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02-17-2007, 06:35 AM
Good morning gals! It doesn't seem quite as cold this morning. It says it is 36 right now.

Yes, I will definitely take the 2 lb loss. That is even with doing our once a month out for dinner for Valentine's Day.
They changed leaders and I like this one a lot more. Unfortunately, she comes on her lunch hour so has to rush through the meeting, but I still like her better than the other one.

Susan: Congrats on the lbs down!! :bravo: Glad Stan made it through the procedure ok. Hope this helps him get back on his feet and feeling better.

Jean: I laughed when I saw you asking if Jack can't make the bed. Yes, but A) he wouldn't put his pillows standing up against the wall and B) he would throw all my "extras" just on the bed. I have two king pillows in shams, a roll pillow, a square pillow and a rectangle pillow that go in front of our sleeping pillows. Jack wouldn't place them he would just toss them on. He has this thing about me setting his pillows up straight so I know if he was making the bed he wouldn't do it and they need to sit up straight to make the sham pillows sit up right. He is not much on the decorative part of bedmaking! :lol:

Maggie: For some reason I thought you were near goal. Gosh, guess I messed that one up. You are coming along fine though.

Jack has to take the car back to Firestone this morning. The darn check engine light came back on again. That was one of the things that were supposed to be fixed when they fixed that idling problem. We paid not one but two diagnostic charges and I will be danged if I am going to pay another one. Jack is such a wimp though when it comes to getting what he wants.

He is going to have to go by the Lincoln dealership and pick up our two rim caps too. Only one came in yesterday and the other one is supposed to be in today. Something keeps coming up preventing us from getting the master bedroom rug shampooed and it was supposed to be done this weekend. The NASCAR racing season starts tomorrow so I know he is going to want to watch the race at noon tomorrow so it needs to be done today. We shall see how long it takes at Firestone I guess.

I am going to finish my downstairs chores than knit for awhile until I can go out and walk. Unfortunately, I still have female stuff from time to time and I guess today is one of those times because I am uncomfortable. I took some Advil so hopefully that will fix it and then walking won't be any more uncomfortable that walking would normally be!


02-17-2007, 04:23 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! I've got laundry going and supper in the crock pot, so I'm going to sit and relax for a few minutes. I don't think we got much snow last night, but man did the wind blow! The sun was shining, disappeared, and is back out again.

"Gma" -- I had to chuckle at your pillow arrangement! Old Leonard would have made a hidey hole in and amongst them making an arrangement to suit himself. :lol: I find it hard to believe he has been gone a year already. Bob asked how old Mom was the other day and she came to live with us in the spring of '91, pregnant, so I'm guessing she must have been a '90 fall kitten herself. She still plays with her bells/balls and rolls in the cat nip when I sprinkle it around for her. I always worry about leaving her for a week because she is such a people cat. When I used to cat sit, I would watch TV and spend time with the cats; I can't find anyone willing to do that with her. :( It is 27 degrees right now which seems almost like a heat wave. It sure seems warmer this time of year than in the fall, that's for sure. Hope you get your car light fixed again . . . that is so annoying, I'm sure.

It was a year ago today that we were flying to Maui! Ah . . . memories! :D

I need to keep moving. Have a nice afternoon!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

02-17-2007, 08:28 PM

It is 70 degrees here and another day with the door and windows open. I just finished a book by Gayle Lynds called Masquerade. She is good and after Ludlum died she stepped in and did some of his work. One smart lady. Not much happening today. One of the "big shots" from the ranch across the road came over and want's Will to make some leather things to put over there for a "do" they will be having as a grand opening type thing in a couple months. He can make up some holsters and mineature saddles and other things.

FAYE I copied and pasted this here from the Fox News web site and thought you might like to read it. Buyer beware.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. There have been problems at the pump for drivers in the Memphis area and it had nothing to do with high gas prices.

Nearly two dozen stations unknowingly sold gas mixed with water leaving many drivers with big car troubles. Their vehicles died right at the pump.

Lion Oil Co., which has a terminal in Memphis, says a problem with frozen equipment resulted in the release of water into a small number of tanker trucks that were transporting their gasoline.

The owners of the stations offered stranded motorists some help and say the oil company has promised to pay for everything. Owners of the gas stations called in environmental consultants to pump all the water out of their pumps. They say this is just a case of really bad luck."

I hope you didn't buy any gas from those folks. I can imagine how happy you are to get those matching wheels ~ BTW what color is your car? Those engine lights can be a pain. We had one come on in a van we used to have and nothing was wrong so they put a piece of black tape over it. The van had been frozen in a drift in Montana for a few days and that probably had a lot to do with the sensor getting haywire.

JEAN Folks don't cat or dog sit like they used to. Too much liability I am told. And what are you cooking in your crock pot? Don't you just love the ease of those things.

Have a wonderful evening.

02-18-2007, 08:44 AM
Good morning ladies! It is cool here, but hopefully a warm up is in the works. I am taking a walking day off, even though I am feeling the tug to go out.

Maggie: :fr: We never heard a thing about the gas business. There is a huge oil refinery down around where Jack works, but it is Valco or something like that so I don't recognize this Lion one. We haven't had any problems so hopefully it wasn't where we buy gas. We almost always get gas at Walmarts because it is cheapest.

Jean: Are you guys going to try and go to Hawaii again this year? I am chomping at the bit wanting to get on our vacation, but it will just have to wait.

I rarely discourage people from ordering from a company unless I feel they will have the same experience as I. I have said on here before that has problems with returns and it seems that has not improved. I am going on the 4th week of a return to them, and I still have not received a refund nor do they respond to my emails. They ask that you email only once, but when I get no response, I send another one and another and another. If you use this site really beware when or if you order from this company. It is extremely difficult to get them to answer you back and more so to get your money back. I don't care what their sales are like, I will never order from this company again. If you are a retail provider it is your duty to provide good service to your customers. This they do not do. For one thing, they are very slow about getting your order out, but the return issue is the thing that gets to me. The first thing I returned took an incredible 6 weeks to get my money back and that was after flooding them with emails and calling too. BTW, this had nothing to do with my credit card company. When I received an email from them finally saying they were refunding my credit card, the card had the money back on it within a couple days. When you do get a response it is that they will process a refund after they check with the warehouse to see if the product has been received. Well, this current refund was received by them January 29th because I sent it Priority mail and have the receipt so I can look up the tracking number. I encourage you to boycott this company and encourage others to do the same. Business is all this company seems to understand and you make a dent in that, you can force changes for the good.

Our car (which is baby blue metallic, btw, Maggie) is a-ok. I guess cars these days have myriads of codes attached to them. When your check engine light comes on, it indicates a problem with a possible bazillion different issues, from sensor problems, to electrical to who knows what all. The electronic age, you know. Anyway, when a problem is fixed, they have to clear the codes to make the light go out. Well, they have what is called a "ghost code." This is when the problem you had causes the code to relight the check engine light even though there is nothing wrong. You have to take it back and have the codes, cleared out for lack of better words. Sometimes it only takes once, sometimes more than once. The good thing is there isn't anything wrong with the car. On the flip side, the moron at the car dealership ordered the wrong lugnut covers for my car. We went in to pick them up yesterday and they were totally wrong. The man working was terrific and had to search all over town for our covers, but finely found one at one dealership and one at another. I believe the problem was that we have an Grand Marquis LS instead of a GS and I think the LS, which is the "luxury sedan" has a more expensive cap because it is bigger and lies flat so it looks like all one piece and is a brushed metal color instead of shiny. Sheesh! The original cap is only about the size of a small jar cap and it cost $45 apiece. I dreaded what our cap was going to be, which is the size of a small dinner plate. The guy said it was more expensive, big surprise, but because they had made a mistake, he was going to give them to use for what I had already paid for them. Jack is supposed to go and pick them up on Monday.

Jack and I have already begun preparations for next year's vacation. I know, I know, we haven't even done everything for this year's vacation, but I found what I want to do so I want to get a deposit down asap. We are planning on going to St. Lucia island at a Sandals resort. One of Jack's coworkers did a Sandals vacation and said it is wonderful. It is an all inclusive thing, food, entertainment, hotel accomodations, booze, non alcoholic drinks, the works. Sort of like a cruise ship without the water, the seasickness and currently the viruses! The hotel rooms are gorgeous and the one we want to stay at has the option of getting a room with a poolside swim up to your room. That means I could step out onto my patio every morning and get straight into the pool! Isn't that cool??? I am not sure we would want to spend that much money, but it sure is tempting! Jack's idea of getting into the pool is bath water warm, getting in, swimming a length and getting out. They have beach parties, no kids, talent shows, no kids, Karaoke night, no kids, fashion shows, bands with dance music, all kinds of things besides, tours you can take, windsurfing, skiing, sailing, etc. It is for couples only. Ok, for those of you in the know, what the heck is a HobieCat???? I think we are going to go with a catamaran party that takes you out for the day. I should be close to goal by then so not have problems getting on and off a boat etc. I couldn't do that now that's for sure so it would be something to look forward to to keep my on my WW program.

As for knitting, I am almost to the point where I transfer half the stitches to straight needles so I can have armholes for my ribbon top. Never done this before so we shall see how it works. In theory, it should work!

I hear the house calling me to start cleaning it! Today is DAYTONA so I have to have the house done and lunch in the oven before the race starts so we can sit and eat lunch and watch the race. GO, Tony Stewart!!!!!

Have a great Sunday gals. Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to clean I go!!!:blah:


02-18-2007, 10:23 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! We headed for Sioux City on the spur of the moment today. I think Bob has cabin fever because it was his idea. :D There were a couple of things we wanted to pick up at Menards and I wanted to get a baby gift at Penneys or Younkers. The stores must think spring is coming because the spring clothes and shoes are on display along with racks 'n racks of winter clothing on sale. We ran into a couple that we knew from years ago and talked for an hour. We should have gone for coffee somewhere! :lol: Dropped some more boxes off at Jason's and headed home. Beth was working today and I called to drop off some stuff at their house. No one answered so went ahead and left it in the front door.

Maggie -- 70 degrees sounds like a heat wave right now! It did get up to 35 today and snow was melting where the sun shined on it. I found a Banquet roast beef and veggie dinner at the grocery store. The next time I fix it I won't cook it as long. My crockpot is much bigger than the one pictured on the package and it was done long before the directions said it would be. It was good although I thought it was a little salty tasting, Bob didn't think so.

"Gma" -- We are going back to Maui next February. We hope to make our reservations before March 1st and then will watch the air fares. Is where you have ordered your yarn? Returning items is the one thing I just hate about ordering through the mail/online. Is it too late to dispute the charge on your credit card bill? A Hobie Cat is a type of sail boat, I think.

I need to unload the dishwasher and start another load of laundry. I'm going to bed early tonight . . . :yawn: tired for some reason.

Have a marvelous Monday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

02-19-2007, 07:59 AM
Good morning ladies! I have had a very rough weekend. I keep track of my menstrual cycle, well, now it is just a matter of whenever I have anything and the "cycle" part doesn't exist anymore. I haven't had anything for several months and then it was spotting. I have had a full on period that started this weekend and was left without stuff pretty much. I haven't bought anything in that way for who knows how long. I had a couple leftover things, but looks like I am going to have to go and get stuff. Sheesh, I am 53 1/2 years old and I think it is about time for all of this to stop permanently! :mad:

Jean: I knew someone would know what a Hobie Cat was, but I was surprised the one person who lives in snowland knows! :lol: They have those at this Sandals resort to use. Sounds like you had a busy day yesterday. I cleaned the downstairs and Jack spot cleaned the dining room carpet where Fortune had thrown up after having his teeth cleaned last week and I couldn't get the whole spot up, then we watched the race stuff all afternoon and evening. When Tony Stewart crashed having about 40 laps to go and had been in the lead, I didn't watch anymore, but went upstairs and changed out the bedding and watched tv for awhile then just went to bed. Oh, and yes, is where I have bought a lot of my yarn. I am still waiting for that other refund. I checked the CC this morning and it had my payment listed, but no refund so they still haven't applied it.

