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buddha belly
02-19-2007, 09:42 AM
I took my first spinning class yesterday and really want to be able to do this as I signed up for a 25 mile bike tour when I go on vacation, and won't be able to see a lot of those sites, if not on a bike.

I have done the stationary bikes in the aerobic area before, but admit I only go 10 -20 minutes as I am just building up, but haven't seen the problems with that - of course I am free to stop when I want there.

But in the spinning class - of course - it was hurting between the legs, but I was trying to work through that - when my tailbone started really hurting.
That happened after about 15-20 minutes (the tailbone). The remainder of the class I did basically pedalling standing up.

My tailbone is fine when I am walking around - and standing up - I can cough and laugh and it doesn't hurt standing up. But when I sit down - well it hurts to get down, and it hurts to get up, and it hurts if I cough when sitting down.

I really want to do this as I see this the only way to prepare for that tour,and everyone who does it seems to love it so much.

Today, my shoulders and upper arms hurt some - my legs seem okay (a little tired) - just that tailbone.

Any suggestions how I can get through this. It takes so much effort to sit down and get up, that I can't imagine getting back on the bike right now.
The instructor was like I need to come back - but I need to keep spinning throughout the whole class - instructors will get mad if I don't. I had stopped about 10 minutes early yesterday, I needed to just take a bunch of ibuprofen before class to get through it (and I could see if it my pain my in the muscles - but the tailbone).

If I wait to go till Wed, will that be too late - will I be starting all over - the night classes are like 10 minutes longer than the class I went to.

Am I just some kind of freak? Am I just being a baby?

Advice would really be appreciated.

02-20-2007, 07:37 PM
You're not a baby or a freak!! Your tailbone may be bruised, geez, we all get achy in areas when we aren't used to doing certain exercise... Wait till Wednesday, take a break of a few days even, if it's that sore, then get back in the saddle :pun intended: and try again... Eventually you'll be fine. I am always sore the first few times on my bike in the spring....

The seat may not be the right seat for you in that class... I have an ergonomically correct seat for my bike, I love it ... but I still get a bit sore the first few times out!!

Sitting in a nice hot bath may help, get a massage, take ibuprophen like youi said...