LA Weight Loss - Does your center contanstly change ??

02-26-2007, 03:27 PM

Two weeks ago I went into my normal visit and it seems like all the people had changed AGAIN! Including the management. It is getting very frustrating. No one knows me.. No one knows anything about my progress.. Then I go in last weeks and they start asking me.. Well did you make an appointment before coming in today? Then they started whispering about me behind the wall. I do not like what is going on there. :( They wanted me to use the rest of my credit up all at once too. I used to Love going to my center when I first started. And I always looked forward to calling twice a week but know when I call it is like they say Hi.. then say we will write in your file you called then hang up.. don't even ask how I am doing .. the girls that used to be there used to talk to me for like 10min. I just don't look forward to any of this anymore. They are just so rude now.

Does your center always change like this???

02-26-2007, 03:47 PM
Yikes, Candice! My COD has been one of the unchanging ones...I think all the same counselors are there from when I started in Dec, thank goodness. :(

I don't understand why they hire people who aren't people-people.

Mama Nicole
02-26-2007, 05:30 PM good to see you!!! WOW, 60 lbs. That is awesome!!! And congratulations on thinking about having a baby. It is such an exciting, emotional experience....even just thinking about it :)

My center sucks too. The management has changed 3 times since I started in October. I have the same troubles you do......noone there knows me, or much about the program. I don't enjoy going's like one more chore. I do think this has affected my progress........but at the same time, I am not generally one to place blame......I ultimately make my food choices. Good support does make a difference though. I have been seriously thinking of trying to get a refund for my remaining weeks. I am not sure. I LOVE this program.......I just am not satisfied with my center. The good thing with the high turn over rate, is we have a good chance some better counselors and managers are yet to come :) Anyway, it is good to see you. I hope all goes well with your new life changes :)

02-26-2007, 05:43 PM
I must be the real rarity! One of the COD managers and the counselor I love to death have both been with LAWL for years. The other COD manager has been doing it for only a few years, but she started doing it after she dropped 100 pounds on program!

The only downside to having their experience, the 3 of them are constantly brining up what used to NOT be allowed on program and lecturing that just because it's not bulleted in the book doesn't mean it's okay to eat every day. Apparently, up until a few years ago program was much more restricted. Beef could only be eaten once a week, bananas and grapes were fully banned, and any of the fatty fishes were off the list. They've also pretty much banned everyone on RED from doing TO. :devil: