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02-19-2007, 11:21 AM
Well, the weekend went as expected. Except Friday DH wanted to order I ended up being stupid and ordering fried shrimp & french fries. Instead of a steak and veggies. Then Saturday night I ate a handful of potato chips, 2 small chocolate chip cookies and like 5 mints. So of course, when I stepped on the scale this morning it didn't read what it did Saturday morning. I'm trying to figure out how I could do SO well the first time around on Atkins, I can do SO well during the week. But when it comes to the weekend I blow it. When I see the scale go down....I blow it. I need to figure out how to get past that if I'm ever going to lose this weight again. HELP!!!

02-19-2007, 12:01 PM
Brenda, sorry to hear you are having some trouble. I always do worse on the weekend too. I am bad to also allow myself more if I had a weight loss. Now, this certainly doesn't help anything. It would seem that showing some weight loss would make us work even harder. I wish I knew why I did the same thing. Sorry, I'm no help. I do fantastic during the week, lose a lb. or 2 and screw up come Friday or Saturday. I try to always exercise 5 nights during the week to help make up for the laziness and busyness that happens every weekend around here.

On a happy note, we get to buy our camper this week with cash. So, if you all notice me missing, it's cause I'm camping at the lake and catching me some crappie. LOL.

DD and I had a great walk at the park yesterday. We are going again today, with temps now in the 60's. We have to go shop for her some new jeans first so she'll quit wearing my clothes. LOL.

02-19-2007, 12:26 PM
Good Morning :sunny:

Brenda~ I cant seem to do atkins anymore at all. Im good for about 3 weeks, then I blow it. I wish I could get that "first time" determination back too. I wish I had some words of wisdom for you :hug:

Lily~ have fun, and enjoy the weather!!!!!!! We are actually expecting it to make 32F/0C tomorrow :cb: heatwave! :cb: :lol:

Well I blew it big time yesterday. I wont get into the sordid details, just know that Im puffy and swollen today and every single one of those cadbury eggies are DEAD!!:devil:

Im going to go fill up my water jug, and get moving today!

Have a good one ladies!

02-19-2007, 12:59 PM

So I have been browsing around 3 chicks trying to find a forum that is right for me. I haven't gotten a response from any site, so I am hoping this is the one.

I basically have to go low carb, for health reasons (a recent problem with candida)

I would love, love, to check in once a day while I am starting out (I have a big sweet tooth) even for the first 7 days or so. And would be happy to hold someone/or all of you accountable too.

Is anyone up for that??

Thanks, Abbie

02-19-2007, 01:03 PM
Welcome Abby, glad to see you joining us.

Phoenix Song
02-19-2007, 02:12 PM
Hello Ladies! I hope that you're all well!

Brenda, I'm sorry that you're having problems during the weekends. I know that it can be tough! Perhaps you could try to figure out what about the weekends triggers off your slips? Maybe if you can pin down a pattern you can help to stop it from occurring?

NYC Girl, this is an excellent place for you to come to vent, to cry, to get compassion and support, and to get help! :welcome:

Lily, I'm so glad that you're going to be getting a camper! Some of my happiest times were spent camping!

Well, I have people pulling me in 10 different directions, so I'd best say good bye! Talk to you all later!

:wizard: Barb

beach bum
02-19-2007, 02:31 PM

I'm back to my old self again,whatever stomach bug I had is gone,but just in case I'm going to eat lite again today.

The winds are blowing out there,has to be 60 MPH gusts. Thank Goodness our fireplace insert is working again.Its 11 degrees this morning,hopefully in 3 more weeks Spring should arrive.

lady_abnerd-Sorry:sorry: the scale went up,because of your weekends. I have two solutions for you.1) W-I during the middle of the week.,or 2) like a lady on another board does w-i every three weeks.Her reason was when she found that weighing in every week didn't work subconsciously. Wen the scale went down she eat for joy,and when the scale goes up she eat for her sorrow.So she says staying away from the scale helped her not binge Just a thought. Oh !!Thanks:thanks: for starting us up this week..

lily-We'll miss:cry: you,but we'll be happy :)that your enjoying your camper.

Robin-Sending you some [[[good:goodvibes:vibes]]] for your to get back on track.

Abbie-:welcome: welcome to the board and Atkins. I'm low carbing with WWpoints. Just stay with us we'll hold you accountable. My doctor suggested Atkins when all the other diets failed. This WOE does work,if you don't whink from it.

Barb-Hi :wave:We posted had the same time, Have great day.

Have a great day

Hugs :) BB

02-19-2007, 03:35 PM
Hi Phoenix and BB. Good to see everyone back to posting today.

Me and DD just got back from our 2 mile walk around the lake/park. It is 60 degrees but the wind had to be at least 40 miles an hr. My thighs are hurting from the effort it took to just walk that track. Then, being the kids we are, we slid the big tube slides. My 46 yr. old body isn't made for those big curves and twists. LOL, that must be why they are there for little kids. We packed our lunch to take and enjoyed the time out even with the darn wind.

Phoenix, we love camping. Just not in a tent. We used to own a fabulous new camper and had to sell it when I got sick. This one isn't brand new, but I'll be happy to have it anyway and not to owe anything on it. We plan to save money through the summer and buy a good used boat too. We had to also sell our new boat when I was too sick to work. We only pay cash now for anything, but I prefer it this way.

02-19-2007, 03:45 PM
Hey ladies!

Lady abner- I have the same weekend issues, and weight loss binge problems. I don't have advice, but offer support and letting you know I share the same problem.

BB- that is great advice to not weigh as often. I think eating is so emotional and weighing everyday most often triggers an emotional response.

Robin- I hear ya. I did alot of cooking and eating this weekend. I have actually had a bad week, but I think I'm better now.

Lily- congrats on the camper! You'll be able to hide out from the unwanted family in an enjoyable way!

Abbie- WELCOME!!!! This is a great place to come for support. I had a similar experience to you where I had posted in many places and got little response, but I found this board very welcoming. These ladies are fantastic!

Have a great day ladies!


02-19-2007, 04:39 PM
yup, we're the best :lol: Welcome Abbie!! :welcome3:

Treadmill is here, and up and running :cb: Im so thrilled!! Its right in front of the woodstove.......dh will be nice and warm. I'll just turn the stove off when I walk. :running:

02-19-2007, 05:12 PM
Hi Tracy, Yes the next time I have unwanted guests, I'm heading to the lake in my camper. Maybe they will get the hint. Seriously, I doubt it.

SD called a few hrs. ago and invited me out to pizza for lunch. I said "no thanks, I've already eaten". She lives on total junk food and I won't let her persuade me to eat what she eats.

Robin, congrat's on the treadmill. I love mine. Post how much you walk and I will try to keep up. Good incentive for both of us. I have a little space heater next time and I always turn it off. I work up enough sweat already. LOL.

02-19-2007, 08:29 PM
OK ladies i have to make this really quick. First off Hi Abbie and welcome. YOu will love this group. OK so today I had a xray done of my uterus. They shot dye inside to show up on the pics. Good news that all is well and that is what i was hoping for. Bad news is that I am cramping pretty bad and i am bloated big time in the tummy area, so I am off to bed to rest. Just wanted to check in with you guys. Not going to talk about this weekend. Lets just say it went as well as everyone elses on here.

02-19-2007, 08:36 PM
OK ladies i have to make this really quick. First off Hi Abbie and welcome. YOu will love this group. OK so today I had a xray done of my uterus. They shot dye inside to show up on the pics. Good news that all is well and that is what i was hoping for. Bad news is that I am cramping pretty bad and i am bloated big time in the tummy area, so I am off to bed to rest. Just wanted to check in with you guys. Not going to talk about this weekend. Lets just say it went as well as everyone elses on here.

Sandra!!!!! Warning.....if you are looking to get your fooling around within the next 3 days after having this test!! Even drag hubby to bed with you now, it will help with the cramping from that test.

If you arent looking to get pregnant....keep your hubby away :lol:

My gf(who is a dr.) had warned me about this, she told me it was quite common for women who have trouble conceiving to get pregnant after this test.

I did :D, my husband(at the time) tried for 7 yrs....after this same test, along with my ex walking the picket line in sub zero temps helped me get pregnant.

Ms Spotdog
02-19-2007, 10:35 PM
Hello, hello to you wonderful ladies! I've been lurking (you know I always do) but just read something somewhere that just kinda clicked for me and I had to share it with you all in case it does the same for someone else. This thing I read was where someone was telling someone else in a 12 step program who had admitted to cutting herself that it was all about the endorphins and that if she could find something ELSE that would trigger the endorphins that it would help her quit the cutting. She recommended weightlifting or any type of exercise. So I started thinking about what it is I'm looking for when I reach for the cookie or candy or bread and realized it is the feeling, the little 'high' or rush, and maybe, just maybe, if I could get that little rush from some exercise (normal exercise, cuzm ya know, my superman isn't ALWAYS available) then maybe I wouldn't need the carbs so much! Does that make sense - I'll read this again tomorrow and see if it still makes sense to me then. But right now it just seemed to click for me!

Ok - back to your regularly scheduled program-


02-20-2007, 10:21 AM
Good Morning :snowglo:

Kel :wave: glad to know Mr. Superman is still around ;)

You're on Lily....we can keep an eye on each other in our exercise threads, how does that sound? :running:

I did 2 miles yesterday on the treadmill. Im so happy with this machine. Its sitting quite prominent in the living room. I really didnt think dh would go for it being there. I was going to be quite happy putting it in the corner, kinda tucked out of the way. But he said "If Im going to use it I want to be able to watch tv." YES!! Im thrilled he said he would use it too! I find that walking for me works better than anything else. I can do the aerobic tapes, but they just dont seem to do for me what walking does. :carrot:

Well, I'll be on the pc :comp: most of the day again today, so I'll check in often. Have a great day ladies!

