100 lb. Club - Losing it all, just to gain it right back

10-22-2001, 03:05 PM
Kathlean said something in her introductory post that I can't get out of my head. She said she has been to goal several times only to gain it back. I've never been to goal, but I have lost 40 lbs. twice and each time and have gained back more than double. I am sooo scared that I am going to finally lose all this weight only to gain it back. This time feels different, but those times did too. Why do we work so hard and then just gain it all back? I don't think I could handle gaining it all back again. It scares me to death. Over the weekend when we were off our program, we went right back to our old habits. I don't know if those "old" habits will ever go away. Will they ever go away?

10-23-2001, 10:48 AM
Sandy, don't be scared. There is a magic key to making it permenant. I discovered it through a person who has done what I had done so many times they only difference is she never gained hers back and could freely eat anything she wanted without fear. It is so simple. Still I have found that most of life is simple we just make it all complicated. Here is the answer to that fear........
Once you reach goal for one year after your victory watch your weight on a daily basis. Keep within two pounds of your goal weight( not including TOM) whenever your weight goes up one or two pounds take it off immediately.....just for one year. After that your body will reset your body thermostat and your own personal
plateau will be your goal weight. Becuase of this lady I did some serious research and found this to be true in every case where these steps were taken and once completed weight gain was never a problem again. I myself had lost 126 lbs and had no weight gain at all for several years until I was injured and bedfast for about four years, after that the weight gain began again. Mind you I didn't get to goal but remained without effort at 238 for years. I know this will be another wall when I reach this point again. So don't worry . One lady out of 30 had to do this for a year and a half for all the others it was 1 year. It just takes careful monitering for a tme and you will have no difficulty. Isn't that something!

10-23-2001, 10:58 AM
I completely agree. I have heard many many times that after you lose alot of weight, you must continue to weigh yourself, everyday.

1)It keeps you focused
2) If there is a gain, have a "light" day.
3) You'll always be reminded of how far you have come.

When I just had my recent regain, I wasn't weighing myself. At all. I went 2.5 months without even looking at the scale. That was my #1 problem. No more. Some people cannot handle weighing each day, drives them into an obsession, like me. I weigh once a week now. It helps keep me focused.

10-23-2001, 11:22 AM
I know what you mean. I have gained all plus back when I loose. I two have never reached goal. I do know that by going to the gym and excersising it will help me attain and maintain my goal. I am watching my food intake but not making it hard to do. I want to loose but I don't want to make such a drastic change that it's to hard to maintain for the rest of my life.

I have a friend who lost about 60 lbs and reached goal but did it on the protien diet. Now she is scarred to death to eat posta or carbs. They where her fav. food. To me that has to be hard. She runs and does other stuff but she is so focused on her loss but wants to mantain her loss that it is controlling her life. I don't want to end up like that. I want something that I am comfy with. Something that won't be hard to keep up after the loss.

I hope this helps. Keep you chin up and always hope for the best.


10-23-2001, 02:02 PM
Gbo - interesting what you've said. That is very encouraging. Maybe we can all get to goal and prove your theory right!!! Now let me put a twist on it. I am hoping to get as low as possible by October 2002 (Goal would be nice, but I'm not holding my breath!). Then I am going to TRY to get pregnant again. I ate like there was no tomorrow while I was pregnant (McDonalds was my best friend). That scares me too!

Jennifer - I guess I just have to come to terms with the fact that I will be "fighting" this battle every day of my life SKINNY OR FAT! I think somewhere I'd like to believe that someday I'll be cured and I'll suddenly LOVE vegtables and not care for ice cream. That is not reality.

Bella - I lost one of my 40 lb sets with a high protein, low carb. I had to work so hard at it, I couldn't make it my lifestyle. I realy think that I could do WW forever.

Thanks for all your support!! Everyone here is so great!!

10-24-2001, 10:46 AM
Hi Everybody,

Although I haven't posted in awhile I had to respond to this thread.

