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10-31-2001, 05:54 AM
Well who would have thought that months later we would be starting thread #7!!!

It's a beautiful thing we have going here!!

All are welcome, just jump in anywhere!!

Please check out the last posts from #6

Well it's Halloween!! ARe you up for tricks or Treats? I have passed up on treats so far, but they were calling my name yesterday!!!

I was Op food wise however my portions were too big!! I must have gotten into some hidden carbs somewhere because I was having some bad cravings, taking the chromium. Could be stress induced. Hoping to maintain my 239# this Friday.

Terri, I can totally sympathize w/ not seeing people "fat". I have had alot more confidance since losing some weight and inches. But it is all in my head. I weigh 239# It si less than 272 but I am still overweight, I know I have lost weight, other people don't if I haven't seen them in awhile. You do what you need to do. But my guess is the guy would just like to have a hug and a shoulder, and there is just more of you right now.

Dana, I was thinking about an article I read where some poeple showed a better weight loss when they varied the cal each day. They were using WW. And would go from the lowest amount allowed to the highest during teh week. Also you might want to break your 3 reg meals into 6 small ones( i have never beenable to do that) it is supposed to assist and regulate your blood sugars

Pam where are you girl?

Sue, you were one busy girl yesterday over at 100# club. WHEW!!
However Your energy seems over the top!!!

Lee, Hello How are you doing

B00? Drink that water abd flush out the carbs. That always helps me. Don't beat yourself up over it

10-31-2001, 03:45 PM
Pat I am ready!!! Thanks for the compliment. I need this site, and group so much. I do not know what i would do if i could not come here. If you notice when i post more i do good and when i fall i am not posting as much, so you can tell how well i am doing on how many posts i am doing!!! If the number odf posts were lbs then i would have dissapeared long ago :lol:

PAM ?????

Lee you are in my thoughts. just drop a line to say that you are still out there.

Terri SO?????? I am dying to find out :devil: :devil: ???? Hope all is going well for you

BOO check in please...... are you drinking??/ if you are still having cravings make sure that you are taking your chromium OK??/ that will help

Dana Pat is right if your body gets the same calories all the time then it becames stagnent, vary the callories with some high like 1800-2000 then down to 1200 for a feww days then back up. OK???

Am going strong on the diet end. i think that i need to get more food in though, not enough calories to support my LBM!!! do not want to waste any of those muscles!!!

went to the gym today walked ofr 30 and burned only 200 cals then i hit the elliptical and burned off wopping 300 cals in 18 min!!! for total pf 500!!!

10-31-2001, 10:13 PM
Hello My Friends!

There is a MamaBiggButt who posted on this thread that she is back on the Lo Carb wayof life. I invited her to join us here. Hopefully she does. Hit her up on the thread she started here on Misc and give her an invite. We could use a few more bus riders and she looks like a keeper! Lol

nasus....I agree with the calorie intake changes. I am soooo determined to hit that 40 off this Friday! I have really limited my red meat and cheese this week and have been on a chicken and tuna kick. I hope that will do the trick since there are less calories in the tuna/chicken than in the cheese/red meat. I have also been walking more...(or course you know that since you are on my butt most of the time!..LOL) You have really been a MODEL lo carber this week! Ohhhhhhhh Mr. Scale is gonna love you on Friday! WEIGH TO GO GIRL!!!

fralick......Yes baby....luck #7!!! How proud I am that we are here and are DOING IT!!! We have shrunk in size....but grown in strength and heart and...geeez ....I am gonna cry! Gosh, I want this sooooooo bad! Read what I wrote to nasus about the changes in my meals. I am taking all your good advice. I also drank enough water to drown a small child today!

paula.......please check in. Even a quick hello! We are here for ya!

gbo...How are you doing?

tornadoterri........Did you see him...or what? Anxious to know how it is going. Please take the food plan one hour at a time and get back on track! You owe yourself the fantastic feeling that comes with being in control of food!

butterflyboo.......We are hanging on to you so that you do not fly off the bus if we hit a bump! Again, one hour at a time on plan if it helps! You can do it! How bad do you want it????

Well, I have laundry all over the bed that needs put away so I better get at it! I am happy to say I did not indulge in ONE crumb of Halloween goodies! (Me so proud!) I will check back with you all tomorrow! :lol:

10-31-2001, 10:40 PM

Well, I have not seen him yet altho I have talked to him everyday since hes been here.....between my schedule and his it just hasnt worked out...I was free today for a few hours but he was tied up with his family going over his brother's things and legal stuff.....SO....he called tonight but I was going over to ex-hubbys house to get girls ready for halloween, they had some friends meeting them over there and their dad took them to their parties that they were going to, but his mother, who passed away last week, usually stays at his house to pass out candy so I said that I would do that if he took thats what I did tonight and it really was fun to see all the cute costumes and on a positve side, I must say that all the kids were very anyways,

Hope everyone is staying OP what with all this candy being passed around:dizzy:

I plan on getting more serious with my exercise and weight loss efforts, my birthday is coming up so I will splurge a little with dinner that day but otherwise Im planning to stay OP.....

take care everyone....Hopefully by sat I will have seen him and I will let ya all know how it went:devil:

11-01-2001, 06:13 AM
Good Morning All!

Well, Halloween is over and thanks God. Now we have to face and get through Thanksgiving. I was thinking about our way of life. At work we ate salads and fruit all summer. All of a sudden people are baking and making hi carb things to eat at lunch and share w/ co workers. I know I am not finding my salads as appealing as I did. And am craving soup. It is very hard to find a lo carb canned soup. There is so much sodium in them. I have been thinking about making a big batch of vegetable soup on sunday for the week. We are so influenced by our bodies clocks probably back in time when we "needed" to change our diet to suit the weather and seasons.

The back is slow in healing. Felt some twinges again yesterday. SO gave myself a break. Will try some treadmill action again today.

I am going to the new employer Friday to do some papework and get more details. Then I will resign next week. This will be a load off my mind as I feel that I am being"dishonest" in some ways knowing this information and not sharing it.

Terri That is good. SOunds like you have had a stress filled week. It was very nice of you to do that for your ex and the kids. The other guy is also lucky to have you. You take care of yourself too. I hope things go alright this weekend

Sue- You are awesome!! I get so upset and sad and worried when people dissapear when they aren't 100% perfect OP. That is when you should be posting twice as often. They dissapear and sometimes don't come back. I did this the first time I found 3FC. I came back last Jan. Gained weight and struggled the first months made myself post even though I wasn't perfect. I struggled with what "I thought" people were thinking. How do I know what people are thiking as well as why should I care. I need to make myself the priority no matter what!! I need to ask for waht I need. No one else will or should do that for me. There is no shame in making bad food choices, the shame lies in knowing that and not doing something the next time about it. You are the priority in your life. You have so much knowledge and information that you have aquired over the years. The knowledge doesn't gain importance or credibility because you're thin. My goodness I sound as if I am preaching SOrry

Dana _ you will make your 40# lost this week!!!! You my girl have worked so hard. And are such an inspiration to me. You have been thru alot and overcame alot to stay here at 3FC. Many would have moved on and used it as an excuse to stay in those fat suits but you didn't let that happen. I know you have been frustrated at the amount of time it has taken. But I think that 40# in 5 months is good!!! I am sure that the inches lost would be up there too!!! "SLow and steady wins the race"

Pam WHere are you? I am worried about you.

Lee How are things going with you?

B00_ How is your life doing?


Alright girls I am off to the "BIG HOUSE", but not for much longer

11-01-2001, 08:49 AM
Life is good, and all is well. Common sense dictates that if you don't eat (I preach this well), your body goes into starvation mode. Well, that is exactly what has happened with me (I know...practice what you preach!!!!). I've totally lost my appetite and manage to "forget" to eat...even when I have promised myself that I would work to remember. Obviously, I am going to have to start setting a clock to make me aggravating as a clock will be several times a day (I'm going to try to eat right...5-6 small meals a day).

I've been busy working on my book (not telling what it is about yet). How I love to write!!! This is part of the reason that I don't eat...I've let myself get so absorbed in my writing that time just flies by! I need a housekeeper to clean my house while I am writing, I need a cook to prepare my meals and make me eat, and I need a hairdresser to do my hair so that I have the emotional boost I need. LOL

We didn't have any little ones for trick or treat last night. We're hidden within ten acres on the outskirts of a very small development. We saw the kids going by (hubby and I sat out from under the huge oak trees with a fire going), and I am glad they didn't stop as we didn't have any candy in the house (my house is carb free). In case of emergencies, we did have some change to give out just in case.

