South Beach Diet - Importance of Cross-Training...Great Article!

02-09-2007, 02:21 PM
Lee Welles, who wrote a great article on the importance of cross-training, was the first person I got to know before I moved to NY from CA. She's an amazing person, a great fitness advocate, and a wonderful writer. :) She really inspires me and I thought you all might appreciate this article as much as I did. It really made sense to me as to why it's important to include a bunch of different kinds of exercise in your routine. I'm thinking of trying kickboxing for something different. Fun! :boxing:

Here's a short quote from the article:

A funny thing happened on my way to recovery (from a knee injury, not substance abuse). I rediscovered cross-training.

My knee is like a weak link in the chain, and I have had to scale down my activity to accommodate it. I have been forced into the pool for my workouts and at first was not happy. I swam two laps and came up gasping for air!

"What is going on?" I thought. "I'm fit. My form is decent. I should be able to do this." I had forgotten the rule of specificity of training.

Specificity of training is...

And here's the link so you can read the rest: