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02-12-2007, 11:45 AM
Yes, it's a Happy Monday for MamaJo...DH is home again and things are back to normal.

Aimee it sounds like things are back to normal for you too...I totally understand how good it must feel for you to have your home to yourselves again. Good girl...stay on program.

Today is a very busy work day for DH catching up on all his mail, email and work (yes he works part-time doing consulting work) and then we have to pre-register for our cruise to the Mexican Reviera leaving on the 25th of this month.

We had a nice dinner last night of the Taco Bake and DH loved it. I was happy that I could cook a dinner for both of us to eat instead of what I was doing two meals!

I pray all of you have a wonderful Monday and be as happy as I...

I love you sis,:hug:

02-12-2007, 02:35 PM

Am I talking :blah: :blah: to myself?

It's lonely in here.:dunno:

Bionic Beach Babe
02-12-2007, 02:50 PM
Hey There...Yep, today is Monday and raining here in N.CA.:(
ot home about 20 minutes ago from aquarobics..What a work out! :swim: I was trying to keep my new Perm and Color dry on my head but wouldn't you know it...I got dunked. :blah: It wasn't a person that dunked me but a stupid water noodle.:crazy:

Got home and got eggs on to boil and made some Sugar-free Jell-O.

Yesterday I made a mock Macaroni and cheese dish...It is so good, I can hardly wait until dinner time...just munching on a piece of chicken right now. :drool: Swimming makes you hungry.:hungry:

I have yet to make the bed. Thought today would be a good day to wash the sheets...Once a week job.

I hope each one of you girls have a bright and cheerful day before you, with hope in your hearts and souls...Love to you all:sunny: ....Lu

02-12-2007, 03:25 PM
Hey Gals! Yes, things are back to normal! I had a normal on plan breakfast, eggs scrambled with some FF cheese and 1 cup of veggies! I am on the veggie bandwagon, we bought so many fruits and veggies yesterday so it's going to be easy to hit the 4.5 cup veggie goal. Thats definitely my hardest part! I am SO excited for the fruit I bought, I got a frozen berry mix which I plan to layer with some FF yogurt - my own fruit and yogurt parfait!mmmm!

mamajok - sounds like your life is returning to normal as well! And it also sounds like you stayed completely on plan while the hubby was away! Congrats to that!

lubajo - swimming DOES make you hungry! I remember coming home from swim practice when I was in my teens and I'd eat a huge bowl of pasta at like 7am! heh. Mock macaroni and cheese? I haven't seen that before.... mmm.. it sounds good!

I am SO sleepy today, so I might even nap before I have to work tonight at 5pm. It definitely makes me feel lazy to nap, but I really gotta get back to peak health. My 10km run is going to come up really quick, and I want to be able to run the entire thing this year. I think I'm already really behind on the training, I gotta figure that out this week sometime.

Have a good day gals! :)


Morning Star
02-12-2007, 05:22 PM
Good afternood to the West coast chicks;

mamajo-- Bet your glad to have your husband home safe and sound.

lubajo--Glad you like your swiming. Sounds fun.

Aimee-- Glad you are feeling better. It is no fun being sick.

We had a very busy weekend . Saturday evening our church had a valentine dinner. They had a nice program and served us our food. I had vegan lasanga with eggplant . Tasted real good.

Sunday we went to a birthday. The kids played some games and then went swiming in a outdoor pool. Burr! I helped the mom with the food.

Tomorrow I get my fasting blood sugar drawn. Sure hope it comes back good.

Talk to you later.

Bionic Beach Babe
02-12-2007, 05:43 PM
Aimee: Frozen Berry Mix sounds yummy mixed in with Yogurt..Enjoy.

Mock Macaroni is wonderful if you are like me and love Califlower or Brocolli. Either one of those would work out good with the recipe.

Keep regaining your health back so we can all cheer you on in your quest in finishing the 10km this year.

Morning Star: Hi Baby. I am glad you had a busy and happy weekend. I know it gets lonely without your mom and dad around.

I havn't tried Egg Plant for years...Will have to cook one sometime soon to see if I still like it.

Sister Jo, send DH and I the cutest Valentine today. She made them her self..Made to look like a match book.. Open it up and it has 2 sticks of gum where the matches usually are...plain wrap with happy face, etc. stuck on the front of the wrapper...The words above say. "I CHEW -SE-You!!!
Such a cute idea...Wanted to share it with all of you here...

As for me...Bed finally made and working on floors now...going to quit for the day you all tomorrow. Lu
Thanks sis: I love you

02-13-2007, 12:36 AM
Time to say 'Goodnight' all...

DH and I had a very relaxing day today...he's nursing a cold and I am just tired. Tomorrow is my test to see what's going on in this ol' body. I will be very happy to get it over with!

One of my grandsons called today just to chat...we talked for close to an hour. Isn't that the greatest thing...a grandson wanting to talk with his grandmother that long!!!

Sis, I am happy you like the Valentines...they were a lot of fun to make.

Aimee don't rush into don't want a relapse. We will all be rooting for you for your 10K.

See you all tomorrow...sweet dreams.

I love you sis!:hug:
Morningstar, we will pray you get good readings on your blood sugar draw.

Here's a thought for you:
"Watermelon -- it's a good fruit. You eat, you drink, you wash
your face." -- Enrico Caruso

02-13-2007, 03:58 AM
So someone broke into my car today, I parked on the roof staff parking at the mall, they don't patrol apparently. Anyways, they jimmied the lock, but didn't cause any damage other than a dent in the door. They also stole 98% of my cd's, my watch that I use for running, 2 sticks of gum and a quarter. Why oh why is the world so sleezy and mean? That person invaded my person space and my BRAND new car. It makes me sad when I really do my part in the world to help others less fortunate, we do a LOT of donating and raising of money. Sad sad world.

And with that I'm going to take some tylenol and try and sleep..