Pat: I have really noticed a change in your attitude since you have been staying OP. You sound more mentally alert, more self assured, and I really look forward to your posts in the morning. I am so looking forward to your move trom "the big house". I am delighted for you starting a new job.

Be good to yourself. You need to give your back a break so that it can mend. I know that it takes a long time to heal, you need to let it do that. Walking will help in the meantime.

Sue: I'm glad to see that you are back on the bus!!! I knew that those crackers would do you in. Next time you want to go on a carb fest, make a big pot of vegetables and eat the heck out of least you would have healthy carbs!!! I think that now that you have had your binge, that you will stay on track. I've really missed your energy and enthusiasm.

Terri: I know how you felt about seeing your high school sweetheart. I almost didn't see my brother (the one who passed away) last Christmas. I hadn't seen him in eight years, and didn't want him to see me when I was so heavy. I was so ashamed, but I thank God that I had those special few hours with him. Life is too short. You see your friend and hold your head proud. You're working on your weight. After this time with him, the next time he sees you, he will be truly amazed!!! I'm glad to see you back with us. Hang in can do this program like a champ!!!

B00: I'm glad you are back. You need to have a "sit-down" with you brother and explain to him about the program. I'm sure that he loves you enough that he will support you . are doing this for yourself. If you mess up, just get back on track.

Dana: I've noticed before that if I eat very much red meat, that I had a major slowdown in my weight loss (which reminds me...hubby wants me to pick up some T-bone steaks...they're on sale). I eat (when I eat, that is) lots of chicken, turkey and tuna. I may have red meat about once every 10 days. Of course, I always have my veggies to go with them. Lately, we've been on a brussels sprouts kick made with fresh garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil.

Maybe if you would split your meals into several smaller meals, you might get over your peanut craze. Maybe changing how and what you eat will change the way you lose. You are doing so well!!!

Pam: If I am going to get back in the swing of things, I need you riding along with me. We all look forward to, and enjoy, your posts. I know that you are staying OP...don't be so hard on yourself. The weight IS coming off. Once you add some greens and/or salad to your menu, I'd be willing to bet that it will make all the difference in the world.

Mary: Welcome to our little group. I love this way of eating. I have more energy, I think clearer and I am happier. My husband is also on the program with me and is losing weight in leaps and bounds.

I had been on Atkins before and lost all my weight, keeping it off for 5 years, until I had a bad medical year and gained it all back. I will be on this program in one form or another the rest of my life. I know how much better it is for me.

Time for this "chatty-cathy" to hush for a while. I'm so proud of and for all off you. We are so blessed to have each other to share things with. You are all in my prayers. Take care of yourselves...I will try to post more often.


11-01-2001, 11:53 AM
I am here My Darlin's. You shall never get rid of me!!!!! I am a bit bummed right now but not to worry. I have quit my thermogentics and of course my system has slowed and has to readjust. Patience with others I am good at with myself..... I am much better, age you know! Still I want this more than anything I have ever wanted in my life. I have been OP (of course, so what else is new),water and I are doing well. I have decided to drop the calories as well and not have red meat to often. Me and my tuna! Chicken and occasionally pork. Greens yes! I am going to momiter my fats a bit more too as I do use rather a lot. While I am 1 1/2 lbs from my Halloween Goal, I am still shooting for 289 but perhaps by the 15th will not be workable at this time. So hopefully by Christmas. To say I am not sorely disappointed would be a lie but none the less Life goes on and by George so do I! By the by.....I had three boiled eggs and butter
2 cans tuna Two sodas
1 cup of coffee
100 oz sparkling water
It was not a hungry day at all.

Lee..... as if you could make this journey without me!!!!!!! Pleeeeeeese!
Sue, I know you will get it done and well as you have so many reasons to succeed!!!! By the way LOve the Name!!!! Kick butt and take names Babe!

It's ok my fellow weight warriors.....I am sstill plugging just a bit bummed, no big deal and getting my crocheting done!!!!
Love to all and thanks for your concern. This is my warm place to be when the world gets cold or hard.

11-01-2001, 05:52 PM
Hello My Friends!

Happy Thursday...and that means tomorrow is Friday...weigh in day! I will start the new post. PLEASE CHECK IN. It is not just the weight loss that is important.....share inches lost...or wearing a smaller pair of pants..or a compliment someone gave you....or an attitude change...ANYTHING that is a positive on this journey we share!