02-20-2007, 12:57 PM
Sounds great Robin. I'll check your exercise post each day and try to match it. Looks like you are off to a great start with the treadmill. I really prefer just walking to any other form of exercise (except swimming). My treadmill and elliptical are in my bedroom for now. They both get used a lot. Both facing a TV. LOL. I turn up really loud music on GAC or CMT while I walk. DD hates country music so I shut my door. LOL. I've had my treadmill for about a yr. and a half. DH has never set foot on it. He tried about a min. on the elliptical, and that was at Christmas time. LOL. He said he was going to start weight lifting and using elliptical and now he has decided that he doesn't need to. He isn't overweight at all, but a little exercise wouldn't hurt him any.

I couldn't keep this weight off without my treadmill. It is my main form of exercise. So much of the time, it's too cold to walk outside. I know from lots of experience that eating less doesn't work for me. I don't like being hungry, I'd rather exercise.

Spotdog, good to see you posting. I can't say that I'm excited about exercise, but I do it anyway. Are your doggies still doing OK?

02-20-2007, 01:16 PM
I turn up really loud music on GAC or CMT

I had my ipod turned up really loud with GAC on mute....I just watched the videos :lol:

02-20-2007, 01:45 PM
Hi Ladies!

Brenda - I had to pop in and say Hello! It's Me, KAren W from LONG ago... I had to stop atkins and switched to South Beach.. It is working much better for me these days. I have been so crazy with my asthma that I gained back 35 of my 60 pounds I lost! I am still on steriods.. so SB is working better for me. I am down 8.5 pounds already and I have been on it 2 weeks.

I just wanted to say hi! WHere are Star, and Babs and everyone else from the old days? I missed you guys!

02-21-2007, 12:26 AM
Hi Everyone!!! (Lily, Barb, BB, Tracy, Robin, Sandra, Kel) Did I forget anyone??

Lily-wow commendable weight loss!

Barb-Thanks I will definitely make use of your compassion, it's hard to come by these days and especially in this crazy city!

BB-I will definitely count on you, holding me accountable! and vice versa!

Robin- Perfection includes "mistakes," right? That's why they teach ice skaters how to fall first! So, just think of it as part of the process and then focus on your next low carb meal...:)

Sandra-Speedy recovery! Glad to hear all came out well!

Kel-Right on, I will try to go and get my "rushes" from other places.

I think y'all are right about this being a good site, I already lost a pound...and I haven't been at 136 in a while, so it ain't just a fluctuation.

I am going through some major job/life overhaul right now, a little bit of my late 20 something crises. I have always been loyal to people, and in the last few months, I have had to stop talking to friends who were just awful in one way or another, my boyfriend and I broke up, and now a business venture with a friend is becoming too much. I wonder if I should cut losses and move on or stick it out.

Meanwhile, I am just saying to myself that no matter what, I want to concentrate on healing this yeast infection and losing some weight. No matter what I have a right to vent/get comfort in ways other than eating sugar!

Night, Abbie

02-21-2007, 12:35 AM
p.s. Karen, sorry I missed you...

I had asthma from 8-about 21. I used my inhaler at least once a day (if not 4X) and went to the hospital for it. Now, I haven't used my inhaler in 4 years! Seriously! AND, I live in NYC, so it ain't the pollution!

You may not realize it, I didn't, but supressed crying (even from when you were a kid) is a big part of it, I did some body oriented therapy, where I cried and hit about things (I know it sounds goofy, but it worked), and also got some acupuncture (NAET-about 6 sessions). This is an allergy ellimination kind of acupuncture.

Let me know if you want to know anymore info...I mean obviously, everyone is different, but I know how scary, troublesome asthma is, and believe me when I tell you, it can shift! AND, I hope yours does soon...

night again, Abbie

02-21-2007, 10:40 AM
Good Morning :sunny:

My other dil came over for a visit yesterday (I like this one) :D We had a really nice visit. I havent really gotten to know her all that well in the last 5 yrs, because they have only come to visit on holidays and long weekends. So this is kinda nice.

Eating isnt too bad....its alot better than it was last week. Tom is here with a vengence. I dont usually mention it or am bothered by it too much. But my hips are aching so bad this morning......its going to be a seriously rough day! :( We are suppose to meet some folks for a late lunch early supper today too. I always hate these restaurant meetings...I really dont want to fuss with a menu today either. Blah!

On the plus side, its wonderfully sunny out today, and the snow is melting pretty fast. :sunny:

Have a great day ladies.

02-21-2007, 11:40 AM
Lily: I think it's great you have the camper. When we go camping, we use a tent. Yup, I'd much rather use a camper :) Enjoy!!