Jack has the day off today too and the plumber is coming to fix that blasted tub faucet then we have to go and pick up our wheel well caps at the Lincoln dealership. I got tickled at Jack. He has always wanted a Lincoln Navigator, sort or his dream "car" but they are outrageously expensive so he just has car envy. Anyway, they had a beautiful Aviator, which is the smaller version sitting in the lot and it had $15,000 on the windshield. He got all excited as we were pulling out and I turned around and saw it said, "$15,000 OFF." :lol: I said, "Um, Jack, it is $15,000 off, the price is not $15,000." He kind of went, oh and drove out of the lot. Poor guy! It was a 2006 so I knew it was about 3-4 times that $15,000.

Tonight we are having the braised beef tips over no yolk noodles and a veggie or salad. I haven't decided yet. I had to buy a sirloin steak this time because they had no beef tips or kabobs at the commissary and I am not paying the price the stores on the outside want for them when I can just cut up a steak. I found a 1 lb steak that will do nicely. I do wish I could find pearl onions somewhere though. I have looked everywhere and haven't found them in produce or frozen in the commissary or in 3 different grocery companies, which is pretty much the only three grocery companies here, Walmart, Schnucks, and Krogers. No one has them.

Well, I better get a move on. I want to walk at 6:30, come back and grab a shower and dress and eat breakfast before the plumber comes between 8 and 9.

Have a great Monday!


02-19-2007, 11:59 AM
Good Morning, Flowers! It's so nice to visit here in the morning! :D I have another load of laundry going and will soon be off to vacuum. Spring must be getting closer because Mom is shedding more than usual! The sun is trying to peek through the clouds and it is supposed to be "warmer" today than it was yesterday.

"Gma" -- We have lived in Storm Lake for a couple months shy of 31 years; there are many sail boat enthusiasts around our lake and they belong to a club that hosts races during the summer. When I started dating Bob, we spent weekends (and still do as that is where MIL lives during the summer) at Okoboji (big vacation spot in northwest Iowa). There is West Lake Okoboji and East Lake Okoboji where there are sailboat races almost every weekend weather permitting. Those lakes are much bigger than Storm Lake so the wind is a big factor for any boats on the water. I have never been out on a sailboat; I feel much safer having a motor. :lol: I have the best luck using the spray Oxi Clean on animal up-chucks. :rolleyes: I would assume pearl onions are tiny and the size of a pearl, right? Could they be found in the frozen food section? Bob's dad always wanted a Lincoln and never could part with the money to buy one; it wasn't that he didn't have the money, he just felt that he shouldn't put that much money into a car. It sounds like your day is going to be a busy one!

Speaking of busy . . . I need to keep moving. The vacuum is waiting and it is the maid's day off. ;)

Have a great day!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

02-20-2007, 04:32 AM
Hello ladies! I had to come down and let the dog out so I decided to just do my morning post while I sat and waited on him. The weather has taken a turn for the better and only got down into the 50's last night. It will be nice walking this morning.

We got our lugnut cap for the rims so now all we have to do is get the new tires on Saturday and have them put them on the new rims and the car is finished. It will be nice to have it not look like a ghetto car anymore.

Our plumbing cost us $175 and they wanted to completely rebuild both faucets to the tune of $500, but right now that is out of the question. Of course, because you don't do what they suggest, they don't guarantee the parts they put in to fix the darn thing. They were nice enough and did a good job so I will use them again, but it sure is sad that no one wants to stand behind their work anymore no matter what it is.

Jean: I have looked for pearl onions in the freezer sections, in the produce section, canned or bottled (without brine as I had that nasty experience already) and no one has the darn things. I might just look in Indiana while I am there and bring a couple bags of frozen ones back if I can find them. You used to be able to buy frozen peas with pearl onions in them and you can't find those either anymore. I don't think we will be Hobie Catting. I haven't been in any kind of boat since I was a kid mainly because of the difficulty of getting in and out and like you said, I do like a motor in my boat! They do have an evening party where they take you out in catamaran and we might end up doing that. The only thing about going to the caribbean anywhere is nude sunbathing. It is quite popular down there I guess especially with the europeans. We may stick to the pool as I am not sure I want the experience of seeing some man's you know what swinging in the breeze, let alone a woman. We shall wait and see how that one comes out. It does look like a very nice deal though when you add it all up. Jack is going to talk to one of the electrician's that went on a Sandals vacation to see what he thought about it.

