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02-16-2007, 11:01 AM
But no gain, either. So I'm calling it a win for me. :carrot:

For future reference though, how do I change the little Ticker at the bottom when I do change? I can't figure it out.


02-16-2007, 11:08 AM
No loss for me either, not on the scale, thankfully, my tape measure seems to LOVE me this month.

To change the ticker, go into edit signature, and edit the current weight number to reflect when you do lose.

02-16-2007, 11:29 AM
D'Oh. Thanks. I hadn't thought of that. I was trying to do something directly with the ticker.

02-16-2007, 03:54 PM
I don't think you should always expect to lose. Sometimes maintaining is okay too. I'm trying to get away from the scale (used to be addicted) and instead, just by how my clothes fit me. I'll see if it works for me.

02-16-2007, 06:41 PM
For me, weight says it all (though minor fluctuations are to be expected). I know I look fit and healthy at my goal weight because I used to be at that weight, yet at that time I was a bit more toned than now, so I think the amount I weigh now is a total reflection of how much body fat I'm carrying. I would think (hope) I'll look the same at that weight now (about 4 years later). What do you all think?