Abbie: This is the best place for encouragement, advice and butt kickin's. :) Welcome :) I'm sorry you're going through a tough time right now. But sounds like you've got a plan on how to handle it :hug: Hope all goes well!!

Barb: You're absolutely right. I've got to figure out what's triggering this eating. :hug: thanks for the support!

BB: Glad your fireplace is working and glad you're feeling better. You're right, I should switch the date of WI. Not sure I could stay off the scale though. Thanks for the advice :)

Tracy: Glad to know I'm not the only one working on this :hug:

Karen: HEY! How are you? Wondered where you went off to. Most of the people you're asking about dropped out of here I guess. Or maybe moved to another WOE (and another website?). Glad SB is helping you!! Come back more often :hug:

Robin: That treadmill sounds awesome. You and Lilly are making me wish I still had mine. Kind of :lol3: And I think it's cool that your DH wanted it in front of the tv so you both could enjoy it :) And hope you're feeling better soon!

Well, yesterday was better than most...but still not low enough in carbs. Well, I'm still going to consider it a success as I was making healthier choices. Not going to count on the scale going down this week as TOM has arrived. I definitely would like to see what the scale looks like after being OP for 2 weeks. I should make that a goal. :lol: Small, baby steps :)

beach bum
02-21-2007, 01:01 PM
Good Morning Ladies:)

The sun is shining and I'm 100 percent better.Did lot of shopping yesterday wasn't able to get to the computer like I wanted to. The main item was a new toaster oven. Leo LOVES French Fries and our toaster oven only went up to 400 % The Fries on the package instruction is for a 450%.Now now he can use the toaster oven instead of putting the stove oven on.

Well, I didn't to to church this morning for Ashes as, Leo & I didn't sleep very well last night,on account of our DD called yesterday and she has pains in her lungs.She went to the doctor and he took some test. The lab work should come back today. She scared to death that she has something serious wrong with her,as the doctor gave her predisone[sp] instead of an anti-biotics[sp] for an infection,so shes playing doctor and trying to find out what it is from the computer. PLEASE PRAY FOR my DD Suzanne.She very upset,having 4 small children around calling Mommy when she trying to sleep.Luckily she have a sleep in maid with her.

Tracy-I'm in a challenge on another board,[Lenten Challenge]and they are going to W-I today [Ash Wednesday] and would W-I again until 40 days later[Easter Sunday]Don't know if I could go that long with sneak:goodscale: peaking,but I'm going to try.

Robin-Good Luck :luck2you: with your new treadmill. Wish I could bring mine upstairs.I agree with you I can't wait until I can go out side and walk along the beach again. Tapes are good for inclimate weather and for the long winter months.

Lily-Big Congrats :congrat: on saying no thanks. Fast Foods its a dieter enemy,with all that bad fat & calories they have. I have to rely on my bike that faces the T.V. and I use my stepper when I have the step video on.

Abbie-glad that I helped. I have to lose 20 lbs that I regained going on two cruises. The gaining so easy:yes: and the losing is so :no:hard. Sorry :sorry: that you had so many stressful days,put them aside and Think positive. Thats what I'm trying to do, to lose this weight.

Lady-Adnerb-Hope :crossed:switching your W-I works for you. I found another trick that works for me. SLOW EATING,I used to inhale my food intake and was always hungry, now I that take time out and eat slowly I'm not that hungry anymore.I do the same thing if I have TOM,but luckily he doesn't come around anymore.

Have a good one ladies

Hugs :) BB

02-21-2007, 01:03 PM
Good morning everyone. I'm up earlier than planned. As SD's crying baby woke me up. Yep, THEY'RE BACK.

Brenda, I used to like to tent camp when I was young, but my bones are too old now and I need Luxury. LOL. The best thing about this camper is that you drive it instead of pull it. So, I could easily take it to the lake by myself with DD even if DH has to work. Our other camper was a bumper pull one and he always had to pull it for me and set it up. My sister and my best friend are going camping and fishing next month and I'm taking our camper and going too. It will be a lot of fun. The men will be at work and us girls are absolutely hilarious when we all get together.

02-22-2007, 10:26 AM
BB: Sorry about your DD! Hope all goes well for her! And hope you got more sleep. Thanks for the reminder to eat slower. I keep forgetting that one!!

Lily: I thought your DH was going to talk to them about their being over so much? Your camper sounds great! The ability to haul it yourself is a GREAT thing! When we go camping, we use air mattresses because my back can't tolerate the ground. And it's funny, cuz where we go camping they have electricity...and we usually have a cord running into our tent for a light, and usually a fan/heater :lol: We're spoiled that way.

Well, not sure when to make my WI. Maybe on Fridays? Anyway, did ok yesterday but could be doing better. And no sign of exercise, which I know I have to increase. Plus I've got to make sure to get the water in. After reading some of your posts..I've decided that eating some wheat bread (low in carbs) a couple times a week shouldn't kill me and will make it seem like I'm cheating. Same with the fruit. I'll try and save eating those for the weekend. :) Hopefully those few things (and working on others) will help me get through the weekend OP :)

02-22-2007, 02:55 PM
Hi everyone, I'm new today is my 2nd day of induction and I think my scales are lying to me. Is it possible to have lost 3 pounds already? NO, It's water right? either way I'm doing the happy dance the scale is finally moving! ok so I've followed atkins before and did fairly well, but that was before 2 kids so now I've really got to lose this weight. Thanks for listening and I'm glad I found you all.

beach bum
02-22-2007, 02:58 PM
Hi Ladies:)

We had frost or a dusting of snow on the ground this morning,and yesterday was a beautiful sunny spring day. Whats with this fickle weather???????????

We just got the news Suzanne has pluricy[sp].coughing up brown flem and had to fill the prescription this morning herself because her DH won't go last night. What a jerk!!!he is. What kind of hubby's are they now making these days,always thinking about themselves.When my dear Leo made me soup the other day, when I wasn't feeling well. Sorry for:cry: whinning!! but I was so angry at him I had to tell someone.

Lily-Sorry:sorry: to hear they back again.Try not to stress:stress: out. You don't want that to go there.Maybe it they would stay that long.

-Thanks:thanks: for your concern. I found that since I'm now eating slower I find that I not that hungry :hun: as I used to be. I have an index card with weight loss hints in front of me. First on the card EAT SLOWLY.

Hugs :) BB

02-22-2007, 04:20 PM
What kind of hubby's are they now making these days,always thinking about themselves. Im sorry to hear about this BB. I dont know about some of the other ladies here, but I tend to agree with you. The younger husband I had would have done the same thing your sil did. My dh now(16yrs older than me)would have done it automatically. Its just the way he is. Regardless, I hope she gets better soon.

Hillarie~ :welcome3: to the gang!! Yup its possible to loose 3 lbs already. Yup its water...... Remember the more water you drink, the more fat is flushed away each time you "p". Its all good :D

Well, dh and I finally got the first foosball table completed. The graphics look awesome!! Only 14 more to do :lol:

Im off to give a presentation over a supper meeting....wish me luck. I havent given a presentation in over 11 yrs :eek:

Have a great day ladies.

02-22-2007, 08:34 PM
Brenda, SD showed back up on Tuesday with kids. She told me yesterday that her DH is coming home this weekend, so she will be going home today. So, I told DH just not to say anything, that I can handle it for 2 days. Good news is we took both kids to their other grandma today. Her DH called and won't be home til Sunday, but she and kids are going to his motel tomorrow to stay the rest of the weekend. DH did have a talk with her about when she is here, not to be dumping the kids on me without asking first. At least he said that much.

More bad news is I think she is pregnant again. OMG. She looks it and I had her at ER today for pain in her jaws. They thought it was just stress and grinding her teeth in her sleep.

Brenda, we saw 3 deer right outside our back door yesterday. They are sure brave now that deer season is over with. LOL.

Hillarie, WTG on the 3 lbs. You are off to a great start.

BB, sounds like one of my XH's . The one that would tuck me into bed sick before he headed to the damn bar.

Robin, I'm doing good with my exercise too. My jeans are looser right now. I forgot to weigh this morning, but think the scale should be down a lb. or so. Good luck with the presentation.

Speaking of lousy husbands, my sisters DH left her stranded on the side of an interstate 2 hrs. from home, because when she called him he said "you need to find someone else to come help, I've got to play my guitar at CHURCH tonite." I would have knocked him up side the head. She finally located one of her DD's and they came and got her several hrs. later. Now will God be glad he made it to church, or upset that he left his wife on the side of the road? What a Jerk.

02-22-2007, 09:22 PM
is she still married to him Lily?

02-22-2007, 11:24 PM
Well, its been 4 days. I think for the most part I have done good!
Hillarie - my scale has moved 4 pounds! Like you said, even if its just water, at least the number is going down! I am feeling good! I am not following Atkins to a "T", but I know I am taking in an extremely low number of carbs than what I was before! I am feeling good about myself and I can't wait till Monday so I can see the results after a week! I am extemely thankful that I have found this site and am receiving all the advice and suggestions from this wonderful group of ladies!:carrot:

02-23-2007, 08:33 AM
Lucy, WTG it sounds like you are doing great.

Robin, she is still married to him. They've been married 26 years and this just happened last summer. He is absolutely the most selfish A--hole I've ever met in my life. I know my DH has done a LOT of incredibly stupid stuff but if he left me stranded on the interstate while he went to church, he'd come home to find all his crap in a Bonfire on the driveway. Me and her DH have butted heads more than just a few times over the way he treats her.

02-23-2007, 09:25 AM
I know my DH has done a LOT of incredibly stupid stuff but if he left me stranded on the interstate while he went to church, he'd come home to find all his crap in a Bonfire on the driveway.
:yes: :rofl: yup mine too :lol:

I did my presentation last night (thanks for the well wishes Lily). It went pretty good. I havent stood up infront of a crowd in well over 11 yrs. Several of the women there commented on how much they really didnt know about my company, until last night. So it went quite well, with 2 definite leads. The best hands didnt shake!! :lol: Next month, we have a speed networking function that should be alot of fun.

Eating still going pretty good, and getting my exercise in. Weight isnt coming off tho. I need to dig a little deeper :(

Have a great day ladies!

02-23-2007, 10:11 AM
Hillary: WTG on the 3 pounds. Yup, it's probably water weight...but I always look at it like least the scale is finally going down :) Welcome :)

BB: I am in agreement about the weather...and the men nowadays. Thanks for the idea for the index card as well!! :hug:

Robin: Glad your presentation went well :) Your hands didn't shake...but did your knees knock? :lol: I know mine would have-so KUDO'S on the great job you did :)

Lily: So is SD's DH home to stay or just for the weekend? And yup, isn't it amazing how brave deer can be when nobody's shooting at them! I think it's awesome that you can see deer out your window. We don't have that--but I'd love it!!

Lucy: WTG on staying on track. And sounds like you've found what's working for you :) Keep up the great work!!

Well, last night I ate "trail mix" which has raisins, m&m's and nuts in of course the scale was UP this morning. So can't report a single pound off. But on the plus side, I DID do exercise yesterday. Watched tv and just went on & off the step. Didn't over-exert myself...but it's better than nothing :) I "feel" thinner so I'm going with that feeling instead of the scale :) Now to work on getting OP and water for the weekend :)

Arkansas Kel
02-23-2007, 01:11 PM
Hey, man I've missed you guys. I've been caught up in life lately, been in a crunch at home.

Anyway, I've stayed OP more or less. I've had another small wt drop - 1.5 lbs. YEHAW. This is the smallest I've been in years. I'm smaller than my wedding dress! After 5 years of marriage who can say that! My old pants are too big. My fat pants (the biggest stretchy jeans I owned) are nearly falling off! I think I'm dropping inches more than lbs now. I can tell my stomach is UNBLOATED and that when I snarf a carby thing I rebloat for a day or so. Must give away fat pants before they call me back to them.

To those who recall my saga - got my credits at school finally. They took it all, the good the bad and the ugly. Now my gradepoint is .01 too low to get into BSN program. One A I'm told will do it. Have A in Chemistry so far. I don't like sitting on the edge so much though! Too iffy. They however screwed up the fact I'm a bridge student - so there are more credits to claim when that's straight. But the biggest hurdle is done. I was afraid I would lose so much in the transfer.

WELCOME all newcomers. So many new names and stories, I've been out of the loop for only a couple weeks, and so much has changed!

Am comitting to exercise more this week. It's hard. I don't want to . I just am. Period. Must get butt off chair. Repeat as necessary. Not motivated to do this, just must make self.

Got my motorcycle too! That should motivate me. Don't want to look like elephant on a tricycle! Want to look like biker babe on cycle!

02-23-2007, 02:12 PM
Hi Ladies,
sorry about being MIA. Have even been too busy to catch up on reading this thread.
BB thanks for the heads up about the challenge. GOod luck with it. No challenges for me right now....just doing the day by day thing.

My eating's been OK. Not great, but not horrible.

Lily-so sorry to hear about the DIL....goodlord, kick them out! You must have the patients of a saint, I would have had a tantrum by now for sure.

Robin-good for you with the presentation! My hands sweat when I do them....THe speed networking sounds like fun!

Have a great gals....I'm off to do more hair!

beach bum
02-23-2007, 02:15 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Well it finally snowed last night, we got about 3 " nothing to hold us up with errands. My DD is feeling a lot better now that she has the medicine. She has pleurisy,and the doctor told her to rest if she can. We're relieved to hear she OK.

Lady_Adberb-Thanks :thanks: My DD is Ok the doctor called her and he say that she got the pleurisy from a a bad cold. She has to get the predisone until its finished.I'm glad you found a W-I day that works for you. I'm weaning off:yes: low carbing by adding some fruit & l/c bread back into my menu also. I think that its portion control and eating slower,is where I was getting into trouble.Glad I could help.

Hillarie-Welcome:welcome: to the board you'll find it very supportive.and yes the scales isn't lying to you,thats what low carbing does when you this WOE. Big congrats :congrat: on your 3 lb weight loss. Keep up the good work and keep posting.

Robin-My Son-in -law and his family are very self centered. Thank Goodness she healing,from this,and she'll be fine soon. Hope:yes: the presentation went ok last night,I don't like public speaking either,even though I had a 95% average in Oral Speaking Class in High School.