Well, I am going to do the morning chores then I may sit and knit awhile. I don't know whether I will go back to bed for awhile or not.

Have a great Tuesday!


02-20-2007, 12:17 PM
Good morning, ladies - The sun is out and it is a balmy 48 degrees, heading for 60 today. Quilt show starts tomorrow so I won't be back to post until Monday.

My husband always wanted a Mercury Sable and I'm happy to say we had a windfall back in the late 80s and he got it...and drove it 11 years!

Stan is not doing well. I think I'm going to insist they start the dialysis or send us to another doctor for a second opinion. He has good color now so I'm hoping the iron is working. He's just weak.

02-20-2007, 07:08 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining brightly, it's 43 degrees, and the snow is melting! It seemed like Monday at school today; I finally told one kid he was rude, obnoxious, and a few other things I could think of. He wouldn't shut up and I'd about had it with him walking around the room. GRRRRRR! I would have kicked him out, but the office would just send him back to class.

"Gma" -- I don't think anyone guarantees much of anything any more and that is sad! I hope your plumbing will stay fixed for a long time to come. I had to laugh at your mental picture of nude sunbathers! :lol3: That is not for me either! :nono:

Susan -- I know you enjoy your quilt show. :D I do hope that Stan gets to feeling more perky and/or that you do get a second opinion. :yes:

Maggie -- Where aarrreeee you? I hope all is well. :)

Have a nice evening and a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :dance: in Iowa!

02-21-2007, 05:02 AM
Good early morning to you all. It got so hot in the house, YES, hot that I came down and turned on the AC so decided just to stay up. It is 62 right now and supposed to be near 70 today! Whoopeee!

When we talked to the kids day before yesterday, they still had a foot of snow or so and were expecting more. My dil said that was ok as long as it wasn't as cold as it had been with below zero temps.

Jack called me yesterday morning to tell me his friend at work's mil passed away on Monday night. They are the family I made the fuzzy blanket, hat and booties for last year because they had a surprise pregnancy. Her mom has been ill for quite awhile with Lou Gehrig's and these last few months suffered greatly from the debillitation of this horrible disease. She was wasting away not able to eat, choking all the time, difficulty breathing that sort of thing. They moved her in with them last year having built an addition for her in the house. She told her dd on Sunday she just wanted to go. Patty told her it was ok to just let go and she passed away on Monday night. Just say a prayer for Carl and Patty and the kids. Even though this was the best thing for her mom who was suffering so much, it is always hard to lose a loved one even one you know is going to pass soon. She was being buried out of town in Jackson, TN so I just sent a food gift basket to Carl and Patty's house instead. Stuff you could snack on in a pinch being busy like cheese and crackers, summer sausage, cookies, tea, stuff like that. I thought it would benefit the family more than flowers would.

We got our aerobed yesterday and durn is that thing heavy. They have so many out of towners coming for the shower and then the birth that we thought sleeping arrangements might be at a premium so bought a queen size bed we can set up in their living room. Her sister lives in town and can provide a bed for her mom and step dad and her sister, but she has a friend that lives in southern Indiana that will come and a friend in Chicago that will come over who is pregnant herself and will stay the night so she can sleep upstairs in the bed.

Susan: Hope you have a great time at your quilt show. I sure hope they can get poor Stan up and feeling stronger.

Jean: Good for you! It probably went right over his head, but at least you made your point!

Everyone have a great Wednesday. I am going to unload the dishwasher and knit a bit.


