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02-23-2007, 12:48 AM
... pendeja. For those of you who don't know what pendeja means, it is worse than stupid in spanish. Anyways, Pendeja lived in my uncle's farm in mexico with lots of other cows. Pendeja was different, though; all of other cows were the run of the mill black and white spotted cows we're all farmiliar with and she was this huge chocolate brown cow. Pendeja was different in another way, too. She apsolutely loved my cousin, whereas the other cows couldn't care less about him. The other cows didn't really get along with Pendeja either. If she headed toward the herd, they would start mooing and waddling their preppy udders in the opposite direction. So, Pendeja LOVED my cousin, he was her herd.
Well, one day, the whole herd was in the corral getting ready to be milked. It had rained heavily the day before so the corral was really muddy and cows were sinking in left and right. Well, Pendeja being larger and stronger than the rest of them, she wasn't tipping over so she made her way to my cousin first to be milked. Pendeja was relieved she was being milked now, but she was very tired from making her way through the mud. She remembered how comforting it was when my cousing would sit on his bench and held her in his arms, so she decided to plop her gigantic chocolate brown but on my cousin's lap. She was so heavy and the ground was so soggy, they both sank in to the mud. The small bench dissappeared along with the lower bottom of my cousin's body and one of Pendeja's legs. I of course was laughing my giggly butt off along with my other cousin for the first few minutes, but when my cousin started to turn purple, we finally coaxed Pendeja to stand up. When she did, my cousin was sitting at the bottom of this deep crater in the mud, we just started busting up laughing again. Well, needless to say, I and my young cousing got the beating of the year. But nothing happened to Pendeja.

I remember Pendeja every time I sit on my husband's lap. Now, I know I wont crush him near to death with my weight, but I just can't help but remember that day.

The story isn't really supposed to have a deep meaning. If anything, its a funny story. But I do like to think that Pendeja was so comfortable in her own skin, in spite of being rejected by the pretty black and white cows, she sat on my cousin's lap.

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02-23-2007, 10:20 AM
That is such a great story! I've never heard of that kind of rapport between people and cows, but I've had a lot of dogs that were the "crushing" sort!

I'm just an animal person, though, so if I HAD a pet cow it would probably try to do the same thing to me!!