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02-05-2007, 10:32 AM
Good Morning

Thoughts and prayers for your sister Lily :hug:

02-05-2007, 10:46 AM
Thanks Robin.

02-05-2007, 11:31 AM
Absolutely Lily. I'll be sending my positive thoughts her way.

02-05-2007, 12:10 PM
So, why is it when something goes call the company to see about having it fixed....and it works just fine when you go to test it again? :dizzy:

My heat press went on the fritz on it seems to be behaving just fine!! Of course the company Im dealing with is right on the ball....I just dont want it to konk out in the middle of a big t-shirt order. :dunno:

Eating is good, exercise is planned for today.....have a good day ladies.

02-05-2007, 12:28 PM

I hope it's okay for me to post here. I've been on Atkins for a little over a week now and am going strong. I'd forgotten how fast the weight can fly off when you're in ketosis. I'd also forgotten how wonderful it is to not be hungry.

Lily~~Prayers for your sister. I read about what happened. How awful.


02-05-2007, 12:47 PM
Thanks ladies for the warm thoughts and prayers for my sister.

Welcome Gaylyn, nice to have you hear.

02-05-2007, 12:53 PM
Way to go Gaylynn! I did great for the first ten days and then socialized. I need to learn how to say no to party food!

Robin- that happened with my laptop. It wouldn't turn on and we took it to the store and they couldn't get it to turn on, so they sent it to Ontario to have it repaired and when the guy in ONtario pushed the "on" button...poof it turned on. How freakin annoying is that. I was without it for 3 weeks just so a guy in another province with the magic touch could push the "on" button....arg!

I wanted to change my weigh in day so after stepping on the scale today and knowing I'm going to have to start induction again, it's quite convenient. I will weigh on Wednesday and keep this as my official weigh day.
I'm going to work-out in my new excercise room....40 minutes. I also have to retrain my friends and clients. My downfall on Saturday was a mocha that a friend brought me, and then when I was presented with pizza later that day I couldn't say no. (after the fancy coffee I was craving carbs). I need to knwo what to do when I'm brought my favorite coffee drink?

see y'all later

beach bum
02-05-2007, 01:37 PM
LILYOh Dear!!! Why do bad things happen to good people. Sending prayers for your sister for a speedy recovery.

Hi Ladies:)

Sorry I was MIA this morning ,had to attend a funeral this morning. It was so C-O-L-D its was 11 degrees when I left a 8 :30 AM.
While Our team lost last night at the Super Bowl,I gained a few pounds. Had 2 slices of mincemeat pie and 2 pina coladas. Hope I go down again,before I W-I.

Robin-Thanks for getting us started this week. Some times I think the machines have a mind of there own. I had a simular situation also.My DVD was going crazy had the man come in and he said there was nothing wrong with it.

Gaylyn-:welcome: to the board,been here since Sept. Lost 10 lbs but it returned while on a cruise. Know I'm trying to work off the excess.

Tracy-Happy you set a new W-I Day. Hope it works for you.I over indulged over the weekend also,especially on Sunday during the Super Bowl.Have to be extra good this week in order to move my ticker down,with out maintaining again.

Have a good one

Hugs :) BB

Phoenix Song
02-05-2007, 04:57 PM
Lily, I'm so very sorry for your sister! That must've been pain beyond belief for her especially when coupled with a very understandable fear! I'll be praying for her and will be sharing the story with others that will send their prayers.

Believe me, Robin, I totally get your frustration at something going wonky but only when the people that need to fix it aren't looking at it. GRRR!!! It makes you feel as if they must think that you're making everything up!

My husband drives haz-mat cross country, and for several weeks this summer he had an experience like that that almost drove him crazy! The A/C in his truck was out, and because he has to wear a specialty haz-mat uniform that's fireproof he was burning up! (He drives from Houston, TX to Gainesville, FL so the temps are pretty hot in the summer.) The A/C would go out about 15 miles from the dealership, and would stay out until the return trip when it came time for the repairmen would go to check it out. They went to the repairmen at least a half dozen times, and suffered in the heat for about 3 weeks, before it was broken in front of the people that could fix it. GRRRR indeed!

BB, I'm sorry about your team losing last night. HUGS! I know how we felt when the Saints were so clobbered a few weeks ago, so I totally get it. I'm also sorry about the funeral that you had to attend and the cold weather. I hope that things begin to look up this week for you.

Tracy, I'm not sure what's the right way to turn down things that your friends/clients/co-workers offer to you even though you know that you can't have them. Their gesture is undoubtedly motivated by thoughtfulness and kindness, but you don't want to be side-tracked from your goals. :(

Perhaps you can make a joking comment (if you're a person that jokes around a bit) that although they're offering you one of the things that you love the best, that you've realized that they DON'T love you and that you can't have it anymore. You could always joke that you've developed an allergy to sugar or something similar? I understand your conundrum, I really do.

Hello Gaylyn! Welcome on board! Congratulations on feeling great as you fly through the wonders of ketosis! It really does help to control the cravings, doesn't it?

I have finally, I believe, broken through my 2-week stall! I'm down 2 lbs today. YEAH!!! I hope that I'm able to keep this up! **crosses fingers**

I've been sick this weekend, but I'm hoping that I can begin to get at least 2 miles on the treadmill each day. I know that would help me a lot.

Talk to you all soon! Have a great day!

:wizard: Barb

02-05-2007, 05:16 PM
Thanks ladies , my sister has made it through surgery OK and is in recovery room now. I hope she will be able to regain use of this hand again.

