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Tara D
03-03-2007, 01:07 PM
Today I bought four loaves of bread. Why, you ask? I love Trader Joe's whole wheat bread, and I've been to the store (or called in advance) a few times when they were all out. It's a pain. I've heard about freezing bread...that it's better than refrigerating. Is this the case? I always do the counter or fridge thing.

I eat 4 slices a day, so each loaf lasts me about 4 days. It would also be nice not to have to go to the store each week for bread, since I only buy a couple of other nonperishable items from Trader Joe's. Should I just do the fridge thing or consider freezing?

Any advice appreciated! I already have the bread!

03-03-2007, 01:18 PM
Freeze it...but not for too long. Putting it in the fridge just dries it out. I take the bread out for my sandwiches and make them while the bread is frozen, thaws out in just a few minutes...way before I eat them at lunch. Microwaving sucks all the moisture out, I think anyway. I hear orowheat, a different brand back east, is making smaller loaves now.

03-03-2007, 01:29 PM
I have been freezing bread for years, I put it in a feeezer bag and then in the freezer. Sometimes you will need 2 bags.It keeps better in the freezer bags.



03-03-2007, 01:36 PM
I freeze bread all the timefor my DH. I'm not a bread person, but he eats a strawberry jelly sandwichevery day for work:p so he goes bread pretty quick. (I wish I could find a puke icon!) I don't do any prep work, I just throw the bag in the freezer when I gat home from the store. It's not fresh or whole grain though, so that might make a difference.

03-03-2007, 01:56 PM
I freeze store bought bread right in it's own bag too, just throw it in, never had a problem with funny tastes or anything. Mine is always whole grain but not homemade. -SUmi

03-03-2007, 03:46 PM
My grandma loves bargain shopping, and has a huge sweet tooth. She buys cakes and breads on sale and freezes them for months. She just takes a cake or loaf of bread out (frozen in it's original bag) and puts it on the counter for a little while to thaw. I've never been able to tell any difference in the taste.

03-03-2007, 03:56 PM
I buy Nature's Own whole wheat bread and just toss it in the freezer in its own bag. It takes me about 6 weeks to eat a loaf, so it's normally not in the freezer for longer than that. If I want to toast it, I put it in the toaster frozen, it thaws while toasting. If I need it for a sandwich that I'm going to eat immediately, I put it in the microwave on 50% power and microwave it for about 20 seconds (2 pieces) or 15 seconds for one piece. It's still very soft if you do it on low power.

03-03-2007, 04:44 PM
I freeze bread in its own bag. Usually you can pry off a piece at a time with no problem..I do that for ezekiel bread, just pull off what I want that day and pop it in the toaster. My MIL bought in bulk and she would freeze whole loaves in their bag and then take the whole thing out and let it thaw on the counter for a couple hours. Bread thaws quickly.

Hint- if you nuke bread to thaw it, wrap it in a paper towel to keep it from getting soggy

03-03-2007, 05:08 PM
I usually just toss it in the freezer. You may want to pop one or a few days' worth in one bag in the freezer then take out when you need them (or wrap in that new plastic wrap by Glad).

I like TJ's also but they are a hike for me. Go very rarely. We have Wild Oats near me but they were just bought by Whole Foods. I am stort of disappointed as WF is more expensive than WO.


03-03-2007, 06:55 PM
I freeze it it's own bag and leave it in there until I'm ready for it. It is sometimes months! As long as I don't keep opening the bag to pull out a slice or two and putting it back in the freezer it is fine. I did that once and it did dry out. After I take the loaf out, I keep the loaf in a bread box and it stays good and fresh for at least a week.

03-03-2007, 08:50 PM
I always freeze my (whole grain) bread because it's just me eating it and there's no way I can get through a whole bag before it goes bad. I just toss it in the freezer and then toast slices when I want them.

03-03-2007, 09:20 PM
I had heard a long time ago that placing bread in the fridge makes it go stale.........then I knew why I hated the way it tasted if we had ours in there. Now we just place it in the freezer in it's original bag and take out when we need.

Tara D
03-05-2007, 08:08 PM

I put one on the counter, one in the fridge, and two in large ziploc bags in the freezer!

We'll see what happens!

03-05-2007, 08:44 PM
i take my bread from the store and right into the freezer, been doing this for a long time... sometimes the same loaf spends a few weeks in there or more... never had a problem.

Tara D
03-12-2007, 08:41 PM
THANKS EVERYONE! The bread freezing went great!!! Soooo much better than the fridge! I took a frozen loaf out yesterday, and it's just like fresh bread! THANKS!