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02-23-2007, 06:19 PM
G'day all,

Start of the weekend for us and we have some overcast skies, I think everyone is keeping their fingers crossed for some rain
:crossed::crossed::crossed: :yay::rain:

The forecast is that there MAYBE some rain.

Kerry good to hear you had a nice holiday, sorry about the weight gain but you will have that off again very quickly once back in your old routine.

Ann if you did ever post it, I must have forgotten. Hope all is well with your 'mitral valve'. Sorry this person at your meeting upset you but good for you to put him in his place!

Glenda we have heard so much about the Cowboy Hall of fame and that is a MUST for dh.
Now that we have our 'Navman' I feel very confident that we won't get lost, once we are used to the right side of the road we should be right.
We met someone who really enjoyed America and I asked what his impressions were and the first thing he said was that everyone chewed gum!!!! and that the meals are HUGE. I had heard the bit about the meals before and we have already decided to share every meal.
I know it is a bit strange but I lose weight rather then put on when we are away, I think it is because we have just 2 meals and a bit of a snack and fruit for the day. DH is very disciplined with food so I just do the same thing.

Poppy is being a bit of a nightmare for her mother and ds, tonight I am looking after her for the night, I had a huge night sleep last night so if I don't get too much tonight it will be fine.

It is now only 6 weeks before we go......


02-23-2007, 08:19 PM
:scooter: Hello to you all on this grand Friday...

Ann, I was in the south caribbean and it was great...:beach:
I am not to far from lakeland, I used to shop there before they built the Brandon mall and now I shop there..Today my morning show was all about winter haven and it was a great show, we visited all the local spots and restaurants.. Hope you are felling OK....
Glenda, yes I enjoyed the food 100 % ..It was a cruise and you know how the food can be.....:cheers: ..I am back on program and weigh-in is tomorrow morning..my fingers are crossed...:goodscale
Maria, I sure am back on track......:stir:

Have a great week-end everyone....

02-24-2007, 01:40 AM
Kerrie I really loose weight on a cruise, I get dreadfully seasick:dizzy::?::(
The advertisements for cruises always look so inviting but both dh and myself just feel a bit queazy just watching a boat bobbing around!

I can imagine it would be very difficult to restrain yourself from eating all those delicacies on board a cruise especially when they are just served up to you!

Good luck tomorrow at your weigh in. You maybe in for a pleasant surprise!

It is now late saturday afternoon and we never did get rain:(, just hot again.


02-24-2007, 05:32 PM
Maria: Sorry- No rain. It must all be falling in the guise of snow in our middle states. :D:

tonight we have a concert at our church The Isaacs'. A Christian group who regularly performs with Bill Gaither's Homecoming. It is to benefit our school. I hope there is a good crowd.

Kerri: i love cruises. We haven't been on one for a while. It is such a good way to relax, but - it is hard not to over eat, since if one chose you could eat 24hrs a day. Which Cruise line did you go on? Hope your weigh-in was good.

Where is the rest of the crew?

Off to start something to eat and then we go early to get a good seat. See you all another day. Ann

Losing weight is such a never ending chore.

02-24-2007, 07:45 PM
G'day all,

We had little Poppy last night and unfortunately I did not have that much sleep. It wasn't really Poppy's fault, I just couldn't sleep listening out for her:dizzy:
She slept the early evening just in dh's arms, such a sweet little baby. :love:

I wondered this morning where Karen is, we haven't heard from her with emails or postings, hope everything is allright.

Ann I hope your concert was succesful and enjoyable.

No rain, more heat forecasted:(


02-24-2007, 07:50 PM
G'day all,

We had little Poppy last night and unfortunately I did not have that much sleep. It wasn't really Poppy's fault, I just couldn't sleep listening out for her:dizzy:
She slept the early evening just in dh's arms, such a sweet little baby. :love:

I wondered this morning where Karen is, we haven't heard from her with emails or postings, hope everything is allright.

Ann I hope your concert was succesful and enjoyable.

No rain, more heat forecasted:(


02-25-2007, 08:53 PM
Maria, who is in that wonderful picture...

Well I did get weighed and I was up 3 1/2 #s and I will deal with it...With all I ate that is OK...:moo:

Ann , sure hope your concert went well...I was on carnival and not my favorite but its always cheep....

It sure is quiet around here...Hope all is well with all you Feisty Sexy gals..
Well I am into bed early tonight as I am dead tired..Had the grand girls over night while my DD2 and SonIL moved and wow they can where me down..10 and 4....