My DH made comments last night that sounded a little like jealousy to me. Me and DD went to the mall yesterday. Before going, I showered, fixed my hair and put on make-up as well as nice jeans and a slim fitting black shirt and black loafer-type shoes and painted my fingernails. Anyway, last night he said "so, how many men hit on you at the mall?" I said "none, why?" Then he proceeded to say that since I "got so dressed up, he figured men were hitting on me". I reminded him that since his DD met us at the mall and her 2 yr. old was walking right next to me calling me "grandma" every step of the way that there isn't any chance that I got hit on. He just laughed and said "oh yeah, I forgot they were going to". He usually seems so confident and never jealous. He has a great body and I have been jealous many times when other women flirt with him with me standing right there next to him. I guess it's HIS turn to be jealous now.

02-05-2007, 10:46 PM
Lily, good for you!

Phoenix Song
02-05-2007, 11:10 PM
LOL! Good for you Lily! I know that you wouldn't give your husband any REAL reason to be jealous, but it's nice to know that he can feel so passionately possessive of you, isn't it? After all, it's not very thrilling to have your man confident that he doesn't have to work to keep you because you're his only option, right? I think that a little dash of jealousy can be a nice spark to a healthy relationship!

Talk to you all later!

:wizard: Barb

02-05-2007, 11:30 PM
Good for you Lily! Does your DH know about your rating on the hot/not I agree that a little jeaousy and I mean a tiny little bit is not so bad...flattering actually. You must have looked pretty darn good!

Thanks for the advice Barb. It's a tough situation, and the even tougher part is that I don't know how to not drink the damn things....It will be an ongoing battle and I've been looking at cappucino machines so I can make them myself the low carb way. Maybe they won't be so attractive to me then.


02-06-2007, 09:46 AM
Good morning!!!

So, it's minus 18c this morning. Yesterday we got 3 inches of snow and then it rained on top of the snow. It is supposed to get down to minus 28c this weekend.....have I mentioned I'm sick of winter.
I'm going for a massage after work, so that will make up for it a bit anyway.
I have enough left overs to cover my meals for the day, so it'll be an OP day. and now I'm off to do my 40 minute work out.

have a great day ladies!

02-06-2007, 10:08 AM
Tracy, he knows about the Hot or Not rating. LOL, I don't even know how to get to that site. Him and my son both checked my rating. LOL. He loves it when I dress up and look nice when we go out together. I think he's jealous if I dress nice and go somewhere without him. It has been a hard and fast rule in our marriage the whole time that we don't EVER go to bars/clubs without each other. He has always been the great looking one and I was always the token "fat" wife. Not anymore. I sure wish I could have a complete make-over of make-up , hair and veneers for my teeth. That would be so awesome.

I just realized that yesterday was 7 months of maintenance for me. Yippee.

Last night I walked 2.5 miles on treadmill. I didn't want to do it. I wanted to lay on the couch and read. But, I got off my lazy butt, turned my music videos up loud and hit the treadmill. I was swinging my arms and my butt the whole time. Glad there is a lock on the door, I'm sure I looked pretty silly. LOL.

02-06-2007, 10:57 AM
I'm running behind. ARGH! Yesterday the girls didn't have school because it's freezing out. Now the same school system decided to have school today--even though it's not any warmer. So I called and said nope, they're not going. So they're home with me. I didn't do well this weekend (food wise). So it's a restart today. Got my weights back on my barbell so I can lift a little while getting laundry done. lol. Baby steps again. :)

Phoenix Song
02-06-2007, 01:36 PM
Good luck Brenda! I'm sure that you'll do wonderfully! Don't worry if you're having to take little steps to get back into the swing of things... you'll still get there!

Lily, congratulations on making it 7 months in maintenance! You're a real inspiration to me. I'm proud of you for getting up off of the couch and having a full workout even though you didn't want to do it. I need to bottle up some of that "will power" to use it myself! I always feel much better after exercising for several days in a row, but it's so difficult to find the "Can-Do" to convince myself to "Get 'Er Done!" ;)

Tracy, there are lots of recipes out there for LC's. I'm sure that you might be able to find one that will help you to substitute your favorite drinks and meals. I bought a few from Amazon by Dana Carpender. Some of the recipes aren't anything I'd be interested in, but many of them are right up my alley. I'm experimenting.

You didn't say which type of "fancy coffee" you had a weakness for. I have recipes for Creamy Vanilla Coffee, Irish Coffee, Mocha Custard, and Mockahlua. If you're interested in any of those I'd be happy to share them with you.

I'm so sorry about all of the freezing weather! BRRR!!! That's just too cold for me! I hope that you can all stay warm and OP today!

BTW, today made 1 month since I had a sweet-binge! The most that I'd ever gone before is 6 days. The Atkins program really does help to control your cravings, doesn't it?

:wizard: Barb

02-06-2007, 01:55 PM
Well, I had just a crappy day yesterday eating wise, and today isnt looking much better :(

Barb, I'd love to have those recipes (all of them) :lol:

Well, Im off to clean the house....its starting to look like a bunch of frat boys live here :eek:

I'll be glad when today is over! Have a good one.

beach bum
02-06-2007, 01:57 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Well today was TAX DAY, at HR Block.Than to walmart to do some shopping for paper products[cheap].

Have a busy afternoon so I going to make this fast. Lost 2 lbs from my Super Bowl Dessert. Now that I'm back OP,I going to continue forward. We decided not to go crazy over chocolates for Valentines Day. Bought two small hearts[4 candies each]. of some Sugar Free chocolates,mine are made of Dark Chocolate and his are made of milk ones instead.