I am keeping my fingers crossed for 40!

See you there!

Dana (Always HOPEFUL!!!) :lol:

11-01-2001, 10:10 PM
This group looks like just what I need! My motivation is high this time and I'm ready to get rid of my fat suit also. I feel so much better since I started on Monday and I'm so excited about the weight loss.

I have done this diet before, but I'm struggling with ideas on what to eat. I've also had this naseous feeling; has anyone else experianced that? I ate macadamia nuts the first day and now just the thought of them makes me sick. Hopefully this weird feeling will pass!

I'm looking foward to getting to know you all. Lets work toward a great weekend!


11-02-2001, 12:17 AM
I just had a huge responce, and my puter frose i am to tired to do the whole thing again but i do want to tell Mary welcome again!! and to please eat more. what you are experiencing is hypoglycemia. your body is responding with an extra surge of insulin to try to make you eat the carbs, t burned them much more easier than fat and protein, so eat frequently till your body adjusts. i will write more about this tomorow OK? bue till i can please eat everyfew hours some protein type of food like cheese nets. do not let yourself get hungry.

11-02-2001, 06:27 AM
Good Morning All,

Nothing really new on my end. I had an extremely weird day at work. We had an anthrax scare. The mail lady was opening and envolope which was found to contain a powder. My goodness! It was only a matter of time before someone thought to do it. What a scary situation for everyone. And as Our country has never faced it before this will be a hard learning experience for everyone. I was also thinking about what a scary place that I work in. I have been ignoring it ( while keeping myself safe) for a long time. As I had to tell an officer that I saw can lids hidden behind a poster that was on a cork board. It sure has been an experience for me. I have learned alot, many things that are like algebra, I'll never have to use it. I have noticed a change in me, which is one reason I was so eager to leave. Many of my co-workers don't see it and will have a hard time adjusting if they have to work any where else. Only 2 more weeks!!

Pam - I am so glad to see you again. I enjoy your posts and your honesty. I wish you could apprecaite how well you are doing. Is there anything I can do to help? The mental is such a part of it, as we have discussed at length.

SUe, I hate losing anything that I have typed, UGH!! How are tghings going for you? I am eager to see the challenge for us and 100# club. I started a thanksgiving challenge over there. Is this going to screww your thing up? If so let me know and I'll change or delet it

Dana I know you are ther!!!!!I can't wait to log on later. I stayed the same. I am OK with this.

MBB- You found us!!! welcome I can't wait to get to know you! The more the merrier. I get so much from these great ladies.

Lee, As always you have such a way with words. Thank you for sharing and the support. I do feel much better. Am stressed wioth all the upcoming uncertainty but doing OK so far.

Terri, Hoping things are OK with you. You sure have had alot of stress in your life. I just read that that just is how life is and as we can't eliminate stress we have to learn to cope better with it. In Prevetion Magazinne, they had a great article of what stress does and ways to cope better. One thing it said was that as women we are quick to help others with their stress and we getthem through it great , but when it comes to us we tend to botch it by feeling guilt about taking care of ourselves. It fot me to a T. Take care !!! NO GUILT

B00- How are you doing? Did you ever get over to the sugar buster site?@3FC. They have many articles and tips on how a person can stay lo carb w/ a family. SO no one is feeling "denied"

Well I am off to finish this work week

Hello Lurkers

JUMP ON, MAMA BB did it and she's alright

11-02-2001, 12:23 PM
Pat........I am about two steps from just sitting down and having a good cry. Aids water retention..LOL . You know the last thing I will do in this life is crack a joke about something!!!
I have never in tthe history of my entire life had so much trouble losing weight. It has always gone whenever I took the steps to diet. Now, my God in Heaven, it is like pulling teeth. I am following the book like a bible. I have been strictly OP for 2 1/2 months without fail. Today I am taking a small break. Nothing major. Lee and I have been talking....last week if you recall I made hot wings. This is a week later and they are only just now leaving my system. This may be the problem in total. I am going to drink a small amount of Dieters Tea(oriential) that is all natural and see if this is the problem. It could well be. While this hasn't been a big problem for me in about a year it is an occurance that has been a life long problem off and on. We shall see. I have lost nothing this week. It is most upsetting. I know how this body works and never has done this ever.

