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03-03-2007, 07:34 PM
"I feel like I am back in kindergarten in many ways... personal, sometimes at work and now with the weight loss. I have done so many things wrong over the years.....emotional eating, pills for weight loss, eating the wrong things, failed diets, etc.
Now it's time to start fresh, kinda like back in kindergarten......"

03-04-2007, 03:48 PM
Happy Weekend!

Jules - glad he's ok, and hope he gets fully better soon. Thoughts and prayers are with you

Well despite sickness and inablilty to exercise I think things are still heading in the right direction...I had 2 people on different occations thursday ask me if I had lost weight. If I were not in a library right now I just may dance. AND I went to buy a pair of pants that day and low and behold...drum roll please...a size 10. When I was a freshman in HS, 14 years old, I was a size 16. Though I fluctuated a lot in college I have NEVER seen that size. I almost cried in the dressing room.

03-04-2007, 04:08 PM
SusanNYC--Hooray for you!!! That is so exciting!! I say dance anyway!! Thanks for the thoughts and prayers for DH--he said the worst thing is not being able to do alot with his thumb. That and he is getting stir-crazy!! He is a tinkerer and spends alot of time in the garage which he hasn't been able to do.

Hope everyone else is well!! DS and his gf should be here for dinner soon. I just wanted to stop by!!

03-05-2007, 05:00 PM
Jules - ouch - hope DH heals quickly and get back to his puttering around. I would be utterly lost if I couldn't use my hand. Reno update: The bedroom carpet was laid last week, so now its door sna dtrims. The house is a complete mess, but I do have some pictures up on a yahoo photo page. I'll finish this post, then go look for a link.

SusanNYC - wahoo on size 10 - I'm with Jules - dance away. That was my size before gettng pregnant with DD....and I'll get there again someday - I know it.

I am going to start knitting myself something pretty for every ten pounds I lose. I am so close to my first 10 since joining the research study. I really need some motivation or incentive to get through these few pounds that dog me. Since I love to knit - this may work.

Not much else happening around here. I had big plans to try to clean around the piles of things today, but agreed at the last minute to switch parent helping at the preschool. So, I spent the morning with my daughter at school and not much has been done around here. It's a nice sunny day, so I will try to coax DD out for a walk.

Hi to everyone! Hope all of you are doing well!

03-05-2007, 05:04 PM

I think this link will work - it's current pictures of the remodel

03-05-2007, 08:54 PM
Katy--good for almost being at the 10 pound mark & for treating you to a gift!! I was a size 10 before having dd--can't blame the baby fat since she will be 20 in June!! DH is always doing something, it's killing him to just be on the computer or watching tv and not down in his garage.

Have a good night, I have to do a few things before picking DS up at a class he is taking. The tech school where he is taking a heating and air conditioning certification class is less than 10 minutes from my house and a little under halfway to his. He gets a ride there but I take him home. it's 2 nights a week for 10 weeks but the company he works for is paying him for it. I told him take as many classes as they will let him.

03-06-2007, 04:03 PM
Still sick, but otherwise feeling great. I'm officially applying for a second year of this program and I have great feelings about it.
Ugh...wish I could go jogging...but still icky...been weeks now

Katy - I love knitting! What do you knit? The most complicated thing I ever did was just a little baby blanket for my nephew

03-06-2007, 08:31 PM
Jules - well, I'm ALMOST at the 10 lb mark...I'm trying to use the sweater as an incentive...I've had a pretty good week - so we'll see what happens at Thursday weigh in. Thanks anyway - I feel pretty good even getting close...

SusanNYC - I've linked my knitting blog in my siggy - so you can click on over to see what kinds of things I knit. Hope you get well soon. Yay for year 2...sounds like you are really enjoying your program.

Hi to everyone reading this!

03-08-2007, 03:14 PM
Where is everyone :( ? I hope you all are doing well

03-08-2007, 05:08 PM
Hello ladies, and a Happy Thursday to you! the pictures of the house! Especially the the tub and the tile on the floor. Also, the lighting in the bedroom is so pretty. I have always wanted a chandelier type light in our bedroom but we are ceiling fan people. Have to have a really cool bedroom and our fan goes year round. Now did you guys add on a family room as well or did you just get furniture? Can't remember all that you guys added on. You guys did a GREAT job! And I bet you are loving that it is almost complete. WTG on almost being at the 10 pound mark! :carrot: Hey, you are very close and I know you will be there in no time at all!

JULES...glad DH is feeling better. I can only imagine how stir crazy he is. Does he know when he will be able to go back to work? Or can start doing anything? I'm with you, I think DS should take all the classes he can with the company paying for it. My mom worked for AT&T years ago and they always offered some sort of class and she always took them. She worked her way up the ladder but then tired of it quick.

SusanNYC...oh my gosh! I am so proud of you and happy to! :carrot: Getting in a size 10 IS reason to dance for sure! You are doing a great job with your weight loss and here's to a second year! :cheers: Hope you get to feeling better soon so you can go jogging. I know I misse it when I don't exercise.

HI MICHELLE, SUSAN & SASSY! :wave: Hoping things are well with you ladies, miss you!

Not much going on with me. Had a busy morning running errands and am pooped. Also did some packing yesterday and need to do more later. Might get a mile walk in but not sure. Not sure if I mentioned to you ladies that we sold our house and will close on the new one March 21st! :yikes: Less than 2 weeks away! I am so excited, as is Vince. But I am sad at the same time because Josh isn't here to share in the excitement. He will come home to a completely new house and neighborhood! Anyway, I can't wait. Don't look forward to the actual moving part but I can't wait to get into our new house.

WW is going well, except for last week. Last week was a bad one for me and I gained a pound. But it could have been worse so that's fine. Went out to dinner with V and it just went downhill the rest of the week. But I am back on track this week and hoping to see a loss of 1-2 pounds.

Hope all is well with you and yours in your little corner of the world. Take care ladies and have a wonderful day! Lots of hugs :hug: :hug: :hug:

03-09-2007, 03:07 PM
Hi everyone - I'm here...just busy, sorry I'm not on this site more often but I'm glad to read that you all are doing well.
Congrats of the house Cristina! I know you have wanted to move for a long time and now you finally get to - yay!

I had a GREAT week food and exercise-wise, then started TOM on weigh in day - no change :( Then I got on my bathroom scale this morning and it said I was down 2 pounds. So I will change the ticker if I get to next week's weigh in and it is still gone. Ain't wonderful to be a woman?

Have to go get the girl from school .....Have a great day!

03-09-2007, 05:53 PM
Katy--gotta love that TOM weight fluctuation!! lol!! Love the pics of the house & the knitting projects!!

Cristina-He got released on Tuesday--they could not believe he healed that fast--he still has to keep it covered to prevent infection and it's not completely shut but its close!!

SusanNYC--DD has been fighting some bug since superbowl Sunday. A couple of co-workers have a bug that stays with you for 4-6 weeks and there is nothing the Doctor can give them--they were all told it just has to run it's course. They feel better and then worse again.

Well gotta go pick DH up--he went to help a friend.

03-09-2007, 11:43 PM, that was quick! And I bet DH can't wait to get back to work and doing something. How are you doing with WW? Are you liking going to the meetings? We've missed the last two because of things going on but did go and sign in basically, weighed, got our little hand outs and then had to leave. This Monday we will stay. Fighting like heck to stay on is it hard!

KATY...thank you! I can't wait to move but man, I am already tired of packing, ugh! But I keep looking for the end of the rainbow and know it will be over soon enough. Well, the packing and moving anyway, lol. :woohoo: to the 2 pound loss! Keeping my fingers crossed it stays gone for WI and for good! :crossed:

MICHELLE, SASSY & SUSAN...hope you ladies are doing fine. We are missing you here.

SusanNYC...hope you are well and feeling better.

Well, I put a dent in the packing today. Still a long way to go but I will do some almost every day to get it done. Starting to get scared...the 21st is just around the corner. Today was a killer and I didn't get any exercise in :( Too tired after all that work. Got up at 6 a.m. to get a good start and was on my feet most of the day with just a couple of 10-15 minute breaks in between. I am one of these people that when packing photo albums I have to look at the pictures, lol. Glad there are no more photo albums to pack, lol. Anyway...hoping to sleep good tonight.

Take care ladies and I hope all is well with everyone. Have a wonderful weekend.

03-10-2007, 02:21 PM
:wave: LADIES~

Sorry I haven't been checking in lately. Having a very rough week with missing my mom and just been a little down. You know, I want this weight off so bad, and I just cannot get myself going again. I keep saying every morning that I will stay on track today, and that doesn't seem to last very long, and I'm very upset with myself.:( I hope all of you are doing good.:hug:

CRISTINA...Thank you so much missy for the cute email card! You're always so thoughtful and caring and I really appreciate you!!;) I'm so happy for you and Vince that you sold your house and get your new one. That would be so exciting and fun, something brand new. I got such a smile from your avatar, it's so cute!:hug:

03-10-2007, 03:15 PM
Lots of hugs to you Michelle! :hug: :hug: :hug: I'm sorry you're missing your mom and having a rough time with the weight loss and motivation. I wish there were some magic words I could say to help you out. I struggle every day with this weight loss too. There are days I am ready to say...I am fat, and I will always be fat so just deal with. But then I turn it around and say NO! I won't just deal with it. I don't want to be this big anymore and I won't quit until I am done. I may not get too far very fast but I have faith that one day I will be where I feel I need to be, even if it is only a 20 pound loss. But right now I just take it one day at a time. I'm glad you liked the card. I've been so busy, (which is no excuse) I've not stayed on top of my e-mailing. I think about it and you guys but then it doesn't get done, ugh. I need a few more hours in the day. Anyway, hope you are having a better day today. Glad to see you checking in and I like your avatar too! :hug:

HI to everyone else! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

03-10-2007, 03:46 PM
CRISTINA...Thank you for that little pep talk. I need to think the same way too and one day I will get there, better late than never, right!;) I already changed my avatar lol. I'm hoping that Tinkerbell can shake a little fat loss fairy dust on me!!:p

03-11-2007, 06:07 PM
Michelle--sorry you are still missing your Mom!!:hug:

Cristina--with all the work you are doing for the move how can you say you are not getting any exercise!! I missed about four weeks and gained back 3 of the 4 1/2 I lost--I quit taking the anxiety pill--it helps calm me, but to the point that it makes me too unmotivated to go to the gym.

Katy, SusanNYC, Sassy and SuzyQ--thinking of you all!!

03-12-2007, 02:05 PM
Cristina - I agree...Packing is hard work! Don't feel too bad about not having a "formal" work out.

Michelle - Hugs to you. You'll be back on track soon

So...I was near the little fitness center I go to...and I knew it had been over a month since I weighed in, so I went into the locker room and stepped on the scale. I set the weight to what I had been last time...not balanced. I moved it down a pound or two. Not balanced. I moved it down four pounds. Not balanced. TEN POUNDS. Balanced. ??????? I stepped off the scale, set it to zero to make sure the thing wasn't broken. Nope. I now weigh 154, which means that acording to BMI I AM NO LONGER OVERWEIGHT. Is this possible??? this is the 1st time since I was SEVEN YEARS OLD that I havn't been over weight and most of that was obese. I don't know what to do with myself!!!! I'm PAST GOAL! (although I think I'm going to reset it to give myself some cushion) This calls for a dancing carrot :carrot:

03-14-2007, 04:40 AM
Just wanted to pop in and say HI!

Take care!


03-15-2007, 07:23 AM
SusanNYC--how exciting for you!!! You have done so great!!! The jogging has really paid off for you!!