02-21-2007, 11:06 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! I have had the strangest thing happen today. :dizzy: Around noon I noticed I was getting a stiff neck and a headache so took some aspirin. I stayed after school to do some typing and my shoulders started to ache and my back started to hurt. I shut down the computer and headed for home. I about froze going from the building to the car and it was 50 degrees outside! I cranked up the car heater and turned the bun warmer on high. It takes me about 10 minutes to get home after school and by then I was shaking and my teeth were chattering. I didn't sleep very well last night so came in the house, left my coat and gloves on, and headed for the recliner with the afghan. I really wanted something hot to drink but I was shivering so hard I knew I would slop it all over. When Bob got home he fixed chicken noodle soup and toast which went down pretty good. I did doze and when I woke up I was so hot I started peeling off the layers. I feel find now except I am tired. That was so weird.

"Gma" -- I just had a friend tell me they bought a "click clack" bed. The way she described it, when it is folded up it is like a piece of furniture to sit on. Opened up it is a bed. I asked if it was like a futon and she said no. I will have to go see it. :yes: I've thought about buying the inflatable beds for when Jason and Amanda stay overnight as the kids get older. Our snow is melting at a great rate! :D There is a 40% chance of rain and snow for the weekend, but we don't usually get much at 40%. We have a prime rib dinner, followed by entertainment at church Saturday night, so I hope the weather holds off. We have invited Jason's in-laws and they live about a good half hour away. The shortest way to go is the back road blacktops which can get pretty slippery. That is too bad about your friend's mil . . . that disease is horrific and I'm sure she is in a better place and at peace now. It's still hard on the family no matter how ready one thinks they are.

My teeny tiny pregnant 14 year old, that I have in study hall, was rushed to Omaha yesterday for an emergency C-section. I guess her blood pressure shot up and the doctor here didn't want to take a chance with her. The baby weighed 3# 3oz. -- we didn't get a report today so don't know any more. Sad -- if the baby survives it will be a child raising a child.

I am heading to bed shortly. Have a terrific Thursday tomorrow!

Jean -- :yawn: in Iowa!

02-22-2007, 01:06 AM

WOW it seems like ages since I was able to get here. :cry: Our internet provider has been experienceing some difficulty so that trickles down to my lap top not being able to open web pages. It would take so long that one of those messages would come up that wants to know if you want to report it. If I clicked yes it would say I couln't because I wasn't connected to the internet. Now the little icon in my tray at the bottom said I was. I could get my mail on occasion so go figure. :dizzy: I got here now.

Forgive me for not doing any personals ~ I am beat. I have read 3 nice thick books in 3 days and now it is time to sleep. I have a date with the iron monster in the morning and am hopeful of a loss.

Everyone stay warm. :dust:

02-22-2007, 06:05 AM
Good morning ladies! The animals gave me lots of things to do this morning. Butterscotch vomited all over the house and Fortune decided to add a mess in the dining room to it too:( ! Lovely! I have it all cleaned up now.

Maggie: Keeping my fingers and eyes cross for you today! :D I have my weigh in tomorrow and hope for a loss. I have felt so crummy this week and am all stressed out about losing, but I have stayed on my points so we shall see.

Jean: I just don't understand why kids are still getting pregnant with all the birth control help out there these days. Kids are just as stupid now as they were in our day only everyone is having sex instead of a small percentage of "bad girls." I do hope that poor baby survives and isn't impaired somehow. Unfortunately, you pay the price for his or her expensive care more than likely. Wonder if having to endure a C-section will make her more careful? I guess that is doubtful,huh? Hope you are feeling right as rain. You be careful with stiff neck stuff, that is a symptom along with what you experienced of meningitis and it is easy in your work situation to contract it. Have to say, I have never heard of a click clack bed! lol This will give us extra sleeping room for company if we have more than one person. My extra bedroom is small and only has a double bed in it. We could put the aerobed in Jack's office and it would accomodate two adults or three kids. We never have company much so I doubt that would be a problem. We can use it when Jay and Alicia come though because we let them use our bed. Jay is 6'6" and would be miserable on the double bed.

I am almost finished with a Danielle Steel book, Sisters. What a boo-hooer in the beginning. If you get a chance, read it. It is pretty good. I did a bit of knitting, but fudged and read that book yesterday. I have to get back to knitting so I can have my tops done.

I got three new pair of jeans yesterday. My body is not proportioned properly as I am 5'7", but have very short legs. I am long from crotch to navel and then long from navel to neck. I have very large hips compared to my waist so getting stuff like that to fit is near impossible. I haven't worn jeans in years, but Jack told me to buy some for myself. I found petite length on sale from $39 a pair to $10 so I bought three pair. Well, the length is great, but petite also means shorter in the stride so they are a bit of a lower ride on me. The legs are baggy, which always happens to me because of my big tush and the waist is big. Jack said to buy a belt and wear it so I am going to have to see if I can find one long enough for myself.

I called 1800flowers yesterday and she said the basket was delivered directly to the recipient and I am glad about that. I had put on the delivery instructions to deliver to a neighbor if they weren't home since the funeral is being held a couple hours away. I just feel so bad for them and for the little ones, especially Alex, who is a year older than Thomas. He is old enough to understand death, but still to young to totally understand everything. His grandma lived with them for the last year too so he saw her day to day.

Well, I should get the dishwasher unloaded and then wait for Jack to get up.

Have a great Thursday. Tonight is CSI night. Hope it isn't a rerun or that I fall asleep like I did last week!


02-22-2007, 10:10 PM

It has been raining since the middle of the night here and is just winding down. Supposed to be sunny again tomorrow. Not much else happening around here.

FAYE Uncross yourself ~ I showed a gain again this week. for the last 3 weeks I haven't done well. One maintain and two gains. I have to get a grip and ragain my focus. I did get something new to put on my 10%loss key chain dealie today ~ a round thing with a hole in it (like add on weights for big bar bells) with the number 25 lb stamped on it. Guess we will get them now instead of those magnets. I am looking forward to getting the one that says 50 lb on it. Just nine to go and I'll get that one. New jeans sound like fun. The new fashion is low riders and I don't want any of those. I am glad that the catalogues still have the ones that come up higher to the waiste. I wish you a good weigh in tomorrow.

JEAN The girls are getting pg awfully early these days. Babies having babies. I too wonder why they aren't on "the pill." They had them out so freely.

Everyone have a lovely evening.

02-23-2007, 06:22 AM
Good morning gals! It should be a beautiful day today! Sure hope my weigh in goes well. I have some errands to run first. I want to get my haircut first thing as I have one of those cards where you get so many than the next one is free and I am free this time and I need to go to the nail salon after that. I took my new button down shirt to the cleaners last night to have them launder and starch it as it is pretty limp and I want some body to it and can't pick it up until after 5 this evening.

The jerks next door are making enough noise to wake the dead and it is 4 in the morning! I thought these were going to be better neighbors, but guess again. They are loud, the kids throw their candy and gum papers onto my deck (which I promptly throw back over the fence,) they park in front of our garage, even though they can park in front of theirs, and on and on. There are about 3 sets of family in there I think. {{{SIGH}}}

Maggie: :( I am so sorry you didn't lose this week. Looks like you may have to shake things up a bit to get things going again. I get panic strickened every week about Wed worried about losing. Dumb I know, but there you go!

I have started a pair of little overalls for LJ. They are the camel color of my dd's sweater since I had yarn leftover and I bought little brown bone buttons for the straps and a bigger dog face button to sew on the bib. I then went in search of little baby shoes with dogs on them and found these cute sort of slipper things called Pedoodles and they WERE dogs so I bought them. I just have to get a little tshirt to go under it. I got bored with both sweaters and this is a nice day or two diversion. I am going to use snaps insted of the buttonholes as the buttonholes on this pattern aren't reinforced and would stretch. I like snaps instead of buttons for new babies anyway. The dog bone buttons are just for looks.

We set up the aerobed last night to see the size and what it would feel like etc. I knew that Jack thought this was going to be like an air mattress. He was pleasantly surprised when we got it up and he laid on it. The bad thing is they have cats so we will have to take it down every morning and put it away, which will be a pain, but I don't want the cats putting their claws through it. It is actually quite comfortable and will make a great extra bed.

Well, I am going to knit on the overalls for a bit before Jack gets up at 5. I am taking him to work today so I need to get around early.

Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend!


