Exercise! - Stubborn Hubby - how can I get him to jump on my excercise bandwagon??

01-30-2007, 11:28 PM
Hi Guys n Gals!

Wondering if any of you have a solution to this or have experienced this for yourselves. - - My hubby and I are both morbidly obese- he has diabetes T2. Three weeks ago we started our new healthier lifestyle with a goal to shed the weight - or so I thought... He was and is my constant motivation for going to the gym and cooking healthy food for both of us - I thought, if I do this and keep commited it would keep him motivated to do it with me. I got him a gym membership and try to discuss plans with him about weight loss and excercise. Initially he really wanted to- but now he seems to be struggling against this every step of the way!! Well, atm my heart is breaking cause I feel like I'm in this alone - and we were supposed to be one of those couple success stories! :lol: ha ha. I guess I just wish he was as determined as me at this stage. Thanks for reading this and for any suggestions / help you may offer cause its really eatin me up right now... - - Chimi

01-30-2007, 11:39 PM
Chimi - sorry that it's not going the way you had hoped. Just keep doing it for you and once he sees your success and how good you feel losing weight and exercising, maybe he'll join in. I know that you already know that you can't force him to do it. Until he's ready to commit to it and is determined, you can only try to encourage him by setting an example.

And of course, making sure that all junk food is out of the house. No need to make it easy for him. :)

01-31-2007, 12:10 AM
Really, it may end up being your own journey. If he sees you doing it, then he may get motivated as well. Are there any activities he likes doing? My DH loves hiking so if the weather is good, we go out and hike. Also, I buy all the food so DH eats what I make or give him.

01-31-2007, 06:33 AM
My DH will NOT do stuff with me at all! However he will come out for a walk and an explore with me - so I tend to bargain and say we'll turn it into a jog! :devil: Like Nelie's DH he likes hiking, so we'll do that together too.

I can't get him to come kickboxing no matter how hard I try and I can't get him to even look at a dumbbell let alone pick one up! :lol: :dunno: I think they come round in their own sweet time. Just be a good example for him.

01-31-2007, 07:14 AM
:) Hi, I know it is frustrating when you see someone you love do something that you know can kill them. I am a recovering alcoholic as well as a food addict. My husband could not help me with my alcoholism until I wanted to recover. Something will click one day. He has to make that chose. Unfortunately for me it was at my Mom's funeral when I had the shakes so bad I couldn't sit down and eat with my family for fear of embarassment.
Now I deal with the food addiction. Some of us just switch addictions. I told my husband maybe now I'll be a sex addict.:hug: Ha Ha Or a exercise addict.:carrot:

01-31-2007, 07:51 PM
Thanks everyone for da good advice :hug:
I had a chat to him yesterday and told him I'm going to keep going on my own and keep asking if he wants to come with me but I'm not going to lay a guilt trip or really pressure him anymore...But with that in mind I'm still the head chef at casa chimichanga ;) so what I cook, goes!! I hope he'll *click* soon and take it on board.

sharonr- yes totally, I'm sorry to hear about your shakey story, but it shows that you have come a long way since then!!! :) HAHA I'm sure he'll love your new addictions :devil:

2frustrated - haha... I've never seen my husband jog!! hmm maybe I'll try that!! Its hard being the good example all the time, especially when u want to eat something naughty :D

Nelie- mmm hiking sounds nice. My hubby's favorite activity is couch surfing :rofl: and going to the driving range- which I may now exploit into a full blown game of golf!!! Thanks for the brainwave!!

jtammy - Thanks for sympathizin girl. Do I really have to get rid of the doritos??? :lol: