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02-18-2007, 04:28 PM
I'm new and need any suggstion possible on how to stay focused, on track and motivated about losing without getting so depressed you want to die?:?:

02-18-2007, 06:18 PM
Hi Podsky,

:wel3fc: Like many, I have tried every type of diet, a hundred different times. I am fairly new to this forum, and certainly no diet expert. But, I think this is the real deal for me this time, and here's what I'm doing to stay on track:

:flow1: Visit 3FC... I'm on this board often, whether posting, reading, PMing, researching, whatever. I hang out on this board to be around people that are after the same goals I am.

:flow1: Use fitday.com to keep track of your calories and activities. This is something that I need to do often, and it helps to keep me focused.

:flow1: Weigh and measure yourself, and do it often. This helps you see your progress, track your goals and keeps losing weight first in your mind.

:flow1: Pre-ration your snacks that you have a tendency to overeat. I take my nuts, mini rice cakes, pretzels, etc. and put them into 1 serving bags, so that they're easy to grab when I want one, and impossible to overeat.

:flow1: Make a commitment to exercise daily, and log it when you do! It's great to be able to look and see what you've done.

:flow1: Drink water, it keeps you hydrated, and full. When you think you want a snack, try a drink of water... your hunger may just vanish!

:flow1: And last but not least, plenty of

Hope these suggestions help you out! Good Luck!