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10-27-2001, 02:35 PM
Naughty Sugar Plum--no virus protection! But as long as you didn't open the attachments that came with them, you're okay. Glad to hear the recovery period is beginning (from your parents' vacation). :lol:

DD is going to a Halloween party tonight. She is wearing black pants, black shirt, cat ears and tail. She sewed a chain going down the side of a pantleg, and she claims that this makes it a costume. :rolleyes: I don't quite follow her logic, but what the heck. What does everybody think about teens trick or treating? This year I've taken the position that she can go if she's wearing a costume, and it's just a couple of her girlfriends. How old is too old to go trick or treating?

I think the year I turned 14 and went t-o-t'ing with a boy who brought several eggs--that was the last year for me. When he threatened to throw them in my neighborhood, I smashed one in his pocket. Funny, I don't remember doing anything with him again. You think he got mad at me? :devil:


10-27-2001, 02:51 PM
I screwed up half the cyberworld with my virus--IF EVERYONE WASN'T AS STUPID AS I THEY WOULD KNOW NOT TO OPEN ATTACHMENTS---BUT MY VIRUS CAME FROM MOTHER AND I DIDN'T DARE NOT OPEN IT---AND LOOK WHAT MY MOTHER HAS DONE TO ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!SERIOUSLY I AM VERY SORRY!!!!!!Kiwi---I borrowed someones Norton's Antivirus protection cd----do you think this will kill it for me??????--I am so embarrassed----please forgive me youse cows....?????:?: :?: :?:

10-27-2001, 03:29 PM
We're not mad at you!! You didn't send that out on purpose! That thing is really diabolical, since it goes through your computer and copies text from random files to put in the messages it sends out. I'm sure it fools most people into opening it! I was lucky because the one that your computer sent to me was mostly gibberish. If I'd gotten something that made more sense I would have opened it without a second thought! But even if I had, I'd have been lucky again because I tested it on my virus software (called me a fool) and my virus software picked it up right away.

Here's a link to the page ( for cleaning this virus up, since you have Norton. Be sure to read the whole thing, and follow the link to the original virus info as well (at the bottom of the page), if you need to.

If Norton will load on your computer, it should pick this up. If it doesn't find it, it may be because it needs up-to-date virus definitions. We pay for a year's worth of updates at a time and when we're online, it will tell us if we need to download new ones. I think when you first get the software, there is usually a certain period of free updates. But I don't know if that works if you borrow the CD. It really is worth paying for and keeping up with antivirus software!

Okay, I'm done ranting.


10-27-2001, 05:42 PM
It's not your fault, darling! And it's not BagzMom's fault either! It's those nasty computer nerds who have nothing better to do with their time. We have a Norton CD from someone too but I dunno if that would work. Don't you have to have an ID number to download the latest baddies?

10-28-2001, 05:12 PM
I know I'm talking to myself here, but get this: last night at 11 p.m. I try to install Norton Anti Virus and what does it do? Totally wrecks my whole computer!!! "Windows is not correctly loaded" etc etc so let's just keep booting ourselves up over and over and over again without being told, shall we? And let's not recogize the mouse while we're at it. Sugar would like that alot, wouldn't she?

Anyway, after a sleepless night thinking about how much the computer guy at dh's office who always fixes this crate when it explodes must be enjoying his 4 week holiday in South Africa (he left Friday), some friends of ours came over and lo and behold, there are other people (ok, men, it's always men, isn't it) who know about computers and can fix Sugar's mistakes. So Norton is GONE and will never ever see the inside of this computer again, I can tell you. The nerve! I swear it wasn't me! I worship the ground my computer rests on, really I do.

Gotta go carve a coupla pumpkins:cool:

10-28-2001, 06:43 PM
Sounds like a nightmare, Sug. I thought I'd killed my computer last night too. I went to this site about "easter eggs" in computer software -- little silly things programmers put in just for fun, and I tried one. Suddenly I couldn't use the search function anymore and then I lost my mouse. Thanks a lot, Microsoft. I did manage to reset everything and got my mouse back. Sheesh.

DH just came home--he had to go in to work today--with a bag full of new socks and underwear. I don't know where he thinks he's going to put them (his drawers are jammed full), but he is under the impression that he is "out" of things all the time. I can always tell when the Christmas shopping season is starting up, because he starts buying stuff for himself.

God, I'm starting to sound like Monica...

Later couchpotaters

10-29-2001, 09:25 AM
Read THIS and weep:

Fruit flies can reproduce anywhere there is fermenting organic matter that stays wet or moist. In the house, likely places for flies to breed include slow-moving or seldom-used sink, bathtub, shower, or floor drains in which a layer of slime (gelatinous film) has built up above the water line. Other moist accumulations of fermenting organic matter are possible such as wet areas under dripping pipes and refrigeration equipment, garbage containers, and discarded bottles and cans. Regardless of where the flies originate, they will be at windows throughout the house and at sinks because they are attracted to light and to moisture.

Eeeeeeeew! How disgusting. And I thought they came from those rotting bananas in my fruit bowl. Yik.

10-29-2001, 01:37 PM
that was going around. I didn't get one from Bagzie. Mine came from Lush. I downloaded it, (I read the warning too late) and it wouldn't open, but then when I shut down my puter it said "WARNING!!! you have a computer virus!" Eeek! Then my antivirus hunted it down and supposedly got rid of it. Do you think that's the end of it Kiwi? I just don't understand computer geeks who get a big kick out of upsetting middle aged cows with their tricks.

Kiwi, my DH just thinks he's out of things, when I do the laundry he has plenty of socks. The guys here at work once actually had a conversation about how much they love a brand new package of jockey shorts. They're so easy to please. My DH always buys new socks and underwear before he goes to the big rodeo every year. Should I worry?

My children no longer go trick or treating. At 18 and 21 it really was time to stop. DD went to a Halloween party saturday night. I didn't see her costume, but I believe it was something slutty. They can get away with that on Halloween.

DH and I went to a party saturday too, but it was not a Halloween party. Just a friend's 40th birthday and barn raising celebration. They had a bbq set up in their riding arena and a DJ in the barn, with tons of food that I sampled all of. We froze our tails off, but a good time was had by all.

Oh, and Kiwi, you're not sounding like Monica. It's Monique.;)

10-29-2001, 04:05 PM
OK, was this virus called Win32.Magistr B or something? I installed a free virus program ( today which promptly told me that this thing had infected any number of (not very important) files on my puter in very wierd places. I'm just wondering how long it had been there since no one complained about me sending them stuff and some of the files hadn't been working in ages anyway. I am so computer illiterate it's not even funny.

Wabby, I'm afraid to read any more about Monique for fear of becoming addicted. As if I don't spend enough time on this thing living vicariously through the lives of perfect strangers.

10-29-2001, 09:03 PM
Silly me. Monique. Guess I was thinking of some other well-endowed chickie with man trouble...

Sugar, will that program clean the virus off your computer? Maybe it already did; you could always check by running it again. The files the virus affects could be anything, old or new, it's just random, so that probably doesn't tell you how long it's been on your computer. If you want more info, take a look at the url that I posted above for Bagz and read about what the virus can do. It is possible for it to lay dormant for a month and then trash your operating system, so you'd want to be sure it's gone.

Don't mind me. I'm just a motherboard hen. :lol: :lol: :lol: Computer geek joke.