Lily-That aweful:nono: for a DH to do that to his wife,you maybe right when you said that the Lord would like him to take care of his wife instead of playing for the church.Happy:) & lucky :lucky: I have a great guy as a DH. S/D is pregnant again. How many children does she have??????????

Lucy-Thats great news big congrats:cheer: on your 4 pounds gone. I really believe its the low carbing that is doing it,along with other items like portion control & slow eating. Can't believe that they don't have more low carb products in the supermarket anymore.

Kel-You're doing great also 1.5 gone,Big Cheers:cheers: for your lose.Wow you gals are going excellent this week.Dropping inches or pounds is a wonderful achievement.I always forget take my measurements.

Have a great one

Hugs :) BB

02-23-2007, 05:32 PM
Hi ladies, just have a minute we are leaving to go watch 17 yr. old SD play basketball (district's game). We picked our camper up last night, I can't wait to go camping.

Robin, glad your presentation well well. WTG.

BB, them deer sure are brave right now. I love being able to watch them from the patio door.

Kel, good to see you back posting with us. Sorry to hear about the GPA thing, yes transferring credits is a PITA.

Tracy, I don't have patience, that's why I whine on here, to keep from starting a family feud.

BB, she is denying she is pregnant, but she certainly looks it. She has the 2 kids already and can't handle them, so definitely doesn't need any more. It is now 3:27PM and she is still asleep in my living room. She never got up and went and picked her kids up from the other grandma this AM like she was supposed to do. This time it's a different grandma being Dumped on.

BB, glad to hear your DD is feeling better. Mine is back at school today after severe cramps (and b-tchiness) yesterday. She is 14 and when she has PMS I could swear her head spins. LOL.

02-24-2007, 10:29 AM
Just going to do a fast drive by. Found out last night (by accident! ARGH! My family drives me nuts!) that my niece's boy (he's 6 I believe) has a tumor. He's in the hospital and they're going to be doing surgery this morning. And of course we're getting socked with snow so driving is terrible so I won't be able to go and support my niece during this. The hospital is like 3 hours away. So if I'm missing or don't check in, you'll know what's going on.

02-24-2007, 12:49 PM
Wow Brenda, that doesnt sound like something you should have found out by accident!! Warm thoughts and prayers for the little guy.

02-24-2007, 12:50 PM
Brenda, I hope your niece's son is OK. That is so scary. I'll be sure and add him to my prayers. BTW, my family does the same thing. I usually find out someone had surgery or was hospitalized after they are already back home and doing OK.

Robin, I may have some trouble right now keeping up with you on the treadmill walking. My left hip is hurting and I don't know why. I can' t even lay on my left side. I didn't injure it that I recall, so since it's very rainy right now, I'm assuming it's the old arthritis kicking in. k

Well SD left and went to spend the weekend with her DH. She finally picked her kids up and then promptly drove them by the BB game and dropped one of them off with her other sister to keep for the weekend. I don't know how she had the money to go out of town, as Thurs. night she went to Walmart with me and tried to buy $30.00 worth of junk and they denied her ATM card and her Debit card both. OH well, guess she found a new sucker to beg money off this time. I told her we didn't have any extra this week after paying cash for the camper (which was true).

DH will be working overtime again all this weekend so we can pay for his 17 yr. old DD's senior pictures next week. With a total of 6 kids, it never ends. My own DD is now needing a formal dress to wear to the Opera with her music class. Kids are so expensive. LOL.

My eating has been going fairly well. Never above 1700 calories and my jeans are looser than they have been since before the holidays. This much is going good.

I'm loving playing with my puppy (Lucy), but she isn't old enough or smart enough yet to house train. I'll work her on her more with this as she gets a little older.

beach bum
02-24-2007, 02:56 PM
Hi Ladies:)

We're having a nippy day and weekend along with another snow storm on Mon & Tues of next week. I shouldn't complain as we had it nice for the past couple of months.

"Everything is quit on the western front." DD is doing ok and I'm sure she'll be back to normal health soon.

Thanks for everyone concern about my DD and her family.

LILY-Don't know what makes some family members tick.Wow only two kids. My DD has 4,but than again she has the nanny with her.Hope your DD is OK,cramps I do know them well. A warm heating pad some time helps to relieve them.Have fun in your new camper.

BrendaSo Sorry:sorry: to hear about your niece's son.A tumor at that age,that rare. Sending some prayers & good thoughts your way.

By the way ,why doesn't anyone use the breakfast,lunch super and dessert thread anymore????????

Have a good one

Hugs :) BB

02-24-2007, 04:48 PM
By the way ,why doesn't anyone use the breakfast,lunch super and dessert thread anymore????????

because sometimes we need a kick in the pants to get us going again :lol: Good job BB :D

Lily~ thats ok, I was having the same problem the other day. I woke up from the pain in my left hip. Switched to the right to try to get back to sleep....that one hurt too. :( Im ok today I'll hop back on the treadmill.

Eats are terrible right now....but I'll get my exercise in regardless. At least I'll be doing something good.

Off to get some labels done....we got our postcards in the mail this week, and they turned out awesome!! Im just thrilled!! Postage has been applied and they are ready to go. I just have to start on the next set of mailings....labels labels labels :lol:

K, thats it for now......have a great day.

02-24-2007, 05:41 PM
BB, I haven't been posting my meals anymore since switching to calorie counting. WAs afraid that since I'm eating higher carbs now that my food choices might prompt some of you ladies to want higher carb foods. I am posting all my food in Fitday everyday.

02-25-2007, 12:02 AM
Since you ladies are my friends, I needed to share this. My DD gave me a pair of American Eagle cordouroy jeans tonite. They are the smallest size that I ever remember wearing in my whole life. This exercising is definitely paying off. After putting them on and them fitting, it inspired me to walk 2 miles on the treadmill tonite even though my left hip is still sore.

02-25-2007, 11:30 AM
Yah Lily!! How cool is that!! :cb: :cb:

02-25-2007, 02:09 PM
Thanks Robin, Well I weighed this morning and was feeling very much lighter, but no change on the scale. Still 142. Good news is I am maintaining with my new way of eating, so I'm OK with this. Would love to eventually see 140 again but don't know when that will ever happen. I could drop those 2 lbs. if I could eat a little less, but I'm always hungry and don't want to go any lower on my calories. I'm doing as much exercise now as I can physically handle. (well, maybe not, but I don't want to do more).

My DD isn't losing any weight since starting calorie counting. I know the reason. I pack her BF and lunch for a total of 800 calories through the school day and she eats that and still eats some food in the cafeteria. DUH. Then she eats a sandwich for a snack when she first gets home, eats dinner and then has a popcorn snack at night. She is probably eating 2000 t cal's a day and just can't figure out why she's not losing. I never say anything to her about her weight, but I know she would like to lose a few lbs. and it's not gonna happen the way she is going about it. I do encourage her to walk with me, and sometimes she will, sometimes she won't.

beach bum
02-25-2007, 04:19 PM
Hi Ladies :)

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. I was going to post this morning and things didn't work out.What a morning I had,started to run late,for church,first I couldn't decide on what to wear,some warm or something lighter.Than second,my front door didn't open and I was getting frustrated trying to open it. So I went out the patio door to get to the car and drive to Church. But before getting to the parking lot I decided to go to Brooks Pharmacy to buy some Designers Whey protein powder.Than finally I got to the Church Choir Loft. What a time getting all my books ready to sing in today Mass.It was something like a Key Stone Comedy.

Well here I am now, I hope this post go though.
Did good eating wise over the two days of the weekend.My weight is still the same. OOOPS!!!!!!!! I wasn't suppose to weigh myself until next weekend. I guess I never learn.

Robin-Ok well go back to posting our food :stir:for the day on these threads. I stopped:chin: also since the 16 as I didn't see anyone there. I'm going to start it again today.

Lily-I understand you're on maintenance,and have to watch your weight with higher carbs. I didn't see anyone posting there and thought that I miss something,that we we're doing that anymore.Big on congrats :cheer:wearing smaller jeans .I guess :exercise: exercise is the key.I'm afraid :fr: that I'm going back into my fat jeans as my reg don't fit around the tummy. I guess I have to go back into an induction type of eating again,lowing my carb a bit,so I can't fit into my jeans. You'll hit 140 soon as your so determined. I wish I could be that way.I'm still struggling to get the 10 lbs off that I gain the Nov cruise that I went on.Hopefully giving up goodies for lent will help me in that in 40 days later I will be lighter.

Have a great day,

Hugs :) BB

02-25-2007, 07:01 PM
Hi BB, glad you made it to church. I didn't. My DH was at work and my son stayed the night at his friends house and he had my vehicle. (His jeep still isn't finished yet).

I have been sticking to my calorie limit food-wise. Exercising plenty and the scale isn't moving. I think my body wants to stay this weight, but my mind wants to lose a couple more lbs. I'd sure love to take off those 2 lbs. but I can't see starving myself to do it. If it happens that is great, if not I'm glad to be maintaining my weight.

My SD stopped back by today for a few minutes. I guarantee she looks at least 5 months pregnant. Her belly is totally round, not fat-looking, just round. She is still denying it.

I'm thinking that since my house is clean, dishes and laudry are done, dogs are outside playing, that I'll go take a nice little nap. We didn't eat lunch til 3:30 so I should have a couple hrs. to nap before my DD starts bugging me to cook dinner. LOL.

My puppy ,Lucy, has something wrong with her left eye. Looks like she was propbably clawed by our cat. That or Molly swatted her for still trying to nurse off her. I'm trying to wait til tomorrow to take her to the vet, as I don't want the emergency vet clinic bill today because I can't afford it. I'm hoping it will look better by tomorrow. She is running and playing fetch and acting like she feels fine.