11-04-2001, 03:34 PM
Glad to see the posts on the Friday Weigh In Thread. I cannot stress enough that success is measured in different ways. It is NOT just the scale. Sometimes getting out of bed in the morning and making an honest effort to remain on plan for a day and get in a little exercise is SUCCESS in itself! We are all here for the "long haul" because NONE of us wants to be fat. We are all at different stages of goal....but we must stand together! Each of us is here for the other. There will be days when we fall, but failure is not in the is in not getting back up again. Sometimes Mr. Scale refuses to budge, no matter what. Sometime Mr. Scale shows an unexplained gain, which is cruel. Sometimes the jeans that pulled up easy on Monday must be tugged into on Thursday. Somedays the rings slide off and other days the rings cut off our circulation. But, regardless....we must FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT because no matter how difficult the battle is....we MUST WIN THE WAR against these bodies that indeed DO NOT belong to us! I am telling you....I WILL NOT GIVE UP...and neither will ANY of you because WE WANT IT TOOOOOO BAD!!!

OKAY...........with that out of my system.....let me give you each a hello from sunny Pittsburgh! First, I must share that Mr. Scale allowed a one pound loss this Friday, and I hit my 40 mark. I celebrated with a chocolate soft serve icecream cone from the Dairy Queen. How I managed to eat it with the HUGE smile on my face is beyond me! It was the first "off plan" item to pass my lips since June 15 and I earned it! (I told hubby it was better than sex......and well, it kinda was for the moment!!!!!! LOL) If someone would please send me a private message explaining how to add smilies to my signature I will fix it. For today I will just stick them in. I am happy for this milestone....and happy to share it with each one of you for you are truly a HUGE part in my success.

gbo.............I feel your frustration right now and I admire your honesty. You know your body best and must try to "tweak" the program so that you get the success you desire and DESERVE! I am praying for you that it all comes together! I want you to have your Thanksgiving goal and I want you to reach your ULTIMATE goal! I know you can do it! Hang in there!

fralick.............There is no shame in staying the same! It will catch up with you at some point and you will have a nice number in the loss column. You are always sooooooo supportive and I can feel it! Know that I appreciate it more than words can say!

nasus........Our weight loss leader! I hope you are ready for "the pool" as it has been getting dark around here at 5:45 and I am gonna have to hit the Y for exercise rather than walking. I bought you a green swim cap to match mine. (The only color they had left.) I look horrible in it but want to avoid green hair since my blond locks get dried out from the chlorine! I figure if I gotta look goofy...then so you! LOL

mammabigbutt.....soooooooooo glad to see you posting here! ("Kuddos" on your weight loss so far!!!) If you stay in your seat long enough on our BUS TO GOAL----- we may let you choose the radio station we listen to for awhile!!! LOL! No, I am most sincere when I say that we are all HAPPY to see you here! I love your enthusiasm! Tell us a little about yourself, please. HEY LADIES....LET'S ALL TAKE A MINUTE TO TELL MOMMA ABOUT US.

I (Hopeful....real name Dana) am 43. I am an Administrative Assistant in a School. I am happily married for 23 years to a woooooonderful husband and we have 2 sons away at college. I have taken of 40 so far on Atkins (started June 15) and need to lose another 60 or so. I have been fighting the fat most of my life and found that LOW CARB is the answer! AMEN!

paula.........hope the book is going well. Can't wait until you share the "details" with us. I love to write as well.....but never allow myself the luxury of sitting down and taking the time to do it. Maybe when I retire! meat is definately going to be limited in my plan from now on! (I did have some peanuts yesterday though...when everyone else was having apple pie alamode at my sisers!!!) Tuna and chicken are my new best friends!!

tornadoteri....YOU NEED TO POST, GIRL!!! Get us all caught up on everything! When is your birthday??? We need you ON PLAN.....and sitting up front on the bus so we can keep an eye on you!

butterfly boo..........WHERE ARE YOU?????????? nasus has you by one ankle and fralick has you by the other! We will NOT let you off of this bus! Check in or we will send the food police out to look for you!

Well, I think I will go join hubby watch the Steeler game like a good Pittsburgher! (They are having a winning season you know!!) I will check back in tomorrow.

My best to you ALL!

