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02-05-2007, 09:54 AM
Good morning again! I'm at work now, getting ready for a GREAT day! I just had my oatmeal and milk, and a Diet Sunkist in the car on the way here so I have a full tummy.

And guess what? The scale said 139.6 this morning! Now who knows if it'll be that on Thursday but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I got a different kind of cottage cheese yesterday than I ordinarily get. Most of the time I buy Schepps or Lucerne, but yesterday I got Bordens. I licked the spoon this morning while putting some in a cup to bring, and it was GROSS! I'm used to a larger curd and this is very very teeny curd, almost like ricotta. I had to look at the container again to make sure it really WAS cottage cheese. I'm either going to put it in the food processor and make something else with it, like jello or one of those other dessert-type things, or ditch it altogether. I'll gag thru it today but that's it. Any suggestions on what I could do with it after it's processed? I've heard adding pumpkin is very good but I'm wondering if it would make so much that I'd never eat it all? Oh well.

Happy Monday!

02-05-2007, 10:14 AM
Morning all.

Kathy, try making a dip for veggies out of it. I was making dip last week with FF sour cream and didn't have enough. I added the rest of our cottage cheese and it came out very good. I do understand the big curd vs. small curd -- the small is just not the same.

Well, today is a new day and a new week. I'm still very motivated - the scale is about the same, but I am feeling a difference in my clothes. That is a big motivator for me. I am wearing a pair of slacks that I had the waist pinned. A few months back I took out the pins and they were fine - at the time I didn't understand why they were pinned. Well, I do know today - those 4 or so pds made a difference. They are sitting a bit low on my hips, hmm, could use some pins!

I met the mom who will be taking Sarah on Wednesday for her play date. I know this family from somewhere - I need to check our chruch bulliten. Very nice couple. Sarah will have a ball there on Wednesday. As it was I planned on stopping by for 10 minutes just to check them out. Well, almost an hour later we left. This woman is a stay at home mom and knows everything going on in the preschool - whats going on with all the kids in the class, whats going on with all the teachers ect... At first I was thinking that some how I should be more up on this. But the more I thought about it -- I have way too much going on in my life to worry about what is going on in all these families lives....Lets just say we are different people! And after all, this is just preschool.

Other than that it was a quiet weekend - very cold. This week its not supposed to get much higher than 20 all week. So, when does this early spring start?? (read the groundhog did not see his shadow!).

Off to post my menu. BBL.

02-05-2007, 10:26 AM
Good Morning Chicks. It's always something around here. I felt horrible yesterday...very tight bronchial I went to urgent care. Doc took an xray and CBC since my Internist had not done either. He gave me an inhaler. I guess I don't have asthma but bronchitis. Urgent Care Doc went nuts over the fact that I had two rounds of antibiotics and no chest xray or bloodwork. I have to try to make an appointment with Internist today or tomorrow. They also found something of concern on my xray and Urgent Care Doc says I need to go to a Cardio Thorasic Surgeon. Grrrr...don't tell a worry wart like me something like that. He says it isn't life threatening but I need a CT scan and an evaluation. I always thought I'd have to pay the price for being obese all my life. Well thanks. How about my chest? Sigh. Meanwhile, at least I'm not feeling very hungry.

So I'm going to be selfish and self-absorbed for a while more. I won't be posting for a while longer. I'll let you know what's going on as I find out things.

So keep working at it girls. It's important. Forget the vanity. It's important for your health.

02-05-2007, 10:45 AM
Good Morning:

I'm back from New Mexico. It was a trip to take the next step in distributing my late sister's jewellery and other items. It went well; I have a very loving niece and nephew.

I have read last week's postings, and I particularly note the one from Vickie this morning: it's about your health. I was thinking a lot about that while I was away. The women in my family have tended to gain a lot of weight in middle age, and that certainly was a factor in my sister's too- early death.

It's ridiculously cold here: about 5 F. I had window seats going to Albuquerque and coming back. The countyside was completely snow covered. I've never seen it like that, and I've taken trips in the winter before.

I have a long first day back at work. I'll check back in tonight.

Kathy, I could never handle cottage cheese, no matter what the curd. Only recently have I been able to eat it, if I can disguise it. Which is good because it is such a good source of meatless protein.

Have a great day everyone.


02-05-2007, 11:07 AM
Welcome back, Rhonda! We sure did miss you!

Vickie, take care of yourself. I know what you mean about the health aspect. At first, it doesn't seem like such a big deal (like whose business is it if I'm overweight -- it's MY body!) but when you start paying the price, it sure makes you think! I know my parents both wish they had been more active and taken better care of themselves in their 40s-50s-60s. They're paying for it now with joint problems, heart issues, and high everything. I also have several friends who are much younger but have the same issues. They've been specifically told that their heart problems stemmed from it having to work too hard to carry their weight. It's scary! Anyway, keep us posted if you can.

My coworker is out today with her umpteeth cold of the season. She has allergies but won't listen to me -- gets a headache with the allergies but doesn't tell the doctor, so they send her to a neurologist who "diagnoses" migraines. Problem is, none of the migraine medicine works and they keep changing the medicine or dosages. She refuses to tell them that everytime she gets the headaches, she also has a big allergy flare-up. I'm sure they would do tests, find out what she's allergic to, treat THAT, and the headaches would be controlled. However ...

Paula, don't let your pants fall off today! :rofl: It sounds like Sarah's day will be very good with the playmate and you're right about the mom. Some personality types just have to know everything about everybody. It's not a bad thing, but I sure don't have time to run my own life, let alone worry about everybody else!

Back to work I go ...

02-05-2007, 12:36 PM
Morning all.

Vickie, my mom has discovered the same thing. After she finally decided it was time to lose the weight, she said she had an epiphany...There WILL be a lifestyle change in my life, one way or another. Either I do nothing and watch my health and mobility decline, or I change my habits now and start eating right and exercising. You can't coast along forever with no consequences. She was telling my sister and I that it was SOOO important to keep our weight healthy now, while we're young, so we don't have to struggle with being overweight in our 50's, when it's so much harder to lose.

I hope you manage to recover quickly from your bronchitis, and that your CT scan comes out clean.

So 2 weeks ago, my middle dd started off this illness-fest with a high fever. Lo and behold, it's back! Sigh. This winter is really starting to grate on me, what with the constant sickness and sub-zero temperatures. We have a 2-hour school delay this morning, because it's -10 degrees and they can't get the buses started.


02-05-2007, 01:35 PM
Good afternoon ladies, boy it is cold here too 11 degrees and very windy, with the wind chill it is -9 degrees. I had to run out this morning for a PTA meeting, and being class mother I have to attend them. I prefer when they have the meetings in the evening so I can keep dd home with dh, she was very bored and antsy, can't say I blame her. I am so far behind on my housework today, need to get moving because my kiddies both have playdates after school and the mom has never been to my house so I want it neat & clean.

I will catch up on posts when my duties are done:D :D

02-05-2007, 05:08 PM
hi, girls. we got home last night but i was too sick to get on here. i'm not normally sick but i guess i caught a local bug or something. i'm still in my robe today.

we had a good trip to butte. the roads were clear but it was soooo cold saturday. sunday was warmer. curtis was able to shoot and shot well. i was so happy for him. i shot all right and won my division. now we're ready to start training for salt lake. (when i get well.)

vicki, i'm worried about you. you do what the doctor's say. i understand you're not wanting to post much right now, but i am so glad you'll be keeping us informed about your health.

angela, i'm sorry ya'll are still passing around that bug. i can relate. i hope everyone here gets better soon.

sorry this is short. i am going to lie down.

02-05-2007, 07:19 PM
Kathy, I got your card today in the mail. You are just a very sweet person to have thought of me like that. What an amazing feeling it was to get such a nice card telling me how strong I am on a day when I REALLY need to be a big strong girlie. Thank you so much from the bottom of what I hope is my very healthy heart!

Sandra, I hope you feel better soon. It is SO unlike you to be sick.

After crying in my Internist's office, he got me an appointment for tonight with the Cardiologist. So I'll be leaving here in a little while for that appointment. I have no idea what he will say or recommend.

02-05-2007, 07:22 PM
P.S. Kathy, I'm also going to an allergist because Jim and I suspect that my problems are not my heart but rather Allergies. I'd much rather find out what they are and deal with them then to continue to live with or medicate the symptoms. I get in trouble because I tell my doctors everything. Jim says thats how I ended up at the Cardiologist because I kept being honest about my chest discomfort. Oh does no good to lie now does it?!

02-05-2007, 07:28 PM
Evening chicks, Im still hanging around. I think I shivered off some pounds this weekend..we are in a DEEP FREEZE! and I mean deep. This morning was -40degrees. Poor dh has to work tonight and its outside in a big truck. I sure hope he dosnt have to open his door too often. Schools were delayedall over. I still had a couple of families come to the center. Tough little guys thats for sure. Yesterday was tough,, not because of superbowl either, just a munchy day. It was all good food but way too much of it. Right back on track again today. Did my WATPs dvds all weekend yeah..

Vickie, lets hope its deserve a break for a change. ((hugs))

Kathy good going on the 139 this morning, now dont be weighing yourself tonight..haha

Angela, my mom would say its time to open the windows and change the air in the house..(I would really do that too after everyone would get sick)

congrats on the win Sandra,

Paula I dont blame you for not getting involved,,some people just seem to need that control dont they>

Rhonda my brothers heart surgery made me open my eyes too...I guess some of us need that *kick* in the *&# to get the picture,,unfortunatly.

Have a good night everyone

02-05-2007, 07:29 PM
Oh just saw your post Vickie, Im glad you got in tonight....please let us know asap what he says!!

02-05-2007, 08:15 PM
Vickie, I'm SOOOOO glad you got in tonight! I understand what you mean about telling everything. I'd rather err on the side of caution though, because I believe they know what they're doing. At least, more than I do -- so I listen. I hope you can come back tonight and let us know something. :hug:

You know I think allergies mimic a whole lot of other conditions and, if untreated, can create all sorts of havoc. Fortunately I guess it's relatively easy to control if you know what you're dealing with.

Coworker came in mid-afternoon and didn't seem too germy, so I was glad to have her. It gets boring by myself, but she had it much worse than that when I was out for 7 weeks with the ankle. I don't think I could have stood it.

Stay warm! (Oh and Patti -- too late. I hopped on right before I took my bath. :nono: )

02-05-2007, 08:50 PM
vickie, i'm soooo glad you are able to get in tonight to see the cardiologist. please let us know what you find out. curtis always tells me to tell the doctor everything because they can't read our minds. i'm glad you're very open with yours.

patti, that's deadly cold. be careful. i hope dh is all right.

angela, i'd air out the house, too, asap.

i'm better now. i have been going stir crazy staying inside all day. of course, i didn't go to w a today. tomorrow i hope to be back to normal.

kathy, there's one person in the archery center office. i feel for her. she seems to be able to call her own hours, though. i guess that's a plus.

02-05-2007, 10:49 PM
Just checking in to say good night. Today was "so so." Tomorrow will be better.

Vickie...let us know what's happening. I have taught medical students since 1978. I consider myself a bit knowledgeable about Dr-patient interactions. It's much better to talk their ears off than to make them guess. They are normally in such a hurry that they don't ask all the right questions, so almost all information is important. It helps them if patients come with a list of complaints/symptoms/problems so that they don't have to ask "what about this?" "what about that?"

I've got another early morning meeting, so, I'll be back later tomorrow.


It's 12 F and the wind is blowing. I don't know what the wind chill factor is, but it's cold outside that's for sure.

02-05-2007, 11:00 PM
Also checking in to see if we have a report! I'll be back in a little bit. I'm in bed with the laptop, TV, dog and my one piece of Dove chocolate. What a life! ;)

02-06-2007, 01:45 AM
I'll be back in the morning with details. Right now I'm just bone tired. He doesn't really believe there is a problem with my heart but he believes my blood pressure is not well controlled. I had a HUGE anxiety attack when I got there and my BP was 190 over 110. one tell me exactly how bad that is because I know it's horrible and I was scared out of my mind. I have 2 kinds of BP medicine to take in addition to the one I already take.....and....he gave me nitro just in case...ummmmm....just in case said you think my heart is ok. Sheesh. Anyhow, I love him and I think he's a really good Cardiologist. Did I tell you that he's the one that saved my Mom's life 20 years ago when she had nearly completely blocked arteries? I have 3 1/2 hours of testing ahead of me on Friday. Ugh.

I'm off to bed. I just cannot fret any more and he had me take the two new pills tonight and I'm kind of drowsy. That's a good thing.

Thanks for all the love, chicks!

02-06-2007, 04:28 AM
Here I am. Couldn't sleep. I guess things are racing through my mind. I decided to get up to see if I could tire myself out.

Oh yeah. I'm a salt abuser and I've been threatened to give up salt for good. That should help my diet. I'm thinking I don't even know what stuff tastes like without all the salt.

02-06-2007, 07:04 AM
Good Morning:

Oh, yes, SALT! If it helps, I didn't find it too difficult to cut way back on salt. I did it gradually and now don't miss it. You have to be careful with canned vegetables because a lot of salt is added during the canning process. I actually rinse canned vegetables under running water. I hate wasting whatever good things may be in the brine, but I like getting rid of the salt. I guess there are low-salt canned veggies, like low-salt soups, but I haven't seen them here in Toronto.

It promises to be a very long day. I woke up just about the time Vickie was writing, but I did some report writing instead of coming to the boards.

I made a new oatmeal....steel cut Irish oats that required about 1/2 hour of cooking (or soaking the night before). They were yummy.

Back to the report, then off to an early meeting.

Take care, all.


02-06-2007, 07:12 AM
Kathy, this was posted by Kippy on the WW board. I thought you could use this recipe to use up your FF cottage cheese.

Kippy's mini quiches (Core) -- posted 2.4.07
Start with: 1 c egg substitute or 4 large eggs and add-in choices such as:

SPINACH QUICHE: 1 (10 oz) package chopped frozen spinach (squeezed dry); 3/4 c FF or soy cheddar cheese, shredded; 1/4 c diced red/green peppers; 1/4 c onions
QUICHE LORRAINE: 1/2 c Canadian bacon, chopped, cooked until crispy; 1/2 c FF cottage cheese; 1/2 c FF or soy swiss cheese, shredded; 1/4 c roasted peppers; dash of ground nutmeg
CHEDDAR BROCCOLI: 1/4 c chopped onion; 1 (10 oz) package frozen chopped broccoli (squeezed dry); 1 c FF cottage cheese; 1/2 c FF or soy cheddar flavored cheese, shredded
SOUTHWESTERN: 1 c FF cottage cheese; 1 small can green chiles; 1/2 c black beans or Mexi-corn

Preheat oven to 350* F. Line 12 cup muffin pan with foil baking cups; spray the cups with cooking spray. Beat the eggs or egg substitute; fold in the add-ins. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Fill the foil cups with the mixture. Bake at 350* F for 20 minutes, testing so that a knife inserted in the middle comes out clean. Remove from cups to serve.

Note: these are freezable, microwaveable, portable, full of protein (and fiber when veggies are used), and contain no artifical sweeteners.

02-06-2007, 07:52 AM
Hey Rhonda, thanks for the salt reductions suggestions. I'm a real addict so I think it's going to be hard for me. I'm going to do it though. My Cardiologist says it's the single most important thing I must do for myself.

02-06-2007, 08:43 AM
Thanks for the recipes, Vickie! I knew there would be something to do with it. I did get the replacement yesterday afternoon, and just to be sure I'm not crazy I took a bite of both. Yes, the second was exactly like it should be; the Bordens was still gross.

I'm supposed to be getting up and think I'll wait until 7:00. Precious is getting her teeth cleaned today so one of us will have to drop her at the vet before going to work. Judd has an 8:00 meeting so it looks like it'll be me.

Erin got an acceptance letter yesterday from Southwestern Oklahoma State Univ.'s School of Pharmacy. She's still waiting on A&M and Texas Tech, because I think she'd rather go to Tech. Their pharmacy school is in either Amarillo or Abilene (they choose for you) and there's an option of doing years 3 and 4 at the VA hospital in Dallas where they have a postgrad program. If she did that, she could live at home and save apartment costs. We'll see but meanwhile we at least know she'll be gone for the first two years.

Good luck with the tests on Friday, Vickie. I'm glad you liked that doctor and hope you can get some more rest today.

Okay, I guess I'll get up now. I'll post my menu first, which will refresh my memory on what I should be packing for lunch.

02-06-2007, 10:09 AM
Hi everyone! I would dearly love to open all the windows and let fresh air circulate throughout my house, but I think the -10 degree temps might prohibit that. :lol: It's snowing heavily now, but no school delays or cancellations. Dd still has a low-grade fever this morning. Sigh.

Vickie, I'm glad the dr thinks nothing is wrong with your heart. Have you ever tried relaxation exercises? Sounds like you are in desperate need of some nice calming days. :hug: Keep us posted.

So with all the static and general fuzziness of the last few weeks, I'm more than ready to get my hair cut. However, since I'm ALWAYS home with sick kids, I can't make an appointment. Oh well, guess this is a good "waiting period" to make sure I still want to do it. :D


02-06-2007, 10:19 AM
Good morning everyone.

Vickie, I'm glad you were able to see the cardiologist last night and that you like him. Once you get through the testing, hopefully you can get some answers. As far as salt, try fresh herbs. That is my new discovery this winter. As much as I love to cook, I never really used fresh herbs that much. What a big difference. I'll be on the lookout for low sodium solutions for you as I look for recipes.

Kathy, I'm gald Erin is getting into the program she wants. Its great that she has such a direction in her life. My niece is 24 and still working at Dunkin Donuts. She has a associates degree but really no direction. I'm going to give her resume to our HR department and maybe she can get an entry level postion. It would need to be in an un related department, but at least there are options.

Well, today is going to be a busy day. Sarah and I are off to Benny's ( discount store), I need a new toaster oven, new trash can for the kitchen, a birthday present for Sarah's freind's party on Sunday, valentines (got the notice from school they will be exchanging them next week) and some cleaning stuff. Then we are off to gymnastics and then I'll take Sarah to lunch at Wendy's. She has not napped in 2 days and has gone right to bed each night. Maybe a start of a new trend??? Well see.


02-06-2007, 10:54 AM
Good morning ladies, not much going on today, staying home and catching up on some laundry. My ds & dd had their playdates yesterday with the 2 sisters and they all had a great time. Turns out the mom of the girls is also a hairstylist, and she does hair from home, so sometime this week I will go to her house for a playdate and she will cut my hair since I never got it cut when I went to Queens.

Rhonda I bought thick & rough oatmeal which is also very yummy. It has a different texture than regular oatmeal,this also has to cook for about 1/2 hr.

Vickie I am so glad you like your cardiologist and he doesn't seem to think it is your heart, like Angela said you really need some relaxing calming days, you have been through alot. Good luck on friday with the tests.

Kathy you must be very proud of Erin, she really has a great path for her future. I hope she gets into the school she really wants.

Paula, Gabriella stopped taking naps a long long time ago, sometimes I really wish she would take one in the afternoon, but when she occasionally does she goes to bed late :dizzy: when she doesn't nap she is in bed by 8pm :D :D
then I try to have my son in bed no later than 9pm so I can have a couple of hours for me in the evening.

Angela it is pretty cold here too, so far we haven't had any major snow.
How is everyone feeling?

02-06-2007, 01:56 PM
Cold - feeling very very cold - -28 with the wind chill this morning - inhumane really!

Vickie - It's normal to be nervous and worried BUT sounds like you are in very good hands - and that hopefully the tests will rule out any heart issues. I too LOVE SALT - I am a salt addict - and given my high bp and meds now I really need to try and cut down - It's really hard tho (esp since I do all the cooking and am so used to is). I thought there was a 'salt substitute' out there somewhere? Has anyone tried it? Any good?

Kathy - good luck to Erin in getting into the 'right' school - I have a good feeling about this!

Angela - hope you can get that hair appt - eventually....and don't open those windows!!!!

Rhonda - I saw that Loblaw's PC Blue Menu brand has some new 'steel cut' oats (in a blue canister) - is that what you are trying? I hope to get some of this to try it out. They also had some frozen entrees which seem a bit healthier - good in a pinch I guess for work? (glazed ginger salmon w/brown rice and bulgur). I think I also saw some 'blue menu' low sodium canned veggies!

Niki - so she's a hairdresser - but is she a GOOD HAIRDRESSER??? :D I of course have problems letting just anyone do my hair (I have difficult hair okay?), so I can't imagine letting someone other than my 'regular' hairdresser touch it! Let us know how it turns out!

And well I didnt' exercise last night either - ended up going to movie w/dh while dd danced (2 for 1 movie coupon) - feasted on popcorn and wondering what that scale is being uncooperative? Well isn't it obvious? Ya I know gotta crack down and move my fluffy butt and love these extra pounds!


02-06-2007, 07:04 PM
You did Fouf, there was a page of no-salt or reduced salt items in last weeks flyer. I still have it. I want my dh to pick some up for me. I use half-salt for dh..Im staying away from the stuff. I love salt too but I dont miss it now. I bought some steel cut oats from a bulk food store thisweekend and tried them on sunday, I must have done something wrong..they were pretty hard to eat. Felt like grains of sand in my mouth. I am going to try them again but cook them longer this time. I lvoe oatmeal.
Vickie Im glad you let us know whats going on...I hope you will be amazed at what food tastes like without salt. Buy some Mrs.Dash seasonigs..they are really good adn no salt added.
Kathy step away from the scale!!!
Off to volleyball ..have a good night

02-06-2007, 08:05 PM
Too late, Patti! :rofl:

Precious (the little 4 pound Chihuahua) got her teeth cleaned today and they had to pull a few of them. She had horrible dental care in her first 5 years at that place she came from, and even when we got her she didn't have any in front. Last year they had to pull 4 and today I think it was 2 or 3. At this rate, she won't have any in a year or two. Well, she's not supposed to eat tonight because she was throwing up at the drs. office. Now she's sitting by her bowl crying. I think one of us is going to have to take her for a ride while the others eat.

American Idol tonight! Woohoo!

Oh and Frouf, we don't salt here either. Garlic, onions, pepper and Mrs. Dash -- that's it. I hope you can find something that will be a suitable substitute. I tried the no-salt salt one time and didn't really like it so much.

Gotta go straighten the hair before AI comes on.

02-06-2007, 09:08 PM
Hi Everyone
Well it has been cold here the last couple of days. Wind chills below zero. No school for two days. And a two hour delay tomorrow. And right now it is snowing some.
Got to weigh in last night. I lost 1 1/2 lbs
But didnt get to stay for the meeting. Son called and said something is the matter with the furnace. So came home. Sure enough a motor went bad. So we ran a couple of kerosene heaters. Didnt make alot of heat. But enough to keep things from freezing. Got the furnace fixed this afternoon.

VICKIE You are in my thoughts and prayers. You know I use to use alot of salt. Then I finally got away from it. Now I find things are two salty when we got someplace to eat. And I love the Mrs Dash seasonings. I use them all the time.

KATPO Isnt the sunkist diet orange the best. I was stopping diet pops. Cause it seemed to trigger me with wanting sweets. But when I tried the diet orange. It didnt do that to me. I may have one a week. I still dont drink alot of it. But when I do. Its sunkist diet orange. Or none.

AGHIOWA Hope your daughter is feeling better.

FROUFY Did you get your dress.

Well I am going to get off here. See if I can post this.
Hope everyone is doing ok. Thinking of all of you.

02-06-2007, 09:54 PM
Hi All:

So, let's see, Frouf's - 28 C is about -16 F. That, of course, is COLD, no matter what the scale. Right now it is 9.5 F (without the wind chill) here in Toronto.

My eating has been all right these last few days, even good. I just can't get moving, but I will go to Pilates tomorrow morning.

The oatmeal I bought is McCanns Irish Steel Cut. I imagine there are many similar brands. But, it was very good on this cold morning.

So, today I signed the contract that I mentioned a few weeks ago. Beginning July 1, I'll be the Director of a program that is designed to bring students from academically challenged backgrounds into the university curriculum. I'll still maintain my normal academic job, but will be released to do this administrative work. It will be a great challenge, for a worthwhile cause. I'm looking forward to it very much.

Right now, I'm tired from waking up at 4:30AM! I'm going to watch a little TV and go to bed.

Night all,

02-06-2007, 10:22 PM
Wow Rhonda - congrats on the 'new' job - sounds like such a great thing you will be doing!

yes - bitter cold is bitter cold - no 2 ways about it!

Coco - congrats on the great weight loss - and I can't even imagine the furnace breaking down in this weather - glad you were able to keep somewhat warm until you got it fixed


Okay chickies - I desperately need your help and advice - cuz I know you will truly UNDERSTAND my problem.

My cruise buddy Ray is the sweetest guy and has been more than generous in sending me a gift or two over the past few months. As you know he has booked the same cruise and we are both going to Tampa after the cruise to see Wicked (broadway musical) and heading home.

Today I get a package in the mail from Ray and I am so thrilled and surprised when I open it - inside is a t-shirt - but not just any t-shirt - think short sleeved henley (2 buttons at neck) w/black short sleeves and black band at collar the body is white - BUT HE HAS HAD IT ESPECIALLY MADE FOR OUR CRUISE.

Upper left breast area is the carnival ship logo, the Wicked (green witch) logo and then it says "Froufie and Pryd's (his screen name) Wicked/Liberty Adventure, March 2007 - on the back is a GIANT Wicked logo print again (black, green white) - it is an amazing gift and an awful lot of thought went into it. I just love it. I of course immediately called him to say thanks - and he says he has the SAME SHIRT and we shall wear them when we board the ship!

Here is the PROBLEM - it is a man's XL and it is somewhat TIGHT on me?? It fits but is 'molded' to my body and generally I do not wear tight fitting clothes or those that would 'accentuate' certain of my body flaws (if you know what I mean!). I don't know what to do? I don't feel good telling him it doesn't fit a) it's embarrassing and b) I don't want to make him feel bad.

So what would you do? I am wearing it now - trying to stretch it out a bit? (it's 100% cotton tho) - do I just grin and bear it - yes I will look like a big blob in a tight t-shirt - but having gone to all that trouble to create the shirt I don't want to hurt his feelings?

I just thought of something worse - if we board together we will have our 'boarding' picture taken with the 2 of us in the shirt - me with all my fat rolls exposed (I suppose I can suck it in for the picture as long as the photographer snaps it quickly?). I want to get that picture as a memento but not if I look horrid in it!

Am I being shallow? too vain? What would you do? All opinions/suggestions appreciated!

Frouf :(

02-06-2007, 11:09 PM
Okay, this is really reaching, but how about those body shaper things that they advertise on TV? I've seen them a lot and I think there was even a discussion somewhere here (not Core, but another area of 3FC) about them. Let me see ...

02-06-2007, 11:11 PM
Like this, but it's not the exact one I'm thinking about.

02-06-2007, 11:20 PM
Oh dear - how will I pee? ha ha ha

No seriously this is a WHITE t-shirt - kinda sheer - so if I had some super girdle thing underneath it would surely show! - also remember I will be in the FLORIDA heat 80 plus degrees so can't imagine I would be comfy.

I am SO DEPRESSED - I just want to eat to feel better - like that's going to help! Of course if I could only wish myself thin.......sigh.....


02-06-2007, 11:27 PM
Ugh ... all very good points that I overlooked. Well, shoot. I just can't think of anything else.

02-06-2007, 11:31 PM
Thanks anyway - I am just so grumpy now - I feel so fat - and embarrassed about it :(:(:(

02-07-2007, 02:49 AM
hi ladies. sorry i've been mia today. we've had company and other such so i couldn't get here much. i did get here earlier and did some reading but didn't get a chance to post here.

vickie, i'm so glad you went to the cardiologist. i'm even gladder that you got a good report. and i'm also glad (sure am glad a lot, aren't i?) that you already knew him and liked him before. all this is wonderful news. as to the salt--if you are having to take any potassium, stay away from salt substitutes. my cardiologist warned me about them years ago that because i was taking potassium, the no-salt could cause my heart to slow down too much. be careful and don't add anything without letting your doctor or pharmacist know. either can and will help you.

rhonda, congratulations on your new position. i am so happy for you. this will make your retirement benefits larger, won't it? that's a big plus. also, you'll be helping so many people get a higher education. i applaud you.

kathy, congratulations to erin. that's exciting news.

frouf, here's what i've done before when a knit shirt was too tight. i'd take the shirt and put both arms in it and stretch the heck out of it in all directions. i did this when i did not have the shirt on but the same thing would probably work while wearing it. just stretch and stretch it.

good news from here--bryan is definitely going to salt lake with us. he's going to do all the driving. i won't have to drive over those mountain passes and the continental divide. also, bry has an excellent chance to win a national title and even set a couple of national records. life is good.

got to go. i'll try to get here earlier tomorrow. i'm not exercising this week. my tummy's still queasy. i'm also exhausted from trying to do too much. i need a break.

02-07-2007, 09:12 AM
Froufy I am the same way, I would be freaking out too. I got this item from ebay when I had to go to a wedding last summer, I did not feel good about wearing a dress without any support. This Rhonda Shear girdle is light weight & really comforter with great support, the best part is it sits low on your hip and does not roll up. The wedding was in August and I did not feel overheated or sweaty wearing this. Ok now I feel like a commercial :D :D :D

Here is the link: tcZphotoQQcmdZViewItem

02-07-2007, 09:55 AM
You know what? I'd probably just try to stretch it, maybe overnight or something. :) Wear it with pride for the picture, because you obviously have a very good friend who cares a lot about you, which speaks more to the kind of person you are than a few extra pounds do.

I finally took dd #2 to the doctor yesterday (the one with the never-ending fever) and turns out she has an ear infection and probably a sinus infection. A prescription for antibiotics later, and I'm hoping in a few days she'll be feeling better.

Time to clean up a pudding spill :lol:

02-07-2007, 10:00 AM
Thanks Niki - that does look 'comfy' but I still think the rolls wil be 'present' - the shirt is actually too big in the shoulders and too tight around the waist/stomach area.

Angela - I am trying to stretch it now (draped over my office chair - which is now 'dressed' in the t-shirt - altho chair does not seem to be that wide?)
My gf suggested taking it to a seamstress to have extra material put in the sides? but I'm afraid that would make it look funny?

I tried it on again and then took it off and took the measurements - the chest area across is only 44 inches!! (no wonder it doesn't fit) - and the bottom hem is also 44 inches! (My chest at fullest point is 50-52 and hips are 51) I think no amount of stretching or 'girdling' may help?

I can't believe I am so upset about this - but I barely slept last night - I am still home (going in late) - have a headache - was tossing and turning all night worrying about this - at 5 am I had the 't-shirt meltdown' - and started blubbering and crying - poor dh was not quite sure why I was crying about some t-shirt not fitting (he was not home when I opened the package) - I eventually calmed down enuf to get 2 hours of sleep on the loveseat in our bedroom (yes - lovely crick in my neck as well).

I think I shall have to write and let him know - but I am going to ask him if he has the 'logos' he printed on and can he either a) send them to me (I can have my own shirt made?) or b) can I send him a white t-shirt (of my choosing) that actually fits so he can have it 'customized;. I do also want to send him some $$ cuz I know he spent money on this and I feel so bad! (Oh the worse news is he has sent me a 2nd shirt - EXACTLY THE SAME - thought the first one got lost in the mail - my zip code was incorrect - so he had anothe rmade and sent it out last week).


Time for another tylenol!


02-07-2007, 11:10 AM
Frouf: I think that having a seamstress add panels to the side is a pretty good idea.

Don't fret or meltdown too much. Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and delight in the friendship you have. But, I'm also sure that he will respect your wishes for a new one, and sending him $$$ will help.

Sandra, I'm glad to hear that you won't be doing all that driving. I used to love to drive long distances, even alone. But, it is very tiring and more risky than it used to be.

Thanks for the congratulations on the new responsibilities. One of my friends said "there you go again; doing unprovoked good"! I like that.

I was supposed to go to Pilates this morning but I woke up with an awful backache. All that travel and lugging stuff around took a toll. But, I will do some stretching and try to get past this sloth stage I'm in.

Off to have oatmeal with DH, lovingly prepared by him for my late breakfast. :)


02-07-2007, 11:58 AM
Ok my froufie's my 2 cents worth! Ray sounds like an amazing friend whom I'm sure would be HORRIFIED if he upset you even a little let alone as much as he has. He was trying to do a wonderful and fun thing for the two of you. I'd call him/email...whatever your normal mode of conversation is. Then I'd tell him how much I love the shirt, the thought, the effort and then I'd tell him that he underestimated your only a wonderful sweet friend would...and that it's way too tight for you to get into by the cruise. Tell him you just HAVE to have the shirt in the correct size and ask him for all the details to get it done because it is important for you to have this shirt to wear. Tell him you like your tshirts loose and you'd prefer a 2X so that you can be comfortable.

Look Frouf, he's seen you and spent time with you and he knows what shape your body is. If I know you, you've talked about your weight with him and I'm sure he knows that you are unhappy and are trying to make changes. Gee....what a surprise that he doesn't care and wants to spend time with the fun loving Frouf anyway!!!! I'm not kidding, I'll bet my next pension check that he would buy you 20 shirts to keep you from feeling the way you are feeling right now. and are are so alike. Please call him. I guarantee that you will not be sorry that you did. I think he seems like a very nice man.

If you can't make yourself call him, then wet the shirt with cold water and stretch it. 100% cotton stretches better when it's wet.

Light and love my friends.

02-07-2007, 12:00 PM
Congratulations, Rhonda! What a worthwhile cause you'll be involved in.

02-07-2007, 12:07 PM
Okay, somehow I overlooked Rhonda's announcement about the new job so I had to go back! How horrible I feel! Congratulations to you!!! It sounds like such a good thing and I know there will be so many people grateful for your assistance. I hope it is everything you hope it will be!

02-07-2007, 12:25 PM
good morning friends. i'm up and rearing to go to the archery center. the crunch time is beginning. i'm very very excited. also, my new bow came yesterday via ups from martin archery. it's a gorgeous chameleon. (their new compound color) it changes colors in the light.

i am wishing everyone a wonderful wednesday.

02-07-2007, 01:27 PM
Okay - thanks for helping me keep this in perspective - you are right - when I try to imagine things turned around the other way - I send him a shirt that doesn't fit - I would be very upset myself and would do EVERYTHING in my power to ensure he had a shirt that fit as he liked! I would want him to tell me and then I would figure out other options.

Vickie - I love your 'suggested' wording and will use it if I may! I really really want to have my very own froufie cruise shirt - so I will ask how to best get this done! (and will send $$ for sure!).

Niki - I actually think I still like and need that beige thing so may order it anyways for 'other' outfits - I guess it won't 'show' under clothing? (what if you are wearing a white shirt - with white bra and this beige thing - I presume the white straps might show?)

Sandra - you go girl - give that new bow a 'championship' workout!

Rhonda - hope your backache is feeling better (did you take anything? ) - I sitll have a slight crick in my neck from sleeping on the loveseat (besides the fact that I look like @#$# with puffy eyes, red cheeks and a tired face!)

DD home sick today (same sore throat ds had last week) - so dropped her off at her dad's for the day as the cleaning lady is at our house today (YIPPEE).

On the way home I am stopping at the mall/Sears to pick up my NEW LANCOME mascara and my bonus, ordered some white sandals from catalogue for possible cruise wear so have to get those too.



02-07-2007, 03:28 PM BP is down to 104 over 64...quite remarkable for me. The bronchial tubes still feel tight/weird but maybe not as bad.

This low sodium thing stinks. I've decided not to go crazy for the moment. I'm just not going to use the shaker and I'm going to avoid high salt things like soup. Except...I had HC Split pea soup at lunch. I've eaten it a million times before. It has about 900 mgs of salt for the whole can which I always eat. I ate about 2/3 of the can and decided I was "satisfied". I'm guessing this will be good for my program as well. I probably have NO idea what things taste like.

Frouf, I'm glad you sound better. I hope you use whatever wording works! I just don't want to think of you upset or in emotional pain.

Sandra, your new bow sounds very cool. Go get em, chick!

02-07-2007, 04:29 PM
Ooh, I love your wording Vickie, and you're right to turn it around Frouf. You wouldn't want HIM to feel upset by something you did, especially if it was intended to make you happy. I'm sure he'll do anything he can to make you comfortable. :)

So I called my salon, and they had an appointment for today! at 4:15. I scheduled for a consultation and a cut, but if I decide I won't get it cut today it'll be OK. Knowing me though, it'll get cut. I was talking to my mom, and it's funny. She thinks of her hair as a valuable (and non-renewable) commidity :lol:, and to me, it's an irritating, over-abundant easily replaceable annoyance. I have no doubt I will like the cut for it's comfort and ease of styling. I just hope it'll look good too. I think I'm obsessing waaay too much over a haircut.

I have weigh-in tonight, and I'm hoping to do pretty well. I still don't have my appetite back from the stomach flu a week ago, so my weight is down. Hey, I'll take what I can get! :D


02-07-2007, 06:26 PM
ahh frouf, I hear you,,I have done what Vickie suggested and took a t-shirt out of the washer and wore it wet! It worked for me. Hope you dont stress anymore about it...((hugs))
Vickie have you tried any low-sodium soups?? or making your own,,there are some good recipes on here,, I find the way Im eating now I HAVE to freeze stuff so Im not tempted to just grab whatever from the cupboard. I also have to be more organized and have things on hand to make a salad etc... I do find myself cooking alot more now but figure Im worth it. Dh wont eat what I eat so I make twice the meals..I try to sneak in good stuff in his though haha. Good going on the blood pressure reading!
Angela good luck on the haircut today and wiegh in
Suppers ready so im going to wave at everyone else.....
just had to peek in and give my two cents..

02-07-2007, 06:27 PM
Angela, I'm delighted for you and can't wait to see a picture. I bet it will make you look even younger than you already look. Have your 5 year old take another great shot for you!

02-07-2007, 06:28 PM
Patti, Jim bought me low sodium ketchup. I'm sure I'll be trying ALL kinds of new stuff.

02-07-2007, 09:33 PM
Okay everyone...big news. I did indeed get my haircut. In this picture, it's still a bit wet, and styled maybe a little differently than I will style it. Plus my glasses are crooked. :lol: But you get the idea.

And, I lost 3.6 at weigh-in tonight, which puts me firmly within my WW goal weight, so I don't have to pay anymore!! I'm sure a lot of that loss is due to the stomach flu and the haircut, but hey, I'll take it.

Just thought I'd share.

Time to put kids to bed,

02-07-2007, 09:54 PM
Oh Angela, you looks SO pretty and perky....I just love it! Congratulations on doing something new. I'm also VERY proud of your loss. Good going.

02-07-2007, 09:57 PM
Wow, Angela, the haircut is great. It's very flattering. And, congratulations on the weight loss.

Sandra...a bow that changes colors is really cool. No doubt, you'll be the envy of all the archers in North America! They'll be so busy looking at your bow, they'll miss their shots and you'll be the :queen:

Frouf, it looks like you have a solution. Boy, did we ever give good advice on that one. :grouphug:

Vickie, I'm willing to bet that as time goes on you will get used to less salt. It really can be a killer. It's great that your BP is down some now.

My back got better as the day went on. I have just stressed it too much and have had to sit too much recently. Sitting is really not good for me, and I have to do so much of it. At least my co-workers are used to me getting up and walking around whatever room we are using in order to work out the kinks.

We went to Home Depot tonight and looked at cabinets. I'm considering some built-ins for the dining room. I have NO storage space and no buffet ror china cabinets. It will take me forever to decide what I want, but at least we put some effort into looking.

I'm shutting down the computer. Have a good night everyone.


02-07-2007, 10:02 PM
Wow - Angela - you look cute as a button - love the hair - and it will be so easy to maintain - and I don't think they cut 3 lbs of hair off of you! congrats on the amazing loss!

Vickie - congrats on getting that bp under control - great numbers! I guess I should be more serious in finding those low sodium products - you are setting a very good example for me!

Ya - so I did email Ray and let him know about how he so 'sweetly underestimated' my size - of course he felt super bad - I asked if I could somehow have the shirt redone on my own - turns out he had it custom made on the web ( - amazing site for customized gifts of all kinds)....but before I could check it out and see what other styles and sizes they carried - he sent me an email saying he had already ordered a 2X for me! Well I was thankful (but still kinda upset cuz I don't think the 'style' is good for someone of my proportions?)...the other thing I found out is that they have a 30 day return/refund policy (but not sure if this is for custom orders?? doubtful I guess?). So he is bringing the shirt to me in Florida - and I am SUPPOSED to put it on before we board - ya so wish me luck that the damn thing actually fits me (without too many fat rolls being exposed) - definitely on the market for a industrial strength camisole to suck it all in! Wish me luck!

Now I am supposed to be 'reading' some material for this workshop I am on tomorrow - but have a headache and the dreaded 'eye twitch' as I am so tired from my lack of sleep and emotional exhaustion - need to get to bed by 10 pm at the latest!

And I guess tomorrow is the 'official' end of week 2 Lose to Cruise weigh- in- I may have to get a one day extension myself (altho I am supposedly going out to dinner w/a gf tomorrow night so that might not work in my favor?)- I will bravely get on the scale and assess the damage (and lack of exercise this week couldn't have helped?). I think once I am rested and feeling better I will be in a better position to work this challenge!


02-07-2007, 10:08 PM
Rhonda, take care. Chronic pain stinks!

Frouf, good girl! All the stress is over now. You're probably feeling some letdown. I'm on my way up to have a bubble bath.

My numbers are good because I'm on 3 types of BP medicine! It's ok though. He wanted my numbers way down for the stress test on Friday. Have a good evening chicks!

02-08-2007, 12:03 AM
Angela, I love it!! I can picture you just putting your hands in it and fluffing it up -- what an easy and hopefully maintenance free look! It is very flattering for your face shape. WAY TO GO on that awesome loss!!

Good news, Frouf. I'm glad you got it all settled; otherwise, you would have fretted about it for the next three weeks. Ray sounds like a genuinely nice and caring friend.

I'm hoping for a good weigh-in tomorrow. This morning was 138.8 and (look away, Patti) I weighed tonight and it was right at 140. I'm usually two down in the morning, so I should still be within the 138s. I will change the tracker if so. I have been so stupendously good this week that I amazed even myself. My only non-Core food has been my nightly Dove dark chocolate, but it's only 43 calories. Tomorrow I have planned a Flex meal though, because I've been wanting a Nutrigrain bar. I have some blueberry bars at work so that with skim milk will be breakfast. Since that's so carby, I had to find a mainly protein lunch to balance it. In fact, I think I'll go ahead and start the menu thread for tomorrow.

Rhonda, take care of your back! Poor thing!

So Sandra, we got our letters today for the Arlington Sportsmens Club. Our orientation is Feb. 18 and after that, we'll be going out. If I know Judd, it'll be every weekend for a while. (Maybe I should go ahead and buy stock in Remington now since we'll be buying so many shells.) I suppose we'll also take the bow out there; I'll let you know how that goes. I'm sure I'll have 45,000 questions after the first time.

Good night, everybody.

02-08-2007, 09:59 AM
Morning all. I missed WI yesterday - just too darn busy at work to make the meeting. I was actually in meetings from 9 straight through until 3:00. Sarah is once again sick - fever started yesterday morning and not much better all day. She was at my moms yesterday and today I'm home with her. I brought all my work home with me and will be calling into meetings all day. Sarah is much better this morning. Motrin cuts fevers so much better than tylenol -- I did figure this out last time but I forgot! Well, she had motrin at 4am and woke up at 8 with just a low grade. Last night she spiked up to about 102 or so.

Angela, I love the hair! It will be so much easier. The last 2 times I had mine cut its getting shorter and shorter. And congrats on the loss! Fabulous, lousy way to get it but good thing out of being sick,right?

Frouf, I'm gald you addressed the shirt issue with Ray. You don't need to be worrying about that in the next few weeks.

Vickie, my new kick has been making soups/stews. When I make them there is no salt added - I even buy low sodium stock. Very tasty, especially with fresh herbs.

Kathy, good luck on the scale this morning!
Rhonda, congrats on the job!

Well, got to check on my baby girl and get ready for conf call #1 at 9:30.


02-08-2007, 10:41 AM
Good Morning chicks.

Kathy, good luck this morning.

Paula, I just can't imagine salt free but I'm trying. Yesterday, I cooked with no salt...just what was in the tomatoes and tomato paste. It was so flat. I admit that I shook just a few grains on top of my food. I'm doing the best I can.

No caffeine or chocolate for me today. It's a test rule. I can't even have decaf coffee or tea because there is still caffeine in those. I do miss my decaf in the morning. I guess I'll get lots of water in today!

Light and love and a great program day my friends!

02-08-2007, 11:02 AM
Good morning,I weighed myself this morning and I will post my results on the cruise to lose thread. My neighbor has her house for sell, so this looks like a pretty much done deal that they are moving. I just hope they sell to a nice family with children. I hate to see them go.

Froufy you seem in better spirits, I am sure the 2x will be very roomy. I am getting my haircut at 1pm this afternoon, I did check with a couple of people that i found out she cut their hair and they love her. My hair is not very difficult, I have a lot of long layers, I am going to get it cut like America Ferrera the girl who plays Ugly Betty(not ugly Betty's style :o She was on Ellen yesterday and I called up The stylist and told her to put on the channel, so she knows what I want.Wish me luck and keep your fingers & toes crossed and that I finally find a stylist I like. I think the beige support thingy is sheer enough to wear under t-shirts, you may not even need a bra it does have some bust support.

Angela I love your hair, it looks great!

Paula I hope Sarah feels better, I to prefer Motrin over Tylenol

Vickie so happy to hear your bp is down, good luck in Friday!

Kathy hope the scale is kind this A.M!

Rhonda conratulations on the New Position & glad to hear your back is feeling better.

Sandra your new bow sounds so pretty, you definitely will be the envy of all!

02-08-2007, 12:37 PM
Morning All,

Brrr is a about all I can say. Although yesterday it hit the double digits :D. Actually it's supposed to be in the mid to low 20's the rest of the week, so things are looking up. Haven't been around this week because I didn't want to be in the basement where the computer is, instead I've been hanging out in my sewing room which faces south and gets a lot of sun, made me feel like it was warmer anyway :lol:

Sandra - Glad you're feeling better, and the new bow sounds cool.

Frouf - Sounds like you've got the t-shirt dilemma taken care of. Just relax, everything works out in the end. Also my mom bought one of these to wear for Christmas and said it was really comfortable. I bought some nylons but haven't worn them yet.!stmenu_template.main

Angela - The hair is really cute. I'm with you in that it's just hair and it'll grow back if you don't like it long term. And :carrot: on the loss, and being at goal!!!

Rhonda - Congrats on the new job. Hope your back feels better.

Vickie - Good luck on your tests tomorrow. And on cutting out the salt. I find if I cook with a little I add a lot less than if I don't and end up adding it at the table. Herbs and spices definitely help that flat taste with out adding sodium, I also use Kosher it dissolves faster and has less sodium than regular table salt so using 1 teaspoon of it is like to 1/2 teaspoon of table salt in sodium content. Just take it slow.

Paula - hope Sara is feeling better.

Well, I've gotta go. Got some errands to run and then heading out to my parents for the afternoon.

Oh and I skipped WW on Tuesday, I knew it wasn't going to be pretty and I didn't want to deal with it (bad, bad). My home scale says I'm probably up about a pound. I'll adjust the Cruise ticker but I'm not going to change the overall one because it's not official.

Have a great day all -

- Tech

02-08-2007, 03:33 PM
Vickie, I think if you cook sodium free and add a some salt on top you are probably taking in such a reduced amount of salt. Also, aren't there reduced sodium salts??? I could have sworn I saw those once.

Well, I have a break until my next conf call at 4:00. I now don't believe women and men(not to exclude the dad's), who say they work from home and take care of children. With Sarah sick on the couch its been a long day taking care of her and doing calls. Thank goodness for mute on phones! She was good this morning and I was late giving her the next dose - by the time I was off the phone and giving her it she was miserable again and the fever was back. Not as high, just abit over 101. She is now sleeping and her temp is down 2 degrees -- I have a temple thermometer which works well on sleeping princesses. DH is on tomorrow, we both decided there is no way she is going to school. My nephews gf is now living with my Sister and BIL, she worked as a nanny. I'm going to call her to see if she can come by for a few hours tomorrow to help him out.

I'm off to look at condos again -- the realtor in Maine emailed me some more listings and one of the ones we like reduced the price by 10%. BBL

02-08-2007, 06:00 PM
Paula - sorry Sarah is under the weather - I'm sure you have your hands full - good luck and hope she gets better fast!

Vickie - I can't imagine salt free - maybe less salt! I'm with you and will be trying to reduce my salt intake - so I am keeping you company - do think of me! Good luck with the tests tomorrow - how are you doing without your decaf? (I was at a meeting all day and NO DECAF COFFEE - had a couple of small cups of regulare then switched to teas - very yummy - had some blackcurrant (excellent!), raspberry (pretty good) and apple cinammon (just okay)

Thanks for the spanx link but only up to XL which probably won't fit me! I found some body by nancy ganz thing at sears (but only in black - looking for beige as I think that will work with everything).

Now for the t-shirt update - you're gonna love this! Ray emails me today - forwarding a notice from zazzle - that they have CANCELLED his order as he is using copyrighted material (carnval logo/wicked logo) - I guess they periodically check what people are 'creating'? Too funny - so no 2X coming my way! He still has the 'images' and says he can get it made for me if I send him a t-shirt - or I thought I saw some stuff at Staples - iron on transfer sheets - you can put them thru a color printer - then iron onto a t-shirt - has anyone seen this or tried it? Will go see what I can find and price it out - so tonight I guess I am shopping for a beautiful BIG white t-shirt? Wish me luck!


02-08-2007, 08:13 PM
angela, wow!! i love your new do!! :woohoo: on the weightloss and getting back to goal and not paying!! you are an inspiration, gorgeous.

rhonda, i didn't realize you had backpain. i am more impressed than ever with your dancing.

frouf, ray's a good friend. i knew he'd understand and help you. also, wear that shirt with pride. you're a beautiful woman. remember this?


vickie, good success to you tomorrow with your stress test. when i took my first one, i fainted and 2 handsome young men came and helped me off the floor. look around. if you see handsome guys, you might do the same.

kathy, :;) for wi tomorrow. you and judd are going to enjoy being club members. have fun. you've been working long and hard and are deserving some chill time. i'll help you all i can if you need me. just ask away, friend.

paula, i wish i could miss wi tomorrow. i have a doctor's appt valentines day and he'll be asking for my ww record book. oh, well.

nikki, i need to go back and see your wi results. i missed them.

donna, it's hard to go to meetings when we know we've gained, isn't it?

okay, confession time. this is trivial to most but to me it's majorly traumatic. i understand if you don't want to read it. it's long.

for the past few weeks i've been struggling with my shooting. i have tried to keep a positive mind and not talk about it much because i'd thought it might be a mental (not crazy just confidence-type) problem. we'd try different things and i'd shoot better for a bit then i'd be right back struggling to get the arrow onto the X.

last night i was humiliated by my score. one of the other shooters is a psychologist who works with people to perform better under pressure, quit smoking, etc.... (rhonda, i'll bet you do this, too, don't you?) curtis and i both helped him get into archery recently. i think he was wanting to help me now. i kept wondering why he said several times on his way out the door at the shop how much he appreciated all we'd been doing for him. after he was gone one of the shop managers told me he was going over for a session with him this afternoon to help him with competition jitters. i really didn't think my problem was jitters. well, it would wind up being jitters but would always start out with what i thought was physical.

how did i help that humiliation get better? i ate a banquet enchilada tv dinner that wasn't even good.

around 11 pm ( while curtis was in the shower readying for bed) i got my gear back out and started shooting arrows at a target down in the basement. i told curtis i wasn't going to sleep till i'd found out what my problem was. like a trouper he jumped in and started working with me (again). around midnight we started talking about what was different from when we were in texas. i was shooting great down there and was in competition almost every week. now i couldn't even shoot well in practice let alone tournaments.
differences we came up with:
a. i was now shooting larger arrows that caused me to have to hold my bow slightly higher.
b. a coupler was recently added to my long stabilizer rod. this made my stabilizer too tall for me to load the arrows comfortably and also added weight to my equipment.
c. i was now shooting my recurve bow on friday nights. the grip is different on this bow than on the longbow and the compounds.

around 1 am curtis corrected the length of my stabilizer rod. i decided not to shoot the recurve any more till these championships are over so as not to confuse my old lucy brain. curtis also pulled out some other arrows that are lighter weight and fly higher. i was to try them out today. we went to bed around 2 am and amazingly fell right asleep and slept till this am.

we spent over 2 hours at the archery shop testing the different (3 types) arrows. after a few shots i realized i wanted to go back to shooting the lighter ones. then we shot a few ends. everything feels much more comfortable now. i have almost gotten the new arrows sighted in. it was like starting over today on sighting because of the different arrows plus the difference in the stabilizer. (everything affects everything else)

tomorrow we'll go finish resighting and i'll shoot a scoring round. if all this hasn't solved my problem, then i'll admit it's mental and call our friend for help. i don't know what else to do. i know we are more serious than most about archery, but that's just how we are. (especially me.) archery has been a huge contributor in helping me adjust to retirement. i need the focus it gives.

okay, i'll hush now. i'm sitting here with a big smile--being positive again.