Sassy--so good to see you back!!

Michelle, Cristina, Katy & SuzyQ---hope all is well!!

03-15-2007, 12:59 PM
Ugh -I've been sick...

Yay Susan NYC! All your hard work has paid off...

I'll BBL when I'm feeling a bit more human

03-15-2007, 03:17 PM
Hello ladies...

Finally taking a break from the packing and all the other crap that goes with it. Thought I better check in.

SUSANNYC...:bravo: and :woohoo: I am proud of you! All that jogging has paid off. Keep up the good work!

KATY...sorry you aren't feeling well. Hope you get to feeling better soon. :hug:

JULES...there's always something isn't there? You can either be calm and not motivated or motivated and frazzled. We can't ever have it both ways which totally sucks. This move is draining my motivation for sure. But I have managed to get some exercise in. I know once we actually start moving I won't get any other than the actual moving which is enough. Just need to watch what I eat as I know we will eat out a lot. But I have faith you will get in the groove. I know it's hard to with you working...who wants to work hard all day and then go home and exercise? I sure wouldn't. Hugs to you :hug:

MICHELLE...hope you are feeling better. I can only imagine how much you are missing your mom. :hug: Hey, tell tinkerbell I'll take some of that weight loss fairy dust too! Well, I like this avatar too! You always have cute ones! I need to go find some more.

HIYA SASSY...hope all is well with you and you're not working too hard.

Not much going on with me other than the packing of course. I'm excited about moving but it feels odd to be moving for some reason. Like it's all a dream. Not sure why it feels that way this time. Maybe I did get a little attached to this home and just didn't realize. I look in the yard and while it's not the best ever we put our sweat and tears into it and made it what it is from a blank slate. Oh well, it was time for us to move on and we will make the next one better and hopefully live there a lot longer...really tired of moving. Anyway, I had groceries to buy this morning and a couple of errands to run but am going to do a mile walk on the treadmill. I am not going to kill myself when I already feel pooped but feel like I have to do something. I'm afraid if I let too many days of no exercise go by I will have a hard time getting back in the habit. One of the good things about the new house is the park that I walk at is about 5 minutes from there. Anyway...hope all is well with everyone. Take care and lots of hugs to everyone! :hug: :hug: :hug:

03-15-2007, 08:16 PM
Cristina--it's ironic how things usually work that way, nothing ever easy!! I think its not unusal to feel nostalgic about your house--always lots of good memories in a loving home

Katy==Sorry to hear you are feeling bad!!

Sassy--pop back in and stay awhile!!

SusanNYC--can't say it enough...I am so proud of you!! I am glad everything is good in NY!!

Michelle--hope you are okay!!

SuzyQ--did you decide to stay in Hawaii!!! Miss you!!

Hope everyone has a great nite--It's Grey's night for me--hope it's not a rerun!! My brother made it through surgery to fuse a bad disc--I was happy when mom called to say it went well!!

03-17-2007, 12:18 AM
Hi Ladies~

Thank you ALL for your kind caring words. I do appreciate hearing them.:hug: Our weather was so nice today and up in the low 70s, perfect! I just feel so bloated and blah tonight. I think I've gained a few more pounds, but I did do my WATP 1 mile this morning, but had to be careful with the arm movements, because somehow I've pulled a muscle on the left side of my chest.:^:

Cristina...I love your avatar, it makes me want to be there!:hug:

03-17-2007, 03:05 PM
:luck2you: :patrick: :kissluck: :cupgold: :drinkup: :goldpot:

Does anyone celebrate today? If I am in a mood I will wear green but that's about it. Never have done anything special for the 17th.

JULES...sorry I didn't say anything about your brother. My head is in the clouds lately, too much going on. I am glad to hear the surgery went well. :hug: :hug:

SUSAN...I'm with Jules...did you stay in Hawaii? Of course no one could blame is such a beautiful place! We are definitely missing you! :hug:

MICHELLE...WTG missy on doing the WATP! I am proud of you! :hug: :bravo: Sorry you pulled a muscle, ouch. That is never fun so be very careful. I have a bad arm period so have to be careful with my left arm at all times. But exercising does really help it so I have to keep doing it. I like the avatar too! Wishing I was there! I need a break from everything about now. Hope you have a great day and feel better soon. I hate feeling bloated and blah. I think though the weather has played a part in that (feeling blah) for me because I see a difference in myself when the sun is shining! :sunny:

KATY...hope you are feeling better.

SUSANNYC...hoping you are able to get out and get some jogging this weekend! You are doing great missy! Keep up the good work.

SASSY...hoping you are have a good day. Thinking about ya! :hug:

Not much going on with me. Have some more packing to get done and there's not much left to do after until moving day. Been on the computer for a while and need to get going so I can finish up some change of addresses for some magazines. Thank god for the internet! Also ordered some address labels with the new address. V is changing the utlities and such over thank goodness. I hate dealing with that stuff. Bad enough I will have to call AOL and deal with them, lol. They don't like it when people cancel their service. We'll get highspeed once we move so look for a new e-mail address from me ladies, lol!

Take care Jules, Susan, Katy, Michelle, Sassy, & SusanNYC. I hope you ladies have a wonderful weekend!:hug: :hug:

03-18-2007, 04:44 PM
Afternoon Ladies!

Sorry this is a Mass Posting, don't have a lot of time. lol.

Just a quick pop in to say Hi :wave: We have to go into work an hour early today :p I'll be so happy once tonight is over with! :D

I woke up feeling really nausious :barf: Dunno what that is about, I'm hoping its not the nasty flu bug going around at work!

Also we have found out that my fil is very sick. Won't go into details, but its definately not good at all. Put it this way, even my husband cried and he never cries. :cry:

Well I guess I will go now. Have to stop by the pharmacy and pick up a prescription and drop one off. lol.

Have a Great Rest of the Day! :D


03-18-2007, 05:17 PM
Sassy--so sorry about your FIL--give your DH a big hug from me!!

Cristina--My brother is home--in slight pain but much less than he had before surgery. I have to agree that AOL sucks!! Make sure you let us know your new address!!

Michelle--be careful you don't overdo--but wtg on the dvd!!

Katy--hows your knitting project coming along??

SusanNYC--no jogging for you with this snow and cold air for us eastcoasters!! I am ready for spring!!

SuzyQ--miss you!!!

Went to the gym and got a little over 15 minutes in on the elliptical before the power went out!!!! The traffic lights were messed up too--there must have been some kind of accident!!

03-19-2007, 12:21 AM
:hug: Thanks Jules

03-19-2007, 04:52 PM
Hi all, long time no check in...not much happening, its cold and wet. Yuck. Went to Boston this weekend and think I may be living there next year..don't know yet. Getting ancy for spring!!! Michelle I"m so jealous of the 70 degree weather!

Sassy - hope you're not getting sick!

Jules, Cristina hope all is well :)

03-19-2007, 07:53 PM
SusanNYC--I have always wanted to go to Boston, I have been to NY City once and would like to go back there too. A fall color trip to Vermont would be really awsome too!! I love history and art museums!! DS's bday is April 1 and he'd like to make a day trip to DC and check out the spy museum. DD would like to go back to Philadelphia (& hopefully not run into the ex!!)

Sassy=both of you are still in my thoughts.....

Katy, Michelle, Cristina and SuzyQ--hope all is well!!

Had to take dd to the ER this morning--turns out she has a kidney stone and a very bad kidney infection. Haven't heard from her, but I am sure she is still sleeping.

03-20-2007, 02:32 PM
Jules - bad news about the ER...hope everything turns out ok

I myself went to the doc this morning...have had a bad cough for a long time now. Plus I was curious about going back on anti-anxiety meds...well I have them now, I just have to decide whether or not its the best idea to take them. Also, down 2 more pounds :D

03-20-2007, 02:58 PM
Hello ladies...

JULES...hope DD is feeling better. I've heard kidney stones can be very painful so I hope she is lots better. Shoot, even the infections are painful, mu sister used to get them a lot. Hopefully they gave her something good for the pain. Hugs to her :hug: :hug: How are you holding up? I hate going to the has to be one of the worst places ever and you were just there with DH not too long ago. How is he doing by the way? Is he back to normal and working again? Hugs to yo all! :hug: :hug:

SASSY...hoping all is well with you and yours. Lots of hugs to you guys too! :hug: :hug:

SusanNYC...wtg on the 2 pounds! :carrot: Hope the doc was able to do something for your cough.

Hi ya MICHELLE, KATY & SUSAN! :wave:

I probably shouldn't be on the computer today with the storms we are having. Perfect weather for moving eh? Ummm, not! It is supposed to rain thru Sunday, great. I know we need it but we are moving! Oh well...maybe we will get a little break from it. Tomorrow starts the fun...9 a.m. closing on this house, then off to an 11 a.m. closing on the new house then to get the u-haul and the fun begins! So...this will probably be the last post from me for a few days. Once we get moved I am hoping to take a break and possibly get on Saturday or Sunday, soooooo...

Take care ladies and I will chat with ya soon.

03-20-2007, 06:54 PM
UGH. We went over our friends yesterday and they had just gotten over being bad sick. I was careful and didn't touch anything there and barely even moved from where I was sitting. As soon as I came home I washed my hands really good, but I still got it I think. :(

I took some tylenol pm's lastnight because DH said I was warm and I was very achy, still am. I haven't eaten since yesterday afternoon and really don't want too, but DH ordered me some egg drop soup, so I will try that, but I'm scared to even eat that.

I'm going to take some Dayquil and lay down on the futon and watch tv.

Thanks for the thoughts and hugs Jules and Cristina! :)

Jules -- So sorry to hear about your DD, I hope she is okay!!!!!!

Cristina -- I hope you have a very smooth and safe move and I hope the storm stops at least so you all can get moved!

SusanNYC: I just read that you are past your goal! WTG! That is awesome! Thanks for the well wishes, but I think I am sick. :( Also I won't tell you that is warm and sunny here today......oops. lol. I hope you get some sunshine soon! ;)

Hi to everybody! :wave: I'm so sorry I haven't been very active lately. :( I know that is very unlike me. But I am going to try to correct that! ;)


03-20-2007, 09:24 PM
Sassy--I have to say I do miss your early morning posts!! Hope you are feeling better soon!!

Cristina--your making me tired just thinking about all the moving!! Hope you get some sun!!

SusanNYC--you are doing so wonderful!!! WTG on the two pounds!!!

Well dd is miserable--they only gave her Motrin 800 and it's not helping with the pain--hopefully the antibiotic will clear up the infection quick. I told her if she is still in pain tomorrow we will go to the doctors.

03-21-2007, 10:40 PM
Hey all,

Thanks for all the well wishes, whatever I got, its no fun.......:p I just hope I feel better by tomorrow so I don't have to work feeling like crud. lol.

It was REALLY warm here today, 75 degrees!!!!!!!! :yikes: Too bad I was too ill to go outside and enjoy it! Well at least DH got out, even though it was too a meeting at work, he went to Costco and what not afterwards to look about. So he got out at least.

He wanted to go out to a nice dinner but I am too ill. I can count on one hand the things I've eaten the last few days. lol. What a way to lose weight, eh? (JUST KIDDING!) lol.

I think my cat is ill too. He has always been a "big" cat, but here lately I've noticed he's been losing weight. I picked him up earlier and he is like nothing like he used to be! He eats, drinks, etc. So I dunno. DH says he is just getting old. (He is 10 yrs. old) So both cats are due for their annual vet visit so we'll have to make an appt. I just hope its nothing major. I know that he won't live forever, but well, he's my "baby". :( I've had him since he was 6 weeks old and could fit into the palm of my hand. :cry: I get teary eyed just thinking about losing him.

Anywho, DH & I just got done watching "Blood Diamond" w/ Leonardo Decaprio, that is an excellent movie! I think its one of Leo's best! ;)

Jules -- I miss posting my early morning posts! :cool:

Well I hope you all are well and please take care!

:wave: to everybody! :D

03-22-2007, 11:59 PM
JULES...I hope DD is feeling lots better now.:hug:

CRISTINA...I'm thinking of you moving. My DD and SIL moved the past two days and it's always so nice getting into a new place.:hug:

SASSY...So sorry you've been so sick.:( Hope you're feeling much better by tomorrow. I hope nothing major is wrong with your kitty. I've heard so much with the cat/dog foods this past week and I worry when I hear an animal isn't feeling very well.:hug:

Well ladies, not much going on here at all, just the same ole, same ole. Tomorrow I will be turning 43, as my girls reminded me, and I don't even like thinking of my birthday anymore. We're going to go out to Red Robin next Tuesday, after our eye appointments, because I get a free meal. I hope all of you have a wonderful evening, lots of big hugs!!!:hug:

HELLO to Susan, Katy, Scuzin, Kathy, and anyone else I may have missed!!:hug:

03-23-2007, 03:55 AM
Hey Jules -- here is your Good Morning Post you've been missing! lol.

Morning All. :D

Well today, well I guess yesterday/this morning is the 1st day I feel better. :carrot: Not running no marathons -- yet, but I feel better! ;)

Its been a rainy dreary day/night/morning/whatever. :rain: lol. But still pretty warm, it was still in the 60's today and still is about 60 now. I think its supposed to be warm all weekend, but rain, which is fine for me, I'll be here working hard! lol.

FIL called saying that a friend of his is selling his house for a good price, but its kinda far out and I'm not sure if we are going to buy anything at the moment until we know more about FIL's condition, but who knows. :shrug:

We have an appt. for Tues. for the Vet for our cats (taking both in they are due for their annual exams anyways) I hope its nothing serious, our cats have not been fed the pet food that has been recalled either, I did check. If you would like to check, here is the site: Pet Food Recall (

Michelle -- Thanks hon. I do feel lots better today, that is for sure! :D I feel so bad for all those people who have lost their pets and/or whose pets are in a lot of pain. Makes you want to not feed them any commercial pet food. Infact I read that a new trend is making people food (nutrious food) for your pets. I don't blame people who do that, after all this big blow up with the pet food recall. But anymore, its hard to know what you can trust or not trust, even human food is being recalled every single day, very scary stuff!

:balloons: :gift: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICHELLE! :bday2you: :hb: :woo:

I hope you enjoy your dinner at Red Robin and a very special birthday, because you are a very special lady! ;) :hug:

Anyways guess that is about it for me.

:wave: to everybody out there!

Take care all!


03-23-2007, 09:02 AM
Michelle--:bday2you: Have fun with the family!!

Sassy--hope the kittys are fine and I am glad you are better!!

Cristina--Thinking of you...

SusanNYC--East Coast os suppossed top finally get spring!! I gues you will be jogging again

Katy---you must be knitting away...miss you!

DD is feeling better and then went to the dentist only to find our that she had to get a filling--she hates not having insurance!!

Well, I am off to WW, get my haircut and do the regular Friday grocery shopping thing!!

03-23-2007, 09:17 AM
sneaking over here to wish MICHELLE a :bday2you:

03-23-2007, 04:51 PM
Hi All

I'm feeling better and back on the wagon as it were...lost a pound this week. Yay! I linked my knitting blog to my siggy - just click on "knitting away the pounds" isn't that a neat trick? Anyway, I saw that someone asked about my projects...that's where they are! I am really close to being able to have my 10-lb sweater. Doesn't that sound funny? To help my motivation, I am telling myself I get to make a fabulous something or other for every 10 lbs I lose. If you go to my blog and look at the Ariann posts, you will see what I have started for my 1st 10 lb goal. It will be pretty - when it's done, of course.

Michelle - chiming in with a :bday2you:

Jules - hope DD is feeling better - kidney stones do not sound fun at all. Hope the filling doesn't break the bank :(

Sassy - glad you are feeling's FIL? Have you heard anything - hopefully he's doing better.

SusanNYC - Your weight loss is so impressive - keep up the good work! How'd you like Boston? Could you see yourself living there?

Cristina - hope your move is going well - I can't wait to see some pics of the new place.

I just subscribed to the Nutrition Action Newsletter and I highly recommend it. You can read all about it at The organization is Center for Science in the Public Interest - people call them the "Food Cops" I call them "Consumer Reports for Food". Very interesting reading and a subscription is pretty reasonably priced, imo.

As of 2:15 today, my kids are on Spring Break - which means heavy competition for the computer. We'll be going to the beach for a chunk of next week, so if I don't get back here before we leave, Have a great weekend and a great week!

03-23-2007, 04:52 PM
Thanks so much Sassy, Jules , Katy& Gary for the birthday wishes!! You're all just the greatest friends!!!;) :hug:

03-23-2007, 10:23 PM
CRISTINA...Thank you so much for the birthday card! You're always so thoughtful of others, even in your busy time of moving. You're such a sweetheart!!:hug:

03-25-2007, 05:55 PM
Girls it is finally spring here--a gorgeous day out!!! Rode down to visit my Mom and brother though my brother had left -- he's stir crazy after his operation!! DD is finally feeling better--she's tired but this is the last day of the antibiotics, so hopefully she will get perky again soon!!

03-25-2007, 11:18 PM
Hullo all.

It is or was a very Sunny Sunday here! :D It was 80 / 26.6 Degrees! Beautiful! :D We got up a bit early and stopped at Panera Bread and ate, it was very good! Something different. I had the Chicken, Bacon and Swiss Panni Sandwich (I know the bacon and swiss probably not great, but better than some things) and it came with chips, didn't eat those, only ate 1/2 the sandwich, DH ate the other half. He had a bread bowl of the french onion soup, which I tasted, was very good! ;)

After that, we had some time to kill before heading into work, so we went by Nissan and looked at a 2nd car, for me. Its the Nissan Versa and its so cute! :D Its perfect for me, DH can fit into it (he's 6'8) but definately couldn't drive it everyday, so it most definately will be MY car! :D It has plenty of room for SHOPPING too! The back seats fold down as well. ;)

Here is a pick:

My New Ride (

Its not set in stone yet, but I did love it and we love our other Nissan we bought from them, so if we can figure it into our budget, we'll probably get it. :D

Not sure if I mentioned this here or not, but my kitty is not doing well. He is 10 yrs old, but has only been ill once in his life, he's always been a very healthy and "beefy" cat, if you know what I mean, here lately he has been losing weight, lethargic, and now won't eat or even drink milk. I even bought him some baby food and he wouldn't even touch it. :( We have an appt for him to see the vet on Tuesday at 3:30 PM, but when we got up today, he seemed worse, I petted him and he didn't even respond, he was breathing and all, just looks like he definately feels worse. So I told DH in the morning, when the vet opens 1st thing we are going to bring him in so they can observe him and check him out, give him meds, do tests, etc while we sleep. I don't want to wait, we would have taken him today but they are not open today. I just hope he's not suffering and I hate seeing him like that because its totally not like him at all. :cry:

Michelle, how was your Bday? I hope it was great! :D

Jules - Hey Girlie!

Katy - Hi Chickie! :wave: FIL is going to see the specialist on Tues, so no new news yet, will let you know!

Hi Cristina and everybody else out there! :wave:

Well that is about all for me.


03-26-2007, 08:06 AM
Sassy--what a cute car--I get my "new" one this summer when mortgage is paid off!! I can't wait!!

Hope everyone has a great day!!

03-26-2007, 02:44 PM
Eek its been a while!
Only have a to go running yesterday, Finally!
wow that's a lot of exclimation points for one little post...
Hope everyone is well, check in tomorrow

03-26-2007, 07:55 PM
Just wanted to let you girls know we had to have my kitty put to sleep this morning, :cry: he had kidney failure and no he didn't eat any of that food, we had already checked.

So anyways. Thanks for all the kind thoughts.

Will talk with you all later and please take no offense if I don't respond to your post individually, I'm not really in the mood right now. :(


03-26-2007, 08:26 PM
SUZIN...Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!! I hope you're doing good and feeling better.:hug:

SASSY...Oh my sweetheart, I'm so sorry to hear of your baby, that's so sad.:cry: You're in my thoughts and prayers. I just read back some posts that I had missed and I love the car that you're looking to buy for you, it is really cute!:hug:

03-26-2007, 11:30 PM
Hello ladies...

Finally have some time to sit and type! And, I'm not pooped! A little sleepy though for some reason. Think it is the weather. It has been raining here for the last week. Had a break from it yesterday. So glad that when we moved it waited until we were totally moved in. Anyway... are welcome for the card sweetie! Sorry I didn't get on here and wish you a :bday2you: Hope it was a nice one!

KATY...enjoy the trip to the beach! WTG on your loss! :carrot: Now that would be a great motivation and reward!

JULES...hugs to your DD. :hug: :hug: Glad your brother is feeling better even if he is stir crazy. Hey, what kind of car are you going to get? Bet you are excited to say the least!

SusanNYC...WTG on the running!

SUSAN...hoping all is well with you and the girls and...hope you had a wonderful BD! Happy Belated Birthday to you sweetie! :bday2you:

SASSY...such a pretty car. Now I couldn't really tell from the angle of the picture but is it a midsize car, SUV, or a crossover? Whatever it is it sure is a cute one and looks like it would be fun to drive. So sorry to hear about your kitty. Lots of hugs to you :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

Well...I will be glad when this move is completely done. Rather I should say, when the house is totally organized and everything is in its place. Got quit a bit done today. You couldn't tell by looking but my bedroom & bath are all put together, as well as the linen closet and the main bath. Working on the kitchen and living room tomorrow. Did some in the living room over the weekend but basically did other things, like taking it easy, lol. Wasn't going to put any things on the wall until we paint but then decided to go ahead and do it and then will just paint over the nails once we paint. Vince needs a break. Got some curtains and blinds ordered and waiting on those will probably be a while before we are completely done.

With moving and being so tired I did not eat right at all. We ate out way too much last week. But...I am happy to say, somehow I lost a pound. Probably all the work/sweating from the move. I didn't think I was going to make it. Working on getting back on track this week and get serious about this weight.

Later, ladies! :wave:

03-27-2007, 01:21 PM
Good Morning, I thought I would check in and say hello since it has been awhile.
I didn't mean to do a MIA but life happened and my focus turned from weight loss to just being happy where I was. I probably have gone from a size 8 to a size 12 over the last 6 months. I take Celexa and that (I think) has helped put on the pounds. I think and feel better with the meds so it is kind of a 2 edge sword. I am getting to the point of getting serious again on shedding some pounds, I guess. lol Ick
Congrats to SusanNYC!! Jealous of your weight loss! Happy Belated to Michelle and many thanks for my own birthday wishes. Need to go look at Katy's knitting page, I still want to learn.
Very sad to hear about your kitty , Sassy. I am sorry for your loss. Cristina and Jules thanks so much for snail mail :) - that was sweet of you.
The girls are fine and Gaby has been seeing her *father* - that is going ok so far.
Michael is a sweetie - he took me to a lovely bed and breakfast in the gorge for my birthday. I think we spent the afternoon watching glass blowing in this little shop, it was rather interesting. lol - anyway - we have been going out now for 4 months and all is well. I would like to get moved out of my mothers soon and be settled for when Gabster starts K next fall.

blah - blah- I guess that is it on my update. Thanks for the concern and emails and cards. You all are sweet friends.