Now that I have reached my goal, I am fighting a new battle of trying to maintain. My bad eatting habits haven't magically disappeared. In fact, they are just waiting to take over again. I am struggling right now with binging. I will be good all week but then the weekend comes and I basically give myself the freedom to eat what I want. This has resulted in a 5 lb gain in two weeks. I guess my point is that we can never let our guard down when we reach our goal. I know for me, my weight has been an issue all my life and I will have to closely watch it forever.

Reaching your goal is an amazing feeling. Especially for people who have over 100 lbs to lose. It can be done but the battle doesn't end there. I agree that a daily weigh in will keep you focused.


10-25-2001, 05:26 PM
canadianchick - So glad to hear from you. I've been wondering how you are doing. I guess this is always going to be something that we have to deal with. Some days better than others!

10-25-2001, 11:29 PM
I haven't even officially weighed myself, but I've gained back the 30 pounds I worked so hard to lose this year. I'm bigger than ever. I'm headed back to JC in November to start again. I need total structure now. Sometimes I just don't know what I'm doing or why I bother...


10-26-2001, 06:23 AM
I have been reading this thought provoking and scary topic!! I have never gotten to goal. ANd I can say because I have never taken it seriously. I would lose a few #'s . But really until a few years ago just "accepted" that this was the way I am. I have PCOS which tells the body to hold on to the fat amoung other nasty things. I did some internet resaerch and started a lo carb woe and finally slowly started losing. So maybe This isn't my destiny.

Anyway, I had held to a size 24 for so long then creeped up to a size 26-28+ , It became difficult to find clothes in the stores to fit. This helped motivate me last jan to start over again, I had kept all my old clothes. I would use these clothes as a motivater. As I lost weight and inches I would "shop" upstairs. I have finally got into them all!! SOme even had tags on them.

Here came the hard part, this was last Sept. It was almost as if mentally I had reached "goal", I started eating more carbs, less exercise. It was almost as if I didn't need to go any farther. It really meant that I didn't believe that I could succeed at this thing. It was a reall menatl block!!

I just read in this month's Fitness Mag about losing weight. It spent alot of time taking about believing in yourself that you can do this. I can weigh 140#, because if I don't be;iev in this I won't make the nessesary choices to support this goal. These choices don't stop when I make goal I have to be dedicated to them for the rest of my life. I need to eat good no matter if I weigh 240 or 140 because If I eat cake for a week I will gain weight. At 140 I might fool myself into thinking that 10# is nothing but If I don't pay attention another 10 might come on etc. At240 10# makes it 250 , It's still 10# of unwanted fat.

So reaching goal for me is just another day in my life long battle, I can't become complacent and I can't let it control my life either. I have to believe in myself that I can do what it takes to get there and then commit to doing what it atkes to stay there.

This is very scary stuff, But I really want to do this!!! I can almost see myself doing things as a size 10-12. But I will focus on teh little goals until then and see what happens next
Thanks for such a thought provoking thread

10-26-2001, 09:39 AM
I totally agree with what everyone has said.

But one other thing I would like to point out is... "One Day at a Time".

We need to concentrate on getting through today... the next hour... the next minute. It is wonderful to have long term goals, I have those also. But if we worry too much what the future will hold, it will begin to take over the present.

Life is way to short. Lets work on it together, one day at a time. And when one/some/all of us are at goal, we can continue to fight it one day at a time. What gbo said was perfect.

The thing is, for us, it will never be easy. And to have the expectation that it will... well, that's almost a setup for dissapointment.

Anyhow, what a great thread! Baby steps everyone!! :)

:D Hang in there Jacobs!! :D


10-26-2001, 02:26 PM
I worry about gaining weight back too since so much of mine has come off from this stomach disease I have. I worry that if something happens and I am cured I will gain all the weight back but then I realize that the chances of me being able to eat a normal diet again with this disorder is pretty slim. Its hard too becuase I did lose about 30 pounds in 2000 but gained it back in the fall of that year due to some of the meds I was on- a lot of it was water weight from anti-inflamatories and only having one fuctional kidney that had not been caught by my docs.

I do believe that if we worry about it too much we can set ourselves up for failure. We all need to take it one day at a time and think positive thoughts :)


10-26-2001, 02:26 PM
Michelle - I think "one day at a time" is a good way to look at it. I am always in such a hurry when it comes to losing weight. I think, I've done good for 10 days, I should be skinny by now!! Like once I'm skinny then I can go back to "normal" life. I think I finally realize that this (being OP) IS normal and the way I eat when I am not OP can't be.

1fralick - I hear you about being serious. I play with this weight thing for a while, then get bored and go back to ignoring it. And that's exactly when I gain it all back. You guys have brought this into soooo much perspective for me. You are all awesome.

Mello1 - You bother because you care. I have been where you are, it sounds like alot of us have. Join us and together we will succeed!! Read our dreams thread and add your own. That's why you bother!

10-27-2001, 02:07 AM
Great thread JacobsMommy, and everyone that responded.
I agree living for today is good, and also with the knowledge of where I want to go.
I kind of relate this to a driving lesson I had once.... When the teacher was with me driving, he would say be sure you keep your eyes as far in the distance as you can, because you will then see everything from here to there. Other wise if we keep our eyes just over the hood, we will continute to adjust to the curves and turns.. every time you come to one.
So I relate this to other things, knowing where I want to go, helps me better to get there. and like JacobsMommy had said, I want to think now in terms of maintenance ... not to be afraid of it, but to begin to develope habits now that will last for life. I remember before what was important is getting there, I didnt think anything about what I would do when there. Now I plan to spend time learning maintanence too :)
And in thinking that way, it helps me make healthy choices today, because if its dont something I can do for life ... why start?
I like the ideas yall had, like how to work maintanence for a year.. and all.
I have actually be thinking of something like this, other than getting to goal, I also had about 6 times I lost 40-50 pounds to turn around and gain it back.
Here I think is the problem, for some reason, I hit a 3-5 month bump. I go to another forum board and 3-4 of my friends have stopped going... and they all started about 4-5 months ago... So I am wondering what to do when I hit this bump again, I can almost see it coming, I am almost 3 months into this...
DO you see that? Do you have any Ideas.... HELP!! :) I think its harder because when we have so far to go, we are bound to hit these times... and need to somehow learn how to ride them out and continue...
Well I enjoyed reading yalls Ideas!!
Love Ya Kathlean

10-27-2001, 09:41 AM
There is a saying that goes something like, Nothing tastes as good as thin feels. I had heard that expression before but never really clued into it. Lately I've been eating a lot less and found that food doesn't always have the same hold over me that it used to. I still have my lapses, when I just have to have a chocolate bar but more often than not I'm just not interested. I think we will conquer our weight issues when we take back control of our eating. I think I understand that saying a little better now. I can eat and eat but food is never going to give me the satisfaction and confidence of being a healthy person.

Why some people lose the weight and gain it back I'm not sure. Maybe they thought all their problems would be solved by losing weight but unfortunately thin people have the same problems as us that are not so thin. I think that people who don't have weight problems see food differently than we do. They see it as a source of energy, if they aren't hungry they just say no thanks and don't give it another thought. We take the food whether we are hungry or not, that is what we must get control over. I'm not hungry therefore I don't need that cookie, it isn't really going to make me feel better even though I think that it will. Mostly I'll just feel worse after I eat it because I'll feel guilty because I am trying to lose weight and that cookie didn't help that out.

Have you ever noticed when you have a great OP day how good you feel about yourself and when you crash and eat that chocolate bar how horrible you feel? I wish we could remember that great feeling when faced with that chocolate bar and just say NO!

10-27-2001, 11:30 AM
You know my friends, I have day's when I get really frustrated just as everyone else does especially when the weight sticks to me no matter how good I am. In the past 10 weeks I have been OP each and every day. Inspite of that I have lost SOOOOOOOooo slowly. That is not how it normally works for me and I find it very hard mentally and emotionally and yet I keep going. Yesterday was a good day for me I went shopping with my best friend bought things we needed and myself the flavored waters!!! I had such a good time. I could have easlily dropped a fortune if I had had it to spend. I even bought Mom and Hubby a box of chocolate covered cherries! I had hot chicken wings. Wonderful!!!! I used to lose 11 lbs a week and now I am flying if I lose more than a lb. a week. It makes it difficult especially when medically I need to loss a lot fast! I hang in there because I am not willing to take less from myself. It took me many years to get to this point but I know if I keep it up I will succeed and it will go faster for at least a while. Patience is difficult but I keep my goals to my heart......for the first time ever. One day aat a time is the key. Hang tough, babe I know it is worth it.
Love Pam

10-28-2001, 09:25 AM
I had lost some major weight with the Atkins program. I kept my weight off for almost 5 years, but with medical problems, being pretty much bedridden, and not being able to pick and choose what I ate (others were cooking for me...I ate whatever I was given, or just snacked because I was unable to stand to make myself something to eat).

