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02-26-2007, 06:15 AM
Fair Trade Fortnight March 26th - March 11th (

Keep in mind that this is NOT charity. This is simply fair compensation for the workers in developing countries for their products. For so long they have been forcd by rich countries to take what was offered and you can bet that the price they receive is in no way fair. There was just no way they could compete in a competitive market until now. Yup, it's pricier. And it's sort of laughable how the shops go on about offering Fair Trade products when prominently displayed with a big sign right next to them are their own brands for a fraction of the price but you can do something about it. Check out the links above. I think most of them are UK based but have links to USA and other countries, too.

We always buy Fair Trade coffee and fruit (mostly bananas and mangos at our grocer) but am planning to look around and see if I can find someone who offers (or put pressure on my local shop to offer) sugar, cocoa and tea, as well. I don't buy alot of chocolate but from now on will look for Fair Trade chocolate bars, too.

One thing you can do NOW is to boycott Starbucks which would be good for the waistline as well as for Fair Trade movement. I think something obscene like 2 cents goes to farmers from every ridiculously overpriced cup of coffee they sell.