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02-14-2007, 05:47 PM
I'm considering joining one near my work. I used to belong to Curves when I wasn't employed outside the home. I enjoyed it at first. However, going around in that circle got boring after a while and I didn't feel I was being challenged enough. Not to mention, we were limited to that half hour and nothing more. I think a 1 hr workout several days a week would be more beneficial.

I'm considering 24 Hr Fitness. It's within a couple of blocks.

What do you know about it?

Would you recommend it?

What should I ask when I go there?

I've got to get my Rx from my dr for my tax file so I can deduct it on my 07 taxes next year.

02-14-2007, 05:52 PM
I highly highly recommend visiting your 24 hour fitness at hours/days that you expect to go there. I never liked them because they always seemed crowded. I've been to and known people who belonged to them in multiple cities so it didn't seem to be a single location issue.

I personally belong to Bally's and although it has its busy times, I've been there at the busiest times (Mondays 4-7pm is the busiest time I have discovered) and I still have machines to work on and cardio equipment to use.

I recommend looking at all your local gyms, visiting them, getting an idea of what they are like and get general pricing information, any contracts they require, etc. Also, if you belong to Kaiser Permanente, they have a pretty good discount program for gyms.

02-14-2007, 06:45 PM
24 hour fitness offers a free 10-day pass program. You can only go in during limited hours (8am - 9pm, i think), but if those hours work for you, it would be a great, easy, and free way to try out the 24 hour near you for 10 days. Also, if you have anyone else in your family trying to pick a gym membership, the pass is actually for up to 4 people...just go to here:


And print it out! They have you fill out a form when you get there and give you a temporary pass. You have 10 consecutive days to try it out, get a feel for how busy it is at your peak times, and check out any classes you're considering.