with the old crappy one we had for 6 years!

I went out yesterday for dinner and a movie with DH and his grand parents, and stayed OP the whole night. even though the smell of the popcorn drove me a little crazy. and I was down to 213.5 this morning. WooHoo.

Have a great day ladies!

beach bum
03-11-2007, 03:52 PM
Hi Ladies:)

I can't believe I'm sitting here posting on the computer,when we have such a beautiful warm Spring day. I should be taking a walk or something and not sitting on my butt.

Not getting on the scale for the next couple of days ,until I get Fridays diaster eating under my belt. I was doing so good,losing 1/2 lb a day and now I had to hit this bump in the road.

Yikes you don't need that stress, You married your DH and not the whole family. Enough is enough.No your NOT SELFISH!! You have plenty to do with your own family not someone elses.Happy to hear that your "looking out for you".My son was in a relationship with a devorced woman where the children went with the father. She was a alcoholic,thank goodness the relations ended as fast as they began.My son didn't need to get mixed up in that mess.Thats great that you'd be able to use your camper after all,now that your DD & her friend have their Spring Break.Enjoy your vacation. Your were under alot of stress,and that why you gained. Is it easier to lose weight or to maintain???? I haven't figured that out yet,as I have a long way to go.

Have agreat time with your daughter. I remember those college days when my DD and I spend lots of time together.Gee!! it seems just like yesterday.

We had a great deal with Dell,and my DD and SIL has Dells in the house and all in the stores.. Never complained about them. So I'm hoping this one will last longer that the others ones we had.

Have anice Sunday

Hugs :) BB

03-11-2007, 11:33 PM
I need to figure out a motivator for keeping OP. Obviously feeling HEALTHY isn't gonna cut it. It's getting past the first 3 days---and then the weekends. Wish I could tap into what kept me going when I originally started Atkins! Why does it seem like it was so much easier then? And I know I didn't start out with the exercise routine, so that isn't the problem. Well, tomorrow's another day. So it'll be try, try again :)

03-11-2007, 11:35 PM
I have pulled myself together and stayed at 1354 calories today. I was tempted to over-eat that is for sure. But, I had 2 good meals and a banana for a snack. I'm going to go hop on my treadmill and try to walk at least a mile and get a start on being back on my exercise track. I know that part of my problem has been physical stress/exhaustion. I'm sore from all the garden work. But, really no excuse to keep skipping my cardio.

BB, I think losing the wt. is easier than maintaining. But, some of the other maintainers would argue with that. For me it's harder to stay 100% focused than when I was losing. I'm used to my size now and I try to never allow more than a 5 lb. range before I get serious and take it back off. I feel like I lose and regain the same 5 lbs. over and over. I'm definitely new to maintaining (8 months) so, I know that the others said they struggled with the exact same thing after reaching goal.

beach bum
03-12-2007, 01:31 PM
Thanks:thanks: Lily for explaining the maintainence part of the diet. I thought it would be harder as I remember from Weight Watchers that was the case.
I guess You have a set amount of calories to play with. Thanks again.Will be off the computer:comp: for the rest of the day with little glitches here and there. Dell is going to call hand try to fix the programs.

See you later

Hugs:) BB