02-08-2007, 08:45 PM
That wasn't bad to me at all! It IS the longest post I think I've ever seen you make, but I liked it. I hope you get it figured out so that you don't have to go thru this again.

Frouf, that's pretty funny about the shirt order getting cancelled. At least he has his shirt, you've got one that you'll be wearing this summer (won't you? ;) ), and I think the iron-on thing works pretty well from what I've heard.

I'm only working 1/2 day tomorrow and then will come home and clean this STANKY house! I have to sweep and mop (again), and vacuum. Bindy has been shedding like crazy. We ordered all of them some new vitamins last night from PetMeds; hopefully that'll help a lot.

Better go -- I'll be back in a little bit.

02-08-2007, 09:32 PM
Hi All:

Sandra, I enjoyed your post...of course, you're my favorite cousin so I hang on your words ;) I'm glad you're getting on top of what you love to do, and glad to hear that Curtis is right there beside you, helping.

I had a very long day, and took some anti-inflammatory medicine. I haven't had to do that in a while. Right now I'm thinking that I will go to Pilates tomorrow and just do what I can. I don't want to skip an entire week. I'll see how I feel in the morning.

I'm sorry to hear that little Sarah is feeling under the weather again. Little ones get sick so easily. Thank goodness they normally rebound quickly also.

That's a funny story about the T shirt, Frouf. But, at least it's all working out.

DH started the process of removing wall paper in the living room today. We are going to re-paper with paintable wall paper and paint it and the dining room. Great thing to do when your back hurts!! He'll do most of it. The wall paper is a pink-blue-cream-turquoise southwestern pattern that I have found to be very relaxing. But, it is over a decade old. In preparation for selling the house in about two years, we're making changes slowly. It will be nice to have something fresh. Why are we painting when it's too cold to open the doors and get ventilation???? Stupid!

Oh well....


02-08-2007, 09:45 PM
Just stopping in to say a quick "HI"
Hope everyone is doing ok.
It is a little warmer here today. In the double digits.
Yesterday was bad. We had alot of ice on the roads. The black ice stuff. And there was several wrecks.
I will have to go through and read the post. Didnt do that yet. So will have to catch up with everyone later.
The last couple of days have been bad eating days. So hope I can get back on track tomorrow.
Well everyone have a great night.
Thinking of you.

02-08-2007, 10:43 PM
Kathy did you just go weigh yourself..........

02-08-2007, 11:19 PM
Are you looking in my bathroom window, Patti?!?!

I think I'm busted!

02-09-2007, 12:08 AM
BACK AWAY FROM THE SCALE - time for another 'no weighing challenge' for us addicts don't you think? congrats on your lose to cruise weigh in - very well done!

Rhonda - poor you - hope the back is getting better and it is not stoppping you from 'directing' the work going on at home :D

coco - it is very cold here too - but started to snow (which usually means not as cold - let's hope so!).

Sandra - I loved your post - but ESPECIALLY LOVED your dedication to your sport and Curtis' help in analyzing your problem - spending all that extra time to figure things out is amazing (can you tell I am not a patient person :D) - I am sure once you figure things out you will be able to identify and correct the problem - we are all ROOTING for you - remember that!

Vickie - definitely good advice - if you see any cuties - flutter those eyelids and look fragile - I'm sure they will come and take care of you? Let us know how it goes.

Speaking of tests I just realized I have my FIRST MAMMOGRAM scheduled for tomorrow - I should have cancelled - don't want to drive in snow (and it's at lunchtime no less) - I understand it feels like having your breast pressed to the cold cement garage floor while a car drives over it? Is this accurate?

I was told to wear no perfume, no powder and no deodorant - now I can do without perfume or powder - but heck if I"m not wearing deodorant (hey maybe they mean you can wear anti-perspirant?). Will let you know how I survive.

And I am now in possession of 2 white t-shirts - I got one at cotton ginny (plain white v-neck - still looks a bit clingy to me?) and another at Walmart! Penmans - white short sleeve v-neck with a bit of that 'fake lace' look in the 'v' area - got the 3X and tried it on at home - but it is too big (loose - makes me look pregnant!) - I think I shall try that one in the 2X and send it off (unless I can find the iron transfer paper this weekend?). Problem is we don't have a color printer at home - I do have one at work - but don't feel comfortable using it to print on the transfer paper - my luck it will jam the machine and break it or something!!

Did not exercise tonight - but hope all the walking around at the mall helped (I have a bit of back pain now - I think it's that heavy purse on my shoulder that is causing it!).

3 weeks from tomorrow I'll be heading towards the warmth! I can't wait! (Have a peek at 'my' ship!


02-09-2007, 12:41 AM
kathy, i think patti is reading your mind. :dizzy:

rhonda, don't overdo it at your pilates class. i will probably go back to :swim: monday. i'm going to buy me my own :yoga: mat before i go back to that class. i'm thinking i might have gotten my bug there. who knows?

coco, hang in there, girl. you'll get back op. how much have you lost now? i'm thinking it's quite a few lbs.

frouf, i'm still living through you. your post makes me smile thinking of all of you as being my
:cheer: :cheer2: :cheer:

i'm hoping we've solved "the problem", too.:club: curtis now has my new bow ready for me to sight in tomorrow. :dancer: we'll be doing a lot of shooting. well, i will. he has a new student coming down from kalispell tomorrow. also, we got an e from a student down in texas who's coming up here sometime soon. i'm lucky to be married to my coach. i did take a lot of my frustration out on him lately. i told him this afternoon that i wanted to apologize for snapping at him so much. :hug:

this afternoon i went to dillards and bought me some "rocking" khaki slacks. we have to wear navy, khaki, or white pants or shorts for the first big tournament. i already have some navy so i'm good to go. it's a 2 day tournament.

02-09-2007, 09:17 AM
Good Morning Chicks. I'm up and getting ready. I'll come back later and tell you how I did. I'm sure it won't be until alot later since my normal pattern is to come home and sleep for about 3 hours!

I definitely do NOT want to faint! I had not even considered that possibility. It would take 4 of them to pick me up. How humilating!


02-09-2007, 10:15 AM
Frouf, I've used that photo transfer paper before, and it worked beautifully. I made a quilt with it for the nursery teacher at church who put up with my daughter for 2 years. :lol: I took photos of all the kids gradauating that year, and, using that paper, ironed them on to the blocks of the quilt and had the moms write nice little messages under their kids' pictures.

Anyway, long story short, the stuff works well. :D

I'm still getting used to the new hairstyle...trying to find the best product to use and how to style it. Of course, the girl at the salon wanted me to buy their product, but I figured I could find one here at home before I spend $16 on a bottle of gel.

Time to butter the kids' muffins (nope, no metaphor, I'm really buttering muffins) and get them off to school.


02-09-2007, 10:20 AM
Good morning! I'm at work, just finished my oatmeal and milk, and am about to go and clean out the fridge in the breakroom. It was unbelievably smelly this morning; not sure what I'll find but I know it won't be pleasant.

Vickie, good luck!


02-09-2007, 10:47 AM
good morning. i'm up early waiting to go practice. i'm excited and rearing to go.

vickie, i apologize for adding stressful thoughts. i didn't mean to do that. and those guys didn't really pick me up. they just stood over me and sort of willed me up i guess. they couldn't have lifted me. i have always been one to pass out easily even though i am and look like a burly mountain woman.

kathy, what did you find in the fridge? was it growing?

02-09-2007, 11:03 AM
Ewww - hope there was nothing nasty in the fridge - we actually have a 'sign up' sheet in our office kitchen - where 2 people sign up (and to be honest it seems to be working as we ALWAYS have volunteers) and the fridge is cleaned up the first Friday of every month! (and everything that is not labelled or looks icky gets tossed!).

Vickie - good luck let us know how it goes!

Angela - I agree - probably there exists a more reasonably priced drugstore product that will do the trick!

Paula - How is sarah doing? Hope she is all better!

Niki - when are you getting your haircut? (inquiring minds want to know!)

Sandra - I know those 'rocking' khaki pants will only make you shoot better! Can't wait to hear how you do!

Rhonda - so maybe I 'caught' what you have? :D Yes home today with a bit of lower back pain - still have some neck pain (from the sleeping on the loveseat incident) which is causing a bit of a headache - had trouble getting out of bed this morning.

So decided to stay home (seeing as I was leaving early anyways for the dreaded mammogram!) - and relax. Already dressed (think I shall take a break from the makeup today - yes I will scare everyone I meet!) - and soon to eat breakfast.

Going to walmart to get the 2X white t-shirt to see if it fits better (guess I will try it on in the store?) - otherwise no major plans! (have to call for manicure/pedicure appt - altho I hate showing my ugly feet!).



02-09-2007, 11:12 AM
frouf, sounds like you could use a back/neck massage. can you work one in today? enjoy your makeup free day off.

02-09-2007, 12:15 PM
It was gross. Problem is, out of the 50 people on this program, everyone thinks my cubemate and I are the official ones to do it. That's because we run a store there in the breakroom. I have preached to these people until I'm blue so I give up. Out of the 50 engineers, only 8 are women ... you see where I'm going with this, don't you?

I hope all the backs get better soon.

02-09-2007, 02:09 PM
Good afternoon, trying to catch up on housework & laundry. Wasn't home much yesterday, I went to get my haircut and stayed a while so my daughter could play, and I love my haircut! Then once my son got home from school we ran out so he could have his playdate. They had alot of fun, even dd had a blast at ds play date. Have to go make lunch & finish my chores :D Will catch up in a bit.

02-09-2007, 02:22 PM
Hello all. Sarah update -- last night I checked her when I went to bed and she was not hot at all! But then at 2:30 she was moaning, her fever was back but only about 101 and she complained of a headache. Got her to the bathroom, and more motrin. She took 1/2 and then decided it stung her tounge. It took about 15 minutes of coaxing to get her to finish it. She woke up with a low grade fever this morning - about 99. So she is getting better slowly. It took almost a 1/2 hour this morning to get her to take the motrin. DH is home with her today and he should be going through that struggle now :) Fingers crossed this is the end of it.

I'm a bit proud of myself for my kitchen control. Being home and working in the kitchen yesterday could have been a nightmare. I kept on plan all day! Funny how on the weekends I feel drawn to all the crackers and snacks. This morning the scale was down another .5. I'm not going to update my tickers until next week - staying with showing my official WI #s. But, the scale is cooperating again.

kathy, you a good person to clean out that mess. The cleaning company clean out our refidgerators once a month. The kitchen I use is by the IT group - no offense to any IT folks, but man, they are pigs! We have several kitchens around our office and they all stay some what clean, except this one. Oh well.

Frouf, glad the t-shirt issue is resolved. My sister has also had great luck with those transfer sheets. Let us know how it comes out. Have fun at the mammogram! I had my first one last November, I didn't think it was as bad as I had thought.

Vickie, good luck on the stress test.

Sandra, loved the story. I can just see you and Curtis now in the middle of the night practicing! You are one devoted chickie!

Angela, I have a Garnier Fructis styling gel that I love. It dries well (your hair doesn't look gelled). I do love to just flip my head upside down and dry the back, then I use the gell stuff to have it sort of stick all out. It holds really well. I do use a brush on the front but my back is short enought it just sort of does its own thing and looks stylish. The gel is fairly cheap - I think under $5,comes in a green squat jar. HTH.

Well, off to post my menu for today.

02-09-2007, 04:39 PM
You didnt see me hiding in the bushes did you!!

02-09-2007, 05:21 PM
Vickie, just did a quick search on the web for low sodium receipes. I found a lot of sites -- most of the receipes looked very good. Here is one that looks yummy - low sodium pizza!


02-09-2007, 05:37 PM
Patti, I'm pretty sure I did!! You can get in trouble for that, you know! :lol:

The company cleans out all the other fridges in the building but our area requires a security clearance plus another special access clearance. Only two of the cleaning people are cleared, and they leave our fridge alone because they know we keep lots of condiments in it. The others are cleaned out every Friday and they will throw away everything INCLUDING your lunchbox if you don't get it.

It's going to be a dreary weekend so I guess I'll stay inside and do housework. Yippee.

02-09-2007, 06:01 PM
Hello all,

I'm kind of mopey, DH and I were supposed to go across the border (to Canada) tomorrow and go to a winery we like and then to a sushi place, but he called and said they might want him to work, he told them he's only available til noon so we'll see. I guess if we don't go tomorrow we can go in a couple of weeks....


I think I've figured out why I have a hard time sticking to Core for more than 3-4 days. I decided to do what some of you do and track my points too. Yesterday I came up 5 pts short and today it looks like it'll be similar. I wasn't measuring portions just eyeballing it, but I don't think I'm off by that much....Time to look into some other lunches I think.

Kathy - Ich about the fridge. To bad you got stuck cleaning it out. Try not to have too much fun with the housework :D

Frouf - Hope the mammogram went ok. They're not as bad as I thought they were going to be, I hear it's worse if you have no chest (mine's not huge but definitely there). Also if you decide to print your own t-shirt (it works pretty well), remember that the finished product is mirror image of the print. I forgot and ended up with backwards words....

Sandra - Hope the reasoning helps your shooting.

Vickie - How was the stress test???

Paula - Congrats on avoiding the temptations of being at home :D

Well gotta go start dinner. I'm trying a new recipe for shepherd's pie from Cooking Light.

Have a great night all. :wave:

- Tech

02-09-2007, 06:54 PM
Kathy - send around a SIGN UP SHEET for all the lazy men - dates on it - and 2 people sign up for each kitchen clean up day - no way you (and the other women should be stuck doing this!) Not fair!

So my boobs might eventually look the same right? ha ha ha - lots of COMPRESSION going on - I hate doing this at the hospital (the xray place near out house has a huge backlog) - "where is your green hospital card?" - I don't have a green hospital card? Why? I don't know? have you ever been here before? no? You have never been to this hospital before? NO! Then go back to "registration' - take this hall , turn right, 2nd door on the left - and get the green card then COME BACK! you gotta love efficiencey!

In order to get over the trauma - I had to go to the nearest mall (which was fun cuz I was across town and rarely shop here!) - tried on some bras, some of those 'shapers' - did not do much for me - then looked at every white t-shirt I could find.

GOOD NEWS IS I found a white shirt - yes a cotton - 3/4 sleeve, collared white shirt w/buttons down the front - $30 and I love it! Very cute and fits well (and presume it can be 'customized') I am thinking I can even wear it open with a black or lime green tank underneatch (okay I usually don't do 'lime' green - not a good froufie color - but want to match the color in the Wicked logo - on left pocket area and on back!) - It will look so cute! Not sure if I should wear white or black bottoms? What do you think?

Tech - hope you get to visit "Canada"! :D and enjoy some wine!

Paula - hope Sarah is finally on the mend - my dd was the WORST for taking medicines as well - we had every 'flavor' available in the medicine cabinet (then she would just go and throw it up!) - good luck! And congrats on your excellent kitchen control.

Too funny about the 'backwards' lettering on the transfer - ya I probably would have done the same! I am actually 'sending' the shirt back to Ray for him to do (he has all the images/lettering) and turns out he used to do t shirt printing on the side - sold all the equipment to a friend - and she will be doing this for him! YIPPEE!

Freezing cold today - glad to be home but still not warming up too much. Dh coughing like a MANIAC - seriously all day and all night - not good - won't go see a dr of course - just taking all sorts of cough meds which are obvioulsy not working!

And pre pre cruise manicure/pedicure scheduled for tomorrow afternoon (yes I could also use a massage!). Not sure if I will have another pedicure done before I go (3 weeks) or just do the new color myself? I just can't imagein walking around with sock/shoes on tomorrow at the salon cuz my little tootsies will be FROZEN! (gosh what we go thru to be beautiful!)


P.S. Just modelled the shirt for dh - he also loved it says it's MUCH better than the t-shirt (ya just say my spare tire was showing in the t-shirt style!) - then tried it on with the white tank underneath - boring - then with black - very very nice!!! Will probably wear black capri bottoms, black tank with the white shirt open - white watch and white flat sandals (w/black sole) - My new boarding outfit - what do you think?

02-09-2007, 07:39 PM
Sounds pretty cute to me.

02-09-2007, 08:22 PM
Evening Everyone
How is everyone doing. Me? Ok. But I didnt get back on track today. And I dont know why. I was eating and not even hungry. And would eat before thinking. Then afterwards. Was like DUH!! Why did you do that. If you are going to get to goal. You wont do it this way.

FROUFY Glad you found your white shirt. Sounds cute.

ONTARGET I havent lost much weight. I had lost 52 lbs. But I have gained about 27 lb back. And now am having a really hard time getting it back off. But I guess at least I havent gained it all back. So hopefully I can get it back off.

Not sure what I will do tomorrow. May go to the mall. But will see. Should stay home and get some cleaning done. But guess I can do that on a snowy day. They are talking that maybe Monday evening into Tues we may get some snow. but said they are watching the storm system. and dont know yet what we may get. But at least the temps are in the 20's.
Well i better get off here. Just checking in.
Hope everyone had a great day.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

02-09-2007, 09:02 PM
hi there, chickies. we just finished dinner. we're going to see the devil wears prada in a bit. on the way home from town curtis stopped and bought me a bouquet of roses. early valentines' day. i told him he was helping me get my self-esteem back up. life is good.

frouf, get that massage, girl. rhonda, you get one, too. hmmmmmmmm....maybe i should get one myself.

coco, i am proud of you for re-starting before you gained any more. it's hard to come back but we can do it. just think how much better we're already feeling.

donna, i hope you get to cross the border and get your wine tomorrow. sounds like fun to me.

kathy, when did you say you're going to the club range?

vickie, how did the stress test go? we're anxiously waiting for news. sure hope it's good news for you.

nikki, playdates sound like successes.

paula, i'm glad miss sarah's getting well. i'll bet she's exhausted from being sick.

angela, i don't put much in my hair. i use biosilk mousse. also, my stylist is getting me some paste to use to add more height.

patti, how's your weather? ours is mild. it's raining now.

frouf, you could write a book about just about anything you do. :lol:

it's showtime. i'll see ya'll tomorrow.

02-09-2007, 09:13 PM
Hey Chicks. I'm home and very, very pooped. The test lasted 4 hours but part of it was just sitting for 45 minutes while the medicine "circulated". Honey Lamb stayed the whole time in case I needed him. I really love that man!

I HATED the part where the medicine created the stress part, but I had gotten myself pretty worked up. My chest hurts like crazy but I won't have any results until Monday night when I got back to see the Cardiologist. They must not have seen anything horrible on the echo cardiogram or the stress test since I got them to admit that if there was anything really, really bad they would have called my Cardiologist.

I tried to sleep when I got home but I was still pretty worked up. Jim and I are going to watch TV and I hope to have a good night sleep tonight. My good friend from WW called to check on sweet was that? I won't go back next week but definitely the week after. I must get back down to business. I have been very, very good since last Monday.

Have a good evening and again thank you SO much for thinking of me and sending up good thoughts!

02-09-2007, 09:23 PM
My kids drove me bonkers this evening, I had to run out to get a gift because my brother tells me on Wednesday that he is having a surprise 40th birthday party for his wife at her sisters house, thanks for the notice. Now back to my kids, they acted up so bad in Kohls, my 3 yr old dd was in whine mode full blast, all she did was complain & cry, at one point she pulled my ds so hard they landed flat on the floor in the department store I just stood there mortified, my dd is going through a terrible stage where she is defiant about everything!!! Well, the good thing is I got her a really pretty pair of earrings, that I thought were $65.00, turns out there was a huge sale on all jewelry and I paid $22.00 with tax. Just gave kiddies there baths and dd is in bed, I am done for the evening.

Kathy, I like froufys suggestion about the volunteers to clean the fridge, Yuck I hate smelly fridges.

Froufy glad you found a shirt you like. I got my haircut yesterday and I do like it, the real test will be tomorrow morning when I style it, but she definitely new what she was doing, I watch as they cut. How is hubby feeling?

Paula I hope sarah is feeling better, my dd is the worst with medicine, I have to give her chewable antibiotics, I have to crush them and mix them with milk and for fever reducer I have to use suppositories, it is no picnic when she gets sick.

Tech I live close to the Long Island vineyards, have not gone to them but have had their wine, I do plan to go with my sil when the weather warms up.

Sandra how did it go with the new bows?

Going to relax and watch a little tv, will check back

02-09-2007, 10:19 PM
Paula , I checked with my friend who has taken the Tapanzee bridge quite afew times, she says it is a nice ride and the traffic depends on the time of day, she usually goes over it around 7am and says there is no traffic.
hope this helps!

02-09-2007, 10:31 PM
SSSSSSshhhhhh lets hope Vickie is sleeping. So glad that test is over with for you.
Thingirl, you should have bought yourself some earrings as well at that price.
Frouf found you found your shirt. I think the combination will be great!
Sandra the temp is moving up during the day...warm as in -15C to a balmy
-35 at night still. brrrrrr
Tech I made my own sushi this week for the first time....its was a california roll was sooo easy. First time I tried avacado..yummmy Im going to be making more of those.
coco more snow...yuck...Im so sick of it now. I want spring!!
Kathy get off that scale......I have spies
have a great night everyone

02-09-2007, 10:32 PM
:rofl: You're killing me, Patti!

02-09-2007, 10:40 PM
Glad you're home now, Vickie, and I hope you get good rest tonight.

Sandra, Judd went today with the member who sponsored us. Our orientation is a week from Sunday; I doubt we'll take our guns but I'll definitely get a good look at the archery range and ask some question. They have monthly archery matches on the first Saturday of each month, so I'll go out and watch next month.

Believe me, we've tried everything with that fridge and it wouldn't happen. Most people don't care squat about it; all they want to do is make the mess and let someone else clean it up. I'd give in much sooner than they would because I can't stand a big stanky mess, and I guess they know it. Buncha losers.

I have lost my digital camera and am starting to really get upset about it. At first I thought I left it at my parents' house when Shaun and I went over there, but they say it isn't there. It's nowhere to be found in this house.

Oh and I decided to dye my hair brown tomorrow. After 50 years, I've gotten sick of this drab dirty blonde stuff.

Nighty night.

02-10-2007, 12:18 AM
Sounds like it's hairstyle week on the Core Board - I am behind schedule as my appt is 2 weeks away - ha ha ha (as Kathy dyes her hair brown - I will be adding subtle yet eye-catchin golden/caramel highlight to my brown hair!).

Niki - well meltdowns do happen - remember 'it's just a phase' (at least that what I keep telling myself - everything shall pass). Let us know how the styling goes!

Angela - any luck with your hair gel and styling?

CoCo - maybe planning ahead might help? Write down your meals/menu for the day - and try and stick to it - this might help stop the unnecessary nibbling - esp when not hungry (been there done that so I am very familiar with this situation!).

Vickie - sounds like you survived - and didn't do too badly! I'm sure it's nothing serious - as you mentioned - and I do hope you are having a VERY REALXING evening - and a good rest too!

Looks like Ray will be sending me the heat transfer sheets so I need to call around and find some t-shirt printing place that will transfer them for me (and yes Paula - I checked and the writing will appear backwards on the paper so it's right ways on the shirt!:D - ya I wasn't born yesterday you know!)

Dh is still coughing like crazy - it is driving me nuts and I don't know how he can stand it - says he is getting a headache - no kidding - he is giving me a headache - so ya I just had a 'discussion' w/him about seeing the dr - says you don't go to the dr for a cold - ya but this is not a cold - when parts of your lungs are expelled when you cough! And I CANNOT AFFORD TO GET SICK RIGHT NOW - so stop spreading those germs around - thank you very much! harumphh.... I do feel sorry for him - but really he needs to be somewhat responsible for his own health!

Almost time for bed!


02-10-2007, 12:53 AM
Hi friends! I miss all of you. I hope that you're doing well. DH and I are watching a weird movie right now and I'm about asleep. But I wanted to come and say hi and let you know that I'm thinking about all of you and haven't fallen off of the wagon. ;)
I'll be back tomorrow! :hug:

02-10-2007, 09:58 AM
Good Morning Chicks. I had great rest. I'm still tired so it will be a slow and easy day. I sort of feel let down like I was hit by a truck. I'm sure my muscles that I had clenched from nerves are all relaxing and beginning to hurt. I'm thinking one of my famous bubble baths are in order with a good book.

I got kind of sad yesterday. When I got home is normally a time I would have called Cindy. I just had to talk to her in my head. I'm sure she was with me.

Paula, thanks so much for the link. I had NO idea that pizza was salty. Well, I guess I knew that cheese is a bit salty. I have to admit that I formerly salted my pizza! This is going to take a lot for me to conquer. But since I don't want to kill my heart, I have to try. I'm having a very hard time not shaking let alone cooking with low/no salt ingredients! One step at a time.

I hope you all have a great day.

02-10-2007, 11:46 AM
Rest up, Vickie.

Melissa, we miss you!

Nothing is planned here today except for housework, housework, and more housework. The dishes are washing now, and I brought Erin's towels down to wash. There is probably three loads of them. My whites are washed but I think I have maybe two loads of darks. Then sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning the two downstairs bathrooms. And that's it. Oh and cooking dinner but that's no big deal. We're having baked chicken, potatoes and onions, and green beans. It's basically last night's dinner that didn't get cooked.

I don't know where I got this potato onion recipe (maybe here) but if anyone has tried it, let me know. It says to slice a potato in 4-5 slices, slice an onion, and then put the onion slices between the potato slices, pour a little FF Italian dressing on top, and wrap them in foil. The recipe says put them on the grill, but I'm going to bake in the oven like baked potatoes. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Judd's going to the gun show, Erin is at work, so it's just me and the dogs for a while. I hope they're ready to put on their cleaning clothes and get busy! :lol:

02-10-2007, 12:58 PM
Just popping in real quick while DH is in the shower. He turned down the OT so we could go as planned. He probably would have changed our plans but he finds this particular job/customer frustrating and was more than happy to pass it off to someone else (they've all done it to him :)).

Dinner last night was really good. I've never been a big fan of shepherd's pie but DH loves it so I thought I'd try. It had mashed sweet potatoes with chipoltes in adobe mixed in on top and then browned ground sirloin and veggies in the bottom. Unfortunately I halved the recipe but didn't halve the chipoltes so it was a little spice for me, but just right for him :D. I baked them in individual casseroles so maybe next time I'll add the extra to his only.


Sandra - How sweet. I unfortunately am allergic to roses, I stuff up something fierce. This afternoon is are early Valentine's day too.

Kathy - Good luck with the potatoes. We do something similar only with olive oil or butter instead of the dressing its the main way we eat potatoes in the summer. Never done it in the house though, let me know how it turns out.

Vickie - glad everything seemed to go ok for you. Hope the doc has only good news on Mon.

Patti - I make my own sushi too, but I won't deal with raw fish, really fresh is just too hard to come by in SE Mich. So a couple times a year we go out for it.

Thingirl - Haven't been to the Long Island Winerys, but have been to the fingerlakes many times :) My family calls me a Wino. But we just enjoy it and stick to the smaller ones, cause the people are usually so friendly. Someday we'll make it to CA or France.

Coco - Mall vs Cleaning hmmmm let me think.....No contest which is why my house is buried in dust.

Well time to go make lunch and head out. Have great afternoon all.

- Tech

02-10-2007, 01:29 PM
Hi All:

It's going to be a slow day here I hope. A week ago I was in NM and it seems that it was a month ago! It was a long week, psychologically.

Yesterday, I got to work and noticed that I did not have on my engagement and wedding rings. I called DH at home and he looked "everywhere." They were not to be found. I do NOT take them off in public places but I could imagine that I might have taken them off at work to put lotion on my hands. Of course, they weren't there :yikes:

The quick end to the story is that I did find them: in a safe place where I never put them, of course.

So, Kathy, look for your camera where you would never put it!

Have a good OP day everyone. I'm going to take a nap maybe....after I walk the doggies.


02-10-2007, 01:44 PM
Rhonda, you sound down in the dumps. I hope you have a great nap and feel more yourself later.

Kathy made feel like I should do some know distract myself. Jim is out shopping for food for today and tomorrow. I'm not making hard meals but they will be Core. My weight is quite up this morning and I'm wondering if it is from the medicine yesterday. I'm drinking my water!

02-10-2007, 01:48 PM
Happy Saturday everyone.

Vickie, glad the tests are over. I agree that if there was something really bad you would not be home. Its also nice you don't have to wait too long to meet with the Dr either. Let us know on Tuesday how you make out on Monday.

Frouf, thank goodness the t-shirt dilema is over! No need to have that extra stress.

Melissa, welcome back! Please stay -- did you start school again this semester or was that the end of it?

Kathy, I've made potatos like that. They do come out very yummy. The onlything I can suggest is to not add too much dressing -- I think it makes them too gooey, IMO

Well, Sarah woke up this morning without a fever! YEAH. Now she seems to have a head cold, which doesn't stress me out as much. She slept until 7:30 this morning as I did as well. For us that is sleeping in.... She is now napping. Hopefully she will be good enough tomorrow to go to her freinds birthday party.

The exciting news (yes, parents will agree),we have a baby sitter tonight! We only ever use family and my nephew's girlfriend moved here and she has a degree in early childhood education. She watched Sarah for 4 hours yesterday and will be here tonight at 7. We are meeting 2 sisters and 2 BIL at a local bar. I am eating very little today so I can splurge on a few beers (light ones) and some pizza. Just being out with just adults is going to be fun.

On the frustrating side - for the life of me I can't remember my password for my bank. I've been trying for 2 days and keep getting locked out. What is bothering me is I use this all the time and I thought I did know it -- not sure what is going on. Now since I have $ that needs to be transferred, I have to either figure out how to use their phone system or I may actually have to walk into a bank on tuesday....ugh.....

Well, need to go finish cleaning while the princess is sleeping. The vacuum is just too noisy for her. BBL

02-10-2007, 02:04 PM
Paula, I'm glad Sarah is on the mend. Have a great time tonight. My Niece is in your shoes with the kids. Jim and I are one of her "safe" babysitters. She hasn't used anyone outside the family yet.

02-10-2007, 02:35 PM
Hi friends! Thanks for missing me. I really did not mean to stay away for so long...I'm not sure what my excuse is, but I apologize!
Things are going pretty good here. I have been doing flex, which is maybe why I haven't been posting. I know that I eat better on core (when I'm really doing it) but I've just had a hard time getting back into the swing of things. I flubbed around with core for so long. With all the birthday celebrations of this past week and the week to come I'm going to stick with flex for another week, then probably come back to core.
I'm really enjoying my meetings. To Vickie, Sandra, and everyone were right! I should have gone a long time ago. I hate to pay so much money, but it really is helpful. Unfortunately I gained .6 last week and that was disheartening, but I guess that's the way it goes.
Last Tuesday I went to my new ob/gyn. She told me that I really need to lose 40 pounds, that it would help with my fertility and then pregnancy. She wants me to come back in June with my WW results. She also put me on some kind of medication (glucophage) that she said would help balance my hormone levels (I had ovarian cysts when I was a teenager and been on BC ever since to suppress them). The good news--she said it would also help me lose weight. So I was all about that. Anyway, after meeting with her I bought a WW monthly pass. It's cheaper than paying weekly, plus I get eTools which are very nice. I'm committing to go at least until June when I go back to see her.
In the meantime my car is still in TN (I did tell you all that story, didn't I) and the dealership that "fixed" the car is giving us heck over fixing it. It's a long story and is causing an unreasonable amount of stress in our house. I don't know why people are so dirty.
Well I think that's the catch-up on me. I'm going to try to catch up with you all before I get back to cleaning my house.

02-10-2007, 02:48 PM
Vickie, :hug: I don't know what else to say! You've been through the ringer, that's for sure. You sound like you're feeling better though (well, at least you are trying!) and that makes me feel good. :hug:

Kathy, have fun with all that housework today. We have so much laundry and clutter I often ask DH how we will do it when we have kids, I can't keep up with the two of us! :rolleyes:

Angela, I love your new hair cut! Do you love it?

Rhonda, I'm so glad that you found your rings! You scared me for a minute. I hope that you have a rest-filled day.

Paula, I'm glad that Sarah is feeling better. No, I didn't go back to school this semester. We're trying to get my husband through, plus it's hard to afford both of us. I'm working hard on my Pampered Chef business and that's going pretty well.

Niki, don't you just love Kohl's? That's my main shopping spot these days.

Sandra, hi my friend! You sound like you've had a stressful couple of weeks. :hug: I'm sorry. I hope that today is a wonderful day!

OK I know that I'm not caught up but at least that's a start.

02-10-2007, 03:56 PM
Thanks, Melissa! It helps to know you guys are holding out great hope for me yet. I miss reading your posts. Somedays lately the best thing about my day is reading all of the normal things going on in all of your lives. Very exciting news about the glucophage!

02-10-2007, 04:57 PM
hi there, chickies. we're home from the morning's training session and are going back shortly. kids' league's going on right now. yesterday i sighted in the new bow amidst oohs and aahs from the guys there. they were oohing/aahing about the bow, not me. :lol: our friend who's the psychologist was there and worked on my mental game. he even gave me some homework to do last night. well, for every night, actually. :books: i am feeling much much more confident already.

vickie, i'm glad your testing is over and that you'll be finding answers monday. for awhile i had to have the echo every 3 months; then every 6 months; then annually; now i have them biannually. it's amazing what modern medicine can do, isn't it? that is sweet of jim to stay right with you. you're a very very loved woman. makes me smile.

nikki, i empathize with you about the shopping experience. been there/done that. you got a great bargain on those earrings.

patti, that's cold, girl. i'll bet you're making a lot of soup and other hot foods. i'm glad you enjoyed the sushi. i've only had it once and i confess it took quite a bit of sake for me to eat it then. (i've led a sheltered life, haven't i?)

kathy, i'd like to hear all about those archery tournaments. change of hair color? find that camera so you can post photos for us to see your new do.

frouf, my hair appt is feb 28. i'm getting highlights. this must be chickie makeover month. :;):

howdy, melissa. sure am glad you're on that wagon. i can see you right now up there in the front seat cracking that whip. way to go, podna!! we watched wicker man last week. talk about weird!!

donna, enjoy your valentines' treat today. your shepherd's pie sounds good to me. i'm a spicey gal for sure.

whew! rhonda! i'm glad you found those rings. i can imagine your panic. this has been a long week for us, too. does that mean our lives will be longer now that weeks last longer?

paula, i'm glad sarah's better and you and dh are having a night out.

melissa, i just read your today's post. i am sooooo happy for you for getting help losing weight. being accountable to my doctor is one of the main things that helped me. guess i'd better get back to practicing what i preach. i didn't go to ww this week. i did have a slight loss, though. i'm 164.5 now. that's about what i've been weighing since before thanksgiving. right now, i'm happy to maintain. when the next 2 tournaments are over, i'll work harder at weightloss. my feeble old mind is hard to focus on 2 things at once. yep, i've had oodles of stress lately. it's actually been going on for a month or longer. hopefully, the wave of stress is lifting now.

vickie, i am not just having hope for you--i'm expecting the best for you.

02-10-2007, 05:29 PM
Redhead checking in. Uh, yeah. Medium brown, my a$$! I should SUE! :lol:

02-10-2007, 07:18 PM
Sandra, you sound wonderful! I wish you lived next door. I'd lure you over with Core meals so your optimism could rub off on my chubby little body.

Kath, redheads have more fun! Where's the picture?

Jim went to get us Chipotle. I said I would cook and then I changed my mind. I need to stop doing what I think I should be doing and doing what feels best for the time being.

02-10-2007, 07:32 PM

Well, Vickie, I think I was a little down in the dumps, for no immediate reason. I didn't take my nap, but I did get some shopping out of the way and did bring some food into the house.

We'll have trout fillets tonight, and I like those.

DH has been stripping wallpaper, and I think the mess was just getting to me. The house is too small to have a mess in it! I'm too impatient....oh well, it's February...all bets are OFF. Too $#&@* cold for this Southerner.

Even the die hard winter lovers get the February blahs!

Kathy, redheads are favorite SIL is a redhead.


02-10-2007, 08:43 PM
Hey Rhonda, everyone is entitled. I just wanted you to know that I noticed and wished I could help.

I'm listening to music from Wicked and trying to relax.

02-10-2007, 09:24 PM
Hi Everyone
We had a nice day today. Sun was shining. In the 20's. No snow. In fact alot of our snow has melted the last couple of days. But they are saying some more is on the way. Some flurries Monday. And then some snow Tues into Wed. They are not sure how much. Depends on how the system goes.
Well the Mall won out. But the only thing I bought was a basket for 2.99 on sale. I wanted one to hang on my wall to put the bills in. Instead of just laying them on top of the TV stand.
And then ran the car through the car wash. Was awful salty. So now it looks better.

ONTARGET How was the movie. I wonder if it would be any good.

VICKIE Glad the test is over. Am thinking of you. And you are in my prayers.

FROUFY Did you find a shawl/jacket for your dress. Thinking of you.

TEJAS So glad you found your rings. I cant imagine what you went through looking for them. Well yes I can. I would have been so stressed and upset it wouldnt have been funny.

Thinking of all of you.
Am going to get off here for now. Just checking in.
Hope everyone had a great day.

02-10-2007, 09:25 PM
kathy, are you our new lucy? do you have a ponytail?

vickie, you could lure me over any time, girl. i wish we lived closer, too. wouldn't we have fun!

rhonda, keep your chin up. go to a movie or something to get out of the house. i hope doyle gets everything finished soon. is he a fast worker?

02-10-2007, 09:26 PM
coco, that movie was weird but i liked it. it's not a good one to watch right before bedtime, though.

02-10-2007, 09:35 PM
Hi Sandra! I know, I was thinking of you when the doctor told me to come back with my weight loss report. I wanted to exercise today but I didn't. I've been working on laundry and Pampered Chef stuff. Plus I actually cooked twice today, which is a record for me on the weekend. ;)

Speaking of that, we're going out to eat again tomorrow for my mom's birthday. Thursday it was MIL's bday, Tuesday is mom's. So lots of eating out (and with w/i on Monday!!). I think we are going for steak though, so it shouldn't be too bad. Last night we went out to Ted's Montana grill. I had the bison burger (no bun) with tomato, pickles, green beans and sauteed mushrooms/onions. It was SO good and the whole meal was 9 points, or core I do believe! I highly recommend it if you all haven't tried it.

02-10-2007, 09:50 PM
Sandra, no ponytail due to a few layers but I still straighten it. I suppose it'll do for now, but I really wanted brown. Suppose I should have gotten dark brown.

Melissa, the doctor visit sounds positive and it seems like he's giving you some good advice to get ready!

I ended up making chicken, sweet potatoes and salad instead of the potato/onion thing and green beans. Judd had wanted to go out but I said no, I'm cooking. I knew if we went somewhere we would totally go off our respective plans and regret it. Plus, he had Mexican food at lunch with his dad, so he sure didn't need to add to it.

I got a new Russell Stover SF candy at the store that's coconut, sorta like Almond Joy. It is GREAT! I usually just buy the peppermint patties from RS, and then SF Reeses. I used to keep them at work in case I wanted something sweet, but haven't had any in a while. When I saw them at the store and bought them on a whim. I'm glad I did now.

I'll be back in the morning. Oh and scale this morning was in the 137s. I like the recent direction and am certain I will make my cruise goal. My next goal will be to maintain it.

02-10-2007, 10:18 PM
Congrats on heading in the right direction with the scale #s - I agree that eating in should help! And I too want to see the redheaded kathy! Guess what's on the box is not exactly what one might get?

Rhonda - hope you are feeling more chipper! Luckily my rings won't easily be removed from my fat fingers - I would FREAK OUT if I lost or misplaced them that's for sure!

Vickie - please tell me you did get to enjoy a very relaxing bubble bath and a good read? (and I too was listening to my Wicked CD in the car today :D)

Coco - glad it warmed up a bit for you - I actually did not get the dress - I am too afraid of how I would look in it - and will hopefully get by without it! (ya like I can even get all my cruise clothes into 1 suitcase!)

Donna - your shepherd's pie - sounds lovely and different!
And yes thankfully the t-shirt stress is over - I had no idea how much it was upsetting me until it was over - then it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. Since I have tried on the shirt w/the tank underneath I am actually getting so excited to wear it! Await transfers from Ray so I can get someone to 'make' it for me here!

Melissa - glad you checked in and are being well taken care of by the new dr! Sounds like the flex plan and meetings are helping you get back on track - whatever works! Good luck with the car dilemma!

So dh still coughing like a crazy person - now using cough syrup w/codeine so at least he can get some rest - he was up and down all last night - and woke me up a couple of times - but I did manage to sleep in til 11 am today! !!

My exercise is on hold due to an 'under breast' issue that is brewing - not sure if related to yesterday's mammogram?? - but I am in pain - and it's not pretty - using cornstarch baby powder to help clear things up!

Had my manicure/pedicure appt at 1 pm - had fun catching up with Bella (owner/friend) - she of course also wants to cruise w/me - but not able to shut down the business - her daughter just had another baby (girl in November) - I got to peek at the lovely bundle for a few minutes - what a cutie - big blue eyes - head of brown hair! Yes it did make me want another (just for a few seconds?).

Nails and toenails are GORGEOUS - bright/hot pink - nails were dry and long - now trimmed and 'moisturized' - and in 3 weeks will be a good/longer length for my cruise! I have already booked the pre-cruise appt (28th) and I hope I can make it - meaning that I will be all organized and almost packed and CALM ENOUGH to take a couple of hours to get this done!

Then off to walmart (to return one of the white t-shirts!) and get the 'drugstore' order (I find their pharmacy items way cheaper than anywhere else!) - got the 'cruise' stuff (pepto bismol, bonamine, anti-itch spray, benadryl cream, immodium, bandaids, nail polish remover pads) and some other stuff (new pj's for little ds - all his are all of a sudden too short!). Oh ya and another blouse for myself - very nice - white with small black/ grey vertical stripes - cotton/spandex - buttons down front, collar, and turn back cuffs - best was it was reduced to $9 so I couldn't pass it up!

Poor dh not well enuf to go out tonight as I was hankering for a movie night - oh well - we are going out wed for valentine's day (yes to the same place as our anniversary dinner - if you recall the 'aftermath'? hope that doesn't happen again). Also doing lunch out on wed (work) and possibly dinner w/gf tuesday night (that was cancelled last week) so I am dreading my WI given all the eating out - will try to make excellent choices!


02-11-2007, 10:22 AM
Frouf, you should insist that the Mr. visit the doctor -- I agree that if he spreads his germs to you it will NOT be good. It doesn't sound like an ordinary cold if it lasts this long and causes so much misery.

The Dufus family next door is painting their house today. They started last summer (yep, sure did), painted a little bit and stopped. It looks horrible but that's par for them -- these are the ones with the infamously hideous "deck." They came over and asked what company we used to paint ours and we told them. Then they asked how much ... and decided he would buy a compressor and do it himself. Now he has his dufus brother and dufus friends and they are making a big racket out there. Judd moved his truck because I wouldn't trust this dufus not to paint it.

Your post reminds me that I have to figure out my Valentines menu. I can't remember what I made last year except that I remember we had snow peas with sesame seeds ... must have been really good if that's all I can remember! This year I'm leaning towards something with fish; probably a pan-seared something, brown rice, steamed vegetables, maybe some SF/FF chocolate pudding. I'd better get cracking on it.

Happy Sunday ... BBL. Sunday is scrambled egg day for the dogs so I'm off to the kitchen.

02-11-2007, 01:33 PM
Good Morning Chicks. Another quiet day here. Jim is at CVS shopping for sale items with a great coupon we got in the email. Today I'll be making the turkey thighs that I didn't make yesterday with some Core mashed potatoes and corn.

I'm just really trying to chill out until my appointment tomorrow afternoon. I finished the taxes and am very relieved to be getting a refund for the first time in 4 years. Woo hoo.

Kathy, you are quite wise to get away from your neighbors. They always sound like crackpots!

Coco, thank you so much for your prayers and good thoughts! They mean the world to me.

Frouf, there have been times during my mammograms when the technician has "sliced" the underside of my breast where it meets my body. I think this is a combination of my breasts being large and my stomach being in their way. They pulled and tugged on it SO hard that they actually made a half-moon type tear in the skin. When this has happened I've used Neosporin maximum strength with pain relief for a couple of days until it heals. The cornstarch powder (which I used daily BTW!) will keep it dry but I think you might need some antibiotic healing from the Neosporin and the mild topical pain relief.

I forgot Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Right now I'm not in the mood to celebrate. Maybe I'll feel more chipper on Monday night.

I hope you're all having great, on program days.

02-11-2007, 02:08 PM
OHMYGOD VICKIE - that's exactly what seems to have happend to me! How freaky is that? Glad I am not 'abnormal'! The good news is the cornstarch seems to be working - MUCH MUCH better today - also using some sterile gauze - what a pain in the @#$#$

Frouf, you should insist that the Mr. visit the doctor -- I agree that if he spreads his germs to you it will NOT be good Ya well it's a little too LATE for that now - I have succumbed! Yes - last night - hit me like a wall - one minute I was fine - the next minute I was completely stuffed up with plugged sinues and unable to breathe - a fun night was had by all - dh up and down coughing up his lungs - and me tossing and turning trying to breathe!

I am taking sudafed now w/advil - no fever thank goodness - but I look and feel like crap (excpet for my pretty finger and toenails :D). Sitting here snivelling - made myself a big pot of matzo ball/chicken soup (okay I cheated and used a mix instead of from scratch) - and it was very yummy!

I was going to go do errands w/dh and drop off ds to his birthday party - but dh insisted I stay home (claims he is getting better - what a joke!). So I made him some lists and hope he can figure things out! I really wanted to get out of the house - but he is right - I should just stay put - drinking flavored strawberry water now - but I think I shall soon switch to some wildberry tea - maybe with a drop of honey - so far my throat is okay!

Kathy - I would freak out if any of that paint kinda 'blew' over to my house - cover everything up! can't wait to hear about your valentine's day menu

Rhonda - how are you feeling today? A bit warmer here - at least the sun is out!

Paula - how is Sarah doing?

The only good news is I don't feel much like eating (ya right!) - had 1/2 turkey sandwich, bowl of soup w/2 matzo balls (so yummy!) around noon (brunch?) - that should hold me off til dinnertime. I have some salmon fillets defrosted but really not in the mood to cook or eat that? Those scrambled eggs sure sound good tho! :D:D


Snivelling Frouf

02-11-2007, 06:35 PM
melissa, i'm going to my doctor's this wed. what a valentine's treat, right? anyway, i don't think i've lost this month but i'm all right with that. (just so i don't gain.) i hope he's happy with me. your bison burger sounds yummy. i am so happy for you. your posts are back to being enthusiastic and happy sounding. life is good.

kathy, congratulations on :goodscale: moving down. i'm happy for you. i buy those sf coconut candies, too. they are yummy.

frouf, sounds like you have a full valentine's day ahead. i'm picturing pink toes right now. makes me smile. mine are red. i used to get tickled at my mother always wearing red polish--now here i is!!

kathy, i'm probably going to make some all bran brownies and fiber one haystacks. i know those don't sound tasty but they really are. :lol:

vickie, your menu sounds good. we had oven baked tilapia/snow peas/beets for lunch. then i had 4 haystacks. they're just 1 pt each and full of fiber. (i may pay for them later.)

rhonda, i hope you're having a good day and are feeling perkier.

02-11-2007, 06:38 PM
Hi All:

Well, there's nothing like a visit with the ex in-laws to remind me how good I have it and to count every blessing. MIL's Alzheimer's was in full swing today with her telling about trips yesteday to see her sister and mother (both dead for years). Surprisingly, this doesn't disturb me too much. I'm glad that she has good memories.

At least FIL is still able and willing to care for her. In that way, they are both very fortunate.

The wallpaper stripping continues. And, Sandra, NO ONE is fast enough for me when it comes to these things. Give me patience! :stress:

But DH is doing it, and doing a good job. I've actually never done it myself and have never put up wallpaper either. I'm going to learn the hard way I think.

I learned today that there is community center close by that has aquafit and all kinds of classes. There's no more excuses now :nono: I'm going to go this week and check it out. I'm always more motivated with a class, other people and a schedule. I'll let you know what I find out.

The trout was very good last night. There is some left over so we're having a very light dinner tonight of that. That's not too exciting, but we had a huge breakfast with a friend.

By the way, I read some research that raw almonds (not toasted, not salted) are very good for you, if eaten at the rate of about 1 ounce a day. They're high calorie and high fat, but supposedly very good for cholesterol levels.

I'm signing off to warm up left over fish...sounds awful! ;)


02-11-2007, 06:43 PM
Happy Sunday All,

Just popping in to check up, before I head up to start dinner. Shrimp and ww pasta casserole on the menu tonight. Very comforting on a cold winter day.
Bright and sunny and the temps not as low, but man was it windy.....
Had a great time yesterday, probably ate too much at the sushi place, and definitely had to much to drink. So it's climbing back on the wagon for me today. On a good note, my clothes are getting looser and stuff that hasn't fit in a couple years is fitting :D So I'm feeling pretty good today.

Frouf - what a bummer, take care of yourself so you're better by the end of the month. Sending get well thoughts from here. :hug:

Have a great day all.

- Tech

02-11-2007, 11:18 PM
thanks for the get well wishes - still feeling pretty miserable - about to take my 'nightime' meds and hope I can make it thru the night without too much trouble!

While I have not eaten much today I could NOT resist snitching a piece of the kid's pizza - oh well - otherwise I had a soup/sandwich for breakfast/lunch and oatmeal for dinner! (with a popcorn snack in there somewhere) - if nothing else the salt will surely get me! (Vickie - how are you doing with the 'less salt' regime?)

Tech - your dinner sounds yummy - and congrats on fitting into those clothes - doesn't it almost feel like having a new wardrobe?:D

Sandra - we shall both wiggle our pretty painted toes together! Can't wait til my feet are tanned instead of ghostly white! (Started using some Neutrogena product - build-a-tan for the face - w/spf 15 - pretty good stuff - tried it only a couple of days and I really like it - makes me look 'healthy' so far - will 'accelerate' the process closer to cruise time so I am not scary white!)

Rhonda - great idea on the classes - let us know what you find! I have not been on the treadmill for a WHOLE WEEK - what's up w/that? Now with the cold and 'mammogram injury' - I want to 'heal' a bit - maybe tomorrow?

And I think I found a place to 'do' my shirt! Called a few places and either they would only do it on THEIR shirts - or were charging like $35 and had to send it off somewhere! Anyhow - one of these places mentioned another CD shop (believe it or not) close to my house that does custom t-shirts - so I called and found out yes they have a t-shirt press - no problem having the transfers put on - maybe $5 or so! So Ray is now sending off the 'designs' and I will hopefully get them this week and have my shirt ready for cruising!

I guess I shall see how I feel in the morning - and then decide whether I shall go to work or not? Not sure of my agenda tomorrow - so no idea about meetings, etc! what a bummer.

Nitey nite!



02-12-2007, 12:45 AM
rhonda, i'm excited you're going to do a :swim: class. i am going back tomorrow. i missed all week and am ready to hop back in the water.

donna, looser clothes is a wonderful nsv. congratulations.

my supper was popcorn and a diet coke. some days that's all i want.

you're our glowing froufie. i need a tan, too. i look pretty scary myself.

02-12-2007, 09:37 AM
Good Morning Chicks. I have many things to do today before my 3:30 appointment with my Cardiologist. A blizzard is expected for the Southside of Chicago tonight into tomorrow. I'll be getting some good Core food into the house for cooking.

Hope you all have a great day.

02-12-2007, 11:18 AM
Okay - time for some clean pages - come see us on the new chat thread!