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02-08-2007, 10:31 AM
I just made the best shake..i found it in the la cook book but i thought i would share it with you. i used a vanilla shake(lite) and 4 oz milk(so you can use your other 1/2 dairy on somethign else) a lot of ice, a squirt of no sugar chocolate syrup, and 1 tablespoon of rf peanut butter. i put it in the blender and it was DELICIOUS! tasted like a peanut butter chocolate shake! it counts as 1/2 dairy, 1 lite, and 1/3-1/2 protein but SO worth it. also..
yesterday i heated up a chocolate brownie lite for 30 seconds, cut up 12 strawberries and put it over it and added some free cool whip, it was incredible!
just wanted to share with you, it really made me feel like i wasn't following a 'diet' and i like that! have a great day!

02-08-2007, 12:05 PM
They both sound great, thanks for sharing, we all need new ideas to keep us from getting bored!

02-08-2007, 12:13 PM
Another drink to try if you already haven't is the Vanilla Nut Milk. Going from memory (it is in cookbook for anyone who wants to look it up...)1 cup skim milk, 1 tsp vanilla, 1/4 tsp almond extract, and a packet of arteficial sweetener. Counts as a dairy.

Recipe calls to warm the milk...but I am not a hot drink fan (can't do coffee, tea, hot chocolate unless it is the iced version or I let them go cold...) so I just mix it all up and drink it without warming.

I decided to try this to get a dairy when I get bored of yogurt. Made the transition from whole milk to skim milk easier - tastes sweet and feels like I am having a treat :)