03-27-2007, 03:18 PM
Hello ladies... my eyes deceive me! Lol I am so glad to see your post! You had me worried missy. :hug: :hug: A HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to you! Your card will be late and I am so sorry about that. :^: :o I had all the cards that needed to be mailed on an end table so that I would get them mailed before we started moving everything and I just found yours and my nieces' this morning, egads! I was so sure I had mailed it now feel bad that I didn't. :( Glad to hear things are well with you and the girls, and Michael! Wow, four months already! Doesn't the time go by fast? About going from an 8 to a a 12 so bad? I would love to see a 12, lol! But you know your body and what's good for you...we love ya whatever size you's just numbers. :) Glad to see ya posting. :hug: :hug:

Nothing much going on today. Was supposed to start the kitchen but got side tracked, lol. Getting ready to though. I WILL cook dinner tonight! So tired of eating out-nothing tastes good anymore. Ran some errands this morning came home and thought I'll just run to Target and pick up a few things. So now I am back and doing my 'puter time before getting started. I WILL have that kitchen together today too! Lol

Hope everyone is having an awesome day! Take care :hug: :hug:

03-27-2007, 05:28 PM
I be here Cristina. Just in a funky state of mind the last few weeks. Michael and I eat out a lot. I did make him 1 homemade dinner of pot roast, it was yummy.
On my birthday night we took too long to find a place to eat and ended up at this fancy place that served rabbit (ugh, not the Easter Bunny!! - lol ) so he took me across the street. I wasn't paying too much attention and ordered this gross white bean dish with beets and carrots.I was starving, I didn't even finish the dish.
The next morning we had breakfast at the B& B and I had 3 (out of 20 to choose from!) pastries. 1 was a carmal walnut pastry, 1 was a custard and 1 was a cheesecake - just small portions. It made up for me feeling sorry for myself - lol. They also had wonderful homemade bread.
I am not happy with a 12 Cristina. I would feel better 20 pounds less. I am not sure how I want to do that though. I don't think I overeat, I think I need to kick up the exercise. We'll see.

Looked at your site Katy. Very funny, do you write all that? I went and saw Amazing Grace with M and Gaby.Yes, Gaby. She was bored stiff and would laugh and clap her hands along with the adults. It was annoying - lol I had to take her out 3 times to make her be quite.

03-27-2007, 10:48 PM
SuzyQ--Welcome back!! How are the teenage terrors!! So great that you and Michael are still together. I can't believe that Gaby starts kindergarten in the fall!!

Cristina-is the kitchen ready yet!!! I haven't decided on a car yet, I would love to get something really cute and sporty but the practical side of me is looking at a midsize car. Once it is paid off then hubby says we are getting a vette!! (preferably convertable!!) I actually am in love with the Pontiac Solstice but it's a two seater convertable, definitely not practical, but I think it's awesome!!!

Michelle--Hi there!

Sassy--I am so sorry about your kitty....I can understand not wanting to post..come back later!!

SusanNYC--Have fun jogging!! The girl on the treadmill beside me at the gym was jogging tonight--my knee is not up to it yet.

Katy--have fun at the beach!! She will make it up. She moved AGAIN!!
Her new roomate has added her to the lease and the bills are pretty low since they are splitting everything. The last roomate got pregnant and Teri's old room is now the nursery even though the baby isn't due til September!!

Going with DS to the Spy Museum in Dc on Saturday--his bday is Sunday--he's a big 22!! His gf is trying to trade shifts so she can go to.

03-28-2007, 01:04 AM
TY Ladies. :hug:

I feel better today, still sad of course, but better.

We buried our cat in my MIL's backyard next to DH's Dog and her cat. She has a cute little garden for them and even has little name plaques there and is going to order one for our cat too.

Also MIL called about FIL's appt w/ the Kidney Specialist, FIL is in Renal Failure, the very beginning stages. For now they are just going to monitor him closely, but eventually he will have to be put on Dialysis and then well, eventually, we'll lose him too. :cry:

I'm just a bundle of good news aren't I? :rolleyes:

On another note it got up to 85 Degrees here today and is still 68 outside! :yikes:

Cristina and all who want to know: The car is a hatchback, kinda like a mini station wagon, only cooler looking I think. ;) I even dreamt about it lastnight, that we bought it and I was driving all over the place in my new car. :D We're still thinking about it.


03-28-2007, 12:39 PM
Good Morning,
Very sweet about the name plaque for your kitty ,Sassy. My daughters and I buried our dog on the coast. He had gotten hit by a car out in front of our house. We had a ceremony and placed flowers on his grave. This was over 4 years ago and we went back this last summer and that was one of the places the girls wanted to go - to visit their doggie.
anyway - my memory of a beloved family member.

Hey Jules - Beck is coming back today from Reno.She went down a week ago with her best friend. I call them Thelma and Lousie because they were caught shoplifting at Meier & Frank last summer. We kept them apart for awhile but they are meant to be together.....*snicker*.....cute kids, just need to keep them out of jail. Rach is doing well, emotional at times, struggles with school but overall hanging in there. She might go to the beach this weekend.
M is very sweet and a romantic. We have a lot of fun together, he makes me laugh. He includes Gaby because he knows it is hard to get a sitter all the time. So, tonight we are all going out for dinner because he is up in PDX teaching.blah - is all about ME!! yay..... :)

ugh, I had a coffee frappaccino - so good. I burped it up through my nose though.......ewwwwwww, I told M that and said "I know that turns you on"...haha

ok- better get to work!!!!

03-28-2007, 12:44 PM
Hi everyone!

Susan!!!!! Welcome back! I missed you

Sassy - so sorry to hear about the loss *hugs*

Got to go for a short jog yesterday...but got a stomach cramp and felt icky all night.

I have pictures! from st. Pat's '05 (from my avitar) and St. Pat's '07 (wearing the same shirt conveniently enough) and one from August

Sorry my messages have been so mind has been way too busy lately, hope all are well and having a good day

03-28-2007, 12:57 PM
hmmmm, skinny little thing ain't you SusanNYC???? lol Dang, you look wonderful!!!! Congrats! You are going to get this old fart into getting back into shape yet. I could never jog/run - I have is like....really hard - lol. I think I will stick to walking.
Do you miss Oregon?? You ever coming back for a visit? I was thinking of moving out to Canby - kind of a slower pace, commute not too bad. Gab and I drove out there last night to look around.

anyway - love the pictures!! :)

03-28-2007, 03:00 PM
Hello ladies...

SASSY...sorry to hear about FIL. Lots of hugs to him and the rest of your family. :hug: I have seen a lot of those mini-stationwagons and yes, they are sporty and not so much like a station wagon per se. Looks like a fun little car and I know you will love it!

JULES...I didn't get the kitchen together, bummer! I should have started on the other side of the kitchen since I started washing the glasses first. Well, I didn', I have clean glasses in the dishwasher waiting to be put up. I ran out of shelf liner. I forgot Teri moved again. How is she liking her new place? That is an awesome little car! I am so scared of little cars like that I think I would freak riding in one or driving one. I'm such a weirdo always worrying about some big truck running me over, lol. But I like the car. Have fun at the spy sounds like it would be fun, and interesting. Oh, and thank you for the card I received yesterday! That was very sweet of you and made my day! :hug: :thanks:

SUSAN...did Beck and her friend go to Reno alone? I was going to say why Reno and not Vegas but I forgot you guys are in Oregon, duh. Was thinking you were in CA for some reason. Glad you and Michael are together an dhe is a romantic! He sounds like such a sweetie. Cheese danish, mmmmm. McDonalds used to have one that I loved! OMG! Guess I am glad they don't anymore, lol. I am getting fat just reading your post, lol!, girly, those are awesome picutres! You look GREAT! Thanks for sharing them with us. You've come a long way and I am happy for you that you have passed your goal! :bravo: :hug: :carrot:

HI MICHELLE...hope all is well with you and you are having a good day.

KATY...hope you guys are having fun at the beach! Wish I was there with you.

Not much going on. Had to be up early to get Ernie dog to the vet. Poor puppy dog...he is having his teeth cleaned. He actually, had his teeth cleaned. Before I even made it home th vet called and said they had them cleaned and polished. But the wanted to take some x-rays because he has some bone loss on two teeth and wanted to see if they needed to pull them. Luckily they didn' was his molars. Good thing he doesn't eat hard dog food anymore. Anyway, have to go get him at 2:30. On the way home though thought I would pick up a few groceries. We are supposed to get some severe weather later and then more rain tomorrow. I want to get more done around this house tomorrow instead of running errands. I definitely get more done when I don't have to leave the house two or three times a day. Working on the kitchen again today and I am hoping to get it finished. I have just 6 cabinets to line, 2 drawers and then the two undercabinets. Putting the stuff away is a cinch. Of course I probably have two loads to run in the dishwasher as well. But we will be eating a homecooked meal today! In between I have two more loads of laundry to get done. Kind of let that go the last couple of days since I was busy with other things.

Anywho...still aiming to be 90-100% finished with the inside, other than curtains and blinds by the weekend so that I can get back on track with my exercise. My body has been hurting and I think it's because I've not exercised in almost 2 weeks. I feel sore...I know moving will do this but I honestly don't think it is from the move. My body gets used to the exercise and then when I just quit it hurts.

Hoping all is well with you ladies and everyone is having a good day! Lots of hugs to everyone! :hug:

03-28-2007, 07:19 PM
TY All.


03-28-2007, 10:47 PM
SCUZIN...LOVE your pictures!! You really are a tiny, pretty lady, I'm jealous!!;) :hug:

SUSAN...So glad to see you really did come back from Hawaii!;) I'm so happy for you having such a wonderful man taking such good care of you and Gaby, cuz you both deserve it! My sister lives in Canby and loves it out there.:hug:

SASSY...You're still in my prayers.:hug:

KATY...Hope you're having great weather and enjoying yourself at the beach!:hug:

CRISTINA...With all the moving and working around the house you have been doing, I think you're probably getting more exercise that you think you are. You're just a little busy body!;) So glad Ernie didn't have to get any teeth pulled.:hug:

JULES...Hope you're having a good day!!:hug:

Today has just been a very downer day, and I just got finished cleaning the junky kitchen table off, vacuuming and doing the dishes. I talked to my dad today, because I called my grandma this morning, who is still in the hopsital and it will be two weeks tomorrow, and she sounded very weak and depressed. My dad said that she is in extreme pain and isn't wanting anything to do with a rehabilitation center that she needs desperately, and she told him that she doesn't want to live anymore. She lost my grandpa one year ago this month and they were married for 65 years, and she's just tired of going on. I have always been so close to my grandma and this is a very hard time for me too right now and being so far away. My DH, DD and I all had eye appointments and order new glasses for another two years. I wanted contacts, but they wanted to charge me another $75 for a fitting fee and I couldn't affored that so it's glasses again.:p

03-29-2007, 05:22 AM
Cristina and Michelle: TY both for the cards! They made my day! :) This is the first day I've been out to check the mail. lol. It was packed full--full of junk mail, except for your two lovely cards. ;)

I just feel blah. :p I just wanna do nothing and I haven't the whole three days I've been off. Oh I did laundry and scrubbed the toilet. Whoopee. lol. DH has been so great. He made dinner and did dishes and even cleaned up the kitchen! I feel so guilty because I haven't done much of anything lately. :(

I guess I'm lucky I have a job, otherwise I'd probably never leave the house and most days I don't even feel like going there, but I do cuz well no workie, no money. lol. We did go to Wal-mart and got some stuff we needed, but that was about it.

Michelle -- So sorry to hear about your Grandma. :hug: DH & I need to both go and get our eyes examined and new glasses and I too want Contacts, tired of glasses. :p

Cristina -- Wow girl, you wore me out just reading your post. lol. Sounds like your getting a lot accomplished!

Susan NYC -- Great pics, you look great! :D

Susan -- Welcome Back! :D My mil is also getting some flowers for the little "pet cemetary" too. :) I think its gonna be very special when she is all done.
So sorry to hear about your doggie getting hit by a car, I know that isn't easy. We had two of ours hit by cars. :(

Hi Jules and everybody out there! :wave:

Well that is about all for me. Its back to the ole grind tonight (Thursday night) Yippee. I guess work will be good for me, get out of the apt. and talk to other people besides my cat that is clinging to me now that the other has passed and my DH. lol.

Take Care.


03-29-2007, 02:23 PM
SASSY...You're very welcome, glad it cheered you up!;) Hope getting back to work tonight helps get your mind on some other things for awhile.:hug:

Well I didn't know 3FC had the free diet blogs option now, but I just created mine and it's going to take some getting used to. I still don't know if I did things right, and I uploaded my current picture and one of me at my heaviest, but don't know if they show up anywhere. Oh well, eventually I'll get the hang of it and I think it's a great new option to keep track of my soon to be progress.:D

03-29-2007, 02:29 PM
Good Morning,
Beautiful day isn't it Michelle? I have always liked Canby, though I like the SW too. I know I just really need to move out of mom's place. Starting to drive me bonkers.
I did come back from Hawaii. It was a nice vacation but I was uncomfortable with Hawaii Man. I kept calling M wanting to come home. Gaby had a ball though so that was good.
Cute story about my grandmother. She is 95 and just went into a foster care home. She wouldn't come out of her room for weeks and the doctor finally ordered her too. She replied that she was 95 years old and he said "you aren't dead yet!!". So the next day she made it to breakfast in the dining room and when done eating said "this is a nice restaurant" and tipped $3 dollars. lol I thought that was funny.
~ Sassy ~ Hang in there. Hate that thing where you have to work to have money. Seems a bother - lol I sooooooo did not want to come to work today.

SusanNYC - you do look great!!

Anyway - Saw my M last night for a quick dinner as he was heading back home.He lives about 40 miles away so we usually just see each other on weekends, unless he is in town for teaching, which he was - blah - blah.

I had a breakfast wrap this morning and probably will stop at baja fresh for lunch.

03-29-2007, 04:12 PM
its finally warming up in NY, the last 2 days were beautiful...a little chilly today though, but still sunny.
We had a visit from our "area director", someone from the office of my volunteer program, and I got to talk a lot with her about next year and the kind of work I'd like to do. Its exciting, but scarry too, I'm really not sure what's going to happen! Planning my summer too...hoping for a camping trip and of course have a wedding to go to. Planning is hard when it involves plane tickets 4 months away!

Susan - I know Canby very well! I've been through there countless times. That's cute about your grandma...reminds me of mine, she's 90 and in assisted living, I miss her!

Sassy - *hugs* hope you're doing well

hello to all!

03-29-2007, 04:47 PM
Hello ladies...

MICHELLE...hugs to you and your grandma. That's weird that they wanted to charge you $75 for a fitting fee for contacts. Both DS's got contacts and they didn't...they were/are a lot cheaper than glasses for sure! I can't believe the prices of glasses. I need to go get my eyes checked's been over 3 years.'s understandable you not wanting to do anything on your day off. You and dH work so many hours so you deserve to do nothing. Plus you have a lot on your plate right now. And you are VW for the card.

SUSAN...funny about your grandma, lol. Bet she is a sweetheart. I wish my kids could have met and spent time with my granma on my moms side. My dads parents didn't really care about anyone but I loved my granma, my moms parents. She would have loved having all these grandkids. Well, at least Michael isn't further than 40 miles and is in the same state! He is a sweetie and I am glad he is good to you and Gaby.

Not much going on with me...same ole, same ole. I did get the kitchen done, yay! :cp: Feels good to have one room done, lol. Actually, I have my bath done and the bedroom except the bedding. I need help from V to put the bedskirt on and he's been busy with other things. Now to finish the kids bath and the living room. It's a lot of work for sure. Will just be glad when it's over.

Hope all is well with everyone and you are having a good day. :hug:

03-29-2007, 04:56 PM
No, I haven't really liked my grandmother Cristina. She always favored the males and while I am named after her we have never been closed. It was cute though. Another weird thing is she keeps thinking my mom is dead on her bed and keeps asking people to remove her so she can lay down and take a nap. lol - ok, that is morbid.
Lunch Time!! I have been playing around with my printhead all morning and internet connection - so frustrating- nothing done.

Lets talk M though!! :) he is a sweetie and Gaby likes him - he is very patient with her. He gave me a kiss last night and Gaby had to get up, come over and kiss him. I guess she didn't want to be left out. lol

k- starved!! chat later

03-29-2007, 11:28 PM
Hey Ladies.

Thanks. Today I woke up sick. :barf: But I came in anyways because I am trying to save my time and unless I am dying I'm coming in.

Work was very very busy when I first got in so it was good to get my mind off of things, as this morning things kinda all "sunk in" I wasn't able to get to sleep until about 12:30 pm. (I work nights)


03-30-2007, 08:54 AM
Sassy-Hope you are feeling better soon!! You and hubby have had it rough lately.

SuzyQ--I am so glad that M and Gaby get along, just shows how sweet he is!! The teen year are definitely rough!! On them and us!!

Cristina--Teri loves her new place--when her friend Geneva moved in with her boyfriend and Teri had to leave the house that they had fixed up so cute she had two choices--Nicki & Kia. Nicki lives in the same apartment complex that allows pets (she has the cutest toy poodle) but at that time Nicki was thinking about moving in with her boyfriend and then Teri could take over the lease or Kia who owns a trailer with two bedrooms but her boyfriend was living with her. Kia's was cheaper with the three of them splitting the bills and Teri knew Kia wasn't going to move out and leave her with rent she couldn't afford alone. Then Kia got pregnant and his parents ordered nursery furniture right away so they wanted to paint so Teri had to move again. Nicki keeps teasing her that she should have just moved in with her from the start--Teri keeps teasing her that she should be glad she didn't because then Nicki might have moved in with her loser boyfriend and then broken up with him and had to move back in with Teri. They are having fun. They have been to two concerts and have gone out dancing at a club near the University.

SusanNYC--you look so cute you skinny little thing. You hair is so pretty--are they natural curls? Sounds like you have a fun summer planned and it's always nice when you like your job.

Michelle--sorry to hear about your grandmother, I lost both of mine before I greaduated. DH's grandfather is in a nursing home and just turned 96 in February.

Katy--Hi to you too!!!

Well I have to hit the shower and get to WW--I can't wait to go to DC with DS tomorrow!!

03-30-2007, 01:43 PM
Hello ladies...

Feeling blah today. I think it's the weather. It has been raining almost every day we have been in the new house. Ugh! And there's more coming. The sun did come out for a little while yesterday and then the rain started again! Our yard is a muddy mess so I have to take Ernie down the street to potty. There's a little area with a pond and bridge...I wouldn't let him go in someones yard, like everyone else. It's kind of nasty though because a lot of people take their dogs there and don't pick up after them, ugh! Anyway...

SUSAN...that too bad about your grandma. My dads parents were that way. I never really called them grandma or grandpa. My youngest brother was a fav and they always bought him stuff but not the rest of us. My mom said that they always treated her bad when her and my dad first married. It took a long time before they even bought her something for Christmas. Anyway, even though we spent a lot of time around them I was never close to them. Close to my moms family though and still am. And that is cute! Gaby had to have a kiss too, lol! Glad M is a sweetie to you both.

JULES...funny about Teri. Glad she is happy with who she is living with now and they are having fun.

SASSY...take care of yourself. :hug: your new avatar and picture of DD in your siggy.

Hi SusanNYC & Katy! :wave:

Going to clean the living room today and get some laundry done. Man, you miss a day and it piles up fast. Chat with you ladies later. :wave:

03-30-2007, 02:27 PM
I lost a half of a pound but I'll take it after going a month straight at a big zero loss!!

It's nice out today, not overly warm but definitely not cold. We are going to a friend's house. Their babies crib came and the baby wants it put up!! Mommy says so!!

03-30-2007, 03:23 PM
hey all

The good news and the bad...bad: I was feeling horrible last night and this morning, pissy and nasty and blah. And I'm not feeling well because of antibiotic side effects. I'm hopeing part if not all of this is because TOM is coming soon...but I'm not sure.

Good: I had the best run of my life yesterday. Not great in the grand scheme of things, but for me...amazing. I jogged for 23 minutes without stopping for a rest. My previous record was 12 minutes. WOO

Jules - Hey, 1/2 a lb is something to be happy about! And yes those are my own curls :)

Hope all are well

03-30-2007, 04:15 PM
I think I could run 1 minute without having to stop.
Wonderful on the 23 minutes SusanNYC!! Hope you start to feel better.

My back has been hurting all week - popping tylenol for the pain. I think it was because I slept on my stomache to help with the cough that I had. That is my only gripe today.

I am glad it is Friday and glad it is payday! Beck came home last night from Reno. Did I say she went down with her friend and family? I think you were asking Cristina( ??) anyway, she was the added daughter for the trip along with a 10 year old sister and 20 year old brother. I thought it was sweet Beck was the only added friend to be invited. Today Rach and her friend took Gaby to the zoo - Gaby adores the goats. I am sure she will have fun.

Yesterday I ate my breakfast wrap, chili from Wendy's and when I got home I made a tuna sandwich. I did have a handful of peanuts but otherwise that was it. I haven't weighed in months!!

Yay on 1/2 a pound Jules :)

Cristina - Hope you feel better too. We have a nice dog park that Gab likes to go to and see the animals run around.

ugh - noon and I am already pooped for the day! Hi to Sassy and Michelle and Katy and all.

chat later : )

03-30-2007, 05:16 PM
Hello ladies... was me that asked. I figured she (beck) went with the family and not just the girls. Do they have to be 21 to gamble in Reno? May seem like a stupid question but hey, I've never been there-just Vegas. Hope your back gets better. I love the Zoo! Was just thinking about me and DD making a trip to the one here...if it ever stops raining! It is getting dark so I guess it's getting ready to start again.

SusanNYC...hope you feel better soon. Glad you got in a long run. One day I will Susan, I am good for a minute then feel like I am going to die, lol! Not a pretty sight.

JULES...:woohoo: and :bravo: to your loss! Hey, every little bit adds up in the end! I've got to get back on track. I hate that I have strayed because of moving. Have fun putting the crib together. Bet she is getting excited!

MICHELLE...hugs to you and your grandma. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. I edited my earlier post...thought why in the world did I write that stuff, jeez. I think I have literally gone bonkers. Not from the move, but from worrying to death about Josh. But I am feeling better because I received an e-mail from him today. :cp: Last I talked with him he wasn't doing so great. Now I need to get some Easter packages ready for them since they are headed back to where they were orginally.

Anyway...ah, I am hearing thunder now. Probably should be getting off this thing. Supposed to have some severe weather again. And they are warning about flooding tonight thru tomorrow. Poor Ernie dog is suffering the worst with this weather.

