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02-01-2007, 07:49 AM
I always feel better when we get to February although we get some of our worst weather in the next six weeks! At least the sun is around more! Our native people call this month Hunger Moon so we'll have to be careful. ;)

It's snowing madly out there! I will need to shovel later today. I just realized that I must keep access to my generator cabana cleared in case I need to get there to start it up in a power outage.

Cooking is on the list for today. I thawed an antique chicken and am going to cook it and some other bones to make chicken stock. I boil it way down and freeze it in ice cube trays - very handy! I also have a beef pot roast to do and may ask Rob and John for dinner.

Book Club meets tonight but I'm sending my excuses. I found the book we had to read very boring and can't be bothered discussing it. We have a few women in the club who will gush over it but they are the type who will gush over anything. I'm old and jaded! :D

The Girls have been pottied and fed and are now hollering for some milk. They love just a splash in their dishes as a sort of chaser to their breakfast. Duty calls.

So what's happening in your life today? :cofdate:

02-01-2007, 08:24 AM
Morning, Ruth. Enjoy your cooking day. Sounds like it's too cold to do much of anything up there. Snuggle up with the girls and some coffee before ya get to work. :)

I'm staying home with a sick girl today. My youngest spiked a fever just before dinner last night and urped all over. Poor baby didn't know what was going on...she's never been sick to her stomach like that. Miraculously, they both slept better last night. The baby didn't wake up at all until about 4:30. I brought her back to bed with me and we snuggled until she went back to sleep. I got up and showered thinking I'd take the oldest to preschool, but I think all 3 of us will just stay home today because the weather man says we're getting freezing rain right now. No point in being out if we don't have to be.

Well, I'm off to make coffee and leave voice mail for my bosses. Have a good day, everyone!!

little chick
02-01-2007, 09:20 AM
HAPPY FEB chicks.... the sun is shinning here but some weather people say snow some say none who is to know. We may end up with Ruth's snow storm. I hope not cause then I have to shovel.... yuck. I woke up this morning feeling yucky and was going to go for a walk, then rolled over and didn't get up til 7:10 I guess I will have to go tonight.

Ruth- Have a nice snuggly day with your dogs. I don't like boring books but I am a huge mushy story chick, love the love stories. Have fun cooking I will probably do that chore on sat, not sure DH and I are planning on going to Fredericton to visit with some friends and I want to do a little shopping. Enjoy your day.

Jet- Your poor baby, you girls just snuggle for the day and enjoy being home. I hope your wee one is feeling better soon. Take care

Me- I feel ick but I am feeling smaller today. I love that feeling. I have given up the diet coke and doing pretty good with it, that could be it as my belly is the part that is feeling flatter. :carrot: I need to do some general tiddying and some laundry, and that is it for the day, til tonight and then must run into town for dd best friends 16th bday present- I think we are going to get her some earings from Charm. Well I must dash and get some stuff done or nothing will get accomplished. Have a great one chicks.

02-01-2007, 09:32 AM
Crap! I have absolutely no water now. The poor pump just can't manage to get the pressure up and is getting really warm. I just flipped the off switch and put in a call to Charlie the plumber/electrician. I got voice mail so am keeping my fingers crossed.

So much for cooking - just can't do that with no water!

02-01-2007, 09:53 AM

Quick check in before I start the day. I am extra tired this morning, so am hoping this coffee kicks in soon!

Ruth Hope the water issue gets cleared up quickly! Enjoy your day. :)

Jet Hope that DD feels better. My 5 year old was complaining that her stomach hurt this morning. I think she is just grumpy and tired. I sent her on to daycare, so am hoping I don't get a phone call.

LC Morning! I love that feeling when you can tell a weightloss difference. :)

Gotta jet.... have a super day!!!

02-01-2007, 10:08 AM
aww..Jet, I hope your girls feel better soon!

I am feeling GREAT today. I went to the gym last night and tried a new class (Body Attack). OMGosh they are not kidding with that name... I felt like I couldn't move and thought i was going to be sick.... but the class kept going and going. In the end, I stuck to it and I feel great this morning.

I am also really liking the cheese muffin things I have been having for breakfast... yummy.

Anyway, I have a meeting to night at one of the High Schools in my area and will have to entertain a bunch of teenage girls... I need my strength and COFFEE!

Have a great day!

02-01-2007, 11:24 AM
Sorry about your daughter, Jet. Hope she feels better soon.

Kiko - I hear there is a 2-3 day stomach virus going around. I've heard about it from several different peope from Scouts, the school and my work so adults and kids are getting it very bad. I hope it bypasses both of our houses!

I finished a 9 page packet with registration forms, medical forms and camp information. I just need my program director to review it and we can pass it up for one more review and a mass printing. I'm off to camp school early tomorrow. I pick up my program director and we drive over an hour north toward Oklahoma. Looks like it will be very cold but no freezing roads which is what I was worried about. I'm trying to get a pair of scout pants hemmed while I work from home today. Then one load of laundry and I can pack. We're in uniform all weekend so there isn't much choice of clothing at least.

I was down a half pound this morning so I did end the month on a loss even if it was a half pound loss. I'll take what I can get and work on some exercise next month to help me lose more.

02-01-2007, 11:41 AM
Morning everyone....I'm not feeling so great today. I think it's the weather mixed with a lack of sleep. I'm feverish & head feels like it's going to explode! With a sore throat to go all with everything else! I work later today & then I have tomorrow off (finally!!)
Sorry I didn't respond to everyone, please know that I read everyone's post, but I have a little more work to do before I go in & want to get it done. Have a great, safe, and warm day chickies!

02-01-2007, 12:03 PM
Lets see... i woke up and looked out the window to see a winter wonderland! Its not much snow but its enough to make the whole city shut down :) I'm not sure if i should take the chances of going to the gym or not... its 2 miles away exactly so i might try to hitch a ride with a neighbor! Anyways, im nervous for my jan. weigh in which is on Sat!

02-01-2007, 12:06 PM
I'm sorry to hear so many of you all are sick today! Get better -- sick is the worst.

Early work morning for me, which should mean I get to leave early -- we'll see if that actually happens or not. I managed to slip and fall on the sidewalk in front of my office building this morning. :mad: Guess it's time for yet another call to the Building Management about their hazardous sidewalk conditions -- just have to wait until after 8, when they're all in.

At least I don't need coffee -- I'm fully awake, after that!

I also aced my geography test last night. Go me!

Have a great on-plan day, chicks!

Bionic Beach Babe
02-01-2007, 01:26 PM
Morning all:

Ruth: Interesting name, "Hunger Moon"? Is it half empty or full? I like the part where you said you were old and Jaded...just how old and how jaded?
Just an idea...First sorry about the pump...but with all that fresh snow, no water for cooking...Enlighten me please,
if a person used fresh snow in cooking would not the heat kill any germs if any. Just wondering.

Jet: Sorry about your little daughter...Hard any time but when they can't really explain it makes it that much harder. Staying home and warm sounds good.

LilChick: Hope you are feeling better soon...If that snow storm comes in today..please be very careful going to Charms tonight.

GIRLS: We had a virus, like stomach flu that hit CA. about 2-3 weeks that what might be starting in your areas?

Kiko..Hi Honey.

Shena: What will they think of next? Body Attach! How to defend your self or what? sounds too rough for old gal like me...Is the Cheese muffins in with the recipes? where and are they just called that?

Barb: A 1/2 lb. loss is so much better than a 1/2 lb. gain. Congrats...

Cind: Any fall is bad...Sure glad you didn't break a hip or any bone. I bet that really did shake any sleepy dust from your eyes and woke you up for sure.

Congrats on aceing your test.

I remember the days when I could walk and look all around to see the flowers, yards, etc. It has reached the point now where I have to watch my feet for any thing I might trip over.

Soon: Could it be our CA. flu coming on there? hope not.

As far as for me here in the Redwoods...DH has build a model of a sawmill,pond in our front yard and is working on a log dump, roads etc. I am suppose to be helping by painting his logging and lumber trucks that he build to put out there too...The pond has a water wheel and we have used Ken dolls for the workers...It sure looks nice and draws people walking by to watch it. So maybe......

02-01-2007, 01:42 PM
Well, my well is having problems with an air leak and there is no way we can dig it up this time of year! :( I'm stuck with erratic water until Spring when the lane thaws. The pump keeps losing its prime and needs to be reprimed every time. Charlie showed me how. I am NOT pleased!

Lubajo, sure we have snow but you have no idea how much snow you need to melt to get some water! A cup of snow gives about a teaspoon of water, if that! I may try it later if I'm bored.

The Girls managed to have a poop accident in the diningroom during all this. I've just cleaned it up with water and Pinesol but I think I see a new diningroom rug in my future!

I need lunch and a shift of perspective. Back later to catch up on posts.

02-01-2007, 07:12 PM
Good evening, ladies. I'm happy to be able to report the girl is feeling better. Her fever didn't come back once this morning's Tylenol wore off, and she's kept everything down. Looks like we're in business for a "normal" day tomorrow.

I've tried to be productive. Did some work while the girls played this morning, and again this afternoon. Cooked a turkey breast for dinner and have sweet potato fries in the oven now...will also steam some broccoli to go with the meal. Yumm-o!! :) I also managed to get some breakfast casserole cups, an espresso custard made, and 2 loads of dishes through the dishwasher (yeah, it's been a few days). Not sure how I did it all. The girls have been amazingly well-behaved.

Better get moving before I either burn something or a kid falls off the dresser. Have a lovely evening!!

02-01-2007, 07:18 PM
Hi All,

Stopping in to read the posts and say "Hey" to everyone.

First I would like to comment on Weezle's post yesterday...Weezle your honesty about the up's and down's of your 30lb loss really helped me to realize that this time around I am not going to beat myself up when I have a difficult day or two. It's usually my habit of just throwing in the towel when I do goof...your post was truly inspiring...thank you!

So sorry to hear so many are fighting a possible flu bug...please take care!

Snow...yep, we're expecting another snow storm around the 14th of this month and another in March...oh we must suffer to live in God's country! :)

Ruth so sorry about the snow, the cold, the water and the dogs leaving you a bouquet!

Sis, I love you!:hug:

02-01-2007, 07:49 PM
What a glorious, balmy 26F day today! HEAT WAVE!!! :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Yes ladies, that's what you call sarcasm. It's only getting colder, too, and started snowing on me on my way home from piano. Whoopee.

I had a relaxing day until DH got home.... then KERBLOOEY! We've been having issues and ups and downs lately and today was a big downer. We seem to do well for a week (usually the week after a counseling visit) and then he'll go back on what he said he'd change and do something stupid again.

Then, after he left for his 2nd job, I got a call from work. They need me from 7-10 tonight because my shift leader called in sick and the only other shift leader that can come in can't make it until 10. So much for my day off.

Ah, life. The positive thing is that I won't be home to binge eat tonight... that's good right? Back up to freakin 129. Hopefully I can do well since it's the start of a new month. I love Square 1. Starting over!

Hope you girlies have a wonderful (warm) evening. Talk soon.


02-01-2007, 08:58 PM
Hi Chicks

We have a new Tim Hortons that was just built and opened this past weekend. Needless to say to donuts are flowing freely around the daycare. I did walk over and get some of thier vegtable soup. It was very good.

I have to post quickly because my kids need the computer for homework. What in the world would a child do if they did not have a computer?

little chick
02-01-2007, 09:23 PM
Good eveings chicks, we are storming here like crazy, there was a car off the road at the end of my street just as I was heading for town. What a drive. But we made it there and back safely. I think the snow is suspossed to last til tomorrow afternoon, we will see. I really should go out and shovell but I think I will wait til morning. I guess that will be exercise for tomorrow. Well you all sleep tight and pleasant dreams. Good night chicks.