South Beach Diet - Countdown West Coast Chicks...weekly?

02-20-2007, 11:59 AM
It looks like this may be our last 'daily' posting...but we can possibly have a 'weekly' post...I leave it up to Lubajo to decide what to do.

Counting down in lbs is such a wonderful feeling...I wonder why we allow ourselves to be sabataged by others but especially by our own habits. I tried on clothes for our cruise and some of them made me very happy because they fit again...some were still 'too tight' but it still gave me hope...for reaching a goal for a healthy weight. I am not trying to lose lbs for my height (according to some charts I should weigh about 110lbs...If I weighed that I would look like death warmed way. I will be very happy to reach the goal of 145lbs and I am willing to change habits, to stay away from sugar (my real enemy) and try to exercise more, drink more water.

Sis, I am glad you're getting things ready for your upcoming surgery but do not let yourself get so must eat to lose weight...strange but oh so true.

Aimee, I bet your teeth are getting whiter and do have a very pretty smile already (your picture is very cute)'s Josh today?

Let's make it a good day and a good rest of the week...SB style.

I love you sis,

Bionic Beach Babe
02-20-2007, 12:31 PM
Hi Everyone where ever you are...Hi Sis....

I feel so good after cleaning all those closets yesterday. They look so nice, and I got rid of a lot of excess clothes.

Today we are going to friends for Breakfast, singing and games...then home to iron all of those shirts of DH that I washed yesterday...So many of them have cotton in them so have to be ironed...But I don't mind...It reminds me of my mama and how she loved to do it.

Then I might clean out the linen closet and hall closet and that will be it for the day...

Morning Star is with out a computer for a few weeks. Miss her here.

Cottage: So nice to get the message. I am looking forward to the Rice tonight...Will post tomorrow and let you all know how much I like it...I know I sure love the popcorn Califlower.

Ruth: Hope you are feeling better today...Take care and baby that poor lady dog until she is better also.

Sis: Words can't express how much I am going to miss you. I am glad so many of your clothes are fitting again.
The rest will come.. Try not to get too stressed with all the last minute packing etc....

Love to you all. Lu

02-20-2007, 03:41 PM
Goodmorning! I had a big sleep in this morning, I woke up at 10:41! Crazy. I guess I must have needed it, so I'm going to take this extra energy and go for a walk!

Alright - so I'm going to fess up here.. TOM arrived and has been creating a LOT of cravings! I managed to be pretty good, but Sunday was not so good, I ate a low fat cupcake, a chocolate chip cookie, and lastly, I drank 2 smaller glasses of punch (which I'm sure was loaded with sugar). I'm considering heading back to Phase 1 for a week until this is all gone. I have to think that phase 1 will be GOOD, that I'm going to ENJOY it! hehe..

I will be back in a minute to finish posting..


mamajok - congrats on the clothes fitting better - thats the reward of weight loss and being good.. keep it up girl!! :) When do you leave for the cruise?

lubajo - you are inspiring me to get into my closet and clean some of it out! The bf has gained a good 40-50 pounds and has SO SO many clothes just do not fit, I bet the closet would be a lot more empty without them in there. I don't really know how to donate clothes I usually give them to my friends daughter who is now larger than me, but fit all my size 18+.

The sun is shining over here, I'm thinking I need to go for a walk today! I want to go to this place close by where you walk along the inlet of the ocean, it's really beautiful.. I'm always scared to go alone because of bears. Maybe Josh will be up for a walk..


02-20-2007, 04:04 PM
Hi Ladies,

Good to see everyone up and about today. Hope you all had a nice President's Day weekend. I agree that weekly posting is probably better. It makes it easier to find these threads and read them.

Today the scale read 288, so I am down 27 pounds since I started this weightloss journey on January 1. 21 of those pounds are from doing Southbeach diet.

I am already starting to see results. Clothese feel looser and I've been able to fit into a suit that was too snug for me last month. :)

It's a great way to start out the week. Hope you all have a good one.

02-20-2007, 04:04 PM
Hi Ladies,

Good to see everyone up and about today. Hope you all had a nice President's Day weekend. I agree that weekly posting is probably better. It makes it easier to find these threads and read them.

Today the scale read 288, so I am down 27 pounds since I started this weightloss journey on January 1. 21 of those pounds are from doing Southbeach diet.

I am already starting to see results. Clothes feel looser and I've been able to fit into a suit that was too snug for me last month. :)

It's a great way to start out the week. Hope you all have a good one.

Bionic Beach Babe
02-20-2007, 05:21 PM
Back again.

I got the 7 shirts ironed and 5 of my things...The closet and all the clothes look so nice and not as crowded.

Cottage: Go for it...Good way to burn Cals. Do you have a local church there that has a Dorcas group...if so that is a wonderful place to get rid of outdated, outgrown clothes.

Since going back to phase 1 I am seeing the weight come off again...come on sweet one go for it. I think that Sugar Free Splenda syrup set me off...and yes, drink more water...put something in it if you don't like it plain.

Booklover: Good for you...Nice to get into clothes that havn't fitted for a while. Keep it up.

Girls: I think once a week is fine...But please check in and post so we know who's kicking on the West Coast.

I am off to grate the Califlower for the Fried Rice and to clean the linen closet and broom closet....Nice to see all cleaned...

Sis: I love you...

02-21-2007, 12:26 AM
I was flipping thru old pictures tonight, and was putting them in photo albums. Wow, Josh and I have changed a LOT thru the years.. it's amazing really. I am also really ready to lose weight - I'm tired of being "scared" of pictures! I am going back to phase 1 starting tomorrow, I am getting myself all psyched for it. It's totally doable, one week. I am NOT going to think about it, I'm just going to do it. It's SO worth it to be thinner, and NOT having cake, pizza or anything like that.

I didn't get to go for a walk today, it started raining just as we were set to go. Silly rain.

lubajo - I am set to start phase 1 tomorrow, we have to be each others cheerleaders! I surely need one anyways :)

Thats it for me - I am off to watch a little tv and then hit the sack!


02-21-2007, 03:12 AM
Alright - I cannot sleep. My head is pounding - I suspect it's from the sugar I had today. I had that cake I was craving and now I never want cake again, not too sure that it was all worth it. Is it possible that I've been off sugar so long that I am getting a headache from it?? Phew, I'm going to take some tylenol, hopefully it passes soon..


pink pinball
02-21-2007, 04:29 AM
Hi my name is Brandy and i started south beach 2 weeks ago. i read your posts and you all seem to be doing well and i was wondering if you might be able to help me. i am a little scared of phase 2 and am wondering if you aree allowed 2 phase 2 ready made entrees like one of the wraps for lunch and a frozen entree for dinner and if sugar free jello pudding cups are allowed. hope i am not being a bother:)

02-21-2007, 11:11 AM
:welcome3: Brandy! I can't really give advice about SB as of yet but there are many others on here that can. I am just into the SB program so I have lots of questions too.:shrug: You are NOT a bother Brandi, this is a friendly place to ask as many questions you like, to be able to vent if needed and get the encouragement it takes for us to get through another SB day.

Morningstar - you are:hug: missed.

Aimee - We leave very early Saturday morning, will drive to Seattle, fly to San Diego, CA and embark the ship at around noon...wheeeee!
Yes sugar can cause terrible headaches:fr: took a 'female' doctor to finally tell me many years ago that I was addicted to sugar. Whenever I eat sugar I get a reaction of either more cravings or wanting to go to sleep...It's like a bad drug to me.

Booklover - Looser clothes are what keep us focused - Good for you!

Sis, I know you...after the hip surgery you will be saying to yourself..."I should have done that!":rolleyes:

Today we have a lot on our agenda...eye appointment, car to dealer for oil change, continue packing...and a bit of shopping. Tomorrow morning we drop Lil Bear off at the goomer's before our exercise class at 9:00 then the other car goes in for an oil change. After Lil Bear is picked up we drop him off at DD's work then we have small group here in the evening...Thank goodness it's DH's turn to lead this week! I need to keep focused on my eating the right foods and remind myself to eat.

Have a great day all...I love you sis!:hug:

Bionic Beach Babe
02-21-2007, 12:51 PM
Morning All...Rain, Rain, Rain..Sick of it:( ...Where is our beautiful CA. sun shine?

Aimee: :cheer2: :cheer2: :cheer2: Cheering you on honey...Sorry about the headache. Jo and I are both Addited to sugar...No more cake for you or any sweet like that.

I make my Diet Jello (7 bowls at a time) and put one can of mixed fruit into the 7 bowls...This is very little fruit in each bowl but it helps a lot....then a bit of whipped cream on top...I have this treat every night...It fills my need.

Brandy::welcome: You are no bother...We are all here to help...come on board any time...

Suggestion is for you to click on Thread (top of page) and ask any major question there...Many will see it and the ones who know will answer...Very helpful...

I just don't know enough about what is really legal yet my self...I do go to the recipes and check them out...I loved the shrimp fried Ride, Taco Beans, Mock Macaroni, Mock Abaloni, using chicken...very far as buying SB products I don't know...

We wish you the best of luck...Stay with us. and lets share about what we are eating and exercising.

Jojo: Sounds like another busy day for you...count down, only 2 more days to get ready to go...I know you will have fun but I will miss you so much.

I am glad your DH is leading out tonigh in small group. Try to relax, and stay on track.

Girls: I am down 20 lbs today. so happy about it...I am really going for day at a time but going for it..I will make it this time.

Going to clean the last cubboard today..The one over my computer..Its a wonder things don't fall out like (Fibermagee and Molly's closet...Do any of you remember them?

Good Luck to you all and have a successful day on SB and with us here. Love, Lu

Love, Lu

02-21-2007, 04:04 PM
Morning, chicks! Sorry I've been MIA, lately. Classes & work are limiting my time, right now. (Boo! Hiss!)

Still making my workouts. Hit my first fitness goal: at least 45 minutes x 5 days in a week. Yay! Also seeing payoffs - my work pants (which I buy fairly fitted) are getting loose to the point of indecency. I had to borrow the Other Human's belt to keep from inadvertently dropping trou yesterday. :o

mamajok - I always feel like I'm meeting old friends again when I get to wear clothes I haven't been able to wear in years. SUCH a great feeling!

Enjoy your cruise. The pre-vacation countdown is one of my favorite things.

lubajo - closet cleaning is always really cathartic for me. Like I'm losing mental "weight" in the process. I feel much lighter and, for lack of a better word, clean after.

swimgirl - we all get sidetracked. Sounds like yours was pretty minor. Go back to P1 if you want. I really like the simplicity of it, but it's hard to stick with!

I don't know about Vancouver, but here, a lot of the thrift stores have dumpster-style dropboxes for clothing donations. A few of them (Salvation Army, Value Village, Big Brothers/Big Sisters ) will even pick up.

I hope your headache is clearing up. :(

booklover - congratulations! You've lost almost 10% of your starting weight, now. You're doing so well with SB! Keep it up, girlie!

Brandy - Welcome! If those things are labeled as Phase 2, you're probably OK, but be careful - I wasn't slow enough in adding Phase 2 foods back into my diet and stalled myself for 3 weeks as a result. The ladies here tend to advocate adding back 1 food per week and seeing what the results are. (I wish I had listened!)

Back to work for me. Will check in before I leave the office for the day! :)

02-22-2007, 12:38 AM
Hey Gals! The day is nearly done and I stayed COMPLETELY on phase 1! Woohoo! Small victories eh!

mamajok - I used to have this condition "vestibulitis", basically I had bladder infection and yeast infections all the time, but antibiotics wouldn't make it better. Infact I always tested negative for bladder infections. The doctor I saw told me that if I cut out sugar and wheat that it would make it better, I also had to avoid sweet veggies, all spicy foods, and I'm sure some more things. So I've always known that sugar isn't so good for me, but I never knew it could cause headaches. Phew, that was long winded!

Wow your cruise is coming up pretty quick! I will definitely think about you on Saturday!

lubajo - here's my complaint :( I am allergic to all artificial sweetners, so I cannot do jello or any of that stuff. Anyways, I have moved on from that and have accepted it. I find coffee sweet so I really do cherish my daily coffee.. love it! :) Yahoo on the 20 poun

My bf is creating a sugar free, whole wheat meat loaf, I am really looking forward to it. He's going to make it next week, possibly sunday! If it works out I will be sure to post the recipe! He's also planning to go downtown to this little market that sells GREAT shrimp/prawns, he's going to make them special for me. Sometimes he's such a good man!

cinderly - the headache did clear up, I laid down on the couch with a cloth and some ibuprofen. I was very suprised at how fast it cleared up :) I decided to go back to Phase 1 simply because of the cravings.. partly due to TOM and partly due to having the sugar again. Busy can be good, and you are getting exercise in, thats GREAT! Let me know if this is too personal, but how come you refer to your partner as "other human" ?

Thats it from me for now..


02-22-2007, 01:39 AM
Heya, Aimee! No, not too personal at all. It kind of started as a joke: "This is the Other Human, as opposed to the cats." And then it stuck.

