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02-22-2007, 10:57 PM
Ok, so here's my problem...

I have 2 scales in my house. They are both old, and both weigh about 6-8 lbs lower than a doctor's scale. So, I went to Walmart and bought one of these fancy digital scales, and to my surprise, OMG, this scale tells me I'm 13 lbs heavier than my scale, which is 5-7 lbs more than my doctor's scale. :eek: I just cannot win... When I saw that number pop up at 208, and I thought I was 195, I almost sh*t! Pardon my language, but for real... This is so frustrating. I had my mind in the dieting zone, I was ready... and now this comes along and blows my mind! :eek:

Should I go and exchange this new digital scale for a new manual one? What is your take on digital scales? From what I see, I hate them.... What is the best kind of accurate to buy at Walmart?

02-22-2007, 11:20 PM
Wow... What a rotten thing! I don't know what to tell you. Is it possible the scale needs to be calibrated before you use it? That's the only thing I can think of...

Maybe try out some different kinds? I like the old mechanical kind myself.

I don't have a scale at home. I use the one at the Y--for one thing, it gets me to the Y! And they have one of the dr. office kind.

Well, just remember, it's not the number itself, it's the direction it moves, and you'll soon see it move down!


02-22-2007, 11:37 PM
I don't have a scale at home. I use the one at the Y--for one thing, it gets me to the Y! And they have one of the dr. office kind.
Jay, me too!! I personally really like this type of scale because it seems like it would be fairly accurate. I don't know much about it but with other scales they may be off caliber, whereas this one... well I dont know, can it be inaccurate? Seems less likely..

02-22-2007, 11:52 PM
My only guess would be that it needs to be calibrated. I have one that you have to step on and off of...let it set to zero, then step on it. Anytime you move it you have to do that so it sets itself to zero. If yours is like that it will say in the instructions. If not, I'd take it back :)

02-22-2007, 11:55 PM
I prefer digital for a home scale, they tend to drift less. Most of them have a button to turn it on and it resets to zero every time before you get on.

02-23-2007, 12:07 AM
let someone else test it out. If it incorrectly tells them their weight then return it.

02-23-2007, 12:13 AM
The kind of scale used by doctors does have to be calibrated as well - but not every time. Many years ago when I was doing Weight Watchers, they used that type of scale and they had to calibrate them about once a month. Of course, they got a lot of use. :)

02-23-2007, 12:19 AM
I actually have a Weight Watchers Brand scale and I like it a lot. It actually is pretty close to the scale that you weigh in on, its only off by about 1/2 a pound if that.

02-23-2007, 12:35 AM
This darned scale is all over the place. Before my earlier post, it said 208, then an hour later is said 209, now 2 hours later, it says 204....

My old scale, which is nothing short of a piece of crap, says 193, as of today, which means, on my docs scale, i'm just under 200 lbs...

You know, it's the silliest thing... what ticks me off most is that I don't know which number to enter as a current weight on the slide scale thingy at the bottom of this post :) If I put it to 200, it will look like I gained 5 lbs... and I actually lost like 2 or 3 lbs since I started dieting a week and a half ago... LOL

Anyway, thanks for the suggestions...

02-23-2007, 02:53 AM
I used a scale that I know is wrong - this doesn't bother me.. weight IS just a number, but within 10 pounds? Not a huge deal I think. I would stay consistant with the scale you use, and just measure a loss. Just keep going, no matter what the exact number each scale says!


02-23-2007, 04:03 AM
I hate scales so much because they make me crazy. I am trying to stick with inches. But I consider my ancient bathroom scale to be my friend because it does tell me a weight lower than my doctor's office -- it likes to make me feel better. My doctor insists that the weight at her office is always high, because I've eaten and am wearing clothes. She says that adds about 5 pounds. I would just choose the scale whose number makes you feel best and measure your ongoing weight loss from that!

02-23-2007, 05:14 AM
I was once a "scale addict". I would get on any scale that i saw. I would step on and step off hoping that the number would change each time. I would get frustrated each time i did this. What i have learned is that no scales will differ depending on what type of floor you place the scale, what you are wearing, or whether its just a fluctuation in weight due to excess water. I would suggest that you choose a scale and make that your only scale you weigh. To keep it calibrated dont move it around alot. Weigh around the same time in the same type of clothing. I have one scale that i use as my weight.

I must also say that i now weigh 159 and wear a size 6. I am 5'4. This seems like a lot of weight on the scale but i workout and muscle weighs heavier than fat. So i look much smaller than what i weigh on the scale. I know from experience that its easier said than done, but try to focus on being healthy and fit rather than numbers.

02-23-2007, 07:27 AM
I have a digital Tanita scale and it is pretty accurate.

You also have to make sure you are weighing yourself at the same time everyday. Our weight can fluctuate up to 5 lbs during the course of a day, even more. The best time to weigh is first thing in the morning.

I think you need to stick to one scale and whatever that it, it is. Don't let it paralyze you. Let it motivate you to start making changes towards a better and healthier life. The scale is only one small component of your weightloss journey and it isn't all that important. It is more important to eat the right foods and exercise. It's just a real frustrating piece of equipment. Try, I know it's real hard, to take it out of the equation.

02-23-2007, 08:36 AM
I have a digital weight watchers scale that I got at Costco. It is pretty accurate. I was weighing myself on a doctors type scale and this one weighs consistant with that one.

02-23-2007, 09:13 PM
I'm getting rid of my 17 dollar digital scale in favor of a better one b/c it would jump 5 pounds in two minutes. It's not good for my psyche. I think if it's off but consistent that's one thing. If it just jumps around when it's the same time of day and you just step on and off...it's a problem.

02-23-2007, 09:41 PM
I think I'll stick to my old scale.... :)