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03-03-2007, 07:23 PM
So...I had some black beans and rice from the box (Zanaran's) with my dinner last night around 8. I had one cup of the rice, a big piece of chicken, and a piece of bread. I was full from that. But two hours later I was hungry again. I had another cup of the rice. Two hours later I was hungry again. I ate 700 of my 1300 calories for the day because I was so hungry.

Today my dad told me that rice was a starch and I forgot what he said...but it makes you hungrier...or processes quickly.

Is this true?

03-03-2007, 07:34 PM
Unfortunately . . . YES . . . not only is rice a starch it is one of the fastest digesting ones.

The faster your digestive system breaks down a starch into basic glucose, the more sugar rushes into your system and then the more insulin your pancreas puts out to bring the sugar level down. That is what makes you feel so hungry again so soon.

Try adding lots, and lots, of extra veggies to a smaller portion of rice to help slow down the process and keep you fuller longer. Increase the amount of protein in the meal, too. Protein really stays with you the longest (i.e., it's the slowest to digest).

Keep fighting the good fight, chickie . . . you can do it. :carrot:

PS: At your height and weight, I think you could probably afford to add a couple of hundred calories a day to that 1300. If you cut down too far, you are bound to feel hungry and have difficulty fighting the cravings. You have to think 'lifestyle change' not 'diet'. And that means you have to find something you can actually live with, 'for life'. :D

03-03-2007, 07:49 PM
Hey, Gamer! Good to "see" you again! :hug:

Yeah, sometimes carbs trigger wanting more carbs. Next time keep the rice portion down to half a cup instead of a full cup. And some vegetables would be great--but it still sounds like a pretty good meal to me except for all the extra rice.

If you stay right around 1300 cals for a week and find that you are getting too hungry--then I'd agree with meowee that you could probably increase them. Do it in a balanced way, not just with one food. Of course, notice your weight loss during that week too.

Take care!

03-03-2007, 08:04 PM
Mmmm, Zataran's. (I LURV their dirty rice, particularly.)

Yeah, rice can be a tough one. I find keeping the portions small and eating it with a serving a lean protein and some low glycemic veggies helps keep me sated. Brown rice sticks with me longer than white. We really like a brown rice pilaf with toasted almonds, onion, and garlic.

You could also try homemade black beans & rice - a bag of each is pretty inexpensive, and you can substitute brown rice for the white. That, some salmon with chipotle-lime dressing, some steamed broccoli, and you're set. :)

(Glad to see you're still running around these parts!)

03-03-2007, 08:21 PM
Thanks n_n

I'll keep in mind to eat more veggies with my rice from now on.

And I'm still here, I just had a lapse where I was trying to starve again, but I've given that up because I know I'll keep off the weight by eating healthy.

And 1300 is my special number. I feel like it's not too little or too much. I am content on 1300 and it's the number I chose so I'll be sticking to it. I enjoy eating healthily now because I have so much freedom and I actually get food now without it being a binge.

:carrot: Yay for lifestyle changes! :carrot:

Suzanne 3FC
03-03-2007, 08:30 PM
Is the rice white? I've never bought one of their mixes. If they offer a variety with brown rice, choose that one. Brown rice is a "good carb" and is slower to digest, so you should be fine. It's also a lot more nutritious. I eat a lot of brown rice and never get hungry :)

03-03-2007, 08:31 PM
It sounds like you've found something that's working well for you. (EIGHT pounds already! Go, girl! :carrot:)

I'm really glad you're not starving yourself - it's so tempting, but it's so bad for us. (Been there. Failed at that!) I'm also really, really glad that you've found a way to make the healthy changes you're after.

You sound happy and peaceful.

03-03-2007, 08:44 PM
I am very happy! For the first time in a year! (Thanks to, and inspired by Charles). =X

03-04-2007, 06:01 AM
I wanted to say the same thing as Suzanne did - brown rice definitely digests slower :)