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02-20-2007, 10:07 AM
down in the south mardi gras is a time of indulgence. ive been so good so far but tonight we are going to a fat tuesday party- which consists of king cakes (yum), jambalaya.... MANY fattening foods and drinks to go around. im wondering if i should even go?? im fairly new to this dieting commitment and im scared i will slip. but, i also dont want to start this diet with the idea that i can't ever have a good time. is it better to stay home and pout :( or to go and fight the king cake demons :devil:
either way, this is why im not a good dieter- i feel deprived instead of healthy.
any advice to help me change my attitude?

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02-20-2007, 10:08 AM
Well I'd go, have a good time, eat a little (really keep an eye on how full you're feeling) and then make sure I was on track tomorrow.

02-20-2007, 11:26 AM
I agree with 2frustrated. Yes, its new, the healthier way of eating, but, we can't live solely inside out own little bubble world until we lose weight, get healthy, battle all our emotional and eating demons etc. Plan today, eat smaller meals than you normally do, extend your excersize by 15-30 minutes, then go, have a good time. Have sparkling water with a splash of cran juice, a nibble of cake etc. Truly, pay attention to what you're putting in your mouth and why. Make sure you only eat it, because you're hungry, not because you're yammering away at a friend and standing by the buffet, blindly and idly scarfing food. When you have your nibble etc, move away from the food, then avoid it. I know its hard, my biggest struggle is going out to eat, I see it as a way to reward myself, so lately I've been passing on going out to eat, but I have to face it, so I will and at this point, NOTHING absolutely NOTHING taste as good as seeing those size 20's slide off my butt from being to BIG.

02-20-2007, 11:32 AM
Hon, I would go, but just use some sense. Decide, just as an example, to have 1 serving of each thing and not more. Space out what you eat during the party, so you don't just eat a whole big plate early and then later want to eat a whole big plate again. Don't drink too much alcohol--first because it's empty calories, and second because it lowers one's good sense about eating and many other things. ;) Enjoy the non-food fun of the party--the music, the dancing, the people. And if you're keeping track of calories or such, keep track of what you eat in your mind so you can include it in your list. Don't treat it like it "doesn't count" because our bodies don't know the difference.

Have fun and be happy without going overboard!


02-20-2007, 12:04 PM
thanks for the advice! i have decided to go. we have a wonderful bakery here that is famous for their king cakes and my friend, who is not aware of my diet just had one delivered to my house!!!!! how easy is that? a wonderful baked cake filled with goodness and topped with icing is given to me at my door- ahhh! after staring at it like it is a snake in the room ive decided to walk down the street and give it to my neighbor. i guess its your frame of mind that counts at these moments. although my husband will think that i have lost my mind. :dizzy: but i cant have it here- i will end up eating the whole thing.
like yall said, i just have to pay attention to what im doing. at the party i will hang out in the other room from the buffet! and i have called my friends to let them know that im the sober driver tonight- so i want indulge in that area. ;) thanks again for words of wisdom! i have PLANNED to have a good time- no pouting for me tonight!
i will let you know how it goes.
Happy mardi gras yall!!

02-20-2007, 12:53 PM
Moderation is KEY! Make yourself a small plate of your absolute FAVORITE specialties and leave the rest. Make sure the portion sizes of your favorite dishes are kept very small (unless they are salad). Normal sized people go out and enjoy, but they dont eat 3 plates of food either. And if they overeat one day, they may eat less than usual the next few days. Maybe try that approach.