I have recently lost 50 pounds. I have between 29 and 35 more to go. It's harder for me to lose weight now because I have to often take medication that keeps me from losing or causes me to gain weight...but I am on this program for the long run. I WILL succeed at being a loser. I have not had a "cheat" for over a month.

One thing that I have learned from this program is that I will have to keep on a maintenance program. If it means that I cannot have my "favorite" foods but once a month, so be it. The food that we ate when we were not on a weight loss program is the food that caused us to gain...the real VILLAN. Why is it that we lose and then go back to eating the "gaining" foods again once we have reached our goals? Think about it...the only deprivation to be found here by NOT keeping on a maintenance program is the ability to keep at or around our goal.

We all have to change our way of thinking about how and what we eat. Eating is something we HAVE to do to sustain our bodies. It's not a reward...it's a necessity; however, it is NOT necessary for us to return to eating poorly once we reach goal. I can't stress this enough...the foods we had to discontinue once we started the weight loss program are the same foods that will make you GAIN.

Unless we are determined to set yourself up for failure, we need to rethink our positions about food.

(My, what a mouth thing I am!!!)


10-29-2001, 12:58 AM
:dizzy: HI,
It's frustrating to loose so slow,or to maintain. I've been at this (this time) for almost 11 months and only lost 48 lbs. I have alot to go. I set a goal of 2 yrs. to loose 144 lbs. So that gives me 13 months to loose 100 more....(with WW) I'm also trying the T-LITE PILLS to cut the fat my bod absorbs. Has anyone tried that or Chitozol ?

started 12-00-344
10-01- 298

10-29-2001, 01:57 AM
Hi Everyone!!! I am reading some good ideas. Paula I totally agree with you about the maintanence thing. I am sort of obsessed about it myself, and KNOW also that this is for life!! and am really trying to keep aligning my thinking to that, I also think that is why some times I have a harder time continuing I get into how long will it take to lose instead I should be thinking how I am developing life long habits, and Look forward to the time of Maintenance where I will spend most the rest of my life, I also hope to belong to a group like that then, because I will need it then more than ever. I have lost it all, and somehow think, because my body is back to normal, I will never have wrong habits or complusions surface again... I think its good to get a grip now one where I want to go. And know at goal, I will need to practice these same activities to maintain!!! Thanks yall for the great thoughts.
Love Ya Kathlean

10-30-2001, 06:27 PM
Gaining Foods - Now that's interesting. I think what Paula said is so true. I keep talking about my old habits and worrying about going back to them, but it's the same foods that I go back to when I gain. I know they say that you aren't supposed to have forbidden foods list, but maybe we should. Or at least devise a "Rare" list, or a "once a month" list.

This has been an awesome thread. Thanks you guys.

10-31-2001, 02:06 AM
Jacobsmommy I do agree with that, moderation It seems alot of fad diets get us to believe we can do it without developing good habits of moderation. ONe time I heard a lady talk about following 5 people that were at their goal weight, they didnt lose to get there, but all of them talked about it not being easy like some of there overweight friends thought, and they all talked about having not forbiden foods, but having foods that they just wouldnt have most the time. Thats how I am thinking, that nothing is forbidden, but am finally willing to learn how to control my own eating for life. I think thats why I want to do my own plan, in some ways its harder but know I will keep it for life.
This thread really helps me to see how It should be... I think the more we think along these lines the more we can do it, why is it so easy to forget the healthy thoughts LOL :dizzy: :lol:
Maybe my tummy thinks for me sometimes!
Love Kathlean