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02-13-2007, 07:57 AM
B-2 slices WW bread, 1 slice of chicken bacon a ff cheese slice and an egg
S-string cheese
L-rest of tomato cucumber salad & probably a can of soup
S-crackers and light cream cheese :P
D-shrimp stirfry(onion, mushroom, red& green pepper & celery) and rice
S-bag of popcorn & maybe if i have any calories left, some chocolate ice cream (Light of course)
Water- 3.5 L
Exercize-exercize bike, 30 mins
Have a good day everyone!:D

02-13-2007, 08:22 AM
BAGEL :eek: (ran out of bread) bacon, egg, mushrooms

pumpkin protein bar, plum

Gym - chest, abs, gentle legs

LF Mozzarella on 1 sl toast

BfL apple pie with fromage frais


Sense bar

egg on toast :chin:

02-13-2007, 09:51 AM
b - oatmeal and cottage cheese pancakes (so good!!!) w/ banana and syrup

l - turkey wrap, yogurt

s - apple

d - tortilla-less burrito w/ sour cream and 2% cheese and some type of veggie

02-13-2007, 10:19 AM
B: 1c corn flakes + raisins + almonds + milk
S: 1c grapes
L: 1 serving tuna casserole + 1c sauteed zucchini + 1 pc leftover pizza
D: 1 stuffed cajun-shrimp stuffed pepper + 3 oz chicken

02-13-2007, 11:21 AM
Yesterday was good :)

B- mini bagel with burchetta; scrambled egg whites
S- coffee with cream and sugar twin; two rice cakes with peanut butter
L- slim fast shake with skim milk; fruit source bar; potato cracker thingys
S- cheese string, turkey peperoni and maybe some pickles
D- thinking chicken, veggies and KD
W- 4L
E- just finished 60 min on my bike

02-13-2007, 11:29 AM
I stayed completely OP yesterday. Woo hoo!

B: egg whites w/ mozza cheese, chicken bacon, V8, 1% milk
S: cheese stick
L: chef's salad
S: apple & cottage cheese
D: beef & cabbage wedges, WW toast, green beans
S: homemade pb cookies

Exercise: Did 30 min. bike this a.m.

02-13-2007, 01:25 PM
ugh, I need to get planning again! I did poorly last night. I did have my salad at Quizno's for dinner, and then went grocery shopping. For some reason, I thought I could handle having "snacks" in the house again. I bought some baked pita chips and hummus and some mint cookies n cream frozen yogurt. None of it is all too bad in a single serving alone, but last night I probably ate half a bag of chips, way too much hummus, and over 1 cup of frozen yogurt :devil:

On the flip side, I also finally found spaghetti squash, plus I bought some fresh red seedless grapes and fresh strawberries (on sale 2 pounds for $5--not horrible for the middle of winter), so I also have some healthier alternatives for snacking and can limit my "snackier" snacks to just 1 a day--pita chips and hummus or frozen yogurt, not both!

Today's menu is shaping up something like this:

Kashi GoLean Crunch w/skim milk
Lean Cuisine pizza
lunch meat (ham and turkey) and cheese rolls dipped in soy dijon-style mayo
dinner TBD
frozen yogurt

02-13-2007, 05:44 PM
well, half the day is gone but I'm posting the plan anyway. Went out to lunch and am still staying on plan for the day:

B - Go Lean cereal with soy milk
L - 1/2 Panera sandwich with soup
S - fiber cake with cream cheese
S - NF yogurt with wheat germ
D - Braised Hunter-Style Chicken with Carrots; green salad
S - low-fat mousse, mini-merigues

Calories appear to be a little low, so I'll probably have one more snack, probably an apple.

Exercise: one hour cardio (combo of stair machine, elliptical, and treadmill), 15 min abs.