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Lara H
10-20-2001, 03:06 PM
Ok all... I have missed having this group the last few weeks, and I know that at least one other person out there wants the group back up too so I am biting the bullet and starting the thread. :)

I have my next OB appt next Friday afternoon and I'm hoping to have another u/s then. Brad is going nuts to find out the sex and to tell the truth, as much as I want it to be a surprise, I really would like to know too. :lol: Add this to the fact that my mum has a paranoia taht we already know the sex and just aren't telling HER what it is, and I'm being driven to distraction.

This month I've unfortunately gained 5# according to my home scale, although I think some of that is retained fluids due too an excess of prepackaged foods, (soups etc) so I'm not certain what kind of a gain will show at the OB's. I'm not pleased with myself and am vowing to stay away from canned foods for the most part from now on.

I've gone to shorter days at work now, but I still am not getting much done at home which I know is driving Brad crazy, but I am getting lots of rest! :yawn:

Well, that's it for today, I hope to see lots of posts in the next little bit. :wave:


10-20-2001, 08:25 PM
Hello all, I thought I would jump in and help out with this. I am the other person that wanted to start this back up again. I am due March 18, 2002. I was so surprised when the doctor told me I was pregnant I didn't want to beleive it. My whole family is excited. I have one son that is 4 and 2 step daughters age 8 and 4. I will have 4 little monsters running around my house in March. :) I am really excited about it though. I had my last appointment Tuesday. This baby was being a stinker and could not find the heartbeat. He finally found it after about 15 minutes. It was around 145 beats per minute. My next appointment is in 6 weeks and then within the next 2 weeks after that we will have a ultrasound. He said they should be able to tell what it is by then. We need to know so we can start to plan where everyone is going to sleep. We may either need to add on to the house or move once this one is paid off. We will be OK until the baby around 2 years old. He or she can stay in our room. Well that is all for now. Talk to you all soon.


Lara H
10-21-2001, 12:59 AM
Thanks for posting Tamara :)

Hopefully some of the other pregnant women out there will find us again too. ;)

I bet your son is hoping for a brother so he won't be the only boy in the house! Of course, if he were a little older he'd be hoping for another sister so he'd get to have a room to himself. :lol:

Have you (or anyone else reading this) tried the BebeSounds unit? I was given one, but haven't definitely been able to hear the heartbeat as of yet, although it doesn't promise you'll hear the heartbeat this early. I think I have heard the baby kick though... I'm not sure but I think I'm feeling some movement too.


Alex's Mom
10-21-2001, 08:34 PM
I'm glad someone finally posted!!! Hey, Lara--I think its you from the exercise email. It's me Ann from there. I post here and a few other places as Alex's Mom. I've been doing ok with the exception of last week. I kept having Braxton-Hicks that were increasing by the day. I know its pretty normal to have a few a day at this point, but I one evening last week I had over 8 alone. I was getting pretty freaked out about it. Also, I was nervous that I was leaking fluid. I won't get into details on that one, but it was just normal 'hormonal secretions' (yuck). The doctor was rather certain that the B/H's were caused from me not taking in enough daily fluids and possibly exercising too many times a week. So I was instructed to drink at least 10-12 glasses of fluids a day and cut the exercise back to a max of 5x a week. So of course, I have followed all instructions and am feeling fine!!! Thank goodness! I can't believe I have just 3 short months left. Lets try to keep this thread going and hope some others join in.

EDD 1/27/02

Lara H
10-21-2001, 09:08 PM
Glad to hear from you Ann :)

And yes it is me from exercise :) of course, I haven't been getting much exercise in other than walking every night... and a little upper body stuff. I'm thinking about getting a pregnancy yoga tape and trying that.

I drink a gazillion glasses of water a day myself, I still end up feeling dehydrated when I drink less than 12 glasses a day. I guess my body has just gotten used to having an excess of liquids.

Those b/h contractions must have been really scary, I'm glad you are feeling better now.

I have to say, even with all the walking I've been doing -- about 2 miles every night in between 30-40 minutes -- I still found doing the laundry yesterday tiring. I'm not sure if it was the leaning over trying to get the stuff from the back of the washer or the bending to get everything out of the dryer, or all the trips up and down the stairs, but it sure wore me out! I was thinking that before too long I'm going to have to get a stick or something to get the clothes out of the washer. Being short can be a pain but add a pregnant belly to that and it makes some things seem almost impossible! :lol:

Lara :wave:

Trish O
10-22-2001, 10:25 AM
Hello my name is Trish and I usually post on the WW 20-something thread (even though I just turned 31! Yikes. But I have been posting on that thread for years...anyway). I am due January 1 and boy am I feeling big. This is my first baby and I have gained a lot more weight than I would have liked. I think that by the time this is all said and done, I will be up 60lbs. Oh well, I feel good and my dr. has not said anything. But I am trying to journal now and hope that I don't go up too much more these last two months.

Anyway, I am off to a water arobics class. Oh, I recomend that. It is great to do things in the water that are a pain to do on land now.


Lara H
10-22-2001, 11:04 AM
Welcome Trish!! :wave:

I'm glad you found us.

I'm 30 and this is my first baby too, I'll be 31 before it's born. If your doctor hasn't complained about your weightgain then I wouldn't worry too much either, although I know how hard that can be. Journalling does sound like a good idea though.

