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02-21-2007, 03:29 PM

I'm new to the SBD; I'm on the third day of Phase I. I need my cup of tea in the morning. Is it okay to have caffeine?? Has anyone else had caffeine at all and done okay??


02-21-2007, 05:05 PM
Most people still consume a cup of coffee or tea even in phase 1. I've always had my tea. I switch to decaffeinated after the first cup or two but I've never had a problem.

02-21-2007, 09:06 PM
Before starting the diet I read the books and did my research and while there was a lot I was willing to give up and change about my eating, my morning latte was not one of them. I still think my espresso machine is one of my most favorite and the most frequently used gifts I have ever received.

Also, in the first few weeks when I craved sweets I would have a cup of tea (regular old Lipton) with enough Splenda to get me passed the craving and on to healthier food.

Have you caffiene and enjoy. :coffee:


02-22-2007, 10:12 AM
Thanks a lot!! I feel better now. I always have my steeped tea w/ milk in the morning. I used to have a couple throughout the day, but now I've limited it to one a day, and I have green tea for the rest of the day. But it's nice to hear about the lattes. I got an espresson machine for Christmas, and I hate to give it up. So I won't.