02-26-2007, 12:48 PM
I am with you, Maria, on the cruises. I cannot even imagine going on one. A car is about all I can handle and sometimes I can get so carsick.

Kerri, how many grandkids do you have? Do they all live close?

Ann, hope the concert was a great success. It was to benefit your school, but what school is that?

All, I go in on Wednesday for my cancer checkup. Just a little stress, always. Hoping for another good report. It has now been 8 years since the recurrence.

Met with my high school friends on Saturday. One of them had brain surgery 2 years ago for a brain bleed and we thought she wouldn't make it. She has changed so much--used to be T-Niny, but now doesn't move much and says she will never diet again. She had so much trouble just walking around a few stores. I hope I never get that way, but I can't judge since I have no idea how exactly she feels. Just glad I can diet, even though I don't lose, and I can walk. Very thankful.

My hubby is home again sick. This is going into the second week, off and on. Started as a cold and yesterday turned into stomach problems. If this continues till tomorrow, we go to the doctor. Sure do miss him. But there is something about him in that he really doesn't fight a sickness in his mind. He cannot smile if he feels bad. Is it just men?

Got to go. Maria, that baby looked very peaceful in Grandpa's arms.

02-26-2007, 01:44 PM
It's snowing! But the good news is not much! The bad news is we are to expect more later in the week. I am in a warm house, have food at hand and something to read.....so I really don't care.

Last night I did what I said I wouldn't do....I watched the Oscars. Grandson, 15, loaned us 'The Departed' last Saturday and we watched it. It was good, violent and the language was attrocious....but had a lot of local scenery and we were trying to identify all the places we could. I thought the show was long and wished they had put more significant winners on earlier but.....then it wouldn't be the Oscars. Now I need a nap. :)

Maria: I loved the picture of Poppy and Grandpa...he looks so pleased to be watching her sleep.

Kerri: I have never been on a cruise but not because of seasickness but because of the nearness of all that food.

Glenda: Good luck with your check up. Hope your dh will be feeling better soon and a dr. visit may just put both your minds at ease.

Ann: Hope your concert was a great success.

Hope everyone is well and we all know that Slavika is enjoying herself in lovely Hawaii.

Nap time....will 'see' you all later. Gloria

02-26-2007, 05:13 PM
Hi: the Isaacs were wonderful. Very talented family. Mama, 2 sisters and brother (her children ) They sang a song one of the daughters had written called Yours and Mine, Talking about how mothers would like to be able to save their children from all the troubles and pain they go through, and then the mothers sings they can be yours and mine. Brought tears to my eyes since I have two daughters too, and I could understand the whole feeling we have as mothers. I'm sure you have all felt that way at times, too.

Chorus rehearsal this afternoon. It went fairly well, but we do have some very rough spots to get ironed out. We have 4 weeks to do it. So I know we will make it.

Tomorrow we go to the dermatologist to get checked over. I hope we don't have to get zapped but one never can tell what she will find. Fair skinned people just have problems, from all that sunburn as children and young adults.

I bet you 'seasisk' girls could go on a cruise, with the bonine, and the patch and never get sick. These big ships have such stabilizers that the 'rock and rollin' is rare. It is a lot of fun.

Maria: I think that Grandpa looks very satisfied with his Poppy sound asleep. It is a nice feeling, when the little ones are so trusting to sleep in your arms. Of course when she goes home her Momma won't have time to do that much, so hope Poppy won't mind too much,

Gloria: Winter has come and made up for the earlier warm fall and December. There has certainly been a lot of snow. What I want to know is how does all the snow, and cold, measure up to the Global warming?

Kerri: Maybe you and Karen and I could get together in Lakeland sometime. Might be fun.

Glenda: Have a good check up and make it 9 years. Do you go to the Survivor part of the relay for Life gathering? I haven't been as long as you, but I go. Sorry your DH is not feeling well. Is it the real flu?

Okay- where are the rest of the gals

Norma= are you feeling better?
Peggy: Have you been snowed in?
Slavika: I bet you are having fun with your family
Bernice: Are you happy with your PT Cruiser?

That;s all for now. Ann

02-26-2007, 06:59 PM
G'day all,

Lovely to see so many posts this morning.....