I'll chat with you ladies tomorrow sometime. Take care and have a wonderful weekend! :wave:

03-30-2007, 06:27 PM
Hi Cristina,
The family was going down to Death Valley for a family reunion. They got stuck in Reno with the snow but I guess there was family to stay with. I saw Beck at the zoo and she looked so pretty, very happy to see her. How long have you had Ernie?? I never heard of him until now. lol I am a space cadet.
The back is getting better, I am just tired, I have a lot of broken sleep.
Lunch was a bowl of garden veggie soup, so good.
Any special plans for the weekend????
I think I might work tomorrow and go down to M's for the evening for dinner and a movie. Have to make an effort to see him since he is a sweetie to go out of his way for me. I wanted a drive to the coast though, that might be fun.
Maybe take Gaby to see the Robinson movie. Need to call her father and see if he was taking her.........*sigh* I thought I had nothing to do! Better get!

03-30-2007, 11:26 PM
Hi Chickies! ;)

Well I definately feel better today! I'm not sure if it was just something I ate or just stress yesterday! But I'm glad I feel better. You know the more and more I think about it, I bet that my feeling bad here lately is probably stress related. Think I need a nice relaxing getaway or something.

Today I had my Subway Club. ;) Did ya know they have mini subs now? I didn't know that! I got a regular 6", but saw the sign, also you can get double meat now for 99c but I didn't get that, just got the regular. ;)

It was a lovely day today, well what I saw of it coming into work! lol. Just gorgeous. I hope we have at least one nice day on our days off (M-W) I would like to get out since last week we didn't go out a lot.

Guess that is about it for me.

Have a Good one!


03-31-2007, 11:46 AM
Happy Saturday, Ladies!

I'm so happy! The sun is finally shining! :sunny: Now maybe we will dry out. Too much rain and ugly days lately, blah.

SUSAN...we have had Ernie since 1995. We got him when he was 6 weeks old and he will be 12 in Sept. The longest I have ever had a dog. Speaking of Beck? How are the girls doing? What, are they 16 and 14 now? Can't keep their ages straight. And I bet they are both getting prettier every day. They grow so fast too. Seems like yesterday mine were babies and now they are in their 20's! :yikes: Makes me feel old sometimes when I think of it, lol. Be careful going to see M, that is, if you go. And have a fun weekend with him too!

SASSY...glad to hear you are feeling better. Didn't know Subway has the double meat for 99 cents. Sometimes I get what DD gets, which is a Subway's cheaper to get the 12 in for the both of us than to buy two sandwiches. But she eats it plain, just meat and cheese. Sometimes I need more than that...I actually love the veggies. But I give her my cheese not into it anymore and she likes extra. Even with them being plain and so flat I would never get double meat...that would be a lot for me. But I like their tuna too, sometimes. Really need to try something new.


JULES...tell Ryan HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you guys have a fun day tomorrow. :bday2you:

Nothing special going on with me this weekend. I think you guys know what I will be up to, lol. Still unpacking some stuff and putting away. Today going to finish the living room and hang some pictures and do a couple loads of laundry. Exciting isn't it, lol. I did get most of the living room done yesterday...just have a box of stuff that goes in the coffee table drawers. Then V's papers that go in the tv stand. Then I may do some on the basement...get some office boxes unpacked. Anywho...

Take care ladies and I hope everyone has a fun weekend! :wave:

03-31-2007, 02:13 PM
Happy Saturday ladies- I think I lost my way to Kindergarten. My bookmark was gone...
Susan- So good to see you made it back from your vacation. Sounds like your girls are growing up and the BF is great! Good luck on getting moved out from your Mom's one of these days. It is hard to know where and when to move, isn't it?
Scuzin- have done fantastic. Nice to hear that you are enjoying your jogs and have improved your time between stops. Like Cristina, I have a goal to be able to jog....but I am 58 years old, so probably won't EVER make that goal. (not to mention all this weight)
Sassy- Yum on the Subway. I am trying so hard not to do fast food...but Subway can be okay I think. Maybe will have to go there next week.
Jules- Hope you are having a ball in DC.
and Katy- ...Ditto about the beach....
Michelle- I sent good thoughts about your grandma...but sent them to the wrong person. Now, here they are for you. I will continue to pray for her. Hope you are doing OK.
Cristina- Hi again...Hope you have a nice day and don't work too hard!

Rainy here, and chilly. If it stops I hope to get outside for at least a walk. We came back from our winter in Vegas the 13th. I have been cleaning house and still trying to get closets in order. Now I have "ordered" DH to build me a shelf for over my desk so I can display some family photos. Ordered, ha...he is busy getting his work shop set up the way he wants it. Next...on to landscaping. (if it ever dries up out there)

Good to "see" you all.

03-31-2007, 03:40 PM
Good Morning.

awww, Sue :) Happy to see you , thank you so much for your email. Hawaii was nice. I noticed on my paystub that I already have another 40 hours built up! Might take some time in the summer. Hope you have a good weekend.

Cristina - hmmm, have you talked about Ernie before? Just escapes me. What kind of doggie is he? I love my mothers Momo, orange and white, male kitty. He is so sweet. Of course I have kitty Buck, but really haven't bonded with him. Beck is 14 (15 in Jan) and Rach is 16 in Aug. Can you believe that?? The babies growing up - Gaby is so grown up too. She wanted to go to the car wash so bad last night I finally said ok and she replies..." mom you're the best." Now if the older girls would be so easy to please. They always want $$$$$.

Sassy I am glad you are feeling better. Never heard of the mini subs.

I need to get to work. I have an hour or two here at the office. Gaby's father came and picked her up at 9:30. I gave him some $$ to take her to the circus because I wasn't going to get the chance. I miss her already. The older girls are going to an amusement park for the afternoon. I guess I will catch up with them tomorrow because M gets off work at 2pm and I plan on being down there when he does. Spend the afternoon together. He is very sweet Sue - very lucky lady to have found him and smart enough to know a good man when I see one!! lol Goodness knows I have had some odd balls.

anyway, did I say my mom gave me a vicodin for my back pain last night?? She did....I showed her where the pain has been since Monday and she thought it was my lungs. I did sleep good, it was wonderful :)

blah - blah....I better get!! Hi to everyone and have a super weekend!

03-31-2007, 04:36 PM
Michelle I meant to say that I was thinking of you this morning. I was driving to work and was thinking of my conversation with my mom on Easter and what to do as a family. Thought of my father because he always loved holidays and getting together with his children. Of course I got teary eyed and realized he will be gone a year next month. How did the time do so fast, and the ache is just as strong. I know you have had a difficult time with the loss of your mother. Just wanted to say HUGS :hug: :hug: :hug: to you!!

03-31-2007, 11:36 PM
Hi All!
We are back from the beach - had a lovely time. The weather was a bit off and on, but we played on the beach when the sun was out and did other stuff when it rained. Did alot of shopping :) I managed to maintain during vacation - yay! I ate a lot of Subway clubs, btw. They only have 355 calories. I get them with all the veggies they have and just dijon mustard. It makes a big sandwich and the 6" size is just right. I am using a free trial of Calorie King on my Palm Zire and that was very helpful on the vacation. It is sobering to look up pizza and realize that 1 slice of pizza has about the same calories as that Subway Club:faint:

Susan - so good to see you back, and happy :) I'm glad life is going well for you - you deserve it. Thanks for checking out my blog - yes, I do write it all myself. I am enjoying it. I should be blogging about Spring Break in a few days, so check back. (And leave a comment if you feel like it - I LOVE comments!)

Sue - good to see you back, too - how was Vegas?

Cristina - so glad your move went well - too bad you have all that unpacking, but I guess that's just how it goes. We are very close to moving into our addition - and I will have a load of work to do when that happens. D thinks it will be sometime in May. We have one more inspection, then he needs to finish up the painting in his spare time.

Sassy - Glad you are feeling better - hope you have a nice Saturday!

Jules - half a pound is ok by me! I have had so many weeks lately of no losses or just .25 lb. or something really small. Grr. I was happy to make it through vacation without a gain. Congrats on the loss!

SusanNYC - I loved your pics - you are so cute and you can really tell you've lost alot of weight. All that running paid off!

Michelle - How are you doing? I hope you are well

Hi to anyone I may have missed or is reading this now. Hope you are all having a great weekend. We are watching alot of Battlestar Galactica - the old one with Dirk Benedict and that hottie Richard Hatch (not the Survivor dude) Any gal of a "certain age" know exactly who I'm talkin' about. I'm enjoying the trip down memory lane, that is, when I'm not feeling really old.


04-01-2007, 02:09 AM
Hi Chicks! :wave:

Just wanted to say Hi and show off my new signature, a co-worker made it for me in memory of my kitty. I had to get rid of my Glitter Signature though so it wouldn't go over the limit. :(

04-01-2007, 09:28 AM
Sassy---I am so sorry about the loss of your pet--they really are a big part of your life. The two we have now we have had for almost 7 years. The one we got from the rescue was estimated to be 1 we she came to us. She is starting to show her 8 years especially if she has been out running and playing all day when we are outside doing things. DD worked at Subway during her high school years and never got tired of it--she still stops to get subs at least once a week.

Katy--so glad you had a great time at the beach and yes I remember the hot Richard Hatch (NEVER to be confused with the naked Survivor one!!) all my friends like Dirk Benedict but me--I sighed for Richard Hatch. I watched Walking Tall with "The Rock" last night and DH said that he wished he had that body and I looked at him and smiled that I wish that he did too!! Luckily he was in a god mood and laughed about it.

SuzyQ--It's good that Gaby's Dad is trying to be a Dad again--the only scary part is if he just drops out of the picture again. At least you have M there showing her how a guy should treat a lady and giving that good stable male role model. A drive to the coast sounds good, I love the ocean. Hugs to you for missing your Dad. My Dad is calling again--he just made his 30 year sober. I can tell when he's going through his 12 step and gets to the one about making amends with those you have wronged--he will be caliing for awhile and then I won't hear from him. DD just moved into the same apartment complex as him so we will see--she doesn't really know him because he was never really in my life. We did help him move several years ago and DD who is very vocal got smart with him when he asked me if I was fatter and what did I weigh. She doesn't have a very high opinion of him since he does make me cry alot.

Sue--we did have a ball in DC--the Spy Museum was so awesome!!

Cristina--we had a really good time--we had to wait for about an hour to get into the next show since the one that was happenning right away had sold out right before we got there. There was a brew pub across the street so we went in and DS had a beer and took some pictures of the big holding tanks, the waitress was wonderful.

Susan--Your curls are beautiful. I wish NY was a daytrip awy--DS would love to go to NY and Boston to check out the museums, every now and then there are bus trips. We will have to watch for it.

Michelle--hugs to you and your worries for your grandmother. You have been through alot this last year.

Here is the crib the guys ended up putting together--it's the cherry one with the canopy:

Hope everyone has a great day!!

04-01-2007, 06:09 PM
Hello ladies...

SUSAN...I have talked about Ernie before, but not a lot I don't think. Ooops! I think I got the girls mixed up. Was thinking Rebecca was the oldest. And yes, they do grow fast. I am glad to hear that Gaby's dad is wanting to be a part of her life again. I know that will make her happy.

KATY...I knew I forgot to do something...check out your blog! :^: :o I'll have to do that. Glad for that you guys had a fun time at the beach! I bet you will be glad with the addition is finished and you guys are moved in!

JULES...that is a cool little crib! I love that it fits in a corner. Wish they had them when the kids were babies. Glad you guys had fun today!

SUE...howdy :wave: You guys will have fun landscaping. I can't wait until we start but I think it will be a while. We are going to plant some shrubs and trees but then DH wants to put sprinklers in before we think about grass so it may be fall before the grass comes. Too much to do!

SASSY...that is such a cool picture in your siggy! That was sweet of your co-worker to make it for you.

HI ya Kathy, SusanNYC & Michelle! Hope all is well with you ladies. :hug:

Not much going on with me today. Was out keeping V company for a little while, whil e he was putting the garage door opener in. He didn't finish it because he had to go into work for a few hours. But he will get it wired this evening when he comes home. :cp: I am glad he is handy like that. It saves us lots of moola since we don't have to hire someone to do it. I am just being lazy today though. Taking it easy. Well, except for laundry. It's a never ending thing though.

Have a good day ladies! :hug:

04-01-2007, 08:11 PM
Hi ladies!! Mopped floors and did laundry--fun stuff!! It's been rainy and a kind of lazy day!!

04-01-2007, 08:39 PM
Hey all,

Thanks and I just ADORE my signature, she did it with Adobe Photoshop, she is kind of a self taught Photoshop "Guru". She did give us a website that has tutorials on it, that may be of some help to you too:

Jules -- Yes Puddy was my "baby" I got him when he was only 6 weeks old and could fit into the palm of my hand! They certainly do become a part of the family.

I hope you all are doing well! :)


04-02-2007, 01:09 PM
Good Morning,
What beach did you go to Katy?? We always head for Seaside and north of - probably because that was home for so long. Richard hatch was a dream, I also liked Randolph Mantooth from Emergency, he was the 1st actor that stole my heart. Gage *sigh.....if I ever have a son I am naming him Gage- haha
Exciting news!! The Bachelor starts again tonight, can't wait. Along with American Idol life can't get any better.
oops, got sidetracked.......yes, your blog is very funny. I read more of it Saturday. I will check in and leave a comment. I didn't want to ruin your site though with a silly *make no sense* comment from me - lol --

Cute signature Sassy. I love my Momo, my mom said last night since I am so attached to him she would trade Buck for Momo. I thought that was nice. HUGS

Hi to Cristina and Jules!!! Ya, the girls grow up fast!! Beck and her friend both have boyfriends name Will. The Wills are into ballroom dancing and Beck asked me if I would come to her wedding in Germany. Of course I said yes.

Gaby slacked in her homework. She was suppose to draw her favorite animal and handed me the pencil and said for me to do it. Heck no. She wouldn't do any of it. She went to see Meet the Robinsons and I guess she did end up at the circus. Her father called and asked if he can have her for a few hours on Saturday for Easter Egg hunts and I said that was fine.

Spent Saturday evening with M. We went to see Blades of Glory. I picked it out because of the one actor that played Napoleon Dynamite. I thought it was funny in a stupid way. Right up my alley. Afterwards we went to Applebee's which has a weight watchers menu. I thought that was nice, I didn't order from there though because I don't do weight watchers. lol I had a burger and fries - ate half, I was stuffed from all the movie popcorn.

I thought this was funny - kind of crass but whatever......
I was laying on M's bed and I looked up and said "you know this is a nice bed, nice headboard." and M said "ya, it is nice. Me: "what did your ex get?" as in the divorce - which was 10 years ago. M said " her piece"..........I thought he meant*her piece of the bedroom set,maybe a nice dresser or something until I realized he said *herpes*, she was a rather naughty lady and cheated in her marriage. lol.......anyway, that made me laugh.

ok, better get to work!!! Chow.

04-02-2007, 01:53 PM
Suzy--hey there chickee!! I liked Randolph Mantooth too....sigh.....and both Starsky & Hutch!! So is Beck learning to ballroom dance--Teri was thinking about taking a swing class.

Well back to work.....

04-02-2007, 01:59 PM
Ugh, back to work?? I am sitting here coughing , so want to go home!! Yes, Becky is learning to dance. The Wills and Thelma & Lousie go on Saturday mornings to dance. They also attend dinners with dancing. Becky has danced with Wills dad. Very nice. I liked David Soul, he was kind of cute. Randolph was *it* though and Greg from Brady Bunch.

04-02-2007, 05:04 PM
Hello ladies...

Susan...that is cool the girls do ballroom dancing. I wanted V and I to do it and he won't. He is not into dancing at all but said he would do it if I really wanted him to. I do but I told him I want him to go because "he" wants to, not because I want to. I love dancing! Funny, they both have BF's named Will, lol. Well, at least the ex has something she will never forget, lol. Okay, that's terrible. I wouldn't wish anything bad on anyone. were doing what I did over the weekend. Pretty laid back and boring for me.

Sassy...thank you for the link. I went to it really fast to see what I could find out and I am going to have to go back and spend some time there for sure.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Sorry this is a fast one. I am pooped. Got up too early and had lots of errands to run. Now I am getting sleepy.

WI today and I am up one pound. Fine by me though as I really expected a 2 pound gain, lol. My eating was bad last week. But today I am back on track and went to the park to walk. Did 1 1/2 miles. Drinking my water as well and took my vitamin so off to a good start.

Take care ladies and I will chat with you soon :wave: :hug:

04-02-2007, 06:03 PM
Hi Cristina - M doesn't speak of the ex that much. I did ask a lot of questions in the beginning. I always think a man should speak highly of the mother to his children. M didn't though So, I had to go to Plan B.....haha - jk. She was a woozey of a lady and M did try for 2 years to make it work and try counseling and all that. He finally remortgaged his home and gave her a $$$$ settlement and he took custody of their son who lived with him anyway. blah - blah.
I would love to learn how to dance! Ballroom dancing sounds nice, the Will sounds nice and his family sounds normal. Weddings in Germany and he took Beck too to see Blades of Glory - so he has good taste in movies.

anyway - I had veggie garden soup for lunch. Feel icky and just want to go to bed, have the chills.

04-02-2007, 06:05 PM
Hi Cristina - M doesn't speak of the ex that much. I did ask a lot of questions in the beginning. I always think a man should speak highly of the mother to his children. M didn't though So, I had to go to Plan B.....haha - jk. She was a woozey of a lady and M did try for 2 years to make it work and try counseling and all that. He finally remortgaged his home and gave her a $$$$ settlement and he took custody of their son who lived with him anyway.Been years since she has seen the son. blah - blah.
I would love to learn how to dance! Ballroom dancing sounds nice, the Will sounds nice and his family sounds normal. Weddings in Germany and he took Beck too to see Blades of Glory - so he has good taste in movies.

anyway - I had veggie garden soup for lunch. Feel icky and just want to go to bed, have the chills.

04-02-2007, 11:22 PM
Susan- I am still laughing about the "her piece" remark...I must be demented. No, I just have a hubby who HAD the same kind of ex. LOL Takes all kinds! Glad you are enjoying your relationship with M. Sounds great!

Hi Katy- Vegas was okay...but glad to be back to the new house. We actually put our vacation home up for sale and hopefully it goes this summer.

Cristina- Hang in have done so well on your exercising and all...the loss will come. (here I am talking like I have had a great loss) haha.... Anyway...WE can do it.

Sassy, Jules, Michelle, Sczuin....Hi ladies..hope you are having a good week.

04-03-2007, 12:37 PM
:hug: HI LADIES~

I just wanted to come on and say hi after logging my exercise here. I will get back here later to do personals. Hope all of you have a great day!!!:hug:

04-03-2007, 12:47 PM
Good Morning.

I feel fat. I put on some army color capris and my butt was about to burst out the seams. Dang, I wore them several weeks ago just fine. They must have shrunk in the wash?? Dang,dang,dang.

I need to get a new washer because all my clothes are shrinking. lol......ok, I feel better.

I have to do this mind set thing before I look in the mirror. Like...."omg- you are so beautiful!!!! I always wanted a double chin and now I have 3!! yay!!".....*snicker*......naw, I almost have a double chin (like I almost can wear a size 2- lol ) I need to nip this weight thing in the butt. ASAP!!

Hi Sue :) ........M is so funny and loving.He is very thoughtful and easy to get along with. The weird thing is I always felt I needed to lose weight to have a man attracted to me but even 20 pounds overweight M adores me. lol ,,,,Very sweet man.

ugh- I have to work....dang. I didn't sleep until after 2 am. I coughed and coughed and kept waking up Gaby, who whimpered. The kitties came and showed concern, they are so cute. I am getting by on coffee, I picked up a egg salad sandwich at the store. It was good but I don't even wanna think about those calories. I will think about my lunch calories instead!! yay...- k- gotta go!!!!

Hi Michelle :) come back and chat! HUGS

04-03-2007, 04:53 PM
Susan - I laughed at the "her piece", I guess I'm demented. The first thing that came to mind was " the gift that keeps on giving" aren't I bad? I just posted Spring Break pics on my blog. Comments don't have to make sense - house rule, lol!

Cristina - TY for the lovely card...hope the holiday season is treating you well. We are busy as you can imagine. Don't think we'll do any services on Thurs. or Friday. My SS class is helping with the Easter Egg hunt on Saturday, then there's Sunday, of course. busy busy busy

My DD is standing next to me saying " Mom. Mom. Mom.'' and she won't shut up. I think she wants something, lol!~ I had hoped to get to more individuals but hope you are all well. I will try to get back soon to "chat " some more.

04-03-2007, 05:18 PM
MICHELLE...good to see you posting. Where are you logging your exercise? On your blog? I haven't checked out the blogs...didn't know they had them, or didn't pay attention.

KATY...finally checked out your blog. You look a little different, not sure if it your hair or that you've lost weight but you are looking good missy. I too love your humor!

SUSAN...wasn't sure if you were joking about a wedding in Germany...are you serious? And if so why Germany? Is Will in the service? Anywho...sounds like M had a winner of an ex. Me and DD are wanting to see that movie too. I love John Heder and Will Farrell...watching a preview of that movie right now. Have you gone and had that cough checked out missy?

SUE...not really worried about the weight at this point. I have been too busy to worry about it. But getting back on track. on the computer later than usual. Was cleaning the house all morning and doing final touches. Finally have everything upstairs (main level) done and put together. Well, except for curtains and Josh's room. Wasn't a big deal to get his together but I will work on that tomorrow after V puts up his blind and bed today. After that I am going to get some sort of organization to the family room and I am done! Hooray! Will post some pictures once I get them uploaded somewhere. tried on Shutterfly yesterday and I don't know what happened. Might try photobucket. Chat more next time. :wave:

04-04-2007, 01:42 AM
Hi Gurls! :wave:

Storming here! :rain: The power went off and then right back on! We're supposed to get hail too!

Well we got the apt all sparkly clean yesterday, DH did A LOT! He totally cleaned his office! :yikes: It looks SO good!!!!!! :D We were kind of using it as a "Storage Area" and he found room in our closets for the stuff and its all put away and doesn't look like a "Storage Unit" no more! lol.

The maintenance man came today, fixed a lot of stuff, he is coming back to fix more, our dishwasher is finally fixed! It's NEVER worked right since it was installed, turns out the old maintenance man who installed it installed it wrong! Now I still don't know if that will affect leaving the residue on our dishes, I think that is just our water, so I may borrow some dishwasher stuff from my mil, as I gave her all we had because ours never has worked right and I'll try it out. But anyways its only the two of us so we don't really need the dishwasher that often, only if we have company or make a big meal or something.

I caught myself calling our other cat Puddy. I guess that is going to happen for a while...........

Well guess that is about all, rambling on here. lol.