02-23-2007, 04:07 PM
GOOD MORNING MAGNOLIAS is still morning for 5 more minutes. I am sticking so close to my points today! It is a low point day and I have my plan. I made a huge FOCUS sign that hangs right to the right of my desktop and I can see it every time I go to look out the windw. It measures 3x8 and is multicolored letters. I am going to keep my FOCUS

We are having our church party tomorrow at noon. The chili feed. Today I will be cooking the burger meat to go into the pot. I don't want to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to be cooking all morning. Also I will make the mini corn muffins. So in the morning all I will have to do is combine the chili fixns in a big pot and simmer it till time to go. I am not cooking the beans either ~ using canned pintos.

FAYE I too hope our weigh goes well. You will learn to not stress over it and take it in stride. I need a hair cut but am thinking of letting it grow out some and have a different "doo" for awhile. I don't want it long, long like I used to have it though. Just want to change the style a bit. You sure do have lousy neighbors. They have no regard for anyone but themselves it appears. Those little overalls sure sound cute. I love to see babies dressed in cute little outfits. One of the ladies at WW yesterday had her little grand nephew with her and he had on the cutest little overall outfit. It had those animal buttons on it. He had a little matching cap ~ the little tyke was only born in the middle of last December so was a babe in arms still.

Everyone have a lovely day and a safe weekend. The sun is supposed to shine.

02-23-2007, 11:59 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! I am sitting here listening to the wind blow but so far no rain nor snow. The weatherman has cried "wolf" so many times that I'll believe it when I see it.

I spent yesterday sleeping most of the day; it was an effort to even go to the bathroom. I was still running a temperature last night so called in for a sub. I noticed that my leg hurt from under my knee up to the groin area whenever I would change position or stand up to walk. I couldn't think of a thing that I had done to cause it. This morning the area was red and I was still running a temp. so off to the doctor I went. I have been fighting dry skin (or so I thought) on my knee all winter long and it runs a cycle of being dry, cracking, seeping, etc. Well, it became infected and I end up in the ER having an IV, plus one tomorrow, and another on Sunday. Then I go back to the doctor on Monday. She took a marker and drew an outline around the red area to see if it gets bigger or smaller in the meantime. I'm supposed to stay off my feet and keep my leg up . . . I have cabin fever as it is after two days at home.

Maggie -- It's good to see you again! I think your rain may be headed our way except it will be freezing drizzle by the time we get it. There were several events scheduled for Sunday and all have been called off with the prediction of up to 10" of new snow. :( I'm sorry about your gain, but I know you have found your FOCUS and will do well this week. :yes:

"Gma" -- I would like the low cut jeans because I am short waisted and have a hard time finding jeans that fit. I ordered flowers for Bob's mom to be delivered on Valentine's Day because that is his birthday. I used the same florist I have always used in AZ and ordered online as usual. The # I ordered was for $40 and they called saying it was a $70 arrangement. When I explained that it wasn't a Valentine arrangement she said she understood. Well, MIL never called to say that she got them and Bob finally called her and she didn't get them. I guess the order never got made up in the first place. She was on the answering machine today saying she had gotten them -- better late than never. I'm sorry you are having neighbor trouble again. Are they another bunch of renters? When we bought our waterbed we had a cat with claws and the salesman told us to shoot the cat. :mad: With the mattress pad, sheets, and blankets we never had a problem with her poking her claws through. The overalls sound really cute!

I'm off to preheat the bed. My IV thing is wrapped with sticky stuff so I hope it is protected enough while I sleep. I'm supposed to wrap it in SaranWrap when I shower in the morning. Hope you all have a nice weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

02-24-2007, 01:08 AM

We just finished watching a DVD and I am heading to bed shrotly. First gotta brush the teeth, etc so it will be a while. I am putting to bed an 18 point day with one extra flex point (making it 19) having been used and I feel great about it. I am going to do this thing. Got myself convinced.

JEAN :getwell: Sounds like you have one big infection going on there to have to go in for IVs ~ antibotics I assume. Good thing you are in good hands and are getting it taken care of now. I sure do feel for you my friend, isn't it crazy how things like that happen and we don't have a clue when it did. Let us know how you progress.

Nighters everyone.