Support Groups - It's a beautiful day in the cow pasture

10-23-2001, 08:20 PM
Here's the fabulous Wabbit garden, circa June 2001:

10-23-2001, 08:26 PM
A beautiful day for a neighbor

10-23-2001, 08:33 PM
Won't you be mine? Won't you be mine?

10-23-2001, 08:43 PM
Won't you be my neighbor?

10-24-2001, 09:45 AM
My garden looks nothing like Wabby's.
I still don't know who Monique is.
We have grandparents day in DS11's class. I should look decent so I can't hang.
I'm looking for a car. Someone tell me a neat car to have. I like the PTCruiser, but DH isn't thrilled with it. It may have something to do with him being 6'3"....He wants a car that has room for his I'm ever going to let him drive it.
I've started Christmas shopping. DD wants NOTHING. The boys both want such expensive things that they are destined only to get one or two things on their lists. They REALLY, REALLY want dirt bikes or quads but that worries me. They have a track for their un-motorized bikes in our woods and it is amazing they haven't broken their necks so far.
Friday is DH's birthday. I never know what to get him. Ideas welcome.
Have I become one of those people who just stops in, blathers on about herself then leaves? Yes, I will change.
Gotta go.

10-24-2001, 10:26 AM
Wabby's garden is SO COMPLETELY BEAUTIFUL. Little gnomes must live there. It looks wild and cultivated at the same time.

I am offended by Lush's suggestion that people who drop by and blather are improper. I simply have nothing to say. My cat is under the sofa. My son has a demented teacher as usual. My Herbie is sweet.

And his computer needs replacing so I can get online. I'm at home now.

10-24-2001, 05:45 PM
That Peaches stayed home for a few minutes. We miss you.

I have no problem with people stopping by just to blather. Why else would I be here?

I've been back to snacking on junk in the evening. I'm afraid to weigh myself. No, I refuse to weigh myself. After I go to bed hungry a couple of nights in a row, then I'll weigh myself. Even tho' I had lost 6 lbs by a couple of days ago, I couldn't get into either of my black skirts to wear to the funeral yesterday. And neither of them is a skinny skirt by any means. I had to wear an annoying dress. I think my body has rearranged itself around my hips.

How topical of me.


10-24-2001, 08:15 PM
I love to blather. You may have noticed. Lushy, my DH has been trying to talk me into a PT Cruiser since they came out. My Explorer is all paid for now, so I like it alot. I keep trying to hold him off. It always seems like as soon as a car is paid for he starts looking around. If I were buying, that's what I'd buy, but then again DH & I are both shortys. blather. blather. If money were no object and I didn't have to haul plants around I'd buy a T-Bird. Cool car. Or a Audi TT. Another cool car. So cool that they're totally impractical.

I'm so happy that you like my garden. I'd just like to mention that those foxgloves and delphinium were raised from just wee little seeds from me.:smug:

Kiwi, I've been eating all day long. If I could contain it to just evenings I may have a hope. You never said who the funeral was for. I'm assuming it was someone very elderly who had had a long and happy life?

Did anyone watch Albert & Victoria on A&E this week?

10-24-2001, 10:49 PM
those pretty plants from itty bitty little seeds. You're a wonder.

By the way, it was amazing how big those picture files were. I had to compress them from around 1000K each to less than 40K, and cut the size down from bigger than the screen to the size they showed up as. I thought with all that shrinking that the quality would end up being pretty poor, but they came out really well. Aren't 'puters amazing? :cool:

No, actually the funeral wasn't quite that -- as a matter of fact it was highly reminiscent of my own father's death. This was the mother of a close friend of ours (my cleanie dietitian friend who just moved 80 mi. away last month). Her mother, who was only in her late 60s, lived here in Maine, but always went to Florida for the winter. She had just gotten there and was in a traffic accident. My friend and one of her brothers had to go to Fl. to bring her back. The 3 other siblings made arrangements for things here. It was a very sweet and poignant service. She was a really nice person.

I like my Explorer too, Wab. What year is yours? I bought mine used a year ago; it's a 97. Would you believe someone stole the coin and kleenex box holder out of it a few weeks ago? They must have netted a whole dollar or two. It's really kind of odd, because the car was full of CDs and they didn't touch those (maybe they didn't like my taste).


10-25-2001, 10:10 AM
Wabby's garden is so beautiful that I can't bear to leave it.
Excitement on the NJ car DIED last night in the middle of traffic. DIED.....As in, we had to tow it.
I'm getting it fixed and waiting for next year's models to show up. Maybe something big will strike my fancy.
I am home today and am planning to make a CLEANING LIST for your amusement and entertainment.
I will do that later.
Tomorrow is DH's birthday. I still haven't gotten him a thing.
I did get some Christmas shopping done...what a good girl. I bought for the boys. I have no idea what to get DD. She wants a laptop....what do they cost? I'm sure it is more than my per-kid allowance for Christmas.
Where's Sugar???? I suppose she is cooking. What a nice girl she is.
I'll be back with my cleaning list...bye

10-25-2001, 10:25 AM
and how nice to welcomed home by Kiwi. Why didn't you clean this place up while you were waiting?

My new kitty hates me. He only comes out from under the furniture to chase the other cat and scrowl at me. Of course, I had him neutered even though he came with two certificates signed by veternarians saying he was a Neutered Male. Pays to be fluffy sometimes. Hides the evidence.

Herbie is still sweet sweet sweet and DS is 13. I am piling up extra weight on my belly as my butt is big enough.

I thought about taking pictures of Herbie's yard and posting them for Webby's amusement. Maybe I will.


Peaches Day Off

10-25-2001, 12:13 PM
My email is doing weird things.
I just got a notice from my bil that I have a virus.
I opened an attachment from Bagz. I'll bet that was it.
It was empty.
Peaches is not being nice to her new cat. I mean REALLY not nice. No wonder he doesn't like her.
Here is my list:
1.I already put in a load of wash
2. trash in kitchen
3. get errands ready from papers in family room
4. vac family room
5. dust family room
6. look for tent(some fool is going camping this weekend)
7. fold wash that is in front of dryer
8. load dw
9. kitchen floor
10.organize cub scout stuff

there I go. I'll be back when I'm finished. I think sissy should do the same.

10-25-2001, 01:10 PM
getting stuck with a dead car in traffic. Did you have a cell phone? I don't carry one because I think they're annoying, but sometimes I think I should have one in case of emergency. Even though I live on the frontier, the traffic here is getting horrible. I think everyone from California moved up here and brought their traffic.

I have a '96 Explorer, Kiwonk, and it has been a good and faithful vehicle for me. Never once left me stuck in traffic.

I'm supposed to have the day off, but I have extra work that I didn't get done, so I have to work on my day off! Guess that will teach me to actually behave myself and work when I'm supposed to. I could be home, leisurely completing the same list Lush is doing.

No wonder your new kitty doesn't like you, Peach. You've ruined all his fun.

Sugar is probably recovering from the Parents. :dizzy:

10-25-2001, 01:38 PM
Bagz and Lush, you are both sending out viruses!! I got something from Bagz first, then Peaches called me, she had gotten one from Lush and opened it. She may be infected too. Then I got one from Lush.

What it is sending out is files or parts of files from your computers! So it may look like a legit message from someone, only a bit odd, and it has attachments. All the attachments are different, so it's hard to say what they will look like. The one from Bagz was a .pif file, the one from Lush had 2, a .doc and a .bat file. By the way, Lush, it was part of your resume. :^:

Anyway, I'm going to try to find out what this virus is. If anyone else gets email that looks odd in anyway, or the person hasn't told you they were sending it, don't open the attachment!!


10-25-2001, 01:43 PM
Lushie I have returned to you the email you sent me about your personal problems and your upcoming trip. Please tell me more but don't break my computer.

I guess it's ok. Mighta been the phone line. I sure don't know. Ask Kiwi. I did.

10-25-2001, 02:21 PM
Here's the name of the virus you have: W32.Magistr.39921@mm

Some of the files sent out by an infected computer do not contain the virus at all, so it's quite possible that Peaches doesn't have it. One of the files that Lush's puter sent to me was infected, but the .doc file wasn't.

It's really important to get this off your computer as soon as possible, because it does things in stages. If it's still on there in a month, it releases a whole new "payload" of nasty stuff. If you have antivirus software, be sure you have the latest updates and scan your computer.

Here's a link to info on the thing: and for more info (


10-26-2001, 01:02 PM
but I'm at the library. What happened to Bagz? I got her BADDDDD email yesterday night.

Thank you to KIWIWIWIWI for helping liasion all this mess. My puter guy seems to be out of town so I'll just wait patiently since KIWIWIWIWI said it works in stage. The thing I got from Lush was the Bart one or Burt or Bent . You know.

Anyway, Lush is forgiven just because she's so near the part of the world where this part keeps sending money. She has enough to worry about.

10-26-2001, 02:52 PM
Don't you all admire my mail lady, Josephine? She has been offered gloves and a gas mask, but she is not too worried. We open all our mail outside and dump everything right into the trash. We then wash our hands. Do you all have to do this?
The orchard next to me is being allowed to rot because they kicked all the illegal aliens out of the country. One day this place was crawling with them and now they have vanished. They were mostly Mexican but the same is true of all Middle Eastern people...they have just vanished. NJ is kind of eerie with only European looking people. Glare.

Did you hear about all the problems with the money????? They are not distributing it. I don't know who has it but the families are making a huge stink because they are getting nothing. Obviously, the Red Cross isn't using it because they don't have enough staff manage the relief effort and the blood donations. Of course, without the aforementioned illegal aliens we have quite a labor shortage around here.

Today is DH's birthday. Still haven't gotten him a thing. Well, I bought a new video camera is a digital 8 that takes pictures and videos and you can add things to the picture and I got a cool attachment for the lawn mower.....I think I'll give him those. But I should also hit the tall store and buy him some clothes that fit.

I never cleaned the dump yesterday so I've been doing that. I should go back to it.

Lets talk about having a teenager. I am the strictest mother. Does anyone else have this problem? ALL of Dd's friends are alone in a house after school, they all are allowed to have company. They all are allowed to ride around at night (school nights no less) in the cars of older boys. I do not permit this. They are all allowed to attend slumber parties where one sibling is a girl, one a boy and they both have friends sleep over. DD is not allowed to go.
Don't tell me that further inspection would reveal that the parents are either ignorant or providing better supervision than I suppose. That investigation has taken place and has shown that these 14 year old girls really are allowed to do all this stuff. Were these people never teenagers? Were they all such geeks that they were never invited to a party?

10-26-2001, 05:52 PM
I just typed for about 20 minutes replying to Lush, and then opened another page by mistake, and lost all of it. You know at cybermom, you could usually even go to another site and come back and still have your message (not that it didn't eat it entirely sometimes). I don't think I can do that again.

Well, anyway, I want to say, stick to your guns, Lush. I don't allow DD to have friends here when we're not here. She is allowed to be home by herself, but not overnight of course. She's not allowed to ride in cars driven by teenaged boys, period. In this state, new teenaged drivers can't have anyone but family members in the car with them for several months. I think that's great. And she doesn't go anywhere but her regular activities on school nights, unless it's a special occasion.

One of her friends recently had a sleepover that reportedly included her older brother and his girlfriend making out in the same room all night with all the younger girls right there. The mother told me (how dumb is she??) that she had to go downstairs and break things up several times. DD wasn't at this one, thank goodness, and won't be going there for any other sleepovers in the future. But most of DD's friend's parents are a little more conscientious than that. Of course she's still in middle school, not quite 14. Heaven help us next year.

Peaches, I suspect your computer is not infected because it's not sending out any infected messages. But it wouldn't hurt to be sure.


10-26-2001, 06:45 PM
my computer is not sending out bad messages because it's turned off. My puter guy is trying to tell ME to reinstall the virus program. I can't even make fudge. Let's be realistic.

Yes, Lush, I have heard about the money and it is appalling. People here, poor people, are STILL collecting money and presumably turning it over to the Red Cross or Fire stations and it is not good that it is not being used to take care of the people they intended it for.

Since anthrax has not made it to this part of the world, our mail is as usual. We got some StUPID rules from the state beginning with IF IT HAS NO RETURN ADDRESS, DO NOT OPEN. DROP INTO TRASH.

So we are supposed to infect the trash collectors?

Speaking of stupid, the local ppl are petitioning everybody to put prayer back in schools. We got a letter today that said "This country was not founded by Jews, Moslems, Hindus, Catholics or Buddhists ... We were here first. ... If you don't agree with this (prayer in school to suit his taste) then you are not a true American."

I was supposed to get the guy to sign it so it could be printed. I lost it.

10-26-2001, 09:10 PM
Aren't all fundamentalists just awful? Now the holy rollers on our side of the fence feel they have the right to spout their opinions about the Godless world to anyone standing still. This is why I like Catholisism, we don't pretend to be religious. We just torture our kids for 13 years then move on.
Kiwi, I think that with a lot of DD's friends it is the fact that these parents have NO time for these kids. They walk in the door at 6:30 at night too exhausted to do anything. By that time, the kid has been on her own for over four lets out at 2. How do you keep control of someone who has that much unsupervised time?
DH took DS11 to the first basketball practice. I hope it is going well. Cross your fingers.
Gotta go....bye

10-26-2001, 09:17 PM
Aren't all fundamentalists just awful? Now the holy rollers on our side of the fence feel they have the right to spout their opinions about the Godless world to anyone standing still. This is why I like Catholicism, we don't pretend to be religious. We just torture our kids for 13 years then move on.
Kiwi, I think that with a lot of DD's friends it is the fact that these parents have NO time for these kids. They walk in the door at 6:30 at night too exhausted to do anything. By that time, the kid has been on her own for over four lets out at 2. How do you keep control of someone who has that much unsupervised time?
DH took DS11 to the first basketball practice. I hope it is going well. Cross your fingers.
Gotta go....bye

10-27-2001, 03:03 AM
If I had to leave DD to her own devices every day after school, I'm not 100% sure she'd stay out of trouble.

Pretty appalling the way ignorant people think, isn't it, Peaches. Good for you for "losing" the thing. Those kind of "viewpoints", if you can call them that, are no better than what we're up against with the terrorists. Imagine thinking there weren't people here before Mr. White Trash moved in. What a moron.

2 in the morning. Hm, I think I'll go play pogo.


P.S. Found a good Halloween joke:

A skeleton walks into a bar and says to the bartender: "Give me a beer and a mop."

10-27-2001, 09:52 AM
guess what? Silly me doesn't have a virus protection programm!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh! I think I opened one message from darling Bagzie but only because it said something about the fishing industry in Denmark. The rest from Lushy I trashed. I went to House Call and they said I was virus- free. Are they reliable? No one has complained yet.

I will have more to say about fundamentalists later. Much more.

Still recovering from The Visitors who are now safely home in their own little beds sleeping off the jet lag. Did you know you can buy pills called Jet-Lag-Stop? And Shift-Lag-Stop? I think we need Life-Lag-Stop.