Exercise! - Gliding and ValSliding? good stuff for leg workouts!

02-25-2007, 06:40 PM
I've been interested in the Gliding program for awhile, but held off 'investing' since I couldn't ever find any clips online (or any good reviews.)

Last week, I read about 'valslides' in Fitness Magazine, and then saw this post giving it a rave review: http://www.theweighwewere.com/index.php/slim_picks/more/valslides_finally_a_lower_body_gadget_that_works/

I found them Friday, and tried them out, and can I tell ya? My legs are on FIYA.:devil:

The review was right...they ARE like furniture sliders, but furniture sliders don't come with a video, so that's ok.

Anyone else try them? How do they compare to gliding discs??