South Beach Diet - Thirsty Thursday West Coast Chicks

02-15-2007, 09:35 AM
Seemed like a good word...Thirsty...when you're thirsty what is the first thing you reach for? I confess the first thing I have reached for over the last several years is a Diet Pepsi...(naughty word I know) I am trying very hard to reach for a water bottle instead. I had gotten myself down to one small bottle of DP a day then I allowed the recent medical woes to rule me and be my excuse to grab more than one. I confess my weakness here in order to bring it out into the open...I am addicted to DP!

Everyone please have a great day today!

I love you sis!

Bionic Beach Babe
02-15-2007, 12:35 PM
Morning Girls:

My DH went over and took our male friend to the florist and he weaken and got a lovely Corsage for our friend after all. Thank Goodness. We had a lovely dinner, yes at Home Town Buffet, free!!!, played card games when we got back to their house and shock, shock, the men beat us....First time in

Cinderly: Sorry about your Migraines...I too, like my sister used to suffer so bad with them until we finally had Hysterectomies. I feel for you as I remember how bad I felt.

Swimgirl: Sounds like your darling BF was and is outstanding...Flowers etc...A wonderful day for you both.
Very nice...good feeling both ways.

Sis: I am with you in spirit today while you get that new Mamogram done. I love you so much.


Morning Star
02-15-2007, 01:59 PM
Good morning west coasters,

momajok; I will be thinking of you as you get your mamogram. Hope all goes well.

lubajo; Sounds like you had a very nice valentines day.

Well, I'm getting my hair cut in a little while. Always is nice. Mr bangs are in my eyes. I'm going to juice some carrots and maybe throw a couple pieces of celery. My glucose test went very well. Well whithin normal limits.

Bye for now.

02-15-2007, 03:06 PM
Goodmorning! I decided to whiten my teeth, so I am sitting here with crest whitestripes on them. I am just 13.5 days away from having whiter teeth.. guaranteed.. lol. I've always wanted whiter teeth.

mamajok - I used to be addicted to coke, I couldn't switch to diet pop because I'm allergic to artificial sweetners.. otherwise I'd be right there with you! Goodluck on the test today!

lubajo - sounds like you had a great day as well :) The bf is a good man - and he really loves me. We've been together since forever and a day - we got together in January 2000, easy to remember our anniversary.

Morningstar - it is always nice getting your hair done, enjoy!

Today is my WI day, I'm going to wait until I am done whitening my teeth, and then get on it. Phew, hoping it's a good one!


02-15-2007, 04:30 PM
Thanks for the good wishes girls...mamo/ultra sound turned out good...need to go back in six months but right now things look okay! I can breathe easier now.

Morningstar...good glucose test! Always feel fresher with a new haircut.

Aimee...hope you have a good WI day...white teeth are pretty. One of my grandsons was blessed with the whitest teeth I ever did see...he's a mighty handsome young man, especially when he smiles.

Sis, thanks for your prayers...everything is good!!! I love you sis!:hug:

I came home after my tests and had my cabbage lasagne for good!

Tonight is fish night.

02-15-2007, 04:42 PM
Morning, chicks! (It's still morning here, really!)

Migraines are marginally better today, which is good, because I HAVE to go in to work tomorrow. (I needed to go in earlier this week, but there are mandatory meetings tomorrow.)

Also, I "accidentally" stepped on the scale this morning - it finally budged! I'm not recording the loss, yet, because my WI day is Saturday, not Thursday. It was a nice boost, though! :)

mamajok - I grew up in a water-loving household, but I still struggle. What I've found most effective is to find a large container (32 oz insulated mug or Nalgene bottle) and fill with ice water when I first get to work. If I still want my coffee or Diet Coke :T after I've finished my water, I can have it, but (1) I have to refill the water before I get the coffee of Coke, and I can't have another one "treat" until my second mug/Nalgene is emptied.

I started doing this about 5 years ago and it's made a tremendous difference in everything from number of breakouts (aren't you supposed to stop getting pimples by 30?!) to the number of migraines I get. Also helped break my caffeine addiction.

Such great news that your mammogram was uneventful.

lubajo - I actually begged my doctor for a hysterectomy at 14 (I also suffer from severe menstrual cramps, yay!), but he refused. I'll revisit it in a few years - maybe I'm finally old enough?!

Glad to hear your friend's hubby came around. Don't know what his problem was!

Morning Star - great test results! (My MIL always shows us her test results when they're good. She's like a grade-schooler showing off an "A" paper.) Enjoy your haircut - so relaxing!

SwimGirl - think light thoughts, today! Sounds like BF is a keeper. Good for both of you. :) Good luck with the WhiteStrips! (I've seen them at Costco, if you decide to keep with it - much cheaper than the grocery store price!)

02-15-2007, 04:57 PM
Today was a good one, I had hoped for 1 pound and GOT IT! I am happy with that because Monday was my first day back on track after 1 week of sugar. Also it takes my total weight loss to 30 pounds!! I now have exactly 60 pounds to go, it's feeling doable today :)

mamajok - glad to hear the tests went good! I remember having to go for pap smear every 3 months for a year - ugh, not very much fun. I love white teeth, and like the idea that it only has to be done for 2 weeks once a year. Lucky grandson!

cinderly - glad your headache has lightened up, and the scale has budged! What a great day :) I work in a drug store, and my bf manages the section that sells them so we got them at a decent price, came with free toothpaste plus our discount. We will check out costco though, I always like cheaper things.. heh.