I like it for several reasons; first, it's a bit odd and off, as am I, so it suits. Secondly, people can't automatically assume anything about our relationship just based on what I call him. (This matters to me for reasons I won't go into here but will happily elaborate via PM, if you're interested.) Thirdly, as he nears 40 and we near 10 years together, it becomes awkward to refer to him as "my boyfriend," and "partner" seems ... too formal.

So, I refer to him as my Other Human. I've even introduced him that way once or twice. He remained completely unphased (one of many reasons we are good together).

Hope that answers it. If not, let me know and I'll try to clarify!

02-22-2007, 02:49 AM
cinderly - totally makes sense to me. I sometimes feel SO cliche and like I'm a 14 year old when I say "my boyfriend". Generally I just go with his name. There becomes an age where calling your "partner" a boyfriend sounds very, weird. I don't know why, I guess society is just brain washing us into thinking that if you aren't married it's not a legit relationship. I am babbling slightly. I think marriage scares me because of what it implies.. like somehow I will become a grown up couple, and I don't know that I'm even ready to be grown up! I always wanted to be a fabulous, single gal living the city life. Amazing how life changes eh!

I gotta go take off this whitening strip! Have a goodnight :)


02-22-2007, 08:47 AM
AIMEE ~ I've always been curious about those whitening strips. Do they really work, and how do they taste? I don't want to waste my money on them if you can't tell the difference. I always look forward to reading your posts, and can't wait to hear how that meatloaf turns out. I eat very little meat and am always looking for an interesting vegetarian recipe to try. :)

02-22-2007, 10:31 AM
Good Morning, Cinderly, Aimee, Cottage, Sis, Booklover and Brandi...anyone else who may pop in today...Hello!

I am in a bit of a hurry this morning...gotta take car #2 to the dealer in Bellingham to get it serviced by 7:30 so that meant getting around very early in order to leave early.
Then off to the dog groomer for Lil Bear...then exercise, then take Lil Bear to DD, then off to shop for a few items for the cruise.

Tonight is small group so I will not be on until after group meeting.

Yesterday was not a good SB day for me but today I feel refreshed (the scale was kind to me) and am ready to storm ahead.

Have a great Friday everyone, see you later.

I love you sis!:hug:

02-22-2007, 11:53 AM
Goodmorning! Just a quick one from me.. down 1 more pound! 220, so so close to my little goal..

Whitening strips don't taste gross, however I do breath thru my nose the entire time they are on. I will definitely let you know if they whiten my teeth!

I am off to work for a short shift... bbl!


Bionic Beach Babe
02-22-2007, 12:59 PM
Morning Girls: 8:48 A.M. here in CA...Still wet outside!
All the time I sat here bragging to you gals about our beautiful weather and now! it finally caught up with me!!!!
For Shame!

I din't get the last cubboard cleaned yesterday...maybe today.

Feeling a bit down in the dumbs knowing my darling sister is leaving soon for a week or more...We often find we are doing the same chore or buying the same thing though we live 700 miles apart...

Once when she came here and walked in, she found the same kitchen floor and same Cookie Jar as she had put in...unbeknown to each other.

She is dark haired and I am blond, but when people see us together they spot us for sisters right away...We get the same expressions and much of our actions are alike.

Sound like I am going to miss her! I already do.

Going to pick up two of our grandsons, ages 15 and 12 to come over and play Hand and Foot, Card Game with DH and I this afternoon...Fun. Popcorn, Fruit and Juice for them, and Apple, Peanut Butter and Tea for me.

Read you girls later...Good luck with SB today...Hang in there. Love you all, Lu

02-22-2007, 10:32 PM
Hey gals! My short shift turned into a long one, a very long one.. or it felt very long anyways! It was 8 hours, and boy I was happy to come home! My legs are aching, don't know what from.

So day 2 of phase 1 complete! I managed to stay completely ON PLAN at work without a planned lunch, I had to eat out! I got a taco salad minus the taco, got low fat sour cream instead of salad dressing.

lubajo - sounds like you and your sister are a lot alike! Do you two talk on the phone everyday? The usa has SUCH great long distance deals, I'm totally jealous!

I will talk to you ladies later!


Bionic Beach Babe
02-23-2007, 12:21 PM
Morning Girls: Today is Friday and my day during the week that I get to spend the day with daughters #2 and #3. Weekly shoping at Costco, Winco, and K Mart today, Lunch and then show...