Kerrie that gain wasn't too bad, I am sure you will have that off again in no time:) Do you just have 2 grand children? I have 3 grand daughters, 2 years ago I had none and now I have Matilda and Poppy my sons daughters and Saskia is my daughters little girl. :love:

Glenda good luck with your check up, good effort 8 years. I have been cancer free now for 11 years :carrot:, but the day of the diagnosis is still very fresh in my mind:(
Sorry to hear your dh has not been well, tell him he had better get his act together by the time we get to Oklahoma:D;)
I think you have a point about men and illness!

Gloria nice to see you as well, that sounds lovely, snowing outside, a warm house and plenty of food at hand so no need for shopping.
I saw a little of the Oscars, like to always see the fashions and I think the most stunning were our Australian representatives, in particular Cate Blanchet, she just looked stunning, a little medieval.

Glad you enjoyed the concert Ann. Good luck with the rehearsals, I am sure your musical will be great by the time you are ready for your performance.
Don't know about the stabalisers, the last time I was seasick was on a overnight cruise in Milford Sound New Zealand, couldn't have been any calmer, took tablets and accupuncture wrist bands but I was still sick:(
I also get carsick unless I am driving myself, it certainly is annoying.

Just had a call from Peta to go and do some shopping, so I must fly.....

Have a great day all,


Karen L
02-27-2007, 05:34 PM
Just stopping by to say Hi I've been busy with stuff in the community and with Mom. Haven't had much computer time. I was able to go to Shell Key island in St. Petersburg last Saturday with a group of friends had a great time but 6 hours in the sun was too long. I was wearing SPF#48 so got no burn it was just a long day.

Last night I planted a few flowers in a spot that I had DH dig up. There was an old bush in that spot.. Then today I finished planting some new flowers in my pots. The others froze when we had the cold spell.

Have to go . Weight Watchers tonight. Have been going up 2 and down 2 each week. My main idea is just to maintain while mom is here. So up 2 down 2 is ok. Last week i stayed the same am am wondering how I fared this week.

See you all later.

02-27-2007, 09:54 PM
Good evening to you all...Finally getting a few moments to read some posts..

Glenda and Maria I have 7 granddaughters and all are less then 30 minutes away from me...ages are 4 years - 19..

Ann that would be great fun..We should try to do that at some point...

Gloria, the food is to die for...That's the hardest part..(staying in control):drool: :hun: :rollpin:

Karen luck with your weigh-in...

Sure hope you all are safe and warm..We are back to AC again...yuk :hot:

02-28-2007, 03:18 PM
Karen, so good to hear from you again. When I don't see somebody for awhile, I start to think something bad has happened, but with your mom visiting you and you being so busy, just glad to know you are enjoying. But I am having a little trouble digging up some sympathy for you losing your flowers after that "cold snap" since we had cold weather FOREVER! Karen, in all your WW knowledge, have you ever known anybody to just not be able to lose weight? My thyroid is not working properly, very low and have another medicine that is not working right either. I really, really work at it and in 5 weeks have lose and gained the same 2 pounds. Woe is me!

Kerri, you are so blessed to have your family so close. Mine isn't that far, but I don't get to see them as often as I wish.

We are having some springlike weather today. All the students at the University are in shorts playing frisbee before it gets cold again tomorrow. I go in at 3:30 for my cancer result test. Pray for me. I am nervous again.

02-28-2007, 11:55 PM
G'day all,

Goodness me Kerrie that are a lot of grand daughters! You are lucky to have them all living so nearby. I am sorry that I don't see that much of my dd little girl with her living in Melbourne (aprox 9 10 hour drive)
I am very conscious to make sure they are all treated equally, I bought some clothes for Matilda and Poppy (on special, of course;):D) so bought some for Saskia as well, it cost me $10.00 to send to melbourne, just about negating all the savings I made by buying it on special!!:shrug:

Glenda I am sure all will be well today for you but it will be nice to get that confirmation again.:)
I am glad your weather is warming up a bit though I cannot wait till we get to see some cooler weather.

Karen good to see you and we now know why we have not seen you for a while. I hope you are having a good time with your Mum. You are doing well with the weight thing, good for you.

It is unbelievable, a couple of days ago dh got an email for a 3 month contract in the UK!!!! Of course they want us there next week!!!
It would be something we would love to do but now with our American trip we just cannot accept. We have paid our airfare, quite a bit of accommodation, rental car and Grand Canyon tour in advance, we would just loose far too much.
I guess it was not meant to be. :(

On that note, hope you are all having a great day....