TY Cristina for the Card, your a sweetie, and for the new address! :D


:easter3: :bunny2: :bunny: :egg: :easter: :easter2:

04-04-2007, 02:06 AM
SUSAN...Thank you so much for thinking of me the other day. I still have some bad days, but they do seem less than they used to be, but I still look at my mom's picture on my shelf in the living room several times a day, and I even talk to her sometimes. You are SO funny about your weight thingy.;) You are so pretty and I'm sure you look just fine, and M says som right??!!:hug:

CRISTINA...I log my exercise in the Fitness section here under the April WATP thread. The ladies there are all so nice and encouraging. I restarted back on plan this past Saturday morning, and I just feel different this time, something has finally clicked. I've been doing my 1 mile WATP every morning and tomorrow I'm going to add my 2 pound weights to the workout. Then when that gets too easy for me, I will go on to the 2 mile and so on. I've been drinking my water every day and writing everything I eat in my little pink notebook. Thank you so much for the cute Easter card and your change of address notice. You're always so sweet and thoughtful of others missy!!:hug:

SASSY...I LOVE your cute siggy now with your adorable kitty!;) I hope you stay safe in your stormy weather.:hug:

SUE...Hello to you too.;) Are you still in Las Vegas or have you gone back to your other home?:hug:

Hello KATY, JULES, SCUZIN and anyone else I may have missed!!:hug: Today my DD and I went to the eye clinic to pick up our new glasses. I love my DD's and the new picture of her in my siggy is with her new glasses on. The other picture for my avatar is both of my DD's at my DH's mom's house last week. Well I'm very tired tonight for some reason so I'm going to head for bed. Talk to all of you again tomorrow.:grouphug:

04-04-2007, 02:18 PM
Good Morning
I feel like a fake because I am really not trying to lose weight. I just *argh......can't seem to care. I blame the meds I take for making me calm and see fat as my friend. Ok, for shame Susan. You can joke about herpes but fat is off limits. We aren't that demented.
I am glad you are feeling better Michelle, you have beautiful daughters! I like the glasses in the one photo. We were going to have Easter dinner at my mothers and go up to my fathers gravesite afterwards as a family. He loved holidays. Miss him terrible.
Katy- So, you went to Newport on vacation? I did check out the photos, you have a handsome family! Leigh is a doll, is she excited about starting K in the Fall?
Sassy - Where do you live?
Cristina - Beck thinks she is getting married in Germany. His family is from Germany - he is only 14, not in the service - lol. Just a very hip teen who already has bought a 72 VW to fix up in his spare time. I need to buy her a ballgown because she is going to a dance on the 14th. Amazing on setting up your house soooo fast!! Must look wonderful, don't overwork!!!

Hi to Jules, SusanNYC and Sue :) Wishing you all a happy Wednesday!

I need to get to work. I had a chicken sandwish this morning for breakfast. I had a turkey one for dinner last night - along with a couple spoonfuls of peppered potato salad, it was good. Looking for Easter Egg hunts for Gaby to go to on Saturday. I tell her to run to the center and work her way out.I know.........get a life, huh??? In a foul mood. Cussing at other drivers and my mother. lol.......under my breath of course. With her it is like rules of Tuesday don't apply to Wednesday. In regards to dressing Gaby and such. she always has an opinion. Must be my lack of sleep. I see no humor in any of this &^%$#!!!!

chat later

04-04-2007, 04:45 PM
Just wanted to pop in to say hi to all--DH has been like a bear with a sore arse for several days now and as usual I am an easy target. I just don't have much to say right now. I have gone to the gym both monday & tuesday and walked 2 miles each night along with the crunch machine maybe him being grumpy is good--I go to the gym to get out of the house!!!

04-04-2007, 05:54 PM
Hello ladies...! I thought Beck was really getting married! I was confused, lol! You sound like me but with me it is the exercise. I care but at the same time I don't. I took too long off and can't get back on track. Eventually I will. Now the food is a whole nuther story, lol.

Sassy...hey, do you hire out your hubby, lol? Send him over here to clean my house, please.

Jules...sorry DH is being a bear. But :woohoo: to your four miles!

Michelle...I love your new avatar and siggy. Your DD's are gorgeous! And love the glasses as well. :bravo: for you getting back in the spring of things! :hug:

HI KATY, SUE & SusanNYC! Hoping all is well with you.

Had lots of errands to run this morning and now getting some laundry done. Also, got in a 2 mile walk. Had to walk on the treadmill since the weather turned on us. It is pretty chilly out there and windy. Ican deal with the cold but the wind gets to me. Anywho...

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! :hug:

04-04-2007, 10:13 PM
Howdy Girls.

Wow! Talk about Temperature Change! Holy Moly! Its SNOWING! :yikes: The wind is blowing, this is just plain weird! They say that its supposed to get into the negative temperatures this weekend? What kind of Easter is this going to be? Easter Bunny better bundle up! lol.

Of course with all this blasted weather my back and DH's knees are killing us! Can't wait until the weather finally makes up its mind! lol.

Hey Michelle, Thanks and I love your pics too! I agree, love your DD's new glasses! If I ever get myself to the eye doctor and get mine and also get my hair done, MAYBE I might have the courage to post a pic on here. lol.

Hey Susan -- Don't feel like a fake! I haven't probably lost maybe 1 lb since I've been here, but I still come here. My theory is if I "hang out" with healthy-minded individuals, then maybe some of it will rub off on me! lol. Oh and I live in Southwestern Ohio. Anyways, if you ever want to talk, please feel free to PM me! ;) (that goes for everybody here as well) :hug:

Hey Jules -- LOL @ your DH being like a grumpy bear with a sore arse! :lol: WTG on going to the Gym and the 2 miles! :woohoo: Maybe I should tell my DH to be a grump, that might motivate me? lol.

Hey Cristina -- Yes I do hire out my DH. He ain't cheap though! lol. While he is cleaning your house, he can also work on your computer, for an additional fee, if you need it! :lol: He had to go and fix the Apt. Manager's Computer this morning, but hey we got $25 knocked off of our rent! :D

Well you all take care and KEEP WARM -- if it is cold where your at, if not, then um, well :p lol...............


04-04-2007, 10:59 PM
Hi Ladies~

Well today was a very busy day for me, lots of running around and tomorrow will be the same. I managed to workout this morning and again tonight, each time doing my WATP 1 mile with 2 pound weights. On Saturday morning when I first started out, it was hard to just finish the 1 mile and my legs hurt so bad, but it's amazing after just a few days, and now I was able to do it two times in one day.:p Thank you ALL for the kind words and compliments about both of my daughters. I think they're beautiful and gorgeous, but then I'm their mom.;) Our weather has been absolutely beautiful, about 70F today and supposed to keep getting nicer the rest of the week. I'm so sorry Sassy about your change in the weather, and hopefully some of ours comes your way soon!;) Jules, I'm so sorry about your hubby, but atleast you're getting your exercise in and that will help make you feel better.;) I will be back to type more tomorrow. I need to get a couple loads of laundry folded.:hug:

04-05-2007, 12:52 PM
Good morning, ladies...

MICHELLE...okay, so you don't have to rub the weather in our faces, lol. ;) :lol: I was liking the warm weather and now it is winter again, lol! Just for a few days though, I hope. and yes, your DD's are gorgeous! The brunette (sorry, can't remember their names *slaps forehead*) looks like you. She has your smile. :carrot: :cp: :bravo: :cb: :dance: :dancer: :woohoo: :cheer2: :broc: :cheer: All those smilies are for a job well done! :bravo: to you missy for all the exercise you are doing! Keep up the good work! I am proud of you. Now, will you rub some of that motivation onto me?

SASSY...we are having some of the same weather. No snow yet, but they are calling for it today. And it is coooold! Brrrrrrr! Funny, I was just saying I bet it is going to snow and get cold like they said because my arm started hurting bad yesterday. Hmmm, trying to think if we need any work done on the computer. :chin: Not at this time but housework is another story, lol. Actually, I am almost done with everything being unpacked and put away. Of course then it will be time to start over with the cleaning, ugh. WTG on the $25 being knocked off your rent! Can't beat that at all.


Nothing much going on with me today. Getting ready to head out to the show at a little after noon. I have been wanting to see Reign Over Me since it came out. I love Adam Sandler! There's a couple more movies I want to see as time, in time. Anywho...want to get a walk in before getting ready and this is cutting it close.

Take care ladies and I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! :wave: :hug:

04-05-2007, 01:13 PM
CRISTINA...My younger DD, the brunette, is Brittany and my older DD is Alyssa. Everyone says that Brittany looks so much like me and my mom, and Alyssa looks like my DH. Brittany and I will probably look more alike as I lose weight and my face thins down.:p I did my WATP 1 mile with the 2 pound weights again this morning, but when I tried to eat my oatmeal for breakfast, I started feeling a little sick to my stomach, so I quit eating it. I have several things to do today. Then when DH gets off work, we're going down to pick up his new glasses, get mine slightly adjusted, run to Target and Costco, and then get a bight to eat someplace where I can have something healthy. My one biggest thing right now is staying away from eating out, because we do that way too much!!:devil: Our weather is supposed to be 70F today and 75F tomorrow, so I hope some comes your way!!;) My DD's friend that lives in Maine sent her a picture on her phone this morning of all their snow and said they're home from school today. It's just amazing how fast the weather changes. Oh yes, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the card, I got it yesterday. You are so kind and the bestest friend!!:hug: I hope you have fun watching your movie today.:hug:

04-05-2007, 01:20 PM
Eek! Its been a while since I've checked in! I feel so behind!
Hello to everyone and sorry I've been absent. I've been thinking about you and hoping you've been doing well. I'm fine, trudging through work, trying to figure out what job I'll have after August and where on earth I'll be living. It should all fall into place in the next month. *keeping my fingers crossed*

Well a happy Easter to you all! Any fun plans?

04-05-2007, 01:23 PM
SCUZIN...Hope everything gets worked out with your plans and you find a place to be living.:hug: We're going to my older DD's house for Easter dinner. Her and her DH just moved into a really pretty place a couple weeks ago, and since they have a lot of room, they want everyone to come over. Hope you have a nice Easter also!!:D

04-05-2007, 06:08 PM
CRISTINA...You had asked me about the new 3FC Diet Blogs here. Well I added mine to the left of my posts so you are able to click on it just as if you would with Fitday and you can read my blogs. I just did it today, because always learning something new.:p

04-06-2007, 02:13 PM
Ugh, I have been in a horible mood until my drive into work. I was thinking of Valerie Bertinelli, the new Jenny Craig girl. She is a size 14 and wants to lose 30 pounds by Fall.
I thought "omg- we are like sisters!!! I am not a size 14 (and mom always liked me best! - lol) but I am a 12 and I would love to be an 8 again. So, if she can do it so can I!!"......alas , I am motivated! did that happen?????

so, we shall start tomorrow, because I already ate a big breakfast.

I have had no sleep. I was barking at my mom this morning asking where my make up bag was and she replied that she didn't move it and I said I didn't ask you that...... I asked if you had seen it and she said she is not in charge of my make up bag!!! omg..........just say no that you haven't seen it. lol

Thanks Katy!! I got your PM. Gaby's dad is going to take her to an easter egg hunt in Milwaukie. He said we should do it together and I said no....just pooped and really.......don't think it is a good idea. He might start looking good again.....yikes.

ok- better get back to work!!

04-06-2007, 03:33 PM

Please do not POST , go to thread #23!! Thanks :) :scooter: :scooter:

04-06-2007, 03:35 PM
SUSAN...I always liked Valerie, she's just so cute and I love your avatar with the pretty pink background! I had a question for you about contacts. Didn't you say that a few months ago you went and got some new contacts? If so, where did you get them and do you remember how much the whole cost thing was from beginning to end? I'm happy you're getting back on track tomorrow and I'm supporting you all the way!!:hug: