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02-09-2007, 11:20 PM
So, I have these fantastic pair of jeans, I have no idea what size they are, they're a brand made by a cat named Cosmo in Los Angeles, he has a shop on Melrose and a shop in Santa Monica, both named, Cosmo's. Anyway, when I first got pregnant with my daughter, I was overweight to begin with, but I walked in and he just said, YES A 36, come come with me, and the next thing I know I've spent a ridiculous amount of money on his clothing line. Frankly, I love them, always have. So, anyway, as my pregnancy progressed, they kept getting tighter and tighter, I was almost 12 weeks before I found out I was pregnant and I was 255 at that first prenatal appt. So, these jeans and I have a love/hate relationship, unless I've worn them, tight the first time, then worn them again before washing, when they would loosen up a little bit, they were ALWAYS uncomfy, digging into my belly, legs not tight, but snug, yanno? So, they've been washed and dried for weeks<normally I hang them dry since they have stretchy magic stuff in them and the dryer makes them tighter>, well, they got dried in the drier so they've been hanging in my closet glaring at me, I put them on today. No tightness, no yanking them over that Michelin Man in Drag belly/hip roll thing. I still have a little bit on my hips, but since everything seems to be all moving into my belly up front, I figured NO WAY would they button. Oh they buttoned alright, WITH a 1" gap in the back, loose on the butt AND thighs. WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO. This is great, these jeans have been snug/tight on me since the day I bought them and now they are getitng to big. Of course, this means I need to fly back to LA and get more, and Matt's said since we both love Cosmo's so much, when I'm at goal we can fly back< he still has family there, so we're in West Los Angeles, yearly>, and buy more of his jeans and shirts. I love the small things that keep me on track, even when the scale is having a mental breakdown.

02-10-2007, 07:09 AM
way to go!!!! :D :D

canadian mom
02-10-2007, 08:12 AM
Isn't it a great feeling. Way to go. Just think soon they will be falling off of you lol

02-10-2007, 08:57 AM
What a wonderful Victory!!! Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you.