03-01-2007, 05:15 PM
Nice to read all your posts. Everyone's life is ticking along very nicely. I have to say Hello to Kerrie. I am a long time poster who has been MIA for a while. I am glad you have joined us, I have enjoyed reading about you. I am a senior citizen with 2 grandchildren :love: (4 year old girl and 1 year old boy). Luckily they live 1/2 hour from me. We live in Canada.. it is a dreary snow flurry day here. There is a storm to the east of us, but we are lucky once again, missing all the rough stuff.
I have been plagued with wrist problems. Turns out I have arthritis in both thumb joints. I wait in anticipation to see what part of me will be disintegrating next. What a thrilling life I have :lol:
Glenda I hope your cancer results were negative. I can understand why it is nerve racking.
Maria I too make sure each grand baby gets equal gifts and treats.. it is fun picking everything out. It would have been wonderful to go to the UK.. that is one trip I would like. I am sure they will come back again to make the offer to your DH. Be seeing you soon..:cp: The time is flying by so quickly, soon Slavika will be home.
Hi Karen Glad to hear you are having a nice time showing your Mom around. You are so lucky she can visit with you. I have been missing my Mom a lot lately. When I feel bad, she is the only person I want to talk to.
Ann Were you zapped today? My DH is always having something zapped off of him.
Gloria Sounds like you do the same thing we do when it snows, cozy up and make sure there is something good to read. You have had more than your share of snow this year.

I did watch the Oscars but wasn't impressed with the event. The only movie we saw was Little Miss Sunshine.
When I got the replies back on the Things We Didn't Know About Each Other I found it interesting that you all mentioned things I liked but forgot about. I saw every episode of the Forsythe Saga and we hardly miss anything on Nova or Discovery channel, and I am eagerly awaiting Dancing With The Stars again. Not sure what I think of Heather Mills these days.
So much stuff about Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears, it makes my head spin. Sometimes I think the media are responsible for driving these poor people nuts.

Off my soap box.. bye for now..:grouphug:

03-01-2007, 10:00 PM
Good evening everyone..Sorry I have not had any time lately..Working long hours and trying to squeeze in time to learn about the new insurance plans as I must make a choice this month and its kinda confusing .:stress: .I need to make time for taxes and have not done that yet..Not enough hours in a day for me..:write:

Its back to warm here, the air has been on for the last few days and wow do we need some rain..:rain:

Trudy, so happy to meet you..I also have old Artie in my thumbs, I had to quit all my knitting and crocheting and wow do I miss it..Part of the aging process...YUK.....:dunno:

03-02-2007, 01:16 PM
Well, yes, my cancer test was good. I was nervous because I don't usually see the doctor on this visit and the office called and told me when my appointment was. So, of course, I jumped to a conclusion he had bad news. And it was all good. He said his office just made a mistake.

Trudy, your observation about being on edge, waiting to see what will be the next thing to go, is just right-on. Yesterday out of the blue, we found that our old dog has one month to live. He is a Schnauzer and little bitty. He is so active, but has a tumor in his abdomen, so the vet said to take him home and just love him. It really got me yesterday when he met me at the door with his toy in his mouth. Will not let him suffer, so when he cannot eat, I will take him to the vet. So, we had good news about me and the next day, bad news about our dog.

My hubby has been sick for two weeks, off and on. You cannot imagine how much I have missed him. He is not a great conversationalist at all, but he is THERE. Lately he has sort of been there, but MIA, you know? So, we are eating out this weekend, shopping, and going to the movies.

Kerri, I noticed you have lost 50 pounds. Congratulations on that big loss! What an accomplishment. Sending you a pat on the back.

Slavika should be returning soon. Can't wait to hear an update on her trip. I have to live vicariously through you girls, you understand. I am the most non-traveled person in our group, I think.

Have a great weekend!

03-02-2007, 04:23 PM
I came here purposely to see if you posted Glenda. I am so glad you had good news. Poor puppy though. That is exactly what happened to our little dog. She had a tumor in the abdomen. We pampered her and loved her for the little time she had left. It got to the point where she didn't leave her basket and then we knew we left to too long. It was hard to let her go.
As for the men in our lives. Mine doesn't take illness lightly. He gets down when he has a cold and tends to keep to himself. My DD asked me if her Dad still makes those little noises when he has a cold.. and yes he does. It can be very annoying :lol: I hope your DH is over his sickness and you both have a good weekend. Enjoy!

We are babysitting tomorrow night and really looking forward to it. We thought we would leave the house early in the afternoon, get a bit of shopping done, have dinner out and arrive at our DD's house around 6:00. They are out for a dinner with a group of friends.

The sun is shining and you can feel the warmth of it. Spring is on its way although we have a bit more winter time to put in before all the snow melts.

Wasn't it awful about that tornado down south. What a horror it was.

Have a great weekend everyone.. bye bye

03-04-2007, 11:05 PM
Hi all: I just lost a wonderful post so now will start over:mad:

We were away for 4 days, visiting DH brother and SIL. in Bonita Springs Fl. Janet and I had a great time shopping. since her DH is very handicapped, she doesn't get much girl-time shopping. We had a good time. And I found 3 great pairs of shorts- just what I had been looking for. We just enjoy looking too- you know the kind of shopping that drives men wild.

We had planned to do some other stuff, and go out to dinner but my DH got ill with some sort of 23hr. stomach problem. Friday was a lost day for him. Sat. he felt some better and was able to eat a little. And today he is mostly back to normal, but still doing the bathroom bit. I have been forcing Gatorade on him so he won't get dehydrated.

Glenda- I am so glad your test was good. It is terrible what we let our imaginations do to us. Don't despair on the weight situation. Just think what would happen if you just went completely off the program. Happy to hear that you are getting some spring-like weather.

Maria: How ironic that after you have all your U.S./Canada trip planned, the opportunity to go to the UK come. But I think that if they really want Alan to do the job, they will ask him after you get back. That would be the frosting on the cake after your trip to this part of the world. Love those pictures of your grandbabies.

Trudy: I am happy to hear from you. And you know, I think that all of our husbands must be the 'typical' men, especially when it comes to being ill. I think they all suffer from the 'just leave me alone in my cave' syndrome. That is just the way my DH is. It gets very frustrating, when you could help ease the situation it they would only let you.
Sorry for the arthritis in your hands. There is a cream we get called BioFreeze that is very helpful to rub into those trouble spots. I used it on my ankle when it was flaring up.Is that available to you?

Karen: Glad to hear that all is well with you. That you are just busy with your Mom and stuff. I need to get going with some gardening too. Now that we have had our trip, maybe I'll get inspired to tear out the old stuff and replant. It looks pretty sad out front. Sounds like you are doing a good job maintaining. I sure have not done that well at maintaining.

Gloria: How is the frozen north? Did you get any more of the snow that looked like it was coming your way?

Kerri: It is nice that your grandchildren all live close to you. Mine all live scattered all over, Maine, New York state, Maryland, Virginia, and Greatgrandkids in Kentucky, Connecticut, and Virginia. I don't get to see them as much as I'd like. I'm sure you'll get rid of those few cruise pounds easily. That won't be nearly as hard as those 50 that are gone gone gone. After Karen's Mom has gone back home we'll try to set up a date for lunch.

What is going on with you- Peggy, and Bernice?
Slavika should be home soon It will be good to have her back here on the board.

I'm looking forward to Dancing with the Stars starting up again. I do like that show.

I will be glad when our chorus show will be over. I think I am getting tired of doing this aafter all these years. Probably by fall I'll be ready again.

I have to get really serious about my weight. I think it is affecting my blood pressure some. We'll see after I see the cardiologist again this week.

Guess that is all for now. Ann

03-07-2007, 06:30 PM
G'day all,

Long time since posting last.
I have been busy doing all sorts of things. I am trying to not accept any more work because of our trip to the US but some are just too good (financially) and some are too much fun to pass up:dizzy::dizzy:

Kerri I have sent you a PM re the websites of my grand daughters. I never ever checked my PM's hence I thought I would let you know here.
I used to do a lot of knitting but alas my hands become or rather my knuckles, very sore. I knitted a scarf for Matilda the other day and did enjoy doing it but my hands were VERY sore afterwards:(

Glenda it goes without saying that I was very pleased to hear your test was fine:carrot::carrot::carrot:.
It is funny how we jump so quickly to conclusions....a few years ago I had to have 4 mammograms done, because there were irregularities. I immediate thought the worst but there was some sort of glitch in the machine. I spent 5 hours at the doctors when it should have only taken less then an hour.:shrug:
Hope your dh is on the improve!

Ann hope all went well with your cardiologist. It always sounds like a lot of work to me what you do with the chorus shows, you probably just need a break before getting back into it again.
Our dancing with the stars has started its new season and I just love it. The girls look just stunning in the outfits they wear. I love watching the fantastic dancers but then I also like seeing the ones that are not so good, it makes you realise that it is not as easy as it looks.

I am getting a bit nervous about our trip, it is a long time to be so far away from home. DH wants to go NOW, he cannot wait!
Funny that I should feel that way, I have done all this before, I guess it is the arrival of grandchildren and I will sure miss them:cry:

Hi to Peggy, Gloria, Slavika, Karen, Trudy and Bernice........

Hope everyone is well and happy,


03-08-2007, 03:52 PM
Maria, grandchildren do make a difference. It would be hard to be away from them that long. I so understand, but the time will pass quickly and both moms have pictures, so they can send them to you. And you should be so busy.

Slavika, aren't you back yet? I remember it should be about right now, I think.

Ann, don't you usually get tired of something and then you are ready to go again when the time rolls around? I can't believe you have gained enough to bother your blood pressure. Sure hope not.

Well, the saga of my dog continues. We probably won't have him very long. Gina took him for a second opinion and the next vet said it is worse than the first. Gina is my DIL. Raleigh was her dog, her first purchase after she graduated from college. We have had him for 4 years because he did awful with kids. She wants to go with us to the vet the last time. I might want her to take my place. I don't know yet. Just so sad.

Again, with the weight thing. Last week lost 2 pounds. This week gained 1. That is me--the original yo-yo. I just cannot lose weight! Other people in my weight loss group have lost 8 pounds, and I have lost 1. Are you all crying for me? So frustrated!

Karen L
03-10-2007, 08:11 AM
Glenda I happy your test came back good. But so sorry to hear about your doggie. I know how you are feeling. I've lost a dog too. It is heart breaking. So Sorry.

My flowers are doing good. I always worry because i have what is known as a brown thumb.

I'm still holding my weight. Having a bit of a problem but working my way through it. I am running a weight loss club here in the park. And some of the people are having good results. Then some just like to complain. Have 7 more weeks to go and then will decide if I will continue. I know it helps me to stay involved when it comes to my own weight loss problems.

I was a runner at the park auction last Saturday. Was down at the club house from 9 am to 3:30 in the afternoon. Boy was i tired. But we made $3100.00 so it was good. 80% of the money goes to the people who put stuff up and the other 20% will go to our social affairs. So that is a nice chunk of change to help pay for out entertainment.

Wednesday DH came in from golfing with the rapid heart beat . First time since he had the ablation surgery. So we spent the evening in the ER. They only had to give him one shot of the adenosine to get it back to normal. But i tell you it always scares us both. This time while we were sitting waiting to be called back DH just keeled over onto the floor. I panicked and began yelling for help. Seemed like forever before some one came running to help. Then I was told to wait in the waiting room.! I DON'T THINK SO. There was no way I was going to wait in any waiting room while my DH was in a life treating crisis. I followed. They would have just had to make a trip out to get me anyway. Because as soon as DH came to he was demanding I be there. I was out in the hall by the door so he could see me then was able to quiet down. We don't do well with out each other in a crisis needless to say. Anyway we had to stay in the ER for 6 hours for the second enzymes test to make sure there was no heart attack. It came back good. So by midnight we were back home again.Very scary!!!!! Plus I had to leave My Mom here alone. So was on the phone with here as much as I could be. My youngest son called her and then alerted the other two kids. So the cell phone was kept busy all evening. But all is well again. DH has an appointment with his heart doctor on Thursday.

Well every one is up and moving around here so I'll talk to you all later.

03-11-2007, 08:05 PM
Hi to you all..I sure hope everyone is well and having a great week-end..
I was busy all week end and now can not wait for the bed...Went to a health fair at the Y and as it is every year a lot of fun and loads of samples and lots of candy (oops):yikes: I did go off plan totally...

I had 2 of my DGD's for a sleep over and they wore me out...(9 & 4)..:stress:
Took my Mom and Dad out for lunch at Don Pablo"s

Well Monday is a new week.. I did well this week and I am almost back down to the profile weight..:goodscale 3/4 of a # to go....

Ann I was Born and raised in Conn...what area are your great grands? It sure sounds like you stay busy in your area...I also love dancing with the stars and can not wait for it to start up again...

Marie, I did get the pictures and they are sooo great...:cp: I loved them, thanks so much for sharing...

