LA Weight Loss - Would I be crazy to totally ignore the scale?

02-13-2007, 03:58 PM
As my ticker displays, I've been pretty much stable in the same 3 pounds since about 2 weeks before x-mas! I actually felt the best not looking at the scale during the No-Scale challenge. Now in the time that I've been totally static with the scale, I've manged to drop 6 1/2 inches! :rollpin: :strong: :rollpin:

I've basically lost an equal number of incehs and weight, which according to the COD is about double the amount of inches I should have lost. My favorite counselor has actually banned me from complainging about the scale! I'm not allowed to compalin about losing and gaining ounces if I keep shrinking the way I've been! :D

Would I be crazy to not look at the scale for the next 4 weeks, and if I'm down 3 1/2 inches come my next measurements make that my goal and stabalize from there? It would be so less frustrating then seeing the scale fluctuate between the same 2 numbers for another month!

02-13-2007, 04:04 PM
If I was losing inches like that I wouldnt be too worried about what the scale said, congrats!!! As for me, I wish I could ignore the scale, it seems to call my name every morning before my shower! LOL