Have great one

Hugs :) BB

02-06-2007, 02:28 PM
Thanks for such a warm welcome everyone!

I'm still going strong, for now. My dh comes home on Thursday and we're getting company on Sunday for a week. It's hard enough to stay on track while just cooking for the kids but I'm going to be faced with cooking huge meals for over a week. Give me strength.:^:

Lily~~Congrats on 7 months of maintenance!!!

Beachbum~~Good decision on the chocolate.

Robin~~Hopefully today doesn't turn out as bad as you think. :hug:

Barb~~Congrats on going one month without sweets. I've been known to binge on them too. :devil: So far for me it's been 10 days.

Tracy~~Hello from a fellow Albertan! We're not that cold here yet but it's coming.

02-06-2007, 05:13 PM
Hi Gaylynn...where in the heck are you that it hasn't hit For us it has just pretty much sucked all winter with a few warm spots here and there. I get more and more tired of it by the day and today am actually feeling pretty down in the dumps.

BB- good call on the chocolates! thankfully we've never done much in the way of chocolate for v-day, so it's not so bad for us.

Lily- seven months maintainance is fantastic!!!!!!

Barb- a month binge free is something I aspire to! way to go!! I think I mentioned before that mochas are my weakness, aka cafe mocha, moccacino, chocolate cafe latte.....all of the coffees you listed sound lovely. I would love those recipes! I found a box mix for pizza crust (just add water and oil) and it makes a 12" crust. 30 carbs for the whole mix, so I'm slowly finding replacements.

Robin- sounds like your feeling like me today. I have been fine with the food, but I'm foul and just want to go home to bed! At least I'm soooo cranky that the thought of food just pi****s me off. Tomorrow will be better!

ciao ladies

02-06-2007, 06:05 PM
Tracy~~I'm in Lethbridge. Yesterday it was plus 13 here. Still no snow yet today but it's in the forcast for the next couple of days.

02-06-2007, 06:26 PM
gaylynn----that's sooooooo not fair!!!!!! I think I'll have to open a location of my salon down there....this is the worst winter I can remember in a long time. I'm so jealous of your weather!!! oh well....guess there ain't much I can do about it other than move. lol

02-06-2007, 08:36 PM
Tracy~~I lived in Edmonton the winter of '96. It snowed Oct 15 and that snow was still there in May. The snow down our sidewalk from our house was waist deep. It was awful. Down here we get chinooks all the time so the snow comes and goes. That winter was the main reason dh and I moved back to Lethbridge. I'll take the wind anyday. lol

02-07-2007, 12:24 AM
BB, you are on the ball. I haven't braved the tax lady's office yet.

Barb, a month without sweets is awesome. WTG. I used sugar free candy by russell stover and Braum's LC ice cream to get me through my sweets cravings. When I was really bad, I made semi-LC chocolate no-bake cookies. (the cookies weren't a good idea, I'd end up eating a ton of them, so might as well have bought me a candy bar).

Tracy ,, sorry to hear the weather is getting you down. We have warm weather (60's) right now with an ice storm forecasted for this weekend.

Some of you ladies will remember me telling about my DH's 82 yr. old Aunt that had a heart attack back in November. Sweetest little country woman I ever met in my life. Well, she passed away peacefully in her sleep at home last night. Just like she would have wanted. I am at peace knowing she had a great life. She had really suffered this past yr. with the death of her DH and falling and breaking her hip, and then the heart attack. If there was ever a person ready to "meet their maker" she is it.

02-07-2007, 12:52 AM
Thanks Lily....60's would be awesome right now. Sorry about DH's aunt. I'm glad to know you're at peace with her passing.

Gaylynn- that is the year I moved back to Edmonton from Vancouver...February 96. I came from 8 weeks straigt of rain and cloud to a NASTY cold smowy winter! This year has been pretty bad too and with the weather that's hit Vancouver I'm glad I'm not there!
good night massage made me feel awesome and I'm ready for a lovely night's sleep.


02-07-2007, 09:09 AM
Lily, I wish the best for your sister in her recovery.
Just wanted to pop in to say that I'm still here. Work and school have been KILLING me! I did take my first trip on an airplane to New Jersey and I made it OK. I was nervous for the firt half hour or so. On the way back to Richmond, I was more used to it and could enjoy the view. And the best part: I fit in the seat! It was kinda tight, but the seatbelt fit.(extended all the way out) Next trip on 2\23 to NY City! I havent been around here for a few weeks but have stayed on plan for the most part and am still losing about a pound a week. Everyone have a good week.

02-07-2007, 09:32 AM
Good morning everone!
I had a much easier time getting up this morning and kinda felt like getting up, unlike yesterday!
I did my weigh in this morning and I'm up .5 for the week/....which is way better than what the scale said Monday. What a huge waste of time going off plan is! Oh well, it was a good reminder as to why it's so important to just stick to and not succumb to dumn cravings!
I am enjoying my treadmill, and 40 minutes seems like no big deal to work out for.
anyway, I hope everyone has an excellent OP day! It's gonna snow here all week and today it's not gonna warm's actually going to get colder between now and this afternoon. Give me strength!


02-07-2007, 10:49 AM
Good morning ladies,

Justwill, good to see you posting again. WTG on continuing to lose weight while you've been gone.

Tracy, WTG on the treadmill. Have you joined us on the Feb. exercise thread?I'm kicking some booty on there. LOL, I have now faithfully walked each night for 5 days straight. I am having a lot of pain over my liver area, and figure I've maybe overdone it with the exercise. I did another 2.5 miles again last night. I am planning on using my elliptical tonite if my pain is gone. Well, I'm gonna go find me some ibuprofen to take and see if that helps.