The water aerobics sound good too... I may try to find a gym I can afford that offers them. I used to go to a gym that offered them but the fees were outrageous! (I went as a guest with friends.)

Good luck, and keep posting, I think it really does help as these past 3 weeks when I haven't been posting I've gained more than I did in the first 15 weeks combined. :cry:

Well, I'm off to work now, hopefully it will be an easy morning as my back is bothering me today... I must have slept strangely...


Alex's Mom
10-24-2001, 11:27 AM
Trish I did the big weight gain with my first child. I ended up gaining 52 lbs and I delivered her 6 wks early. I'm sure if I went to term I would have ended up w/ a 60 lb gain. It was pretty tough for me to get the weight off afterwards. I seriously didn't work on it until well after a yr she was born. I didn't lose all the weight but, I was just a few lbs off. So far with this pregnancy I feel like I've got it under control. I'll be at 27 wks as of Friday and I've gained 17 lbs. I'm hoping to stay under 30 and I'm pretty hopeful that I'll accomplish that. I've been able to keep up with my exercise routine which I know is helping me with the weight and it does help my mentally as well.
Tamara, your definately going to have a busy household after your new baby is born. I have two stepchildren as well. A girl who is 15 who lives with us full time (this is new this year--so far so good!), and a boy who is 11 that lives with his mom. Our daughter will be 5 in February.

Just wanted to stop in and see if anyone else had joined us.

EDD 1/27/02

Lara H
10-26-2001, 03:07 PM
Well, I'm off to my OB appt in just a little bit, I've been sick the last week, no fever, but feeling like rat poop. And the last two days I've had a cough and no voice, so I'll talk to her about that.

Brad is going with me and we are going to ask about finding out the sex.

I hope that I haven't gained too much according to her scale... this month at tops I've gained the same as I gained in the last 4 months. :( I don't think I've added that many calories to what '
I've been eating, although I ame keeping food down a lot more often than I was so that could very well be the difference.

Well, I'm off for now, I'll post later to let everyone know how it went. :)

BYE :wave:


10-28-2001, 03:37 PM
Is that you, old friend? If so, hello! The last time we chatted you thought you were pregnant and I guess you are! Congratulations. I usually post in the Low Carb forum where Ruth, Leens and Cathy are also. Sometimes Barca and Liz too. Stop in and say hello. God bless!

Your old pal.....Tippy

Lara H
10-29-2001, 06:49 PM
Ok... had the appointment... baby is really in there and growing :)

The heart rate was 144 - 146 and the Dr is guessing it's a boy. Our ultrasound is booked for a week from tomorrow (Tuesday the 6th) and we'll have to drive across town for it but it's better than waiting for 3+ weeks and then having to take off from work for it.

Other than that everything is pretty much the same here... how are you all doing?



Alex's Mom
10-29-2001, 07:02 PM
Well my day wasn't the best :-(. I had my appt today and I did fail the 1 hr glucose testing. From what I've heard that is pretty common. I do the 3 hr testing next week. I'm not looking forward to it as I have to stay at the lab for the full 3 hrs, boring!!! I'm hoping that everything comes out ok, if it doesn't I I have to see a dietician and check my blood sugars at home. But, we'll take one step at a time. I have two factors against me both of my parents are diabetic and my 'advanced maternal age'--I'm like back off I'll be 35 when I deliver--big hoot!!! My OB is going to do another u/s this Thursday as I did express my concern to her that this little guy just isn't very active or as active as I'd like. So we're gonna take a peak to make sure everything is fine. Lastly, my MIL is terminally ill with cancer and we've been trying to coordinate a trip to FL to visit with her. Since my hubs schedule is so screwy how knows when we'll be able to go. Anyways, my doctor doesn't not want me travelling past Dec 10th since I had my daughter 6 wks early so I get lumped in the premature labor group. And too boot I gained 6 lbs this month!!! I'll stop complaining now. Sorry.

EDD 1/27/02

Lara H
10-29-2001, 07:48 PM
Ann :( You really did have a rough day. I'll keep you and the baby in my prayers and add some for you mil. It must be really hard on both you and your husband to be away from her at a time like this. And no travelling after the 10th will be hard on you this Christmas too I'm sure... don't you usually visit one family or the other at Christmas? Maybe this year they can come to you.

Make sure you take a good book and or a couple of interesting magazines to the lab with you. I hate those 3 hour fasting glucose tests... not looking forward to taking it myself.




Trish O
10-30-2001, 10:46 AM
Hello. Ann: I am so sorry to hear about your mil. that must be hard to be away.

I had my Dr. appt yesterday too. Ann, I have you beat on weight. I gained 8lbs in 3 weeks. Yikes. Dr thinks it is water and constipation that made that jump. Still, yikes! Also, I did not pass my first glucose test. Was exactly 140...bottom of the no pass zone. So every two weeks I am going in for a finger stick test (all of which I have passed with flying colors).

I also get concerned that the baby is not moving enough. He seems to have paterns where one day he feels like he is running a marathon and then for 3-4 days he is more quiet. We have had many ultrasounds and they all look great. Plus, his heart rate is always very good, so the dr said not to worry. This is my first, so that is hard. My mom told me (a long time ago) that all three of us hardly ever moved at all.

Lara: have fun at the ultrasound. They are great fun I think.

EDD 1/1/02