Dana (Hopeful..and 2 sacks of potatoes lighter!) :D :D :D :D

11-04-2001, 09:11 PM
Hello everyone!
Dana thank you for writing about Mr. Scale, that seems to be one of my biggest downfalls. I let my enthusiam for weight loss be controlled by the scale. From now on I will try and focus on something else instead of those numbers!

I hope you all are having a nice weekend. Mine has been pretty good! Friday night I slipped when we went out to dinner. I let myself be talked into eating a hamburger and fries!!! I am very proud of myself for not taking this as a cue to start binging on carbs though. That is what I would usually have done! Yeah me! I was back on plan for the rest of the weekend and my motivation is still high! I am ready to work toward a healthy and comfortable body. And if I can do it anyone can. :dizzy:

A little about myself... I am 28 and have two wonderful little sons. My oldest is 6 yo and my youngest will be one on November 20th! I am not married, but I do have a supportive boyfriend. :) In December I will complete my degree in Social Work and will have to start looking for a job. Hopefully I'll have lost enough weight to buy myself a nice interview outfit. We live in Alaska...and its starting to get cold here! Brr, so all indoor exercise for me!

I'm still learning about low-carb and I dont know how supportive I'll be about giving advice. But one thing I do know about is how hard it is to be fat and the struggle to get rid of it. Lets have a great week ladies!!!


11-05-2001, 05:59 AM
UGH I jus lost reply!!! Not to much though.

Anyway, It was sure quiet here this weeknd. I was OP and got most of my water in. I went to the library SAt and got some books on stretching. No more back injury sidelining me!!I also spent some time soul searching my Program . Some introspection. This always helps me. SOmetimes I don't like what I see, but it puts me more in the center of "my path".

I forgot to tell you that DH has lost 28# so far and he had some bloodwrk that all came back normal. The MD had threatened to put him on meds for cholesteral last JUNe, and everything is normal!!! He is pretty pleased. They also checked hiw kidney function(that rumor) and that was ok too.

I have noticed that my fat is pretty loose. I will tone up won't I? My gut, inner thighs and upper arms are the worse. Debelli in teh sugar buster forum posted before and after pictures. She at her worst was 284 and she made it down to 126. She looks great. NOT loose LOL.


DANA, WHAT a wonderful feeling. And you couldn't have picked a better reward than ice cream, which has a lot of protein to avoid teh rise in insulin. Sound slike you had a great weekend. Have you measured yet? How are the boys at school? getting ready for Thanksgiving?

Sue How was your weekend? ANything exciting?

terri How did you make out?

B00 what's going on with you

Lee, How is our writer in residance?

Well it's off to the room

11-05-2001, 07:15 AM
Just a quickie to check in...I have to go for jury dury today. I'm hoping to get out of it (at the same time, I'd really like to do it). Not sure what's going to happen. You all hang in there. Still OP here.


11-05-2001, 11:47 PM
Hi all I'm still here. I'm having some serious problem's with my internet. I've tried to post but my computer shut's down. Anyway's hopefully I can get this one through. I'm doing so bad on OP. I don't kknow what's wrong. I can't seem to get back on plan. Yes I'm drinking lots of water but can't go more than 2 days without cheating. My stupid computer is acting up I'll try and get back tomorrow.

11-06-2001, 05:55 AM
Hello all'
How is everyone doing?

I had a good day yesterday and a good workout. It was nice to be back on tract again!! I did my stretching and found out how unlimber I am even after almost a year of working out regularly.
I did some more paperwork for the new job yesterday and verbally resigned. I meet with teh timekeeper and personel this afternoon. And then I will have all the facts in place as to when my actual last day will be. This will bring down some of my anxiety( I hope). I am quite anxious. Way too much going on.
I made some great lo carb soup SUnday and have been taking it to work.

Lee I have always gotten out of it( jury duty) my DH got involved in grand jury, what a nightmare!!! I see you are up as early as I am!!!

B00- How are you? what's keeping you going back to teh carbs?
Computer problems suck!!!

Hello to everyone else, If you get a minute check in!!!! The Bus is so quiet!!!

11-06-2001, 04:17 PM
My dear fellow weight warriors, I am out of commissionfor time as I have taken my sisters lead and blown my back. Lee Darlin, just what have you been up to? whatever it is my back can't take it. HA Ha.
I am on meds but I shall return to harass you all just as soon as I can. I have to go now or scream. When I have reached my pain threshold it is most serious!!!! I love you all.