Have a great day ladies.

02-07-2007, 10:51 AM
Just doing a fast fly-by. Things got hectic this week. So thought I'd pop in and say I did well yesterday...but not majorly low carb. Just better choices. Today I'll cut down on those other things (Fruit and cappuccino ). I stepped on the scale and wasn't happy. It's GOT to be water weight! Bought some flax seed so I can make the 1 minute muffins for snack/lunch again!! Ok...onward to the day I go. I've got to remember WATER!!!

02-07-2007, 01:04 PM
Lily~~Sorry to hear about your dh's Aunt. I know what mean though about being at peace with it.

It's snowing here like crazy. And good news from the scale this morning. Down 1.8 lbs. I just love Atkins. The weight is coming off so much faster than it did with calorie counting.


02-07-2007, 02:11 PM
Gaylyn, WTG on the 1.8 lbs. That is great. I really think weight comes off faster with Atkins , too. Plus, thanks for the sentiments on the passing of DH's Aunt.

Hi Brenda, good to see you, too.

beach bum
02-07-2007, 03:30 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Woke up around 8:30 this morning and everything was pushed back from food shopping to housework Ughhhhh!! Leo was surprised I just logged in,as I'm always on the computer for thing in the morn.

Going to W-I on Friday again, can't believe the scale keeps on stalling me, now for the fourth week. I think [[[Tracy]]] I'm going to change my W-I to Fridays,even though I told you Fridays never kept me accountable over the weekends. Wednesdays aren't helping either.

Lily-Thats Hubby's Idea to get the taxes done early. I would wait until the last minute.Sorry :sorry: to hear about your DH Aunt.Yes I remember you telling us about her. Prayers are going out to you and for her,that she rest in peace.

Getncontrol-Heres some good vibes :goodvibes & luck :goodluck: on your cooking venture this weekend. DH and I are not going to get trapped in the chocolate holiday this year like we did in years gone by,as we both chocoholics.

Justwill-Happy:) to hear your flight was fine,I hate:hate: the small body plains that they using the are very uncomfortable.Big Congrats:cheers: on losing a pound a week you're doing great keep up the good work.

Tracy-Don't worry about.5 thats water gain for sure. I'm going to W-I on Friday as I did indulged over Super Bowl Sunday.You'll lose it next week.

Lady_Adnerb-I tend to go high on my carbs also,but I learned now to limited the other two meals if I have a med- high carb meals.I'm going to keep my carbs from as low as 18 to as high as 28, using a 10 gram span. If I go up higher around 30 grams I tend to gain,can't do that anymore.Sending you some[[[[Good Vibes]]]] That it works out for you also.

Gaylyn-Big congrats:congrat: for losing your 1.8 lbs. I love Atkins also even if its hard to find low carb foods in my supermarket these days. Manager told me that the low carb products aren't selling so the store discontinued them. KEEP WARM !!

Have a good one

Hugs :) BB

02-07-2007, 03:49 PM
Hi BB, thanks about my DH's Aunt.

Sorry that darn scale isn't moving for you. It will, just hang in there.

LOL, I usually take our taxes to be done about the 12th of April. I'll try to hit about the first of April this yr. I did pay my bills yesterday. I need to go shopping to find DH a suit jacket for the funeral on Friday. His nice one is too small in the shoulders right now.

I told DH not to get me chocolates. I can't resist them. Hopefully he'll get me something sexy from Victoria's Secret. That would benefit him too, LOL.

Update, none of my puppies have been picked up yet. Some should be gone by this weekend. I weighed them yesterday and they are already 12 lbs. now at 7 weeks old, with huge clumsy feet.

02-07-2007, 11:29 PM
Gaylyn: Congrats on the weight loss! Keep up the great work!

Lily: Sorry to hear about your Aunt! Hope you get the Victoria's Secret gift instead of candy :)

BB: Have you taken measurements? Don't always go by what the scale says. If you're feeling healthy and your clothes are looser, then go by those :)

I did well today. Got this stupid headache again though. Not sure where or why it's appearing. Maybe lack of water? Not sure that'd do it. Anyway, today was a successful LC day (even minus the water). :cb:

02-08-2007, 10:09 AM
Good morning!
Had a great day yesterday....even didn't eat the pizza last night, so that .5 is gone plus an extra pound, so I'm back on track and staying there. I went to see my favorite band last night in concert (The Barenaked Ladies) and I think the chair dancing added to my work out yesterday for sure!

Gaylyn- way to go with the 1.8! I'd like to say Im sorry to hear about the weather, but I have to admit it's nice to have someone else here living my winter nightmare!

Lily- Are you counting down the days for the puppies to be picked up? Are they all spoken for? I'm sure it'll be nice to have less puppies to watch over. I have not joined the february excercise thread, cause I wasn't sure what I could commit to. I'll get on there next month for sure!

BB- so sorry about the frustration you're experiencing. I know that feeling, and makes you want to throw the scale aout the window! I hope Fridays work better for you.

Brenda- way to go getting back on track. I didn't have enough water yesterday either.....didn't want to have to pee too much during the concert. Will have to make up for it today.

later all

02-08-2007, 11:01 AM
Good morning ladies,

Yes, I'll be glad for some of the puppies to be picked up. I know 2 will be leaving tomorrow. I have had a couple people that wanted one to back out. I am now putting those 2 and the beagle in the local paper to find a good home for them. I've also had people try to get me to go down on the price. I really hate to do that as I've spent a fortune on puppy food. (lowering the price will be a last resort). The one I will have trouble finding a home for is the runt. My son wants to keep him, but my heart is set on keeping Lucy. I do have one friend that badly wants a pup and can't afford it, I told DH we could offer to just give him the runt for free. At least all the pups are now staying outside and not near as much cleaning up is required. They are so cute. My little 2 1/2 yr. old grandson spent the night last night and he loves to go outside and play with the puppies.

Well, my eating has been really good and I'm staying on track. I have exercised now for 7 nights straight. Which is really good for me to do. Tomorrow will be hard both food and exercise-wise and emotionally. We'll be gone all day for the funeral and visiting with family. I know the food won't be "weight-friendly". These church women will have tons of desserts baked up. I'm going to try to make the best possible choices and avoid the dessert table.

Brenda, WTG on getting back on track.

Tracy, join us on the exercise thread. No set amt. of exercise is expected or required. We just all do whatever we can and post it. It helps keep me on track better.

02-08-2007, 11:32 AM
All right, Im back after a 3 day binge :( I really need to smarten up!

02-08-2007, 12:09 PM
Robin~~Glad you're back on track. It's always hard to get back on the wagon.

Lily~~Good for you for being so focused. We have a funeral to go to this weekend also. A friend of my dh's passed away suddenly.

Tracy~~The Barenaked Ladies are playing here too. I think it's Friday or Saturday night. Still snowing here.:(

Lady~~Yay for the OP day! I never seem to get in my water but I do drink lots of tea.

BB~~Hopefully the scale cooperates with you tomorrow.

I was down another .8 this morning. I'm one of those people who weighs everyday. I need stay accountable.


02-08-2007, 01:02 PM
Gaylyn, sorry to hear you have a funeral to go to, too.

I have been weighing every day too. With switching up how I eat, I want to make sure I don't gain. I have been exercising like crazy. No wt. loss, no wt. gain, so that is good for me.

02-08-2007, 01:37 PM
Gaylyn- they are amazing. totally worth the time and money to go see. I love the fact that they can play a place like Rexall and fill it, but still make the time to go to smaller cities like Lethbridge and Prince George and the like. They were making fun of the Rexall Zamboni that has an ad reading "Eat pork". If you can it!
It's so damn cold here....I am sooooooo ready for spring. I don't care if it's messy and ugly....I want WARMTH!!!!

Lily- can you get your friend to pay in some installments to even cover some of the food cost for the runt? I hate that people try to barter...your prices are your prices and you work hard with those pups!! With both of our dogs I didn't even consider asking for a deal. With the second she gave us a break on the price cause whe was our second puppy from the same parents and she knew we give the first one a good home.
Good for you for being so diligent with the food and excercise. You remain my inspiration! What carb level are you eating at?

Robin, so nice to see you back. You must have read my mind because I was going to message you and ask where the heck you've been. Don't worry about the binge....Have you ever heard of Cranial Sacral therapy? I've had 2 sessions and holy crap! It's the kind of thing that if your ready to make a change in your life helps you get rid of baggage...the emotional stuff we hold on to physically. I just decided that this time on the weight loss journey I wasn't going to let old emotional garbage sabotage me and someone recomended this form of body work.

Well it's a busy day for me today...lots of people to make more beautiful. So have a great day!!!

02-08-2007, 02:26 PM
Tracy, I don't mind giving the runt away. He is much smaller than the others and a little funky looking. LOL, so ugly he's cute. He has a wide butt and tummy and a tiny little head and face. My labs usually end up being about 110 lbs. this one will probably be 30 lbs. full grown. Just having a good home for him to go to will be worth the price of whatever food I gave him, he doesn't eat much. The only reason he ever survived is because I had Molly to feed him separately and now I feed him his food separately. The others are now 12 lbs. He is 2 lbs.

I also hate it when people try to barter down the prices. I've had yard sales before and had people try to get me to come down on price from a dime to a nickle. LOL.

I have worked darn hard with these pups and $300.00 isn't much for full-blood, registered , healthy chocolate lab puppies. I paid that much for the mom. Plus, I'm now spending at least $ 85.00 weekly to feed them. I had their shots done and had them wormed. Not cheap by any means. I really do it more for my love of the dogs , not the money. Because, money-wise it doesn't come out to much after the vet costs and such. I do claim it as a business expense on my taxes and keep all receipts.

Tracy, I'm counting calories now (for the past 2 weeks) after severe stomach problems. But, I lost all my weight doing Atkins. I'm just trying to maintain my weight. I eat 1600-1700 calories a day and do 45-60 min's of exercise. I now eat a lot of fruit,veggies and whole grains with very little meat except some turkey and chicken and fish. This is working for my maintenance, but Atkins worked great for weight loss.

Have to add, my 2 yr. old grandson woke up early and got into the peanut butter. I found it with the lid off and baby fingerprints all in the jar. LOL, so no PB for me til I go buy some more. It just doesn't appeal to me much with those fingerprints. LOL.

beach bum
02-08-2007, 02:35 PM
Hi ladies:)

Just here to check in, Sorry I'm late again,this is the second time I didn't get on to the computer to post.

The temps here are trying to rise,hopefully they can as I'm getting sick of wearing hats & scarfs.

Hope everyone is ok,and I promise I be on the board early tomorrow.

Hugs :) BB

02-08-2007, 04:14 PM
Thanks Tracy :hug: Im going to google that therapy you mentioned. I had never heard of it before. Sounds like just what I need. All that emotional crap gets bogged down in my little brain....then it seems to explode :lol:

02-09-2007, 11:54 AM
Where is everyone this morning?

Dh and I are doggie sitting today, his son and dil have moved back to town. This son has been living out of the country for the last 3 its going to be nice for him to have both his sons living so close. They have actually moved within walking distance from our place. They have a treadmill they are looking to get rid of.....if I can talk dh into it, and that we have the space (we dont) then I should have it next week! Im pretty excited about this!! For something like this, I think we can find the space!

Eating isnt going so good, but I'll worry about that tomorrow. We are having the gang over for supper, all the kids and grandkids. Like I said, I'll worry about it tomorrow.

1st dil is in the hospital again. She has serious problems with clots, and was admitted 2 days ago with chest pains. They arent sure when they will be letting her go. We havent been to visit yet (didnt find out until last night) but usually when this happens its because she has either formed another clot, or one has moved. She has one in her leg about the size of an apple. She has been pretty much told to live with it, because they cant take it out. She has some sort of filter in her stomach to keep that clot from moving into her lungs.

Thats about it for my little corner of the world...have a good one ladies.

beach bum
02-09-2007, 12:14 PM
Good Morning Ladies:)

Temps are trying to warm up,but we still have along way to go,before Leo & I can't start walking out side again.

W-I this morning and I'm up 1.I guess the the two that I lost from the super bowl found me. Heres to next week,NOT going to eat the s/f candy[4 pc] we bought for valentines. I need to lose that 4 lbs I have on my Feb. Challenge.

Lily-The scale with up 1. Hopefully now that the stall is gone I will move downward.Thats cute baby finger prints in your PB.Last month I had to share my PB with :mouse: mice,as Hubby put it in the traps.Now the PB belongs to me again.

Lady_adnerb-I should take my measurement I haven't done that in a while. My close still fit loosely so may I shouldn't rely on the STUPID SCALE.But I'm a number person and need to see that scale move in the right direction.Sorry:sorry: about you headaches. I 'm having one this morn and I can't get rid of it. I think mine are sinus related.

Tracy-Thanks:thanks: for your encouragement but as I posted about. Friday wasn't a good W-I for me. Lost the stall,but gained 1 lb.Big congrats:cheers: for losing your 1.5 lb. Dancing even on a chair,is moving so I would call it exercise.

Robin-EXTRA [[[[[:hug: HUGS :hug:]]]]] for going though a 3 day binge and extra good:goodvibes: vibes for a better week.

Gaylyn-Thanks:thanks: for your support,the scale didn't cooperate,but it did loss the stall.Congrats:cheer: on the.8 every little bit counts.I'd take it.

Have a great one

Hugs :) BB

02-09-2007, 04:17 PM
Fridays are crazy for me so I just thought I'd pop in and "hi" to everyone. Most likely I won't be on the computer this weekend. Like I mentioned we're going to a funeral tomorrow and my company is coming on Sunday. I am staying strong though and right now I feel like I can make it though the visit. Without cheating.;)


02-10-2007, 02:33 AM
Hi ladies, I made it through the funeral today and the all day visit with family. My eating was pretty darn bad. I know I will be on track tomorrow and exercising like a fiend. I did help DH cut up firewood from a broken tree (from the ice storm) at my MIL's. Also helped load the firewood on our trailer and helped move a huge brush pile and burn it. So, got a little exercise outdoors for an hr. or so today.

Robin, sorry to hear about your DIL's clot problem. Keep us posted on how she is doing.

BB, sorry the scale went up a lb. Hope it comes down for you soon. Hugs, we've all been there and know how that feels.

Gaylyn, sorry you have a funeral to go to too. Hope you enjoy the visit with your family. If you do get off program a little while they are here, don't beat yourself up. Just hop right back on the wagon when everything calms down. That is what I'm focusing on right now.

02-10-2007, 02:44 PM
Good Afternoon :sunny:

Its a beautiful sunny day here in Buffalo today. I have to admit, this has been the nicest february Ive experienced since moving here. Usually by this time of year, Im ready to move to florida to soak up the sunshine.

Dinner went well yesterday, lots of smoked meat, I only had a little bit of potatoes, and only 2 small butter tart squares. So it wasnt a really bad day, just a bad day :lol:

Back to it today....I'll most likely be at the pc all day working. So that should keep me out of trouble for a while.

Have a great day ladies.

02-10-2007, 03:32 PM
Hi ladies, I am back on track today after a day of really bad eating yesterday.

I have had several people pick up their puppies today. Yeah. I also have found a home for the beagle puppy and the runt, which is good news.

I'm planning on using the treadmill tonite.

Hope everyone has a great day, mine is good so far.

beach bum
02-10-2007, 04:32 PM
Hi Ladies:)

Hope everyone is having a great relaxing weekend. Nothing new since yesterday,going to get some exercising in today or tonight. When the TV is mine again.

It there a way to get back in control without going off the OWL or do I have go back to Induction. I'm not craving anything sweet or salty,just over eating. I guess I will have to start portion controling. DH thinks I'm eating too much protein and not enough veggies. I told him that veggies have carbs and meat,poultry & fish don't have any. Is he right,I should up my veggies along with the protein size??????????

Gaylyn-Sorry:sorry:that you had to go to a funeral today.Sending you some {{{good:goodvibes:vibes}}} Your way to beat the cheating game.

Lily-Happy that you had a good time with your family,sorry:sorry: that it was under these circumstances. Thanks:thanks: for your compassion,I'm going to try to be real good in my WEIGHING & MEASURING food so my weight will go down while using PORTION CONTROL.

Robin-I'm sure you'll do great getting OP.Its hard for me as I pointed :nono: above. I need to start focusing.

Have a great evening Ladies:)

Hugs :) BB

02-10-2007, 04:45 PM
BB, I also had a hard time with portion control at times. Some days I'm just much hungrier than other days. If I were you, I'd only try to increase the veggies to stay within your carb limit. Otherwise , just eat extra protein, it will take the weight off with time. You don't have a whole lot left to lose, so I'm sure that is what is making it slow for you right now. I lost that first 60 lbs. in the same 6 months time that it took me to lose those last 29 lbs. So, the closer you get to goal the slower it comes off. I did jump rope some to help get through the tough time with stalls. Anything to just change up the exercise a little bit helps.

02-10-2007, 04:53 PM
Sorry to double post but I wanted to tell you ladies a story.

As most of you know, my husband has been a state trooper for about 20 years. Several years back he was chasing a suspect on foot when his gun accidently discharged and shot him through his leg and tore up his left kneecap. He had surgery and was off work for almost 6 months. His daughters (ages 12 and 9) at the time were in a school talent show and invited him to it. They got up in brown police looking uniforms and sang "I shot the sheriff" and had a pop gun go off and one of them fall to the floor screaming her leg was shot. At the time my now DH was still on crutches from the accident. The whole school was laughing. I learned this story last night for the first time. My husband got upset that his mother told the story. I was horrified that my DH's ex-wife would let their girls get up in front of their whole school and make fun of their dad (especially while he was still on crutches with a big cast on). He could easily have been killed. I was so appalled and I know it bothered him that his mom was laughing and so was his nieces and nephews that were there last night. I am so glad he divorced that cold-hearted stupid bi--h of an EX. Some people are just too ignorant for LIFE. I was a little upset at my MIL too for bringing this up, embarassing him last night in front of the whole family, and joking about such a serious matter. This family obviously doesn't appreciate the danger he is in every time he puts that uniform on and walks out the door. We have been married almost 10 years and he never had told me about this for a reason. He was ashamed of what his EX and the girls had done to him.

02-10-2007, 05:09 PM
Wow Lily, what a terribly cruel thing to do to him. By all involved:mad:

02-11-2007, 12:55 AM
Thanks Robin, that is what I thought.
My rant for tonite.
Tonite we went to his DD's high school basketball game. As soon as we arrived we got a call from my son saying his jeep had broke down 2 hrs. from home where he'd went for his Army Reserve Drill. We told my MIL that we had to leave to go get Shane and what the problem was. She pi@@ed me off to no end. Whining and griping that my DH was missing his DD's basketball game. I had to really hold my tongue, there is no way I was leaving my son stranded on the interstate 2 hrs. from home while I watched a basketball game. So we left and went and picked my son up. He had worked all night last night at his job and had to be at drill by 6AM this morning. He was totally exhausted and stressed completely out. His transmission went out, so we had to leave the jeep there and are borrowing a car hauling trailer from one of DH's co-workers to go get it in the morning. My son and my DH are going to put in a new transmission and then take the jeep and trade it for my son a new car.

I told my DH what all his mom had said and how pi@@ed I am at her. It wouldn't matter if it was any of our kids, we would never leave them stranded no matter what. Sometimes I think I must have the most ignorant family of anyone alive. GRRRRRRRRRRRR

02-11-2007, 01:15 AM
Sometimes I think I must have the most ignorant family of anyone alive. GRRRRRRRRRRRR

omg how I could tell you stories about my mil.....and I had only known her 5 yrs, and she's been dead for 2 of those 5!! I cannot fathom how my husband put up with her. Well he didnt really, he just ignored her. The crap she pulled is just mind dil is so similar to my mil its freaky!! (the one with the clots)

Oh, I have to share a comment made at the dinner table last night. We had everyone over (except the clotted dil) for dinner. Dh's oldest son(who has been out of the country) has moved back to buffalo. He says, "I'll move back to ____ Pl. only if the house next to us (dh and I) goes up for sale, or the house next to youngest son (who is next door on the other side) goes up for sale, which may be happening within the next few months. I damn near choked on my chicken!!!! I sooooooooo do not need my grown stepkids living right next door! Can you just imagine?!?!? I will move back to Canada then!

So everyone keep your fingers crossed that no houses go up for sale on my street for at least 365 days!! :crossed:

k, time for bed :D

02-11-2007, 01:31 AM
Robin, I certainly know what you mean. My oldest SD drives me crazy. Tonite she knew we had to leave the ballgame and go pick my son up. He'd been up all night. So she leaves the ballgame with the kids ages 2 1/2 and 8 months and comes to my house. I about died when we pulled up and she was here. Her oldest is the loudest kid in the world and never goes to sleep. He's too hyped up on junk food, coke and candy. The last thing my son needed was her to come here tonite, of all nights. He has to get back up at 4AM and head back to drill again. My SD's husband is away on his job for 5 weeks and she has taken to coming here every night with the kids. Sometimes I just want to tell her to go home. Don't get me wrong, I love the grandbabies but there is no reason for her to stay the whole 5 weeks with us. She still has a place to live. She was griping a minute ago that we were out of milk. Duh, I told her to go buy some. She is giving both the kids the milk constantly and it's skim, which they don't need anyway. The baby is supposed to be on formula and she actually is putting chocolate syrup in both of their bottles. No damn wonder they won't sleep.

Robin,don't be surprised if I join you in moving to canada. LOL.

A little more rant, this feels so good. LOL. MY SD borrowed my vehicle again yesterday because she told my DH she was going to her sister's and that the playpen, 2 carseats, diaper bags and all wouldn't fit in her little hyundai. DH agreed and said OK, I think just to get her to leave for 1 night. Tonite when we left to the ballgame I went to get in her car and it was the grossest thing in the world. I threw half eaten quesadillas, Kentucky fried chicken, french fries, open catsup packages,slabs of pizza, biscuits, tacos and Big Mac' out of her car seats. I finally gave up and told my DH that we were taking his vehicle even if it is more expensive on gas, because her car stinks too much to ride in. No wonder my cat likes to get in her car and hide, he could live a month on the food that is in it.

02-11-2007, 10:05 AM
I am trying to find a home. I am on low carb and counting points too to try to keep my calories down, not on Atkins, Just low carb. I also have type 2 diabetes and on meds and it is important that I keep my carbs low. I have already lost weight but not to goal. My stats are 200/182/140. I have gained 2 pounds back from what I was.

I am from Kansas, married, grown children and have 4 grandchildren, 1 dog.

We have had really cold weather here in Kansas and looking for more snow.
I am certainly ready for spring.

Lilybelle, I was reading your post. If your SD car is like that what does her house look like? Man!!! I have an x dil who lets her dogs poop all over the house and doesn't pick it up, also leaves weeks of dirty dishes and food everywhere. Shes the x now. Thank God.

02-11-2007, 12:09 PM
:welcome: Shirl :hug:

02-11-2007, 01:00 PM we have the same dil?????? Mine isnt an ex yet. :welcome3: btw!

02-11-2007, 01:15 PM
Welcome Shirl,

Her house is so nasty that I won't go over there. She absolutely keeps her house and car filthier than anyone I know. She borrowed my Expedition a while back and kept it for 3 months. I was furious. When I did get it back it was junked out. I keep a clean vehicle and seeing all the fries under the seats made me furious. I haven't eaten fries in about 2 yrs. so I knew they weren't mine. I had given her strict instructions of no eating in my car. IMO she is a total Slob. I have actually seen her throw away a bunch of sippie cups and baby bottles instead of washing them. When I had her car, I cleaned it out. There was a whole bag of brand new baby clothes in it with the tags still on them. They were ruined, because they had mold on them from all the food and drinks that were spilled on them.

I'm sitting here today waiting for 2 more families to come get their puppies. That will put me down to only 7 from 13. The rest should be gone within the week. Yeah!

My SD just now left to go take my DH his lunch at work. Of course, she left the kids with me. I'm now making the 2 yr. old take a nap as he is being a pain in the butt.

02-11-2007, 02:17 PM
Thanks lilybelle and Robin and everyone else for the nice welcome.

Robin, I don't know might be the same dil, sure sounds like it. OMG!! Thanks be to God she is my x. Treated my ds like sh!!! Good thing she is my x, can't stand her.

Lilybelle, Sounds like that mil and the x treats your dh like my x dil treats my ds. She still bugs him all the time, always telling him about all her new rich boyfriends and he is paying her 3,000 a month alimony, plus 1000 a month child support. She has a Masters Degree and does not work and only got alimony because she didn't have a work history. She is one lazy you know what, plus dirty housekeeper to boot. My dd said what does she do about bringing the boyfriends to the house, they sure wouldn't marry her, seeing that mess, might shack up, maybe not that. She had a 3 year affair with one of thier best friends and has broke up 2 marriages with kids. Don't get me started. I have to stay nice to her because of my grandsons, have to keep my big fat mouth shut because of them. Hard to do. Even tells me about her boyfriends over the phone and I don't even want to hear about it.
OK, thanks for letting me rant. lol

Better go
Have a great Sun. Whats left of it.

katie g
02-11-2007, 05:53 PM
really weird week. for six days i didn't lose a stinking thing but i finally got past it. Good thing because i wanted to post before i have to go out of town again. I'm going to try taking some snacks with me this time and see if that helps any. hopefully cant hurt. should be back late late on valentines day or the bf will shoot me see y'all soon :) (

02-11-2007, 11:22 PM
Shirl, I know what you mean about the X dil. When me and my DH first married he was paying lots of alimony and child support. He is still paying the child support and one of them isn't even living with the mom. She pawned that one off on her sister, but my DH still pays her support to her mom. Also, his X is an RN and wouldn't get off her butt and work so DH got reamed in the divorce and had to pay her huge alimony payment for the first 3 yrs. following the divorce. The X has moved in with 3 different men since the divorce but none of them married her. Probably because she is a huge slob.

02-12-2007, 10:26 AM
Get this, x dil has a masters degree as a shrink, not going to use the other title,(don't get me wrong may be other good shrinks out there) but I think she needs a shrink, she is dating another shrink, my ds said maybe they can exchange couches and analyze each other. lol, Nuff said.

Hey lilybelle, I live on the OK, KS line very near Bartleville, Ok if you know where that is. We might live close.

Well, hope everyone is doing well lowcarbing it. I have to get off my behind.

Looking at another snow storm I hear, sure tired of it. I have to go to the Doctor tomorrow for a ck up so better go, last Ice/snow storm I couldn 't even get out of my driveway.

Have a great Monday everybody,

02-12-2007, 10:30 AM
Have a good trip.
Yeah sometimes I don't lose for a whole week and it sure discourages me, but I won't give up this time.
Hang in there.

02-12-2007, 12:06 PM
Shirl, I know where Bartlesville is. I'm at OK/Ark. near the state line. Near Poteau if you've ever heard of it.

Lol, sounds like you x dil needs a shrink. Maybe we could get a 2 for 1 deal and send my SD with her.

02-12-2007, 12:26 PM
Lily, my brother lives near Eureka Springs, AR. How far is that from you?