Cottage: I bet you were tired after being on your feet for 8 hours..I hope you get a much deserved rest this weekend.

Proud of you for sticking so good to SB yesterday...Keep it up. You will love the results. Well worth it.

About my sister: We usually sent E-Mails back and forth, 2-4 times a day...and are calling via phone once a week.
Tomorrow is the day.

As For Me: I think while she is gone it will be a good time for me to work on Scrapbooks....I am so far behind...Have one to do dating from trip in 2001, celebrating our 50th.
One to do dating 2002, Trip to Death Valley with daughter #4 and the two boys at that time, and the last major trip across the US in 2003. Big job ahead, but maybe it will help keep my mind off how much I miss JoJo.

I will come back later and check on more post....Love, Lu

I love you sis!

02-23-2007, 01:45 PM
Time for a quick break between changing bedding and making sure I have everything packed and ready. Shar (housekeeper) is here making sure I don't have to worry about the house being clean when we return from our cruise.

Aimee, I remember those long hours with little fondness. My husband and I worked in the same town which was only about 15 minutes from our home. So we drove together, him dropping me off at 6:00 a.m. and picking me up anytime between 4:00 and 5:30 that evening. It took us only about 20 minutes to get to work but about an hour or more getting home! The commute was terrible so I do not miss it at all. I hope you have a couple days to re-coop kiddo.

Cinderly, Cottage, Booklover and Brandi...anyone else who may pop in today...Have a great weekend.

I better keep busy...I will try to post whilst on ship but if not, please know I will be thinking of you and praying you will stay OP...

I love you sis and I will miss you!:hug:

02-23-2007, 10:25 PM
I want to say goodmorning - but alas, the day is over! I am SO tired, I will definitely enjoy my day off from work tomorrow :)

lubajo - I really wish I could get into scrapbooking, we sell a lot of it at work but I just can't get into it. I do however LOVE pictures! Maybe one day it'll come. I love the phone, I call my mom sometimes 6-7 days a week! It's a good time in the world for communication, there is usually always a way to get a hold of someone.

mamajok - commuting is NOT something I enjoy! I used to commute 1.5 hours each day, never again. Josh and I work 2km's from where we live, we are very lucky for that. Although Josh gets all the security calls that occur in the middle of the night - it's happened a few times. 4am phone ringing will give you a little jolt! Have a very safe and fun trip :)

So I've almost made it thru today! I just have dinner to go, I'm thinking salad, or possibly a beef and broccoli dish. We shall see, I pick Josh up from work in an hour. Phase 1 is definitely a little challenge, but it's been pretty smooth especially since I've eaten out yesterday and today... I guess things feel easier when I don't have to cook and think up all my meals.

Hope you all had a great on plan day :)


02-23-2007, 11:15 PM

I just fell off the wagon BIG TIME. I was so pround of myself for the past two weeks resisting the giant tub of red vine licorice in our office. You see, I much prefer the black licorice, so this hasn't been a great temptation for me. Until tonight, that is. While working late alone in the office (and it being TOM) well, I just gave in and scarfed about 30 of them. :( I am soooo embarressed! :o

To make matters worse, I stupidly looked at the nutrition information after I ate them. (Why, oh why, not before?!!) And, guess what? The number one ingredient is CORN SYRUP! Yep, pure sugar. This explains why I simply could not stop at one.

I actually stayed on program all day, until now. Dammit. :mad: What is it about sugar that is soooo addictive? I don't have much of a sweet tooth. In fact, I never crave sweet things, usually just fat things (like pizza, cheese and french fries.) I'm not a binger by nature, so I'm going to chock this lapse up to TOM.

Oh well, I guess I'll just have to get back on the wagon again. Next week, I'm staying as far away as I can from those wicked, wicked red vines!

02-24-2007, 01:31 AM
booklover - Here's something - you stopped at 30. I have this new thought that guilt is the thing that makes us stay OFF the wagon. Have no guilt, move on, now you have your fill of those red vines and won't want them for a while!

Although, this is coming from someone who had a couple pieces of pizza for dinner. Yah, I didn't have a good dinner AT ALL! But I am moving on - this diet is for LIFE, and you have to focus on the positives! I did NOT have coke with the pizza, which is rare for me. After all of that, heres what I don't get, I managed to stay on phase 1 with NO cheating for 2 weeks, how come I can't even manage to stay to it for 1 week? I am slightly beating myself up for not being able to do it. I will feel more positive tomorrow morning.

Have a good night gals :)