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01-31-2007, 09:21 PM
Okay, so long story short. I went to the grocery store and at the checkout I forgot my pin number for my debit card(in Canada you cant use it as a credit card). I came home empty handed.

LONG story...long.
I bundled up my daughter, put on a hundred layers of clothes...walk the 5 or 6 blocks to the store. Do ALLLL my crockery shopping. Find totally good deals on semi-old peppers (all colors). I wage an ethical debate on whether or not to get pancake mix or not (I decided not w00 lol). I fight the urges to get cheese and salty snacks ...cakes and what not. I do soooo good. I get to the check out and blah. I forget my pin number. I try twice. I try to call home but I realise I HAVE NO CHANGE (and i dont have a cell phone). I call collect. No answer. DUH!! Your husband is at work. I try to 3rd party a collect call to my home (someone has to be home to accept). I try to 3rd party to my mom (she doesnt accept collect calls). I walk home in the cold. My hands frozen....

On the way home I kept thinking of how I'd like to eat this and that. I was so angry because I don't have time to do grocery shopping. It's soo difficult to do with my daughter in the stroller & alot of time I just don't like to go to the store cause of the temptation.

Anyway, I'm not sabotaging myself today. I've done great diet wise and at least I got my exercise done.

I feel better now. :)

01-31-2007, 09:26 PM
Ah, Temple...how aggravating that must have been! Vent away!

01-31-2007, 10:30 PM
Oh Temple, I can empathize with that!

Though maybe once forgotten, always remembered? That's what I hear ;)

01-31-2007, 10:31 PM
I have done this myself. Not only did I forget the damned pin number, but I never ever figured out what it was. The pin I'd been using for years just - wham right out of my brain never to return.

Boy I can't wait to get older... *LOL*

Good for you for resisting the urge to sabotage!

02-01-2007, 12:37 AM
Oh, Templebody, I feel for you!! I had the same experience as Lizziness....forgot the damned number entirely, never to remember again. I got so frustrated I went to the bank to have my PIN changed....huh....you have to put the OLD number in to be able to change it!!! I finally had to request a new card (which took 7-10 days to arrive) so that I would get the dumb letter in the mail telling me what my "new" pin was. Makes you want to jump up and down and stomp your feet!!

02-01-2007, 03:28 AM
in a strange way, it is a good feeling to know you're not the only one out there that has had this problem though... :)

02-01-2007, 04:23 AM
Oh honey what an experience. Im sorry you went through that but well done on looking on the brightside - walking home and getting exercise.

02-01-2007, 04:35 AM
LOL I just did the same thing, walked all the way to the post office, mailed a box and tried to use the ATM and behold I had forgotten my atm card. Had to walk all the way home empty handed. And I needed the money to pay the delivery COD today too so I have to pretend I'm not home when he comes.