Glenda so sorry about your Dog.....:(

03-12-2007, 04:41 PM
Karen What a scare you and DH had. Good to hear he didn't have a heart attack. We have to keep these men in our lives in good shape.
Kerri What a coincidence... we had our grandchildren for a sleep over too. Ours are 4 and 1. They kept us hopping. Today I had to wipe up little fingerprints on the stove and fridge. The little guy loves my stainless steel finish on the appliances. DH and I were so tired yesterday, I was in bed by 10:00 pm and that is unheard of for me.
Our Slavika Should be coming home on the 18th of the month. It will be nice to have her back on the board.
Glenda How is your little dog? When our dog died, we had her cremated and bought an urn to put her ashes in. It was hard to let her go. I am on the same yo-yo syndrome as you.. lose 2 then gain 1, lose 1/2 then gain again and at the end of the month I am exactly where I started from. My doctor tells me not to stress out over my weight. She thinks I am healthy and not to do anything to upset my digestion again as the IBS and GERD haven't been a problem lately.
Maria I enjoyed the pictures of your girls. They are such beautiful children. You will miss them when you are in our part of the world. I am happy to say that the temps are going up here. The snow is melting... (that doesn't mean we are safe from some nasty storm in the next few weeks.) I hope that the city is cleaned up by the time you arrive.

I am doing laundry and the dryer is calling me.. see you later.

03-13-2007, 11:41 PM
G'day all,

Karen what a scare! Just reading your post made me tired!
Glad your dh is OK again, they are the sort of experiences you can do without.

Kerrie I thought it would get less tiring as the grand children become older:dizzy:. We swapped houses with ds and dil so they could have an undisturbed sleep, I am glad I only offered to do this for one night!!!!

Glenda I don't envy you with your dog's health. That is one reason I won't have pets again, I love them dearly but they are a tie and then when they become sick and eventually a descision has to be made for them to be euthanised, it is all to upsetting.

Trudy I just sent an email to Slavika to wish her a safe journey, I thought she was home on the 16th but she must be leaving Maui on the 16th. The only reason I remember is because it is dh's birthday on the 16th.
I think stainless steel appliances are the pits, I am constantly at them to make them look good.
My glass sliding doors are a constant mess with fingerprints, I have now given up until the grandchildren are older.
Good to hear your weather is on the improve and getting a little warmer. Another hot day here though the nights are lovely and cool now.

I am madly working on my business website to give it a different look and have it uploaded by the time we go, less then 4 weeks now!


03-15-2007, 05:31 PM
Maria Actually Slavika is leaving there on the 18th and get home on the 19th. I am looking forward to seeing her.
Regarding the stainless steel.... at first I used the cleaner GLEEMIT and found it to be so oily, it made the fingerprints worse. Then I found a hint to use a water dampened microfiber cloth, wiping in the direction of the grain. It works just great. No need to even dry, it just shines after. I also use the cloth on the Plasma TV screen. My little one are always pointing to something on the screen leaving little finger prints.

Bye for now..

03-16-2007, 08:14 PM
Hi All: I haven't been here in a while. Practice practice practice, but by the evening of the 26 it will be all over about 8:30. Hurrah!

The cardiologists report was good. He was happy with the echo-cardiogram and he is not concerned with the BP so i won't be either. But I would like to drop back a few pounds again. I just get tired of the struggle. I do try to eat healthy and not large amounts. I came to realize that right now i weight exactly what I weighed as a freshman in college. So I suppose all those old fat cells just have to keep filled up.:D:

Karen: I'm so glad that things turned out well for your DH. That certainly would be very scary for you both. I planted flowers across the front of the house and now have to do something about my little triangular garden by the driveway.

It will be nice to have Slavika back on the board. I'm sure she has had a lovely winter.

Kerri: I originally came from Northern New York State. About 75 miles north of Syracuse, N.Y. We lived in Clayton, on the St. Lawrence River. A very lovely spot in the summer, but I am happy to not be there in the winter any more.

Trudy: Do you still take Prilosec for your GERD? I think I am going to have to see the Dr. about the possibility of that for me, either that or I have the hpylori bacteria once again.

Glenda: I'm sorry about your family dog. It is a hard thing, no matter how much we think we are prepared for it.

Maria: you sound very busy. It is hard to believe that your trip is just around the corner. It wasn't so long ago that it was all in the planning stages. I hope that when you gals get together in Canada that you will take some pictures and send them to the rest of us missing out on the reunion.

Where are the all the rest of you gals? haven't seen you here in a long time.

Only a few more days before the Dancing program starts. It is something to look forward to.

Are the rest of you as sick of politicking as I am already, and it isn't even the election year yet. I shudder at what will happen once the candidates are finally selected.

Nothing much else going on here. I have been doing some reading for relaxation. I like Anne Perry books and have found some new ones, at least to me, at our library. So now I am off to my book. Ann

03-17-2007, 12:12 PM
This has been some St. Patrick's day an St. Patrick's Eve. Starting noonish yesterday it started snowing and it was like an old fashioned 'Noreaster. We only got about 6-8" but that was enough. The plow guy came by about 6PM and then the street plows came up & down the street many, many times so the drive was blocked again. About 11 the plow guy came back and finished the drive. Good job! THEN about midnight it started to rain and rained and rained all night. Glub! Glub! What a mess. We are in good condition here and the cold that has set in isn't so cold that we have black ice...at least not yet! Up until this storm we only had about 6" total snow fall for the year...they would forecast a snowfall and we would get rain...I am not complaining! In MA a St. Patrick's snow is almost as much a tradition as the Parade. LOL!

OK Karen & Ann....tell me you miss all that!:)

Slavika: You are returning tomorrow and I welcome you back to the realities of winter....but you will have such great memories of the Hawaiian vacation.

Trudy: I have never been fond of the stainless steel appliances. I guess I will stick to the ones I have.

Kerri: Having grandchildren over is such a two sided event. I love to have the fun we have on sleepovers but boy am I tired after.:)

Glenda: It is such a traumatic thing to have problems with the family dog. Nothing but time will ease the pain. But you will remember all the fun times you had with him.

Peggy: I would assume that you had all this junky weather before it hit us...hope it is all cleaned up by now and remember Thursday is the first day of Spring!!!!

Maria: Less than a month and you will be on your way. I am sure you can hardly wait! Will you try to access the internet while you are puttering about America? I hope you can give us small snippits of info on you way around the US & Canada. Three months and you will be here...can hardly wait.


03-17-2007, 12:22 PM
Nancas: A little bit of your cold moved ourway last night. But I don't miss the snow and sleet and black ice even one teeny tiny bit.:D:

I suppose the St. Patrick's day Parade in Boston will be going full force snow or rain or whatever. Is it filmed so you can see it on tv?

The big St. Pats dinner is in our clubhouse tonight, but I am not going. We have been invited to a friends house for a Welsh St. David's type dinner. After all the fiasco with the splitting of the St.Pats celebration, we are happy to go to Carole's. She is my Welsh/English friend.

A quiet day for us now. Have a good rest of the weekend - all and Slavika- Welcome back home to winter/spring. Will be looking forward to seeing you here on the board.

03-17-2007, 07:48 PM
Ann: To answer your question about the St. Patrick's Day Parade...we do not go to South Boston...no parking and it is not Televised. However, what is televised is a 3 hour Roast before the Parade on Sunday. It is a gathering of pols and they roast each other in a mostly good humored way but sometimes it really gets sharp. A number of years back when William Bulger (the gangster Whitey Bulger's brother) was a pol in the MA legislature it was a great gathering as he had a grand sense of humor and was really fast on the uptake. Even some Presidents have been know to phone in a short humorous bit. The political powers have changed and some, now, don't have the same quick wit as before but it is still fun to watch.

A piece of St. Patrick's Day info you might not know. The biggest St. Patrick's Day Parade is not Boston nor is it NYC but Savannah, GA. We heard about this a number of years back when we were visiting that beautiful city.
Savannah has a very big Irish population.

Have a great day, all.


03-17-2007, 09:52 PM
:hug: Thanks to you all for your posts....

Gloria, Maria, and Trudy, Wow I thought I was alone in my feelings of getting so tired and how about all the other stuff...I felt so guilty...Thanks again...:D

This weeks topic was great at my meeting.....as I am on a emotional rollercoaster...

I am babysitting for the grand pets this week while my daughter is gone on vacation and I am about beat before I begin.....;)

watching the weather on the TV and so sorry for you all that are having trouble..with snow etc...I am so tired as I had to mow the lawn and I am still cleaning up leaves etc...at least its not the shovel...:?:

I will not talk about weight this week as I am off the wall...A new week will start and I will be a new woman next week you watch and See......:cool:

03-19-2007, 12:16 AM
On to the next thread......